Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What's that smell?

Hi Everyone and Happy Hump-day. Can you smell the scent of fall in the air yet? I know I can and although I do love how beautiful this season is, I am certainly not looking forward to the cold, or that word I shall not say that begins with S, and no, I do not mean spanking. 

You mean Snow, right Mel? 

Now, you've done it, Yellow. Where's Brutus? Oh, Brutus.... will you please escort Yellow to the dungeon to await punishment? 

I'm on it, Mel... 

Thanks. Now maybe we can get on with this weeks #Wipitup snippet. 

I'm going to pick up from where I left off last time with Deceptive Desires. (Title tentative)  I'm pleased to announce that I have finished the story and it is currently with my beta readers for final approval before I whisk it off to the publishers.  
So last time Landon was faced with Mellisa's desperate attempts to get him to spend some time with her. Some alone time, that is. But naturally we all know that's something he dare not do. As young and pretty as she is, he simply cannot risk the temptation. And thus he takes the pouty girl home wanting to further investigate the odd smell he picked up on earlier. Here's the snippet! 

Letting out a long tired sigh, he drove home with the windows down trying to catch the scent that he’d picked up on earlier. As he turned onto the long gravel driveway to the cabin he finally noticed it again, the smell of something dead. When he parked the truck and got out, the smell became stronger. Having a pretty good idea what it was now, he scanned the vicinity, looking as far beyond the pine hedges bordering the property as he could, when finally he caught just the barest glimpse of movement.

“You might as well come out and show yourself. I can smell your stench a mile away!” he called into the night. Suddenly he felt a rush of air behind him, the stench nearly making him gag as the eerie voice of a female laugh rang through his ears. He spun around swiftly hoping to see who she was, but all he caught was a trace of where she’d gone, back into the pines. “Stop with your silly games, and show yourself,” he yelled.

Suddenly the air swirled briskly around him and dark images began to appear as if materializing right before his eyes. Moments later he realized he was surrounded by at least a dozen of them. “Vampires!” he growled. “So you have finally found me have you?”
“Submit willingly blood-demon and we will make your death as quick and painless as possible,” someone with a British accent called from behind him.

He turned to see a tall man, dressed to the nines in some old fashion frilly suit, a black cloak draped over his shoulders. Landon couldn’t help laughing at the very sight of him, and for that matter the rest of them looked rather funny as well. “Did you guys jump straight out of the eighteenth century or something?”

Instantly the tall man was on him, a firm bony hand wrapped tightly around his throat. His black eyes glistening in the faint of the moon. “Do you agree to join us son of Vod, or shall we drink you slowly and rejoice in your suffering?”

A smile spread across Landon’s lips as he took hold of the hand around his throat and squeezed it harshly until he heard it break. The vampire didn’t even flinch, but he could see the pain it caused in his eyes. “The only thing I am going to agree to here tonight is that your kind leaves me the fuck alone permanently. I would not join you if my life depended on it. You stink and smell of rotting corpses, because that is exactly what you are. Leave now and spread the word that I am to be left alone. If you do not, and you keep sending more of your kind to kill me, I will make it my new goal to rid each and every one of you smelly mother fuckers from the face of the Earth.” He dropped the mans hand, shoving him away from him.

A deep laugh came from another of them, a beefy man with a glow of red already in his eyes and claws protruding from his fingertips. “You seem not to notice you are outnumbered here, foolish boy. Not to mention we are as immortal as you.”

The man lunged at him as he spoke and Landon engaged him effortlessly, allowing his demon side to emerge. It took less than a minute to shred the man, pulling him apart, limb from limb, and with a final blow, sent his still screaming head more than twenty feet from his tattered body.

“Apparently you're not as immortal as me. Who’s next?” He looked at the fear in the eyes of those still surrounding him when suddenly he felt the burn of fangs sink deep into the back of his neck.


It felt like some kind of poison was being injected into his blood stream. Reaching back with both hands, he pulled the female vampire off him, hurling her body hard to the ground at the feet of another vampire. “You are the fools,” he growled, his voice deep. “There are not enough of you to take me down. Either we make an agreement here tonight and you bastards leave me live in peace, or I will find and destroy every last vampire in existence. And might I remind you, I am not limited to the darkness. I can smell your kind from miles away. How easy do you think it will be for me to find and stake you where you sleep?”

“He has chosen to resist.” A thick man with blonde hair spoke. “You all know what to do!”

The eleven that were left all advanced on him at the same time. All of them trying to sink fangs into his skin, some of them succeeding, injecting liquid fire into his veins that caused the demon in him to howl and lose control. Landon’s strength far outweighed theirs and although the task proved tiring, it wasn’t long before he prevailed. Body parts and severed heads lying about him in every direction, the stench even more unbearable.

Sinking to his knee’s in his torn and tattered clothes he put his head in his hands and wept like a child. How many more would come? And how many could he handle at one time before he found himself in their clutches striving to drain his life and make him one of their own.
“Maybe it would be easier to just give in and let them turn me.”

“Landon, you must not give up. Your heart is pure and your soul is reachable. You have forsaken that which you were bred for and in God’s eyes it is good. Stay strong my son, fight the good fight and your rewards will be rich in the heavens.”

As he pulled his hands from his face, he saw an apparition of his mother standing before him. She looked just as he remembered her at ten years old. Her long silken red hair and her sparkling blue eyes, the same slightly crooked smile.

“Mother?” he asked, his arms dropping to his sides. She smelled of warm honeysuckle and fresh dew. “How can this be?”

“Do not worry about how. You have proven that you do not support your father’s ways.” Bringing her hands close, she cupped them around his face and knelt along with him. “There is good in your heart. The goodness I prayed for day and night until my untimely death by Isabella. Your soul can be saved, Landon, but you must listen carefully now.”

“Yes, Mother, I’m listening,” he whispered, placing his hands over hers, happy when they felt almost solid beneath his.

“You must go to a woman named Laynett Piers and confess to her what you are. She will lead you to a white witch named Marie. Both will lay their hands on you and search into your soul. They will see your past and help you reinvent your future, thus removing the curse your father has laid upon you.”
Tears streamed down Landon’s face as he nodded in agreement. “Where will I find these women?”

“In New Orleans. I cannot tell you exactly where, but once you are there your heart will guide you to Laynett, but you must be careful. You are being hunted by more than just vampires.” Leaning forward, she placed a kiss on his forehead and slowly disappeared.

“Wait! What do you mean? Who else is hunting me and why?”

“Evil cannot reside in the light. There are many who wish to bring you into the darkness. Satan’s best tool is deception, and you will be tempted to breed. Seductive women will tempt you, taunt you, and tell you lies, but you must stay pure. Do not give in, the pleasure is momentary and you will forfeit your soul to the devil for all eternity.  Be strong, son, guard your soul and keep it pure, only then will you prevail.”

The faint sound of his mother’s voice ebbed away, leaving Landon alone and confused.

That's all I've got for now, folks. Thank you all for stopping by today and if your still hungry there's still plenty of excerpts and snippets on the buffet below just waiting for you to feast on.


  1. POOR OLD LANDON! No sex. No fun. And OODLES of demon temptresses who want his body. On the plus side... looks like he might get to redeem his soul, though :D OK Mel... where's this white witch lady... she sounds intriguing as does Laynette ;) ROLL ON RELEASE DAY!

    1. Thanks Christina, I'm anxiously waiting your new release too. ☺

  2. What an intriguing excerpt! I'm hooked :)

    1. Thanks so much Kelly. I'm currently engrossed in 'The Ways of the West' and loving it. ♥

  3. very intriguing! I definitely want to

    1. Thanks so much, Alexis. Loved your expert, it's great having you here on wipitup ☺

  4. I think we can all agree that more of this story is wanted and needed! Hopefully, this will be in the publisher's hands soon! This would be great Halloween reading ;)

    1. Thanks so much, Shelly. I'm hoping for a near Halloween release date. ~crossing fingers, toes and anything else I can get all tangled up~ LOL ☺

  5. Love it. Love it. Love it. So creepy. I hope he finds the witch. :)

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. I'm excited about Resistance. ♥

  6. wow! You managed to tease and not to tease at the same time. What a tense and exciting scene

    1. There's a new one, tease and not tease at the same time... You rock Joelle. Thank you so much ♥