Friday, October 16, 2015

You wouldn't dare!

Hi folks and welcome to #Satspanks. Thank you Miss Blake for hosting this wonderful weekend hop. 
The snippet I'm sharing today is a continuation of one I shared earlier in the week on the #wipitup hop where Landon's last words were, "one way or another, you and I are having a talk." 
Let's find out what happens. ☺

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“Fuck you,” she shouted, trying to run from the room.

Landon caught her by the arm before she’d made it more than three steps toward the door. Kicking and screaming did her no good as he hoisted her up over his shoulder, banding a big strong arm around her thighs to keep her in place as he marched them both from the room and down the hallway to the bedroom.

Once inside, he closed the door and locked it before putting the still thrashing girl down.

“You let me go,” she demanded, her fists slamming into his chest as he lowered her to her feet. “Just leave here and never come back. Leave me and my sister alone.”

He understood her pain and let her take her frustrations out on him for a minute before capturing her flying fists, pulling her close to him. “That’s enough now,” he said as calmly as he could muster. “This isn’t easy on you, I know, but you need to listen to me. Either you calm down and do it now, or I’m going to give you another attitude adjustment like I did yesterday.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” 

Uh-oh, looks like that marks my 8 sentence limit for today. 
Actually Mel, it's more like 9-10. 
HUSH, Yellow, Head mistress Blake will hear you. 

Have a great weekend everyone and if you can't stand it and want to know what happens The Demon's Woman is for sale in these locations. Amazon  All Romace  Nook


  1. Sounds like Landon is a very honorable demon. However, I don't think Amy has accepted the reality of her situation, yet. She's asking if he dares? If he did it yesterday, what's to keep him from repeating the action today? However, I'm sure Logan will do all he can to help Amy understand her position....

    1. Thanks Kathryn ☺
      The reason Amy says that is because earlier Landon explains how attracted he is to her, but also how hard it is to be around her and keep his control. So to her it's not making scene why he's doing this.

  2. No one can count on SatSpanks so I wouldn't worry :D Loved the excerpt, especially the 'You Wouldn't Dare.' I bet he does. And I bet he dares to do an awful lot more than poor Amy suspects. :D

    1. Indeed, Christina. Thanks so much for visiting today ☺

  3. Ooh, great snippet ... I do love a good spanking dare! And congrats on your Top 100 spots!
    ~ HUGS ~ ;)

    1. Thank you so much, Shelly. I have to go snag a copy of the top 100's. ~Hugs~ ☺

  4. You wouldn't dare---famous last words!! LOL I'm looking forward to reading this!

  5. I LOVE the line "You wouldn't dare!" Because no spanking hero has ever responded to that by saying, "Oh yeah, good point. No I wouldn't."

    Looks like she definitely has some "attitude adjustment" coming up in her near future. :)