Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What's the meaning of all this?

Hi folks, how are you all doing this lovely fall day? I'd like to welcome you to another #wipitup Wednesday. Today I'm sharing a bit of backstory about Laynett and Amy and how they unwillingly became destined to eventually meet Landon. This excerpt takes place after Landon's interview with Amy. 

Amy got off the bus on the corner of Pleasure and Lousia street as usual and began the two block walk to her house. It wasn’t much to look at on the outside, but it was affordable on her salary. She’d be able to afford better if it were not for her sister, Laynett’s tab for Riveroaks mental hospital each month. The poor girl had been there since she was twelve years old with little to no signs of improvement.

She remembered the day it all started with vivid detail. They’d been down by the Mississippi river skipping stones when Laynett suddenly wigged out, going on and on about finding some book. A witches book with a twelve point star. She claimed it contained a spell that must be destroyed. A spell that would cause the rise of a blood-demon on All Hallows’ Eve, granting him permission to mate and bring forth a hybrid race of demons.

“The blood,” Laynett said, shivering. “He’s risen, mated, and his blood flows within the child. Amy,” her sister took her shoulders, her hands trembling, a deranged fear in her dark brown eyes, “we must find the book and destroy it before his turning. Please, you must help me.” 

“Lany, what’s wrong with you? Calm down, you're talking crazy!” Amy said, taking Laynett’s hands. They were cold, ice cold.

“No! You must listen. It’s true. The boy lives and we must destroy the book before his turning. If he mates there will be more.” Laynett began to weep more profusely, putting her hands to her face. “We can’t let that happen. We just can’t.”

No matter how hard Amy and her parents tried to calm her, Laynett just continued her constant babbling about the book, blood-demons, and a witch who she called Isabella.

“Mama, she’s with me. I have to help her find the book. We have to burn it.”

“Lany, calm down,” Diane, their mother soothed. “Who’s with you, child?”

“Isabella, the witch. She put her soul in me so I could help her. She placed the book with Madam Marie in her shop. You have to take me there mama, please,” Laynett begged over and over until their father got home.

When he heard her goings on and saw how she was acting, they all took a trip to Bourbon street to see Madam Marie at her voodoo shop. Marie claimed to be clairvoyant, but most people knew it was all just an act to attract business and lure tourists into buying something in her shop. At least that’s what she used to think.

The moment they walked into her shop—Marie, adorned in her silk scarves and big gold bangle bracelets—had rushed over to Laynett and laid her hands on the top of her head.

“Oh dear God, help us,” Marie said, pulling her hands back. “It’s gone. I sold it nearly five years ago. It could be anywhere by now.”

“No!” Laynett sobbed. “We have to find it before he turns.” 

Amy and her parents stood watching, shocked that Marie seemed to know and understand what Laynett was thinking before she’d even had a chance to explain.

“To find the book, we need a sample of the hybrid’s blood. His blood will lead us to the book, then we can destroy them both.”

“What is the meaning of all this?” Ryan, their father, demanded.

“Mr. Piers, your daughter is possessed by a dead witch,” Marie stated in a stiff matter-of-fact tone. “Isabella’s spirit is alive within Laynett’s soul and she will not rest until she finds and destroys the book. If it is destroyed before the hybrid demon turns all will be well. But if not,” the woman shook her head slowly, “once he breeds, all hope is lost and destroying the book will no longer matter.”
Turning her attention back to Laynett, she knelt and wrapped her arms around the girl. “I wish I could help you find him, but I can’t put myself in the middle of this fight.” She spoke addressing the witches spirit inside the girl. “You gave the demon passage, Bella, and you are the only one who can atone for your sin.”

“I don’t know where he is anymore. Vod sent him away when I sacrificed myself. Please, Marie, you must help me. My soul is trapped here until I make this right.” Laynett shook her head, taking a step back from the woman. “Look at the child who stands before you, sister. Do it for her.”

Marie stood, her eyes warm with sympathy as she took a few of Laynett’s long golden curls, pulling them through her fingers. “This is not my fight, sister. I can help you if you can find the book, but anything more than that and you know very well I will share your curse. I will not condemn my soul as you have done, Isabella. I’m sorry.”

“Stop calling her that,” Amy blurted, but her mother hushed her. 

“I sympathize with you and your family, Mr. Piers, but I cannot help your daughter anymore than I can help the spirit of the witch who now resides within her.”

Their father let out a frustrated sigh, asking Marie for advice about how to deal with his possessed daughter. Her only advice was “help her find the book.” 

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  1. What book! Where is this mystical book? Will it cure Landon of his demon blood? It'd better not doing anything else... I'm rather fond of Landon and his... er... attributes :D Still, it looks like poor Amy has her work cut out for her... ;)

    1. The book that started it all of course! With Mary and her gang on that Halloween camping trip. Landon is the progeny of that night between Mary and the savvy blood demon.
      Love where your Christmas story is going and I hope you pick cover # 3 ヅ

  2. Such intriguing back story Melody :) I do love these bits.

    1. Thanks so much Joelle. ヅ You're snippet today really rocked with heat between Syn and Onyx!

  3. Great scene today ... I'm loving the book intrigue! You know I'm such a sucker for a Halloween story and can't wait to read this from beginning to end! Although I must admit, I do love hearing about the double you-know-what and hope nothing happen to it. Naturally, Christina and I are thinking alike on that one ;)

    1. Thanks so much Kelly, I know your going to love the full story ☺

  4. I loved the snippet - intriguing - I love back story. Everyone is always say - cut the back story - but I like to know what happened before and this was fabulously written:-)

    1. I like to know a bit of back story on characters too. I feel without it you don't really get to flesh out your character the way a reader enjoys and can relate to. And for some characters like Laynett, in this story, it's rather essential.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and especially for your wonderful compliments. ☺