Tuesday, August 11, 2015

He watched it happen

Greetings Everyone and welcome to Wipitup Wednesday, where you're sure to find something to get you over the hump. 
I'll be continuing with more about the hybrid Landon, half human half blood-demon. Last week he finally met his real father who informed him of some special changes his body would soon be undergoing. Here's what happened after his father left him. 

When it became evident his father wasn’t going to return, he grew restless and went out for a long run along the country roads of West Virgina trying to come up with a plan. Somewhere around four in the morning, just as the dusk of dawn turned the sky a hazy colored deep blue, he felt a stirring in his groin, then a pain sharp enough that it stopped him in his tracks, forcing him to double over. Ripping his Levis down, along with his briefs he watched it happen while gritting his teeth as the new appendage between his legs started to grow, throbbing painfully as it lengthened.

When the pain finally subsided, he looked down to see both cocks, firm, erect and pulsating with need. There was no way he’d fit both back into his jeans while they were hard and instinctively he knew the only way to get them to soften was to satisfy the need.

 Wrapping his hand around the top and more familiar of the two be began to stroke, but something wasn’t right. It didn’t feel as good as it normally did when he masturbated. In fact, it hardly felt good at all. Regardless, he kept at it until he saw the worm-like protrusion erupt from the tip, the node at the end of it wet, glistening as the dawns early light hit it. Needless to say it freaked him out and he let go, taking hold of the lower one. Oh yeah, this was more like it. This is what he was used to feeling when he pleasured himself.

Stroking firm and fast be brought himself to an overpowering climax, grunting and groaning while he watched come spurted from both cocks despite the fact he only had a hold of one.

After a short recuperation they both became flaccid and the protrusion that he worked it’s way out of his top one slithered its way back inside. Spent and exhausted, he zipped his pants and sat down under a lush green apple tree and put his head back against the bark. How in the hell was he ever going to explain this.

You’re not, dumbass. You're never going to explain this to anyone… ever! And it was then that he realized he could no longer stay in West Virgina. When people realized Frank and Janice were missing the cops would come searching and he would be their prime subject. And even if he wasn’t they’d be looking to him for answers. Answers that they would never understand and likely lock him up or at the very least commit him to an insane asylum. But where should he go? Where could he go?

Returning home just as the sun was peeking into the sky, he packed up his old beat up Ford truck, grabbed all the cash that was in the house and left deciding to get as far away from West Virgina as he could.

That's it, Mel? What the heck? I think you've gotten lazy this week.

I'll just take that comment to mean you like the story so far Yellow and can't wait for more. 

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  1. Well Landon has taken his first change - in hand (snicker snicker) and dealt with it - now what's up next for the poor boy.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting Daryl. Up next? come back next week to find out ~winks!~

  2. A man with two cocks....sorry just day dreamed for a moment! I want to know more. Gosh! I can't wait for this story to come out!

    1. Thanks Meredith. I find a bit dream worthy myself at times. ☺

  3. Worm like protrusion? What the heck, Mel? I NEED TO KNOW MORE. But I'm happy Landon's happy with the other one and both come at once - lucky old Landon! But the poor boy does have a few dilemma's on his hands... kidnapping... and such ;) (My kinda story LOL!) Xx

  4. Well, that was a first for me. I do find the idea of two cocks very interesting. I can't wait for next week. :)