Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Orgasm Denied

Hi there folks and welcome to another hot Wipitup Wednesday. I've chosen a rather short snippet this week, but I think you'll enjoy it nonetheless. 

Short? From you, Mel. Ha-ha! I don't believe it. 

Seeing is believing, Yellow. Enjoy folks. 

“Donaven,” she breathed. “I’m getting too close.” She pulled on the straps, wanting badly to let go and pull his hand from her pants.

“I know,” he growled, pulling his lips from her nipple with an audible pop. He moved his face close to hers, she could feel his breath on her lips as he spoke. “Your cute little pink toes are curling just like they did last night.”

Removing his mouth from her nipples helped, but not enough to ease her away from the steady climb towards orgasm. “Please, you have to stop… I’m going to—”

“No you’re not,” he ordered gruffly, his lips brushing against hers, his thumb grinding into her clit. “You’re going to hold on. Give me 30 more seconds. I know you can do it.”

30 more seconds may have well of been 30 hours. “I can’t,” she ground out, gritting her teeth.

“Then I will enjoy strapping your wrists in my cuffs.”

Nooo… she’d freak. Think of something else Crystal, think of something else. But what? The grocery list at home on the fridge. Yes, recite the grocery list. Apples, lettuce, orange juice… shit, it wasn’t working. How about laundry, she hated the laundry. Washcloths in every color, blue, yellow, beige, pink, and the dish towels with the teacups, those needed special care and could only be washed with delicates, like her panties… Oh shit! Don’t think about panties or the fact you're not wearing any for the first time in your life. And certainly don’t think about those thick, delicious fingers inside you. Oh god, she wasn’t going to make it, but she had to. 

She held her breath, squeezed her eyes shut tight, and pulled hard on the straps in her hands fighting the force of nature. Unexpectedly, her hand slipped from the strap and crashed into Donaven's arm, trying to shove it away as she squealed in frantic frustration.

Despite her efforts, his hand remained in her pants, but at least his tenacious digits had stopped their rigorous torture. “Oh my, my,” he teased. “You were so close too. Only 8 seconds and you’d have made it.”

“I’m sorry,” she panted. Her mouth went dry as she struggled to catch her breath. Her body burned for satisfaction, her clit throbbing frantically against the pad of his idle thumb.“Accident. Honest. Hand slipped.” She didn’t have the strength for complete sentences, physically or mentally.

“Did your hand accidentally try forcing my hand from your pants too?” he asked, an amused tone in his voice as he smoothed a damp lock of her hair away from her forehead.

“No, but…”

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