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You're gonna get Hooked

Maddie Taylor's been a busy little bee this month and I'm happy to announce her lasted in the Club Decadence series. Well, actually this is a spin off called Decadence Nights and oh baby, lemme tell ya I am most certainly among the throngs  'Woo-Hooing' over this. 

Melody: So, you've published 3 books so far this summer since May and 20 over all. What's it been like having 3 in a row nearly back to back?
Maddie: They got progressively harder because they got closer together.  I had a solid month between Second Time Lucky and The Trail Master's Bride, but only ten days between the last two.
Promoting got rather crazy with two blog tours overlapping.  I got a bit frazzled and would forget who was hosting when?  I think I got everyone what they needed, but might have
missed sharing a time or two when I was on.  Bottom line, a month apart is preferable but not always possible.


Melody:  What made put Joseph in tweed suits and bow ties?

Maddie: He was Mara's hot nerdy lawyer in Second Time Lucky.  After I was done with that story, he got stuck in my head.  I imagined Harrison Ford as Professor Indiana Jones with the round glasses, bowtie and tweed suit.  Harrison would have been perfect for the cover, but I think he would have been over our budget.  LOL  You can't always find what you envision in
stock photos.  Olivia in the red dress was perfect and the dark handsome man holding her, was close.  I think it turned out hot and eye catching which has to always be our goal.  Right?

Melody: Club Decadence has branched off in a couple of different directions, with Decadence LA and now Decadence Nights. What inspired you to do this?

Maddie: In a word, fans. I have gotten many messages and requests for more stories, Lil T right now is the number one request and his story is coming, but I've had requests for Mistress Anne, Ben the bartender and The Baron from Second Time Lucky.  It was either send them to LA, which I didn't want to do, or have the all converge on Club Decadence.  Voila! a spin off.

I also wanted a branch to cling to after Book 6 because I love my Doms and don't want to see them go.


Melody: Do you have a number one fan that you know of?

Maddie: I have several that always like and comment on cover reveals, snippets and are the first to buy the books as soon as they go live on Amazon.  I'm not sure who's #1, but I love when they post "I got it!"  :)

Melody: How did you come up with your pen name? 

Maddie: Now, Melody.  That is top secret and if I told you, I'd have to have one of my badass commandos hunt your down and...  No, you might enjoy that too much  ;)  But really, its a mixture of family names.

How about a peek of what's under that hot cover up there? 

Without being told to, she opened her mouth, greedily accepting him as he slid into her, once, twice, and a final time when he came with a growl over her tongue and down her throat. With both hands in her hair, he held her head gently while Livvy lapped and licked him, his body trembling as he came down from his climax. After a few long intimate moments, he pulled away.

“I’m due in Ft. Worth this afternoon, as you know. I’ll be back on Friday at three o’clock. You have until then to think about what you want and make a decision.” He paused to zip his trousers and buckle his belt. The finality of his action gave her a very bad feeling. She suppressed a groan. He was demonstrating his control, both of her and her pleasure. Her body still hummed with arousal, yearning for him.
He squatted in front of her, his big hands sliding up to her cheeks, lifting her face so close to his she could feel his breath. Wanting him so badly her teeth ached, she leaned into his touch.

“You have two choices, Olivia. Forget about last night and go back to the way we were. Working together on friendly terms, but tamping down your desires, living in self-denial because you’re afraid to go for what you want.” Gently stroking a finger down her cheek, he met her shimmering blue eyes. “Or, you can come to me at three o’clock and surrender, to both the pleasure of last night and when needed, the discipline of this morning, fulfilling your long suppressed desires and living your life as you’re meant to, not merely going through the motions, but experiencing it at its fullest, with me. If you choose surrender, you will do so on your knees.” He moved closer, his lips brushing hers as he spoke. “One more thing, no touching. When you come to me, I want you as you are now: cunt bare, gloriously wet and hungry for me.”

Thirty-eight-year-old legal secretary Olivia Wright's clock is ticking and she's afraid she's running out of time to find Master Right. Several times she thought she'd found the Dom of her dreams, but instead of the prince she sought, he'd turned out to be a slimy toad. The last one had dumped her unexpectedly and nearly broken her. Now, after a long dry spell, she's ready to try again. She'd really like it to be with the man who'd caught her eye three years ago, but that man is her boss and despite her best efforts, and tightest skirts, he hasn't spared her an extra glance. Resigning herself to unrequited love, she attempts to move on, procuring an invitation to an exclusive BDSM club, hoping Club Decadence will be the answer.

Joseph Hooks isn't your typical Dom. He's NBA tall, with no police or military background to speak of, wears tweed suits, of all things, and on an occasion the dreaded bow tie. But behind his somewhat nerdy appearance is a handsome, green eyed, strict but sensual dominant who's also hell on wheels in a court of law. He's wealthy, powerful, successful, and enjoys popularity among the subs at his private club, at least those who don't flee from the swishing sound of polished rattan, but he's exhausted his search for his perfect submissive and concerned about coming up short. After a frustrating day of watching his gorgeous secretary's delectable bottom in an incredibly tight skirt, he heads to San Antonio to blow off steam and maybe make a connection.

He thinks she's terminally vanilla and straight- laced. She thinks he's not into her, or with the way he ignores her curves and tight skirts, possibly gay. Hopelessly oblivious to what has been staring them in the face for three long years, Joseph and Olivia continue their aimless search for love. Then, one night, as a storm brews outside another rages inside as their paths converge. Will Olivia finally get the Master Prince she deserves, or will her past prevent her from realizing her dream? Will her presence at the club be the sign that Joseph needs to wake up and at long last claim the woman he's yearned for all along?

Wanna get Hooked?
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What else is Maddie up too?

As always, Thank you all for stopping today and I hope you enjoyed this little preview of Hooked (Decadence Nights!)

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Because you asked for it!

Greetings fellow Wipsters, readers and fans.I've been doing a lot of sharing from my new release Claiming Crystal so today I thought I bring out something new. Well, it's not 100% new, it's a continuation of the short Halloween story I shared last year just for fun. But now, because you- the readers- liked it so well and asked for the rest of the story, I've decided to give you what you asked for and make it into a full length novel.

Blah, blah, blah... enough with the excuses, Melody. Just get on with it. 

Gee, thanks, Yellow. I missed you too. 

For those of you who may not know what story I'm referring to you can check out the first 4 excerpts with the links below. Tentatively titled Devious Deceptions the links below are an introduction leading up to today's excerpt. 
Part one Part two Part three Part four  Seriously folks, if you missed this last year... read it now, it's totally worth it. 

So the question on everyone's mind, including my own is what happens to Mary and her half human, half blood-demon child? Let's find out ☺

Twenty years later…

Landon Reed tossed and turned, his body burned from the inside out as images from his past haunted his slumber. The beautiful witch, Isabella, with her long red hair was making some strange incantation as she hovered over his mother with a dagger. He could see it all so clearly. The emerald jewel butt of the knife glowing green, pulsing steadily to the beat of his mother's heart. The shrill shrieking cry of his mother's voice filled his ears, his eyes widening in terror as the dagger plummeted down, sinking into her chest between her bare breasts.

"No," he’d yelled at the top of his lungs, watching her struggle in her bonds, her body thrashing, her back arching, then suddenly she was quiet, her body falling limp. Landon struggled in the chair the witch had tied him to, but the bonds around his wrists and ankles proved too much for a boy of only ten.

"It must be so," the witch said, turning to him, a vindictive smile corrupting her satiny lips as she licked his mother’s blood from the blade, stepping towards him. "Open your mouth, boy, taste her life force before it’s gone forever. Taste and see what your future holds, what you will become and why you must learn to feast on human blood."

"No," he’d spat, shaking his head, tears streaming down his cheeks. "I will not become evil like you, killing, sacrificing, and casting spells." A bittersweet laugh left her lips as she caressed his cheek with the tip of the blade. Anger welled up inside him unlike he’d ever felt before. He spat at her, narrowing his eyes into slits. Her mouth twitched as she brought her face close to his.

"You are of your father the devil and you will kill. You will feed, you will grow strong and you will use the power passed down to you to triumph over humankind. You will enslave young women and fill them with your seed, passing on the life-force that created you. You want this power, Landon. And you will take it, or else you too will die. Now be a good boy and open up."

Landon shook his head again, his lips pursed tight as the beautiful, yet vile creature, smeared his mother's blood along the seam of his lips. The sharp blade nicked his lower lip as he struggled to avoid the inevitable. As his mother's blood made contact with his, he felt his lip grow warm, the heat spreading until his entire face felt hot, sweat beading across his brow. Images of his father sprang to life behind his eyes, making him gasp as he saw in detail the night he’d been conceived.

The witch touched the blade to his tongue and instantly he felt a surge of heated energy rushing through his veins, a power so strong it robbed him of his ability to scream, paralyzing him as the witch again began the same incantation she’d used on his mother, only this time he understood those ancient words.

"Oh, Father of Darkness, accept this gift and from me please my curse to lift. See your servants humble ways and take this life from me today. The blood-bond now has been passed on, make him strong when I am gone."

Moments after the words died, her beautiful face aged rapidly, right before his eyes. Her hair turned sliver as cracks began appearing in her flesh. "Thank you, Father," she whispered hoarsely as her body crumpled to the floor turning into nothing more than a pile of ashen dust, only her dark red velvet dress remaining.

"Landon!" A deep male voice called to him from inside his head. "You will sleep now and when you wake it will be far from this place. You will know the humans caring for you and will think of them as your parents just as they believe you are their son. On your nineteenth birthday you will remember this night and your true purpose. You will feed on these human hosts and be filled with the knowledge passed on inherently from your father. He will come to you, but only once in the flesh and impart to you the ancient ways of your breed."

“No! Don’t make me. I won’t,” he called out loud enough to wake himself from the dream, his body drenched with sweat, his heart galloping wildly in his chest as he looked at the glow of the moon outside his bedroom window.

Remorse and loathing filled him as tears sprang to life in his eyes. Indeed, he had fed from Janice and Frank, the couple that for nine years posed as his parents. At exactly midnight on his nineteenth birthday, he woke with an impending need growling in his belly and one word raging through his mind.


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He has two?

Hi folks and welcome to #MasturbationMonday. I've got a hot little scene from my current Wip that I hope get's your toes tingling. 
Thanks Kayla Lords for hosting this hot Monday Meme. 

To give you just a bit of a heads up. This story is about a blood-demon named Landon who's currently captivated and infatuated with a hot little blond. Oh and there's just one more detail you might like to know before indulging in this excerpt. Blood-demons are blessed with dual appendage. Yes, I went there. This guy has not one, but two succulent hard cocks.

 Lathering his body with the Irish Spring body wash, he closed his eyes while picturing Amy naked, bent over her desk. Stroking himself, he imagined what her ass would feel like in his hands, what her nipples would taste like in his mouth. How would she look at him when he pressed her up against the wall in her office and took her like no other man ever had?

He shouldn’t be doing this, but yet couldn’t help himself. He needed to release the hormones that were driving him crazy or he wouldn’t be able to think about anything other than fucking her when they met in a little while. He could see her sweet wet little pussy so clearly in his mind, she’d be shaved bare and her juices would glisten along the seam of her lips. Running his tongue over his lips he imagined what she might taste like. Would she shiver in delight as he crouched between her thighs for a long, slow lick of those smooth lips?

Her breathy moans floated through his mind as he pictured pleasuring her clit while working open her bottom hole, making her slick with her own juices, preparing her to take both of his thick hard cocks.

“Fuck me, Landon. Take me, use me… make me yours forever.” 

Her voice sounded so real in his mind as he steadily stroked both his cocks. Her legs would be wrapped tight around his waist and she’d throw her head back as he impaled her for the first time, crying out while he stretched open both of her tight openings.

“Take it for me, Amy,” he said, his hands gripping tighter while imagining how hot and wet she was inside, how her muscles would clench and squeeze him instinctively. The look on her beautiful face, somewhat askew as he pushed deeper, listening to her short, rapid breaths, watching as her eyelids fluttered, her pupils dilating.

Then he saw himself doing something that shocked him. He sunk his fangs down into her neck and began drinking from her. The essence of her warm life giving blood coated first his tongue, her sweetness engulfing him. Her blood tasted a million times better than Janice or Frank’s and filled him with a primal lust, the likes of which even his fantasies hadn’t taken him yet.

The water in the shower began to run cold, but his body cared not, it was burning from the inside out. His fangs had lengthened and his gums itched terribly with the need to bite, suck and consume. He felt the demon within pushing for freedom as his fantasy took a twisted turn.

The office the fantasy started with dissolved and changed, morphing into a place that felt familiar to him, yet he couldn’t recollect ever being here. The room was small, the walls made of stone, with one small window encased in bars, let in a few rays of sunshine. In the middle of the room stood a medieval looking torture device. A sectionalized table of sorts with manacles and leather straps. The bottom half of the table divided so that the victim’s legs could be splayed open to any degree.

On the table, naked, with her milky thighs spread wide, ankles in iron and chain, her back slightly elevated to a partial sitting position, was Amy. Her arms were bound tight, somewhere behind her, her small breasts rising and falling in sync with her labored breathing. In her mouth appeared some type of wooden gag and in her eyes he saw fear.

He approached her, but it wasn’t really him. It was his demon side taking over the fantasy. Not wanting to see anymore, Landon tried to open his eyes and remove his hands from his cocks, but he couldn’t. It was just like the night he tried to turn the gun to his head, his limbs wouldn’t allow it. It seemed the demon inside him had needs as well, and he was along for the ride, like it or not.
Amy began to whimper behind the gag as he approached, a cat o’ nine tails in his hand.

“Hush now, precious. You’re going to enjoy this. I promise.” He brought the tails down to her breasts, teasing her nipples, before swirling it down her belly. “You do want me to give you pleasure, don’t you?”

Amy shook her head, the pleas’s muffled behind the gag.

“Let’s do something about that then.” Claw’s extended from his fingertips as he carefully traced the areolas of each of her nipples, listening to her suck in a breath, holding it while he delighted in watching her buds tighten to stiff peaks.

She squeezed her eyes shut tight, a soft pitiful moan coming from behind the gag as he leaned down, taking a nipple into his mouth, sucking relatively hard, and then repeating the action with the other. Her skin was starting to flush, her breathing more shallow. He brought the tails back up, caressing her torso as he trailed them downward along each of her thighs, then pulled them slowly over her smooth pussy lips, enjoying the way it made her shudder.

“You’re aroused,” he said, smelling her essence on the tips of the tails.

An indistinguishable muttering came from behind the gag, her cheeks taking on color, her eyes still shut. He brought the tails down swiftly, lashing the inside of a thigh. She lurched, a garbled cry seeping past the gag. He gave her three more before she could gather her barings, the insides of her thighs turning a lovely deep pink.

Leaning down he licked at the little stripes left by the implement. She whimpered, squirming, rocking her hips. The heat along the faint welts felt warm against his tongue. The sweet scent of her blood so close to the surface urged him to bite, to satisfy his need to sink his fangs into her flesh and feed the way he was meant to feed. From a live host. He held back and instead ran his tongue along the seam of her pussy lips, a soft appreciative utterance coming from behind her gag.

Lifting his head, he looked up at her, head turned to the side, eyes still closed. “Do you want more, Amy?”

I hope you all enjoyed this excerpt from #MasturbationMonday and will take the time to check out more of this weeks talented authors, 'here'
If your curious to learn more about this story, visit me on Wednesday for #wipitup where I'll give you more about what led up to Landon's existence.

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I dare you

Hi there spanking lovers and welcome to #SatSpanks, where your sure to find plenty of rosy-red, blushing cheeks. 

For my snippet today, imagine yourself witnessing a game of truth or dare. Crystal chooses 'truth' and Donaven asks her to share her naughtiest fantasy. Crystal blushes, but admits her deepest fantasy is getting a spanking. Her face flames all the more when he asks her to elaborate on how she saw herself being spanked. 

“I… over… um.” Her face flamed and her nerves began to spike. She closed her eyes, taking a couple of deep breaths and telling herself to calm down. It was just a question and nothing of the sort was actually going to happen. “I was over his lap, bare bottom, while he spanked me with his hand and…”

“And what?” he whispered.

“Playing with my… well, between spanks,” she swallowed hard, focusing on the two fingers, now lightly petting her arm.

“Playing with your pussy?” he asked, his voice as rich and smooth as the hot chocolate, his fingers slipping all the way to the top of her shoulder, where they stopped and began rubbing little circles.

Thank you all for visiting Saturday Spankings and stopping by my blog. If you'd like to know more about Donaven and Crystal click the cover image below and read a sample on Amazon. I dare you.
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Hard and Fast!

Hi Everyone. Welcome to another heated edition of #Wipitup Wednesday. As you may or may not know from lasts week. Claiming Crystal has been unleashed and I am proud to share with you one last tiny little teaser from this book.

You better make it a good one, Mel.

Oh the pressure I get from you, Yellow. ~rolls my eyes~

“C’mere, my sassy minx.” His smile turned into a grin as he pulled her down on top of him, kissing her like a man possessed as his hands roamed her body. In one fluid movement he rolled them over, spreading her thighs in the process so he could settle between them. Christ, he was as hard as steel. It hadn’t even been five minutes, and after a load like that she’d have thought he’d be spent.

“Honey, we can’t, we don’t have…” she started to object, but his hand came over her mouth as he shook his head. Electricity surged through her veins, making her moan against his fingers.

Discovery blossomed in his eyes, making him grin. “You like my hand over your mouth?”

“Mm hmm,” she mumbled, nodding her head, feeling his cock throb on her mound.

“You think I should keep it here while I fuck you?” As he spoke she felt him lift his hips, angling his cock at her entrance.

As she moaned her approval, he thrust into her, turning her moan into a muffled scream. Her hands flew to his shoulders, clutching him as he took her fast and hard.

“It’s so hot that you like it rough,” he growled next to her ear.

Squealing excitedly, her cries muffled by his hand, she wrapped her legs around his waist and came violently.

“Fuck, baby, I’ll take that as a yes.” A few more hard thrusts and she felt him come again, his cock buried deep.

“Crystal,” he rasped, struggling to catch his breath as he rolled off her, collapsing on his back. “You couldn’t be any more perfect for me.”

“Ditto,” she murmured, unable to say more. That was the wildest orgasm she’d ever had. No buildup whatsoever, it just hit her fast and hard, his hand covering her mouth and his roughness sending her out of her mind.

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Glass toy fun

Hi Folks, this is my first time on Masturbation Monday. I hope that Crystal can give you something titillating to think about the next time your fingers find themselves 'wandering'. 
Compliments to Kayla Lords for the use of her wonderful graphics.

Pulling the keys from her clutch, Crystal opened the door to her two-story townhouse, kicked off her heels and tossed down her purse and keys and went straight upstairs to get into something more befitting her mood—

She couldn’t shake the image of Kevin’s angry eyes from her mind as she unclasped her bra. Despite his abrupt departure, she was still turned on, her nipples hard and achy, and a tingling warmth between her thighs. Closing her eyes, she began softly pinching her nipples as she fantasized about Kevin. How his hands would twist into her thick, golden red waves, gripping firmly, close to the base of her head as he pulled her head back, forcing her to look him in the eye.

“Is this what’s missing, Crystal?” he’d say, his voice deep, dark, intimidating, yet sexy as hell.
He wouldn’t give her a chance to answer. His lips covered her mouth like a hungry wolf, like a savage, pressing hard, nipping at her tongue, biting her lower lip and breathing hard as his large hands moved to her supple bare breasts—like hers were doing now. Whimpering softly, she squeezed them harder than she normally would, dragging the tips of her nails over the tight buds.

 Rolling a nipple between her fingers, she pulled on it, stretching the skin to the point it hurt somewhat and then pinched it hard, calling out her displeasure. Kevin ran his hand down her trembling belly wasting no time as he plunged into the front of her lacy thong, possessively cupping the soft curls of her pussy.

“You’re soaked.” She heard him rasp, his teeth nipping the bottom of her earlobe while his fingers delved into her wetness. “Why are you so wet?” he growled, forcing two fingers deep into her aching cunt.

“I… I don’t—” she panted before he cut her off, nipping the tender flesh of her neck close to her collarbone, procuring a sudden gasp from her.
“Yes, you do.” His words were dark, his eyes smoldering with lust. “On the bed, now.” He guided her a few steps back, one hand on her shoulder, the other still between her thighs, his fingers nestled deep even as she sat on the edge of the bed before laying back. “These are coming off.” There was a sexy growl in his tone as her thong slid over the slender curve of her hips and down her legs.

Whisking away the wet panties, he helped position her feet on the edge of the bed so her knees were bent and then spread her open, gazing down at her glistening pussy. “You’re going to fuck yourself for me.” His words came as an order.

Reaching under her pillow, she soon felt the soft velvet bag that housed her favorite dildo in her hand.

“You’re going to fuck yourself hard, Crystal.”
The thick glass phallus felt heavy in her hand as she touched the cold tip to one of her nipples.
“Did I tell you to touch your nipples with it?” His words were harsh, more of a bark, requiring no real answer. Taking firm hold of her wrist, he leaned over her, a flash of anger in his eyes. “Do as you were told.” The rumble in those words echoed in her ears as he pushed her wrist down between her thighs, making her gasp as the cool glass head touched her clit. She wanted to rub her swollen bud with the toy, but Kevin had other plans as he guided the thick head to her silky wet entrance. “Get busy.” He gave her a wicked smile, giving the dildo a nudge, the smooth, firm head stretching her open.

The intense gleam in his eyes drove her crazy as she worked the heavy toy deeper and deeper, groaning as she yielded to its girth.

“Now take it out and suck it.” His voice dripped with an authoritative edge unlike she’d ever heard from him. He stood back, watching as she pulled it out, spreading her thighs for a better view. Never before had she desired to suck her own juices, and yet for some reason her fantasy vision of Kevin was telling her to, and damned if she didn’t obey like an obedient little slut.

She wasn’t sure what to think of the taste as she licked and sucked. It wasn’t bad, but she wasn’t sure she’d call it good either. It didn’t matter though, because Kevin told her to do it, and the reaction it was having on him made it worth it. He still had one hand on her knee, but the other now supported the bulk of his engorged cock as he stroked it firmly from root to tip, giving the head a firm squeeze, pre-come oozing from the tiny hole.
“Put it back in your cunt,” he ordered, his voice husky with desire.

Both hands eagerly raced to her throbbing mound, holding her lips apart with one hand, she buried the phallus as deep as she could, voicing her pleasure as she clenched the unyielding glass.

In that instant her fantasy switched gears and it was no longer her glass dildo slowly pumping in and out of her. It was Kevin, with his hands on her knees, holding her open as he fed her his cock, slicking himself up with her juices. Her eyes locked on the movement of his thick rod as it disappeared inside, filling her, amending the achy need in her pussy momentarily before he pulled back just short of withdrawal.

“This pussy is going to get used hard tonight, Girl.” He enforced his words with a brief demonstration, thrusting hard and deep, holding himself there while he ground against her, driving her clit into a screaming fit.

Pushing her legs back, he began to fuck her, his pace increasing gradually until he was pounding her furiously, digging his fingers into her thighs, pushing her legs back to the sides of her head. She could feel his balls slapping her ass, low grunts rumbling from his chest.

“Play with your clit,” he commanded.
She obeyed instantly, her index finger rubbing frantically, moaning as her pleasure began to peak.
“That’s it, Crystal, come for me. Hard!”

Those words echoed through her, holding her trembling body in its rapture. A warm flood of thin liquid sprayed against her hand as she continued to pump the glass shaft rapidly while pinching her clit. Words were leaving her mouth, but damned if she knew what they were. Her back arched off the bed, her pussy convulsing in a spasmodic fit of ecstasy until she went limp, reduced to little more than twitching and quivering while she tried to wet her lips and regain her breath.

Thanks for sharing part of your Monday with me everyone. Enjoy the rest of your day and check out some of today's other teases 'here'Today's excerpt stems from my new release, Claiming Crystal and in case your hungry for more. You can find it on Amazon. Barns and Noble. All Romance.

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I reckoned you were kidding

Hiya folks and welcome to a Sassy Sunday Social between myself and my good friend Ms. Maddie Taylor. Today we'll be talking about one of her best books yet. An exceptionally fun, spicy and sexy western called The Trail Master's Bride. 

Mel: I’ve been burning to ask you about your villain, Avery Hill. He’s certainly one of those characters readers like myself love to hate. Where did you find your inspiration for him?

Maddie: I’m not really sure. Her husband Elliott as a bad guy was easy, but he dies early on the trip and I needed another villain to torment poor Mina. He just sort of evolved, and I’d like to say more, but I don’t want to give away all of my surprises and plot twists, so I’ll have to say. I hope the readers are surprised. Mel, guessed it though! Darn you, you know me too well.

Mel: In all of your books I’ve read, I find that most of your heroines, at least at times are quite spirited and feisty. Are you a similar reflection?

Maddie: LOL. We should ask my husband. I’ve thought numerous times in our many, many years together that my name actually was “smart-ass.”

Yippity Yellow: Maddie, if you were a tree, what kind would you be? 

Mel: Really, Yellow? A tree? 

Maddie: It's okay, Mel. I'll answer. 
Asked Barbara of Kathryn and I’ll steal her answer by saying, I prefer to be an oak rather than an elm, to avoid Dutch elm disease.  If you don’t get the reference, here’s the link to the real interview.

Well, huh! I always thought of you more as a Beech tree myself. 

Mel: Enough of your distractions, Yellow. Let's take a peek at this thrilling new western Maddie brought with her. What kind of teaser do you have for us, Maddie. 

Maddie: Glad you asked, Mel, here's the gorgeous cover, compliments of Korey Mae Johnson from Stormy Night Publications along with a sassy snippet.
Clicking cover will take you to Amazon

 The Blurb: Being cast out of her childhood home by her horrid stepmother and forced into a marriage by her uncaring father were bad enough, but it is only when twenty-year-old city girl Mina Hobart begins the journey west on the Oregon Trail with her detestable new husband that she begins to truly understand life’s cruelty. She hates every minute of each hot, dusty day, and her husband’s constant insults certainly don’t make matters any better.

Mina’s life takes another abrupt turn when tragedy strikes and she is left a widow. The west is no place for a young, newly single woman, and the job of keeping Mina safe—and keeping her in line—falls to Weston Carr, the rugged trail master. Weston quickly proves more than ready to tame the feisty redhead’s careless ways and sassy tongue, even if that means taking her over his knee for a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking.

Unfortunately, even as Mina does her best to learn to cook over a camp fire, make coffee properly, and do the laundry in a creek, jealousy and gossip among the other wives quickly build into significant strife in the wagon train. To quell the gathering storm, Weston is forced to take matters into his own hands and make Mina his bride, whether she likes it or not.

Despite Weston’s rough ways and firm-handed discipline, Mina soon finds pleasure in his arms far beyond anything she has experienced before. But when a series of mishaps befalls the wagon train—incidents in which Mina is the prime suspect—the new couple’s growing bond is badly strained. Can Mina prove she is not at fault before things come to a head, and if she does, will Weston be able to protect her from whichever of their travelling companions is up to no good?

Mel: Horrid Stepmother, detestable husband, dusty trails and A rugged trail master? Sounds utterly intriguing. How about a snippet Maddie? 

 Maddie: But of course, Mel. 

Wes inadvertently hit a sore spot with Mina when he criticized her really awful cooking.  It hit too close for home to her and she walked away from him, again. This is behavior he is determined to stop for her safety.

Stung by yet another culinary failure, with Weston comparing her coffee to sludge as Elliot had, Mina bristled. “I warned you.”

He didn’t respond, too busy guzzling water from his canteen. Once he had stopped wheezing and choking, he grabbed the towel she’d been using for a hot pad and pulled the skillet out of the fire. He flipped the cake over, expecting it to fall on the plate he held. He waited, shaking it a bit to get it to come out, though nothing happened. Taking up a wooden spoon, he banged on the back of the skillet. Still, nothing. He ended up scooping it out with the spoon, the overcooked, dry cornbread crumbling and falling apart on top while the thick black crust adhered to the bottom of the pan.

“Jo-fire, you did warn me, but darlin’, I reckoned you were kidding.” He chuckled as he looked at her in amazement. “My kid sister was cooking up a storm over a campfire by the time she was ten.”
Humiliated and hurt, she pushed to her feet. “Well, it’s a sorry shame she isn’t here to do it now, then isn’t it.”

“I was teasing, Mina. Sit back down.”

“No, I’m going for a walk.”

“No,” he echoed back, reaching up and grabbing her hand, his tone firm, “you’re not.”

“Yes, I am.” She twisted her arm and broke free of his hold.

Through narrowed eyes, he looked up at her and said in a stern tone, “It’s nearly dark and I don’t want you wandering off. I’ll clean the skillet and show you how to fry up the fish. It won’t take long at all.”

He wasn’t yelling or calling her names as Elliott had, but the sting of her late husband’s abuse was too fresh and this a very near reminder.
“I’ve suddenly lost my appetite, for both the food and the company,” she announced as she turned and stomped away.

“Mina.” The low tone of his voice was a warning, but she ignored it. “Come back here, now.”

Hurriedly, she rushed past the circle of wagons and headed toward a small copse of trees by the river, deciding it was best to cool off both her body and her temper before going back to camp.
When she was shy of her goal by a few feet, a large hand caught her arm and spun her around.

Mel: Goodness she's a fiery little lass isn't she? If this story was made into a movie who would you want to play the sassy Mina Hobart? 

Maddie: Easy, Isla Fisher. 
She looks like the image I have of Mina in my mind.  Don’t you think she could throw some sass, or some dung?  LOL

 Dung? And you guys thought the question about the tree was bad? 

Mel: Maddie, please share your favorite line from this story for Yellow. 

Maddie: “Did you just throw dung at me?” He asked the obvious, completely flabbergasted that she would throw anything, let alone excrement at him.

Thorough exasperated with Wes and what her life had become, Mina goes a little off the rails and later regrets it.  During, well, that’s a different story.

Mel: *Laughing* I loved that scene. Almost spit out my coffee all over my kindle. 
One last question before you have to rush off to pen your next great tale. Going back to when you first became published, would you say things have gotten easier or harder along the way?

Maddie: Harder. My first few books, I knew nothing about the business. I wrote and submitted. I had nothing to lose so if they sold, awesome.  Now I know about editing, worry about grammar, have discovered the importance of social media, blogging and promoting.  And then there is the whole business about rankings and revenues and to take an advance or not. Phew!  I’m harking back to much simpler times, but I don’t regret any of the things I’ve learned since then.

Mel: It's always a pleasure having you visit, Maddie. I know your a busy, busy woman so we'll wrap this up for now. The Trail Master's Bride is great book and most certainly bound to hit #1 in Westerns. 

Maddie: It's actually at #2 right now on Amazon ☺. 

Thanks for sharing a bit of your Sunday with us folks. You can find your own personal copy of this heated tale on AMAZON BARNS AND NOBLE ALL ROMANCE and KOBO 

And if you interested you can find more of Maddie on Facebook  Goodreads  Twitter  and Maddie's Blog

Friday, July 17, 2015

You thought the hairbursh was bad?

Greetings spank lovers. Welcome to the hottest spanking blog hop on the planet. I have some exciting news I'd love to share with you. It's release day for Claiming Crystal, a hot new BDSM contemporary that is sure to leave your senses tingling in more ways than one.

Donaven insisted she not worry about jumping straight into her online accounting classes, but she had begged to differ to the point of arguing, which had resulted with her landing squarely  over his lap for a sound paddling.

If she thought the spanking with the hairbrush was the worst spanking he could give, boy was she wrong. This one topped it by far and instead of a hairbrush, he’d used a paddle. Screaming at him didn’t help. Thrashing didn’t work. Threatening to leave the moment he let her up hadn’t worked either. Only when she gave way to tears and started crying earnestly did he stop, pulling her up into his arms, holding her tight while telling her it was okay to cry, that it was good for her to let it out.

Available only on Amazon... for the moment, Other sites coming soon.
Clicking cover will take you to Amazon

The Blurb:
 After her fear of commitment brings an abrupt end to yet another relationship, Crystal Harman knows she is in desperate need of a major change in her life. With the help of her best friend, that change comes in the form of Donaven Sharp, the ruggedly gorgeous owner of a remote mountain retreat called Cobalt Canyon.
Donaven soon realizes that what Crystal has needed for a long time is a dominant man to spank her properly and take control both in and out of the bedroom, and he doesn’t hesitate to put her over his knee for her first bare-bottom spanking. Though it leaves her blushing, Donaven’s mastery of her body also leaves Crystal all but trembling with desire, and his forceful, demanding lovemaking brings her pleasure like nothing she has ever experienced before.

Donaven is everything she’s ever wanted in a man—someone who will both take care of her and discipline her when she needs it—but Crystal struggles to reconcile her yearning to submit to him with the demands of her career as a social worker protecting vulnerable women. When tragedy strikes one of her clients and guilt sends her life into a tailspin, can Donaven prove to Crystal that they have a future together and she belongs not only in his bed but also at his side?

Publisher’s Note: Claiming Crystal is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Thank you all for visiting me today, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and check out all of the other amazing authors on this weeks hop.  Want more of Melody? Amazon author page  Facebook  Google+ Twitter 

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There's something fishy going on here.

Hi, Everyone. Welcome to #Wipitup. I know it's been a while since I have shared here, but I have some exciting news. Remember Cobalt Canyon? Well, the title has been changed to Claiming Crystal and I have an exciting new cover to show you, along with a release date. 

Did I hear right, Mel? You actually have a new release coming out? 

I do, Yellow, I do and I'm all fired up about this Friday, July 17th. I've chosen a fun excerpt for today, that I hope you'll all enjoy. 

I'd like to thank Korey Mae Johnson for this stunning and beautiful representation of my new book. Thank you Stormy Night Publications for all the amazing work you do for your authors. 

Just get to the excerpt, Mel, I'm dying to know what's so fishy. 

As you wish impatient yellow inner voice. 

A few minutes later, they pulled up and parked behind the garage near the patio at Donaven’s cabin. The guys came out a moment later, both of them shocked by Ivy’s appearance.

“My God. What happened?” Jake said, rushing to his woman. “Oh man, what’s that sm…” His words died on his lips as he looked in the back of the ATV. “Holy shit,” he drawled slowly, dropping his hands from Ivy’s shoulders, his attention solely on the cargo in the back. “D, get out here. You ain’t gonna’ believe this,” he called in the direction of the patio doors. “Damn, Baby.” He turned back to Ivy. “Did you—”

Ivy shook her head before he could finish, and pointed to Crystal, who had a grin a mile wide on her face. “I’m the dirty diver who got suckered into netting the damn thing.”

Jake started roaring with laughter as he pieced the events together. “Apparently we missed a hell of a show, D,” Jake said as Donaven appeared in the doorway, looking first at Crystal, then at Ivy, then back at Crystal.

“Come see,” Crystal said, taking D’s hand.

“Why is Ivy wrapped in a towel?” he asked, being pulled along by Crystal.

“You’ll see in a second,” Jake said.

“Wow!” D exclaimed, seeing the huge fish. “You caught this, Bright-eyes?”

“Sure did.” Crystal’s face beamed with excitement.

“Jake, get a tape measure,” D said, looking at his friend. “This is bigger than the one I have on the wall in the living room.” He went to task removing the lure from the fish’s mouth and pulled it from the net, holding it up by the gills. “Damn this is a nice fish. Looks like you’re the new record holder, Baby.” He gave her a flashy smile, then looked at Ivy, who was just getting out of the ATV. “I presume by the muddy clothes back here, you got excited and fell in?”

“More like I got pulled in by Franken-fish there while trying to get it in the net. I’m going to go get dressed. Tell Jake I’ll be back in a few.” Donaven began laughing while Ivy walked off and a few seconds later Jake came back with a tape measure.

“Forty-one inches. Holy smokes. She must have put up a hell of a fight, huh?” Jake let the tape slither back into its holder. “See, D. This is why you should never teach a woman to fish.”

“Are you kidding me, I’m proud of her. I just wish I could have been there watching. Here, Babe, hold your fish so we can get a picture of you with it.”

“Uh-uh, no way,” she said, backing away from his outstretched arm, the fish dangling from his hand. “It was fun to catch, but I’m not touching it. Besides, we have to wait for Ivy, if it wasn’t for her, this monster would still be at large in the lake.”

D retracted his hand, laughing. “You go and catch the biggest fish in the lake and can’t even touch it.”

“How long did it take you to get her in?” Jake asked, aiming his cell cam at D.

“At least half an hour. My arms will be sore for a week.”

“Get in there next to your man. I want a pic with both of you.” Jake spouted.

“We need to get this girl on ice,” D said after Jake pulled his phone down.

“How do you know it’s a female?” Crystal asked, following him into the garage.

“Look at the bulging belly, she’s full of eggs. They must be getting ready to spawn.”

“Spawn?” she asked as he opened the chest freezer.

“That’s what it’s called when fish are making babies.”

“Oh,” she said simply, trying not to give that too much thought.

“Come mer’,” he said, reaching for her.

“Ew, no. You have fish slime on your hands.” She backed away, but there wasn’t far to go until she reached the wall. Donaven corralled her, putting a hand to either side of her shoulders, wearing one of his famous panty melting smiles.

“What on earth made you decide to go fishing anyway?” he asked, his eyes feasting on the cleavage her V neck T-shirt offered.

“Ivy wanted to sit by the lake. We were on the dock and I just felt like tossing a line out while we talked. I never expected to hook such a large fish. I feel bad she fell in, but it was pretty hilarious.” Her words finished with a giggle as her hands came up, encasing his firm pecs, while his lips lowered to hers.

What started out slow and sensual, gradually built into a steamy breath-robbing bout of lust and seduction. It no longer mattered that his hands smelled of fish when he took hold of her wrists and pressed them above her head, his body colliding with hers as he pressed himself into her. She felt his cock press into her and moaned, pulling a leg up, trying to wrap it around his waist. Letting go of her wrists, he helped her by cupping her asscheeks and lifting her. Stepping back from the wall, he cradled her bottom in one hand while the other slipped softly up her back, his wet lips and hot breath moving to her neck.

“I love you, Crystal Harman.”

Her heart stopped beating, her breath caught in her throat and her belly did a flip-flop. He hadn’t really said that, she had to be mistaken. It wasn’t time for those three words. It would crush him if she didn’t say it back, yet she wasn’t sure she could. One thing she had learned very well from him in the last month was not to lie. Deep down, she knew she loved him, at least the Donaven she knew right now. So really it wouldn’t be a lie to say it back, but if she did, he’d expect her to stay and she wasn’t sure she could do that.

“Baby, you're suddenly as stiff as a board. What’s wrong?” He leaned back, looking her in the eyes.Suddenly his mouth turned down and she caught the hurt in his eyes. “You don’t feel the same.” His words felt like ice water being thrown on a hot skillet. Setting her down slowly, he said, “It’s alright, I wouldn’t want you to say it back if you didn’t feel it as much as I do.”

“But I—” His hand came up, covering her mouth.
“It’s okay, Bright-eyes. If you felt the same there would be no hesitation, it would have come out as natural as your sexy moans and whimpers.”

His hand over her mouth created a torrential flood in her panties, but she also felt awful for the pain she noticed in his eyes. Putting her hands on his arm, she pulled it away from her mouth.
“I’m sorry,” she said, her voice tight. She pulled away and headed for the door that led into the house.

“Crystal, wait.” He called after her.

“I need a shower and some alone time. I’m sorry,” she blubbered, unable to hold back the tears any longer as she all but ran to the door. 

I hope you all enjoyed my excerpt today and will cheer me on for this Friday when Claiming Crystal is unleashed on Amazon and other major E-taylors. Please enjoy the rest of your hump-day by visiting all the other amazing authors on this weeks, #wipitup.