Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The return of Emilia.

Hi there folks I have some good news. Maddie Taylor and I have teamed up once again to bring you an enthralling new and oh so sexy medieval story called Innocence Enslaved. If any of you recall the story about Emilia and Corbet, it's here and finally done. And what's even better... It's releasing this Friday! 

I'm so excited to be working with Maddie again and know you're going to love what we've done with Em and Corbet. So, without further ado, here's a hot little snippet I've picked out so you can get reacquainted with the couple. Just to give you a quick recap, Emilia was snatched by some brutes from Lancore and sold as a pleasure slave. But to her good fortune she was purchased by the kind and caring Corbet Mills. However that doesn't seem to keep her from finding trouble as you'll see in the excerpt below where Em gets her first spanking from Corbet.

When he stopped, her body hummed, yearning for more. 
Never had she been so aroused, or more embarrassed. She couldn’t imagine why she was reacting so wantonly to a spanking, and didn’t have time to figure it out when the clink of his belt buckle made her breath catch in her throat.  
He pushed her dress up further, well above the small of her back, leaving no barrier between her skin and his leather.  His hand returned, his fingers gliding over her tingling buttocks, then they moved lower, the tips grazing the soaked flesh of her inner thighs. Dear heaven above!

“You are very wet as the result of my hand, little one.”
Wholly mortified, she couldn’t pretend anymore that he didn’t know. A groan of shame slipped through her lips while her mind cried out for deliverance, by chance, to disappear in a puff of smoke or for the earth to open up and consume her whole.  None of that happened.  She remained as she was, bared in all her wet glory before the man whose uncompromising authority and masterful touch had made her that way.

“Hush now, for a woman to become aroused from a few swats on the behind isn’t as an uncommon as you might think. The strap won’t be as easy as my palm, however.  Spread your legs a bit wider for me now.” 

She didn’t, frozen in shock at his request, and having no idea why he would want her to do that.  “But—” she choked out, biting back her protest as two hard swats of his hand fell sharply on each stinging cheek.

“I gave you an order, dove.  If I must ask again your count with the belt will be doubled.”

That got her moving.  When she obeyed and had shifted her legs twice a hand’s breadth apart, his hand curling around the inside of her thigh made them spread farther.

“I’ll need you to stay in place for these next ten,” he murmured, as if the intimate caress hadn’t occurred.  “A wide stance will help you do that and also keep your balance.”

His hand moved from her thigh, smoothed up over her buttocks, rubbing the hot skin he had previously spanked as he went.  It felt glorious, but was gone too soon, swiftly replaced by the sharp bite and loud crack of his belt.

“Ah,” she yelped, her skin instantly on fire from the biting sting.  Instinctively, she reached back to protect herself from the next lash.
He caught her wrist and moved her hand back up by her head.

“If your hands get in my way, I’ll have no choice except to tie them.”

Emilia quickly move it back into place, gripping the edge of the desk as before, except now she squeezed so tight her knuckles blanched white in anticipation of the next blow.  It soon landed right below the last. She clenched her teeth, while the burning sensation seeped in deep.

“Not quite as pleasant as my hand, is it?” The leather snapped, catching the crease of one thigh.

“No, sir,” she replied shrilly, the high pitched tone nearly piercing her ears.

“And it’s not meant to be, or it wouldn’t be an effective punishment.”

Droplets of moisture formed on her brow, her knees trembling as the belt struck twice more in lightening quick succession.  The blazing blast not only heating her skin, but sending a jolt shooting straight through to the tingling nub at the front of her mound. She shifted her hips, attempting to bring it some ease as it pulsed insistently.

“Be still.  I’d hate to miss my mark while you’re wriggling about.”

An image of the wide leather belt landing between her spread thighs jumped into her head.  She bit back a groan. By the saints, she should be in tears with the biting force he was using, instead she found her body craved the next stroke of the lash. As the leather hit across the lower curve of both cheeks at once, then again, it applied pressure to the weeping flesh in between. No longer having the ability to suppress it, her low moan resonated throughout the room.
With the next, the eighth by her count, she heard a low masculine grunt behind her.  His hand threaded in her hair, keeping her facing front before she could twist around and see what was wrong.  The firm pull on her scalp sent waves of exhilaration rushing through her.  She loved it, basking in the firm control he was exerting over her. 
With the final two blows an intensely erotic vision popped into her head, of Corbet’s taking her as she was now, his cock penetrating deep, relentlessly claiming her channel as he pulled her head back by the hair, her body bowed tight under his complete command as he took whatever he wanted from her.  Unable to stop it, a guttural entreaty emerged from her lips.

“Master, please.”

But his belt clattered onto the desk—it was done.  She should have been relieved, but instead, her body craved something more, vibrating with a sense of frustration she didn’t quite understand. Her mind, however, was in turmoil. Merciful heavens, what must he think of her now?  Twisting her hips, her body reacting like that of a shameless whore when she should have been showing remorse for what she’d done. She couldn’t have been more ashamed of herself, or more confused.

As always, Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed this excerpt and will join me again this Saturday on #SatSpanks for another heated snippet. But until then, please take a peek at the rest of this weeks steamy authors.


  1. Yea - a snippet from Melody and a freaking HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT one.
    Congrats on your up and coming release day.


    1. Just got the coffee spittle cleaned up, Daryl. Thanks so much for the comment and the tweet. It's so much fun being back in the loop again. ☺

  2. DEE-LICIOUS. Corbet is going to have his work cut out for him... for I feel Emilia doesn't mind a bit of pain ;) But I'll expect he'll have fun pushing her buttons and boundaries. I certainly had fun reading about them. MORE. Please. I hope the lovely Emilia gets what she wants tee hee xox

    1. Thanks so much, Christina There's more be more on the way. Soon, very soon ;-)

  3. Congratulations on your up and coming release. Like Christina says... delicious!

    1. Thank you, Jaye, I very much enjoyed reading yours this week too. ☺

  4. Yay on the new release. Amazing scene as always. :) :) :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I see you have a new one on the horizon as well. WTG ☺