Saturday, September 12, 2015

I wanna do bad things to you. #Scintillating Sunday

Hello and happy Sunday Everyone. Grab yourself a cup of joe, a martini or a big glass of ice water to kill that hang-over and have a seat for some Scintillating Sunday fun. 

What's Scintillating Sunday, Mel? 

It's a new blog hop that I just found out about. You know how I love blog hops. So buckle up folks, I have eight -or thereabouts- paragraphs from Claiming Crystal to share with you today.

 After D gave her the water, he headed downstairs for a good workout before bed. He needed something to expel the tension. Miss Crystal Harman had not turned out to be the curious newbie Ivy had asked to bring along. Normally those newly interested asked questions, flirted at least a little, and didn’t faint when he turned on his dom-like charm. Ivy had said she was a sapling. More like a seed, he thought, pulling his turtleneck over his head, the scent of her Shalimar catching his nose. Good choice, smells like vanilla, maybe it was supposed to be some form of a subtle hint?

Kicking off his boots and pants, he grabbed a pair of shorts and a towel from the cabinet and headed to the bench. He’d start with a set of presses, crunches in between, and then finish off with the treadmill. If he still wasn’t spent, he’d rub one out in the shower upstairs while thinking of those slender thighs, scrumptious ass, firm ripe breasts, and all that gorgeous red hair. It felt like strands of silk between his fingers; he could only imagine what a handful of it would feel like in his fist as he pulled her head back, looked into her dazzling, sapphire blue eyes, and kissed her like she’d never been kissed before.

He thought they’d broken the ice after the way she’d warmed up in his arms before dinner, but after, when she sat in his lap she couldn’t have been more stiff or frigid. He caught her reaction during Salina’s outburst. She looked worried, her eyes drifting around the table to see if anyone else appeared to be as concerned as she was. He thought for sure she’d have some questions about Ivy being collared, or at least have more of a reaction when she held up the butt plug. The girl was hard to read, that’s for sure. Maybe it had something to do with her medication. When she fainted, it was because she hadn’t taken it and she woke soft and vulnerable in his arms, accepting his touch and embracing it. Assuming she had probably taken it before dinner, perhaps that was why she’d seemed so impenetrable. Every time he tried to catch her eye, or brush his arm against her softly, she’d shyly pulled away, refusing any and all eye contact. Although maybe it had something to do with her and Ivy’s little chat on the patio.

Hell if he knew. He wasn’t used to dealing with mixed signals, which is what she was sending when she asked to stay, instead of going to the guesthouse. Although, he supposed, her explanation did make a fair degree of sense. He wondered if she was sleeping yet. What did she wear to bed? His mind drifted as he thought about her dressed in a little white g-string, four-inch heels, and a lacy white bra. He pictured himself carrying her soft little body up the stairs, laying her in his bed ever so softly, watching as she settled. Then he’d slowly and carefully tie a soft silky restraint to each wrist, attaching the ends to the clips on his mirrored headboard. She’d stir, but he would hush her with a soft kiss, stroking the pad of his thumb over a nipple. He wanted to know if she was smooth or if he might find a soft, silky patch of coppery curls beneath the scrap of material covering her pussy.

Fuck! He was hard. Crunches with a hard-on could result in permanent eye injury. Instead of going to the treadmill like his brain told him to, he went to his pants pocket, retrieving his cell phone. He pulled up her number, which Ivy had given him earlier.


His phone beeped, confirming the text had sent. He waited, wondering if maybe she was already sleeping. The phone chimed, an incoming message.

Who is this?

Ha! Duh! She didn’t know his number.

The man downstairs.

A long moment passed and he started to wonder if maybe he’d scared her. He began to type a text and his phone chimed.

That would make you the devil.

He grinned. “Oh, yes, little girl, I wanna do all sorts of bad things with you.”

So that's it for me this week. I hope you enjoyed my 8 -or thereabouts- paragraphs and I hope to see you all next week. 
If you want more of Claiming Crystal I've left some links below and thank you all for visiting me on this sexy, Scintillating Sunday. 

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  1. BWAHAHA! Loved the ending. 'That would make you the devil.' And you write 'devils' so well, Ms Parks. I agree that Crystal is probably a seed, rather than sapling... but I think Donaven can bring her round... with just a wee little bit of encouragement ;)

    1. Thanks Christina. I must say I find the handsome devils you write about quite compelling. You always leave me wanting more. Like more Vi and M... (hint hint... hint hint hint) ヅ

  2. At first, from that teaser, I thought we were going to have a vampire tale. I miss TrueBlood. But, after reading I was scintillated and far from disappointed.

    1. I miss that show too, Maddie. The books weren't to bad either. Great, now you've got me thinking about Eric. LOL. ♥

  3. "crunches with a hard-on"--made made me laugh out loud. I am definitely putting this on my TBR list!

    1. Thanks Amber.... After finding your blog today, you're already on mine. Had to have Duplicity. ヅ

  4. Suddenly she's not so impenetrable. I have to know what happens next. Going on my TBR list.

  5. I've had the song running through my head since the moment I clicked on your post!
    Now I have to 'one click'!

  6. Ooh, I wish someone would say that to me….! Brilliant, but no surprise there.