Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Up on your hands and knees

Hi folks and welcome to this weeks #Wipitup Wednesday. I'll be sharing one last excerpt from my newest release, The Demon's Woman. 

Why only one more, Mel?

Because it's no longer a WIP, Yellow and with all the upcoming new books coming out by fellow participants it won't be a new release much longer either. 

Well you better make this excerpt the best one yet. 

“As sexy as this dress is,” he said, smoothing a hand down over her breasts to her belly, his eyes not leaving hers, “I want you out of it and fully naked while I pick out a few toys from our new collection.”

Her pussy clenched with anticipation, the gusset of her panties soaking up the wetness his dark gaze and authoritative voice produced.
Without leaving the bed, she shimmied out of the dress and removed her skimpy bra and pink lace panties, tossing them to the floor while he stood before the open armoire, making his selection. Amy couldn’t quite see all the implements it housed, but she did catch sight of the suede flogger in his right hand and noticed a swinging rack with cuffs, ropes, and belts hanging from it. After selecting a couple more items that she couldn’t see, he turned, leaving the doors open and strode back to her.

Tossing the chosen tools on the bed, he ripped open his shirt, pulling a gasp from her as the buttons popped off in all directions. “What’s your safe word, little girl?” he asked, his voice low with arousal as he removed his belt.

“Bananas.” Her belly sizzled with excitement as she looked at the nylon cuffs and tethers he’d deposited near her feet.

“Good. Now up on your hands and knees, I want your ass and pussy nice and warm before I claim them both tonight, reminding you of who your master is.” Dropping his belt to the floor, he picked up the flogger, trailing the tails through his fingers.

“Yes, sir,” she said, scrambling into position. She knew he was only playing out their fantasy when he referred to himself as her master, but part of her wished it wasn’t entirely an act.

She felt his palm smoothing over her anxiously waiting orbs. “Who does this tight sexy bottom belong to?” he asked huskily, changing from his hand to the tips of the flogger, dragging them back and forth over her ass.

“You, sir,” she breathed out.

“You will call me master, tonight.” As he said the word ‘master’ the flogger came down with a whooshing sound, landing with a heavy thud in the center of her cheeks.

“Yes, master,” she proclaimed, savoring the sensation the implement had caused.

“And whose pussy is this, girl?” His voice dropped another octave as he cupped her sex, his middle finger working between her slick folds, tracing her rapidly swelling clit.

“Yours, master,” she replied, pushing back against his probing digit in search of more. A second later his fingers were gone, replaced by the sound of the flogger just before it landed again, this time low on just one cheek.

“That’s right, and I am going to take all that is mine tonight.” She couldn’t stifle the loud moan that left her lips as he brought the tails down again, but this time he didn’t give her pause between strokes. They landed hard and heavy over and over on her bottom and thighs until she began to pant and groan, wiggling her hips dauntingly to indicate the need to have him inside her.

“Getting anxious, are we?” he asked, giving her pause to answer.

“Yes, sir… I mean master,” she uttered, her lips dry as her heated breath rushed past them.

She heard the flogger hit the floor with a thump and then felt the coolness of his hand on her heated flesh. “Turn over and lie on your back,” he ordered. “Good girl,” he commended, his eyes laden with lust as he crawled onto the bed with her, placing each of her wrists in a nylon cuff, which he then attached to separate D-rings hanging from the headboard. “Your body is mine to do with as I please.” His gaze landed on her erect nipples and a moment later he took one in his mouth, sucking greedily while squeezing her other breast with his hand. “These are mine,” he growled, moving to and sucking the other while his hand sailed downward to her already spread thighs. A deep groan vibrated through her taut bud as he found her dripping pussy, ripe and ready for him. “And this,” he murmured, reluctant to pull free of her aching nipple as he thrust two fingers deep into her throbbing cunt, making her gasp and instantly arch her back, “is mine to use any way I choose tonight.”

“Oh, God, Landon. This is driving me insane. Please, fuck me now.”

A low chuckle rolled up from his chest as he held his face inches above hers, looking her deep in the eyes, his fingers still inside her. “Landon isn’t here right now, girl.” The fierce, demanding look in his eyes scared her a little. “Only the master is present and I’ll fuck you only when I feel the urge to do so. Understand?”

Thank you all for visiting today. I hope you've enjoyed the last #wipitup excerpt of The Demon's Woman. If you want the full story you can find it on Amazon  Nook  All Romance  and  Kobo. 
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  1. Safe word: Bananas! Love it. Happy for Landon to be 'gone' for the time being - That Master is one sizzlingly hot sexy beast! WOoOHooO! MORE MORE MORE :D

  2. "Landon isn't here right now, girl." Oh my God - he scared me a little, too! lol! What a great line! Delicious, HOT scene as always ;)

  3. What a hot snippet!
    I love pink panties and suede floggers too :)

  4. Bananas - love it!! Smoking hot HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That was a great last excerpt. I love how he claimed her. :)