Monday, August 3, 2015

Care for a little caning?

Hi Everyone, and welcome to Masturbation Monday where getting off is half the fun. This Meme is thanks to Kayla Lords our wonderful hostest with the mostest. 

As you can see from the the sexy pic above, I've picked out a canning snippet for you this week from my current Wip. Enjoy ☺

He shook off all further thought about what it might be like to be with her that way. When the demon in him awakened, he noticed a distinct change in his sexual fantasies. The night his second cock sprouted and he’d masturbated, the images that brought him to such a powerful and utterly satisfying release were like nothing he’d ever pictured himself doing to a woman before. During his recovery against the apple tree, he questioned what on earth had conjured up such canal acts and images in his mind. He came to the conclusion it could only be on account of his changing. It was the demon in him that wanted such explicit and wicked acts of lust and greed.

Prior to that night, he’d never consider tying a woman up, marking her body with lashes from a cane, watching her writhe and squirm under its command, listening to her cries of both pain and pleasure. Each strike to her supple flesh caused her to shriek and coil, but she melted like butter begging for more when he soothed each sting with an equally pleasurable response. A soft lick of his tongue over the welt while his skilled fingers delicately danced on her clit had her pussy drooling, her mouth open and panting while she pumped her eager little sex against them, trying fervently to get him to penetrate her each time he did it.

He refused to give her the satisfaction, he tormented her until she screamed, cursing at him, calling him cruel. That’s when he put the cane down and took her from behind in a highly ruthless manner, thrusting hard into both her tight wet crevices. As she stiffened from the shock, he took a handful of her soft pale blonde hair and pulled her head back. Her body quivered, shuddering as she adjusted to the sensation of two cocks filling her.

He didn’t give her long before he began to take what he needed from her, using her heated sex and ass like an animal, rutting into her harshly, growling as he forced her to take him harder. “Landon!” a voice screamed inside his head as he made his final thrust, come expelling from both cocks in long hot bursts that made him growl loudly in response, clutching her hair and one of her hips.

Landon opened his eyes, looking down at his still pulsating cocks, puddles of semen on his belly. He shouldn’t have replayed that memory, and he most certainly should not have put Amy Piers in place of the unknown woman he’d pictured that first night as a blood-demon.

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  1. Rawr! Two cocks, two holes and caning AS WELL! I feel thoroughly spoilt - not to mention HOT and BOTHERED lol! Keep up the good work - I'm thoroughly enjoying Landon's sexploits ;)