Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Not until she screamed

Hello and happy humpday to all. Are you ready to find out more about what's going on with our favorite blood-demon, Landon? 

I thought I'd continue with scene right after his interview with Amy Piers. He goes home to make a more in depth search for her address on his computer, but then gets a little side tracked. This is a shorter snippet, but as requested by Yellow last week, it's sexy and packs a punch.

Get a grip, dude, he chided. No matter how much you want her, she’s out of your league and you can’t have her anyway. At least not right now, but if it were true that he could eventually rid himself of this wretched curse…

He shouldn’t be thinking about her that way, but it couldn’t be helped. The woman simply mesmerized him. Not to mention his hormonal urges and sexual appetite had become heightened since his turning.
Prior to that night, he’d never consider tying a woman up, marking her body with lashes from a cane, watching her writhe and squirm under his command, listening to her cries of both pain and pleasure.

He pictured Amy bound before him, each strike to her supple flesh, causing her to shriek, her body to recoil. As he continued his sensual torture, she’d succumbed to the erotic pain, melting like butter as she begged for more. He imagined soothing each sting with an equally pleasurable response. A soft lick of his tongue over the welts while his skilled fingers delicately danced on her clit would have her pussy drooling, her mouth open and panting while she pumped her eager mound against them, fervently seeking penetration.

He refused to give her the satisfaction, no matter how much she pleaded for him to end the blissful torment, not until she screamed, cursing at him, calling him cruel. That’s when he’d put the cane down and take her from behind in a highly ruthless manner, thrusting into both her tight wet crevices. As she whimpered, he’d take a handful of her soft pale blonde hair and pull her head back, savoring the quivers and shudders of her body beneath his as she adjusted to the sensation of two cocks filling her.

He wouldn’t give her long before he began to take what he needed from her, using her heated sex and ass like an animal, rutting into her harshly, growling as he forced her to take him harder. “Landon!” She would scream as he made his final thrust, come expelling from both cocks in long hot bursts while a rumble rose from his chest, his fingers clutching her hair as he rode out the pleasure of release.
Landon opened his eyes, looking down at his still pulsating shafts, puddles of semen on his belly. He shouldn’t have played out his twisted new fantasies with Amy Piers as the star, but strangely after only one meeting, she consumed his thoughts.
Wiping off with his earlier discarded T-shirt next to him on the sofa, he got up, grabbed a bag of A negative from the fridge and headed for the shower. Later, he’d check out each of the addresses for the Piers listings and hopefully be able to find out which one might be Amy’s.

Well there you go, Yellow. Do you find this weeks snippet more to your liking?

Could have been longer, Mel. 

UGH! Some colors are just so hard to please. 
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  1. Poor old Landon... he's got quite some mess to clear up there, hasn't he? GIGGLE! Hope he enjoys his A negative... yeuuuk! On the plus side, I'm thinking the lovely Amy has captured his attention in the right way, now the only question is - can he get her? :)

    1. Normally he prefers O-Pos, but the hospital was out. LOL. Thanks for stopping Christina ヅ

  2. This was one seriously SEXY snippet, Ms. Melody! I am so fascinated by his double accessory ... that I will certainly be thinking about your post well into the evening, LOL! You know I'm looking forward to this coming out, and I hope it will be soon ;)

    1. Thanks much, Shelly.
      I hoping for a near to Halloween release and I just LOVE where you left us hanging with Protected and Punished. You know just how to reel me in, woman! ヅ

  3. a little distracted... that's an understatement. I'm very distracted!