Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"Ouch... ouch...oh, oh, OH!"

Hi Everyone. I'm back this week with another HOT excerpt from Innocence Enslaved. And I really do mean it's hot, literately. Em's just received a spanking and Corbet has some special plans for her aftercare ;-) 

“Over my lap,” he ordered, with a pat on his thigh. Though he was contrite, the sense of command had not left him.

Emilia found herself obeying and positioned herself as he’d asked.  She didn’t object when he rearranged her to his liking.  It put her at an angle where her hands touched the floor in front, while his long legs, left her feet dangling above the straw strewn floor on the other side. The cool contrast of his palm resting on her hot cheeks felt so good that a quiet sigh passed her lips, then he rubbed on the balm and the icy sting ended that.
“Ouch!” she squealed, trying to jerk away from his stroking fingers. Corbet held her still, slathering on more as her head snapped around. 
“That burns.”

“It will last only for a few moments,” he reassured her. “Then it will draw out the heat. By morning, you’ll barely know you’ve been spanked.”

She watched as he dipped his fingers back into the tin and collected more of the stingy stuff.  Clenching both her teeth and her buttocks in anticipation of more chilling fire, she waited.  When it didn’t come, she glanced up to see him struggling to contain a smile.
“Is something funny?” she inquired.

“You took ten good strokes from my belt much better than this mild spanking.”


“Yes, little one, you’re barely pink.” He failed to hide the upward curve of his lips as he went back to applying the balm. “Don’t tense up.  It only makes it worse. In fact, don’t watch at all.”
He wrapped his arm around her waist, and raised one of his knees so that she pitched toward the floor, blocking her view of what he was doing. All she could see was the muscles in his arm and back, flexing beneath his shirt as he moved.

She felt cheated. For the first time, since her unorthodox behavior the night before, he had a genuine smile on his face and she couldn’t see it. Disarmingly devastating, she adored his smile, it overtook his features, from the flash of white contrasting with his tanned skin, to the way it reached his eyes, making them twinkle, and the little crinkles that flared out on the sides.

His fingers continued to rub her intimate flesh, massaging slow and gentle. The sting dissipated quickly as he’d promised, leaving her to enjoy the careful meandering of his fingers.  She would gladly take the brief sting for the pleasure of his lingering touch.  He scooped up some more, however, and the icy burn landed lower, on a particularly sensitive area, in the crease between her cheek and thigh and dangerously close to the space between her legs.  She yelped, bucking her hips.
“Shh,” he murmured, tightening his arm as he rubbed it in. “Almost done.”

She whimpered at the delicious tingles his fingers created, and when for a brief moment, the backs of his fingers grazed her curls, she could feel her juices gathering.  Emilia couldn’t fight her arousal any longer. His touch was a sensual torture too exquisite to resist. No matter what she forced herself to think about—or not think about—her body responded shamelessly, especially when his fingers came close to her center.  She moaned, moving her legs apart, unable to stop herself. “W-what are you doing?” she queried.

He didn’t answer holding her tight as he kept fanning the flames of her need with the slow, leisurely play.  Finding it unbearable, she wiggled trying to ease the ache. That’s when she felt it.  Like an iron rod wedged against her hip, the hard length of him had surged to life.  It dug into her flesh, and she reveled in the discomfort, a testament that he wasn’t unaffected by her after all.
She parted her legs more and tilted her bottom invitingly. He responded by sifting his fingers through her curls until they met with the plump swollen lips between her thighs. A long deep moan rolled up from her chest as he slowly caressed them. The residue of the stinging balm remaining on his fingers added to the excitement, like ice and fire, the tingling sensation caused her sex to clench uncontrollably.  She waited, ready to ignite, hoping desperately that his fingers would explore further, and willing to beg his mercy if they did not.

“Let me give you pleasure, little one, to make up for the pain.” The deep, rumble of desire that emanated from deep in his chest, made her squirm wantonly on his lap. “Be still and trust me,” he urged.

“Yes, sir.” Her answer came out so soft she doubted that he heard.

Whether he did or not, didn’t seem to affect him or his plan for her, as his fingers slid along each side of her slit, separating the folds and spreading her open. Heat rushed to her face knowing he had a perfect view of her secrets and the lewd wetness he had created. She tensed, grabbing onto the legs of the stool for support and letting out a strangled squeal, as the tip of one finger located the pulsing spot that had been begging for his touch.

His name escaped in a throaty moan from her parted lips as his finger circled slowly, gliding easily through her copious wetness. Nothing had ever felt so amazing. Her body quivered under his ministrations as the hard reminder of his desire jerked beneath her. That made her think of nothing except having him inside her.  She instinctively ached to be filled in a way she had never experienced, but knew would help assuage the fiery need. She didn’t care if she gave up her innocence when he took her, she needed to feel him there.

“You’re so close, dove. Surrender to the pleasure.” He rolled her swollen nub between his finger and thumb, applying more pressure until she thought she would burst.

Then suddenly, every muscle in her body tightened as she spiraled higher.

“That’s it, sweetling,” he urged softly. “Let go for me.”
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I hope you enjoyed today's excerpt and as always, Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. But before you go, have a look at some of this weeks other talented authors.


  1. Lovely snippet, very sensual. Thank you

    1. Thanks so much, Ashe. I really enjoyed yours as well ☺

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Daryl, I very interested in what your title is going to be on yours and WHEN it's coming out! Oh and the bunnies... YUMDILIUMTIOUS!! ☺

  3. Dee-Licious! I love that she felt cheated at the 'mild' spanking. Am I'm with her on the stingy stuff :( She should count her blessings. Could have been deep heat LOL :P

    1. Thanks Christina, the sparks are really flying over at your place today. I always cherish your excerpts! ☺

  4. oo, ow, ouch. I hate that burny stuff and I've only tried it on proper places, a freshly spanked tushie, however, I can only imagine and that makes me cry OO, OW, OUCH!

    1. Lol Maddie, but you were there, remember? ☺

  5. Great snippet, Melody. I love his aftercare though it makes me wonder what he did after giving her ten lashes with his belt. That sounds far more serious. All the same, he helped her shatter in his arms and that makes him okay in my book.

    1. As I recall, after the spanking with his belt, he sent her to bed in a rather confused state ;-). Thanks for stopping Kathryn ☺