Friday, October 23, 2015

Cracking down. #Satspanks

Hi there folks. Welcome to one of the weeks hottest blog hops, brought to us by the lovely and talented Kathryn Blake. I get excited just thinking about all those cherry red bottoms and stinging palms. 
My sizzling little snippet today will continue directly after last weeks, when Amy told Landon he wouldn't dare spank her. I dare say, he's about to do just that.

Clicking this pic will take you to amazon When she decided it was a good idea to try and kick him in the groin, he’d had enough. Catching her leg mid-swing, he picked her up, taking her over to the bed where he sat down, putting her over his lap.
Wrapping a leg around her thighs, he pinned her wrists behind her back and held her down, giving her lusciously rounded bottom a good solid crack. 

“No!” she blurted, but he paid no heed, landing another. “Don’t. I’ll stop fighting,” she cried, stilling her bucking body to prove she was in earnest.

“Good girl,” he praised, smoothing his hand over the spot he’d just spanked. “I’m going to let you up so you can take down your jeans, then we can finish this properly before we talk.”

“What?” she asked, shocked, her head swiveling around to look at him. “No way,” she spluttered, shaking her head.

Looks like I have to stop there, but if you're interested in more of this intense thriller, you can find the rest of the story on Amazon  Nook Kobo or All Romance
Thank you all for visiting my blog today. I hope you have a spanktacular weekend. See you again soon ☺
Oh, hey! Guess what? There's more spanks to be had if you click the links below. 


  1. You are a tease! Love this snippet and I can't wait to read the book.

  2. When will these women understand that they can never avoid a good spanking? I'm loving all that rebelliousness inside her... what lovely sparks and fire :)