Monday, July 27, 2015

He has two?

Hi folks and welcome to #MasturbationMonday. I've got a hot little scene from my current Wip that I hope get's your toes tingling. 
Thanks Kayla Lords for hosting this hot Monday Meme. 

To give you just a bit of a heads up. This story is about a blood-demon named Landon who's currently captivated and infatuated with a hot little blond. Oh and there's just one more detail you might like to know before indulging in this excerpt. Blood-demons are blessed with dual appendage. Yes, I went there. This guy has not one, but two succulent hard cocks.

 Lathering his body with the Irish Spring body wash, he closed his eyes while picturing Amy naked, bent over her desk. Stroking himself, he imagined what her ass would feel like in his hands, what her nipples would taste like in his mouth. How would she look at him when he pressed her up against the wall in her office and took her like no other man ever had?

He shouldn’t be doing this, but yet couldn’t help himself. He needed to release the hormones that were driving him crazy or he wouldn’t be able to think about anything other than fucking her when they met in a little while. He could see her sweet wet little pussy so clearly in his mind, she’d be shaved bare and her juices would glisten along the seam of her lips. Running his tongue over his lips he imagined what she might taste like. Would she shiver in delight as he crouched between her thighs for a long, slow lick of those smooth lips?

Her breathy moans floated through his mind as he pictured pleasuring her clit while working open her bottom hole, making her slick with her own juices, preparing her to take both of his thick hard cocks.

“Fuck me, Landon. Take me, use me… make me yours forever.” 

Her voice sounded so real in his mind as he steadily stroked both his cocks. Her legs would be wrapped tight around his waist and she’d throw her head back as he impaled her for the first time, crying out while he stretched open both of her tight openings.

“Take it for me, Amy,” he said, his hands gripping tighter while imagining how hot and wet she was inside, how her muscles would clench and squeeze him instinctively. The look on her beautiful face, somewhat askew as he pushed deeper, listening to her short, rapid breaths, watching as her eyelids fluttered, her pupils dilating.

Then he saw himself doing something that shocked him. He sunk his fangs down into her neck and began drinking from her. The essence of her warm life giving blood coated first his tongue, her sweetness engulfing him. Her blood tasted a million times better than Janice or Frank’s and filled him with a primal lust, the likes of which even his fantasies hadn’t taken him yet.

The water in the shower began to run cold, but his body cared not, it was burning from the inside out. His fangs had lengthened and his gums itched terribly with the need to bite, suck and consume. He felt the demon within pushing for freedom as his fantasy took a twisted turn.

The office the fantasy started with dissolved and changed, morphing into a place that felt familiar to him, yet he couldn’t recollect ever being here. The room was small, the walls made of stone, with one small window encased in bars, let in a few rays of sunshine. In the middle of the room stood a medieval looking torture device. A sectionalized table of sorts with manacles and leather straps. The bottom half of the table divided so that the victim’s legs could be splayed open to any degree.

On the table, naked, with her milky thighs spread wide, ankles in iron and chain, her back slightly elevated to a partial sitting position, was Amy. Her arms were bound tight, somewhere behind her, her small breasts rising and falling in sync with her labored breathing. In her mouth appeared some type of wooden gag and in her eyes he saw fear.

He approached her, but it wasn’t really him. It was his demon side taking over the fantasy. Not wanting to see anymore, Landon tried to open his eyes and remove his hands from his cocks, but he couldn’t. It was just like the night he tried to turn the gun to his head, his limbs wouldn’t allow it. It seemed the demon inside him had needs as well, and he was along for the ride, like it or not.
Amy began to whimper behind the gag as he approached, a cat o’ nine tails in his hand.

“Hush now, precious. You’re going to enjoy this. I promise.” He brought the tails down to her breasts, teasing her nipples, before swirling it down her belly. “You do want me to give you pleasure, don’t you?”

Amy shook her head, the pleas’s muffled behind the gag.

“Let’s do something about that then.” Claw’s extended from his fingertips as he carefully traced the areolas of each of her nipples, listening to her suck in a breath, holding it while he delighted in watching her buds tighten to stiff peaks.

She squeezed her eyes shut tight, a soft pitiful moan coming from behind the gag as he leaned down, taking a nipple into his mouth, sucking relatively hard, and then repeating the action with the other. Her skin was starting to flush, her breathing more shallow. He brought the tails back up, caressing her torso as he trailed them downward along each of her thighs, then pulled them slowly over her smooth pussy lips, enjoying the way it made her shudder.

“You’re aroused,” he said, smelling her essence on the tips of the tails.

An indistinguishable muttering came from behind the gag, her cheeks taking on color, her eyes still shut. He brought the tails down swiftly, lashing the inside of a thigh. She lurched, a garbled cry seeping past the gag. He gave her three more before she could gather her barings, the insides of her thighs turning a lovely deep pink.

Leaning down he licked at the little stripes left by the implement. She whimpered, squirming, rocking her hips. The heat along the faint welts felt warm against his tongue. The sweet scent of her blood so close to the surface urged him to bite, to satisfy his need to sink his fangs into her flesh and feed the way he was meant to feed. From a live host. He held back and instead ran his tongue along the seam of her pussy lips, a soft appreciative utterance coming from behind her gag.

Lifting his head, he looked up at her, head turned to the side, eyes still closed. “Do you want more, Amy?”

I hope you all enjoyed this excerpt from #MasturbationMonday and will take the time to check out more of this weeks talented authors, 'here'
If your curious to learn more about this story, visit me on Wednesday for #wipitup where I'll give you more about what led up to Landon's existence.


  1. I don't know about Amy, but I want more! ;)

    1. That's exactly what I was thinking as I read your snippet today too. ヅ Thanks for visiting me ☺

  2. i am glad you are doing a follow up because this is intense and i need back story!!!

    1. Thanks so much Leonora! There will be links for the full prologue and back story this hump-day ヅ
      I love your excerpt with Nichy today, although I found it much harder than her to keep quite about things.

  3. Well damn it, *I* want more! So freaking hot...

  4. Two cocks!! YUM! And a demon that's kind of a nice guy underneath... though he has a tough time getting his body to co-operate. Loved the medieval torture device btw... legs open wide... gagged... arms tied - I think you're travelling down my neck of the woods LOL! Keep it coming x o x Delicious!

    1. I love your neck of the woods, Christina ♥ It's always scantly lit with the most delightfully dark and guilty pleasures.

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    1. Thanks Julez! Really like your pen name. ☺