Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Is that going to happen to me?

Greetings Everyone. Are you ready for some humpday horror on #Wipitup? 
Last week you met Landon Reed, half human, half blood-demon. Today's excerpt will reintroduce his real father Vod and their first meeting. 

But Mel, I thought his father's name was Sanguineous? I think you're going to confuse people. Just saying.

It was, Yellow, but since this is still a WIP, I changed it. I can do that you know.  

Landen pulled the covers back and got out of bed. He loathed these recurring dreams. On the night he’d murdered his parents, Vod had appeared to him, although not in a wholly physical form, more of an apparition. At first he’d thought drinking all that blood was causing him to hallucinate, but then the large naked man sporting two full and erect cocks spoke to him.

“Landon,” he spoke in a calm deep voice. “My son! My salvation!” The eerie personification of the man moved closer to him, yet he did not fear him. He’d never forgotten the images Isabella planted in his mind of his conception. How this beautiful, yet demonic creature, had manipulated his mother's mind convincing her to carry his child. How rough and carnal he’d been with her.

“Monster!” Landon accused, feeling guilty, as he wiped Franks blood from the corner of his mouth. “I will not be like you. I will not feed again after this night. I will kill myself before I drain another human like that,” he looked over at the gray, dead bodies of Frank and Janice, his substitute parents of the last nine years.

“Oh, but you will my boy. Hunger will drive you to feed.” Vod stood before him now, a smug look in his coffee brown eyes. “Human food is useless to you now. Your transformation will be complete in a few hours as you digest their blood. Your body will grow to its full potential, your muscles will be as steel, and your mind will evolve and you will begin to feel the powers that now course through your veins. You will be immortal against any man or beast. The Earth and all that is in it now belongs to you, my son.”

“I don’t want it,” he growled, standing to meet his father, eye to eye. “I don’t want your blessed curse. I will starve before I feed again. I will not become the monster you planned me to be. I do have a choice and you very well know it… Father.” Landon brought his face close to Vod’s and whispered. “I still have free will.”

His father through his head back, laughing heartily. “We shall see just how long you can hold out from staving off the burn of blood-lust. The desire to feed and to fuck will drive you out of your mind. By morning your body will be transformed and you will be like me.” Vod looked down at his two stiff cocks, stroking the lower of the two. 

Landon tried not to watch, but then realized what his father meant by becoming whole. “Are you saying I’m going to grow a second cock overnight?” Just the thought of it grossed him out. No woman in the world would ever want to love such a freak of nature.

“Oh, not just that, my boy. There is more to it than that.” A wry smile spanned the man's lips. “Once you are fully transformed you will have the ability to impregnate every woman you slip your glorious cocks into despite any current means of birth control. If you think sex was good up until now, just wait until you experience it how it was meant to be.”

“Jesus!” Landon barked, taking a step back,  noticing the wiggly protrusion coming out of the end of Vod’s top cock. “Don’t tell me that’s gonna happen to me.”

“Indeed, it is my boy. This is our means of ensuring procreation. It’s our seed pod and when you're with a woman it naturally finds its way into her womb to insure pregnancy. Even if she is not ovulating at the time, your seed will wait within her, remaining active until she enters her ovulation cycle.”

This was far too much for Landon to process right now, yet he couldn’t help feeling a tad bit curious about what sex might feel like with two cocks. “Why do you have two of them?” He asked, thankful that Vod had stopped stroking himself and the wiggly little worm-like thing retreated and was no longer visible.

“One insures pregnancy while the other insures pleasure. It’s also a means of possession that all women love.”

“Maybe where you come from. But I can tell you right now, most women are deathly afraid of allowing a man to fuck her ass.” Landon shook his head not wanting to entertain such a conversation with his father any longer. This was just wrong on so many levels. “Why did you come here tonight? And why have you never come to me before?”

“I came to explain your purpose and enlighten you about the changes your body will be undergoing. You’re our races only means of survival, you must spread your seed far and wide. Each woman you impregnate will bear a son, a male to further instill our survival. And on each boys' nineteenth birthday you will be bound by duty to explain to him, that which I am explaining to you now. The changes and the power that will grow within them and why it is vital they too mate with several women in order to ensure our survival. To ensure we become the dominant race on Earth.”

“What if I refuse?”

A devious smile rose to Vod’s lips. “Try as you may, you won’t be able to deprive your urges for very long.”

“I won’t have any if I’m dead!” He glanced again at the bodies in the bed. “I won’t do this. I just won’t. I would rather kill myself before I bring about such a freak of nature. Did you ever stop to think the reason your kind died out was because your race was never meant to be? The only reason the Satan created you was to further his own plan. A plan that is sure to fail, no matter what he does. And you think I want to be part of that plan? I don’t and I won’t be.” Landon walked over to Franks closet, tearing open the door with more strength than he meant to nearing pulling it from its hinges. He took the shoebox down from the shelf and pulled out Frank’s revolver checking to make sure it was still loaded.

Vod laughed heartily once again, merely crossing his arms while he watched Landon close the barrel and try to bring the gun to his head. But it wasn’t working, as hard as Landon tried it was as if an invisible force prevented him from carrying out his will.

“What the fuck?” he blurted in frustration, trying desperately to aim the gun at his chest instead.

“Built in security. Compliments of Isabella.” Vod took a step towards him. “And even if you could put that gun to your head and pull the trigger you will find it will not kill you. As of tonight, you my son, are immortal. Should ever you sustain injury, your body will repair itself from the inside out almost immediately.” To prove such a point, Vod extended his razor sharp claws and slashed Landon’s light gray T from his body, leaving four deep claw marks across his chest.

“Fuck!” Landon howled in pain, his own claws extending automatically as he lunged at his father, but little good it did as the man was not exactly whole and his fist went right through him. “What the hell? You can touch me, but I can’t touch you?”

“Look at your chest boy.”

As he did, he saw that already the wounds were healing and with not so much as as a scar in their place.

“You have but one enemy in this world, Landon. Vampires. And now that you have reached your nineteenth birthday, Satan will make them aware of you and they will hunt you and try to kill you.”
It was Landon’s turn to laugh. “Vampires? You have to be kidding me? They only exist in—”

“No son, they’re just as real as you are, and carry many of the same traits and dependencies as you. They feed on human blood to survive, they have the ability of mind control and are just as quick and agile as you, although not as strong. They do, however, have an impediment that you do not. Sunlight. Nor can they procreate in the same fashion as you. You can create life, they can only create more death, adding to Satan’s count of souls.” 

“Looks like my problem is solved, then doesn’t it? I’ll just wait for these vampires to find and kill me, putting an end to a life that was never meant to exist.”

“I fear that won’t be as easy as you think. There is only one way they can kill you, and that is to turn you into one of them by draining you of your blood and filling you with their own, in which case you become a vampire like them, limited to the darkness, limited to life without a soul. Trust me when I say you don’t want that to happen. I’m running out of time now, son. Don’t fight your instincts.”

“Wait!” He cried out, watching as the image of his father disintegrated into thin air.

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    1. So glad you enjoyed it Aubrey. You're snippet today has me HOOKED.

  2. OK THIS IS REALLY HOTTING UP NOW. Whewee! Two cocks, guaranteed procreation and immortality. Father's a bit of a megalomaniac... but... you can't have everything. As to the pesky vamps, Landen, don't worry about them. Just make sure you do your shopping in the day time ;) -- Seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY loved this snippet. Keep them coming ;)

    1. You have the most awesomest comments, Christina. Thank you ♥
      Yes, I said Awesome-st lol.

  3. This is reading like another FABULOUS Melody Parks story - it's intense and gripping and I love the line - The desire to feed and to fuck will drive you out of your mind. Sounds like there is lots of promising story ahead.

    1. Thanks, Daryl. Vod's a rather smug character for telling it like it is. ☺

  4. I love your yellow voice and I loved this snippet! I cannot wait until this story gets published! :-)

    1. You'll be the first one on my list for a beta read, Meredith. Glad you're enjoying the story so far. ♥