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Unleasing the Beast!

Hi there folks! I'm live and in person here today with Jordan St. John and his newest hit release. The Beast's woman.

Oh Baby would you look at that cover! Whew.... Drake's my new book boyfriend for sure! 
So Jordan, what were you aiming for when writing this story? 

The idea was to write a thriller that could stand on its own as a piece of exciting paranormal fiction, but to meld it with a romance that resolves in a satisfying way instead of ending in tragedy. And, of course, to make spanking and BDSM a major sub theme, both to the romance and to the story line.

What do you mean "instead of ending in tragedy?"

 Well, Drake, the alpha male character, is a shape shifter who lives with a curse. He is obligated to use his awesome power to protect a tribe of people who have gifted him with the ability to change into an unstoppable beast at will. But he must learn to control it. If you remember “The Wolf Man,” Lon Chaney, Jr.’s character is Larry Talbot, changed into a werewolf by a bite from another werewolf and cursed to revert to a savage beast at the full moon. He kills whoever he comes into contact with, unable to control his violent nature. Tragically, he attacks the woman he loves and must be killed to save her life. Drake must satisfy the same urge but is taught to quell it by diverting it into a type of sexual desire. He feeds off of the pain and pleasure responses of his sexual partners, at such times becoming a sort of sexual satyr to satisfy his inner demon. Eventually he falls in love with the heroine, Lucy, and makes a life changing decision to try and lift the curse.

What were some of your influences while writing this?

Wow. Lots. M. R. James, the great English ghost story writer. Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness;” James Blish’s wonderful novel, “Black Easter,” Stephen Hunter’s “Pale Horse Coming.” Those are just a few. When it comes to thrillers I soak up ideas from everywhere.

How about an excerpt?

Sure here you go. 

He broke the silence. “You’re an amateur—and utterly naive. Whatever game you are playing at, you are in way over your head. You need to go home like a good little girl and stay out of this.”
Lucy sputtered. “You can’t talk to me that way. I’ll have you know I’m a reporter for the Times. A good one.”

“You are a dilettante and you are about to be in serious trouble of a type you can’t imagine. Go home.”

Lucy tossed her head and set her jaw. “I’m not done looking around yet.”

The man stared her down. “You will either get out of here and go home, or I’ll put you over my knee and spank your little bottom raw, right here and now.”

What did he just say? Lucy froze at the threat. Spank her? The prospect of a humiliating spanking at the hands of this man flashed through her head as she saw herself rudely upended, bottom up. Then her ire rose. “Don’t you threaten me. I have as much right to be here as you. More, actually. You wouldn’t dare touch me.”

“Have it your way,” said the man as he advanced.
Lucy stumbled backwards and slipped. She fell on her back on the bed. The effigy popped out of her waistband where she had tucked it, and fell at the man’s feet.

“So,” he said, bending to pick it up. “You lied, and on top of that you were going to cart this off.” He shook his head. “I’m going to impart a valuable lesson here, one that might save your life. You will stay away from this place and everything connected to it.”

He reached for her. Lucy tried to scoot away, but he was too quick and too strong. He sat on the bed and flipped her across his knees.

“Noo!” Lucy shrieked, but the man was undeterred. The next thing she felt was her skirt being lifted and her tights being rucked down. Underneath she wore a thong. He left that in place at least.

For the next several minutes the apartment of Kiri Constantine rang out with the sounds of a sturdy male palm meeting bare female flesh. Crack after crack exploded across her rear. Lucy had never felt anything like it. Her bottom burned red hot with the repeated smacks. The spanks assaulted her rear cheeks with a relentless intensity, the sting in her bobbing fanny increasing with each meaty smack until she was sure that she’d burst into tears any moment.

She felt overpowered, helpless, and utterly humiliated. Bare bottomed, held face down over this man’s knee and powerless, she wriggled and fought, but he held her in an iron grip, seemingly effortlessly. As smack after smack assaulted her nearly bare behind, Lucy could do nothing but flutter her legs and wail.

Hot damn, what a Hot spanking excerpt. Just the way I like it! 

How about the blurb? 

Up-and-coming investigative reporter Lucy McCall jumps at the chance to look into the story of the disappearance of several young women in New Orleans, but the situation quickly becomes personal after a good friend of hers is taken. A tiny voodoo doll left behind at each of the women’s homes serves as the kidnapper’s only calling card.
While snooping around her friend’s apartment in search of anything that might help shed light on what took place, Lucy is surprised to be confronted by a mysterious, darkly handsome man who demands that she stop pursuing the story. Her surprise turns to shock when the man takes her over his knee, bares her bottom, and spanks her soundly to drive his point home. Undeterred by the man’s stern warnings, Lucy continues her investigation, and soon she crosses paths once more with the very same man who so recently punished her in such a humiliating manner.
The last thing someone like Drake needs is a naïve, headstrong reporter sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, but Lucy proves more determined and resourceful than he expected. Knowing the terrible danger she faces while going it alone, Drake reluctantly agrees to accept Lucy’s help in his efforts to thwart the plans of the one responsible for the disappearances. But as she has already learned the hard way, her bare bottom will pay the price if she fails to do as she is told.
Drake has a dark secret of his own, however, and he stays in the shadows for a reason. When she discovers his true nature, Lucy is both terrified and filled with a desire more intense than anything she has ever felt before. Soon enough she finds herself crying out from both pain and pleasure as he punishes her, dominates her, and takes her harder than she had thought possible. Drake’s fierce lovemaking leaves her longing for more, but will he be able to keep her safe as they prepare to confront the evil stalking the city?

Publisher’s Note: The Beast’s Woman is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. 
I'm not waiting another min... I'm off to grab my copy now!

Mel, wait... you can't just leave Jordan here by himself. Mel?... Melody? Well I'll be darned. She did Jordan. Mel just up an left like her pants were on fire. I guess it's up to me to thank you for stopping by.

Ha ha ha... Thanks Yellow it was nice being here. 

For those of you reading here today. Check out that hot cover one more time and the buy links just below.

ebook price... 4.95
Length- 51,800
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