Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wet spot

Greetings Wip lovers and curiously innocent peoples who have come to visit my blog today. Last week I asked readers to choose who they wanted to pick out this weeks excerpt. All but one response voted for Yellow to chose the snippet. No Truth or Dare scene this week, sorry Joelle. 

So Yellow, what naughtiness have you chosen for readers this week?

We're going to pick up right where we left off last week and find out what happens next.

“Come here, bright eyes,” he said, offering his hand, helping her sit up, pulling her into his lap. She could feel where she’d gushed all over his shorts and worried about what she may have done to the cushion under him. “How do you feel?” he asked, cradling her in the crook of his arm, brushing the tangled hair away from her face.

“Green. Very green.” She smiled and he chuckled, kissing the tip of her nose.

“How do you feel about the spanking? Did you like it a lot, a little, or never again in a million years?”

The never again in a million years part made her giggle. Of course she liked it. A lot. Well, maybe not the actual spanks themselves, but the effects it had on her pussy were unlike anything she ever felt before, and she definitely wanted more.

“It hurt,” she said, shifting a bit to get more comfortable. Her bottom still burned and the contact with his shorts trapped the heat, making it worse. “But I really liked what came after.” She laid her head on his shoulder, gazing into his sexy silvery eyes, content as a kitten.

 “Enough to do it again?” he asked, a mischievous look in his eyes.

“Huh, now?” she asked, obvious concern in her voice as she thought of what another round to her still flaming cheeks would feel like.

“No, not now, but before you leave?” He brought a finger up, softly tracing her dry lips.
She nodded, kissing his finger.
“You look a little parched, sweetie,” he said, sliding her from his lap. “Stay right here, I’ll get you some water and a towel so we can clean you up.”

When he got up, she gasped, looking at the wet spot on the creamy beige cushion. “Donaven.” She looked up at him apologetically. “I’m so sorry. I’ll pay to have that cleaned for you.” She looked back at the spot. God, where had it all come from?

“Don’t worry about it, sweetness. I have a steam cleaner. I’ll take care of it in the morning. A small price to pay for watching you come undone like that. You really came hard too.” He grinned, looking down at the wet cushion. “Sit tight, pumpkin.” He winked, flashing her a sexy smile. “I’ll be right back.”

Before he turned to leave, she glimpsed the outline of his semi-hard cock, through the wet shorts. As she predicted, big. Very big. Bigger than any of her toys. Her pussy clenched involuntarily as she thought about him fucking her. Would she be able to take all that? Her clit throbbed at the thought of him stretching her open, watching her facial expressions for signs of discomfort. She’d wince and he’d back off a little, whispering in her ear, asking what color she was. ‘Green’, she’d whisper back.

‘Good girl’, he’d say, pushing back in, a bit deeper, hearing her whimper as he spread her open, stretching her, going deeper into her than anyone else or anything else ever had. Her thighs would tremble around his hips, her hands clutching his shoulders while she turned her head, pulling a sharp breath as she accepted the full girth of his cock. He’d let out a husky groan, pulling back, giving her a second or two to gather her breath before sliding back in, this time further, making her cry out as he buried himself in her. Their bodies would tremble together as he paused, letting her get used to the fullness of his cock, his breath hot against her ear. ‘What color are you now?’ he’d ask seductively.

‘Yellow,’ she’d reply, the muscles in her pussy quivering.

‘Try to relax. I’ll go slow. If it’s too much, don’t be afraid to say red.’ He’d say, pulling back slowly, almost out and pause just for a second before…

Oh shit! Suddenly she noticed the large pair of hairy legs and bare feet standing before her. Fuck! How long had be been standing there?

“Penny for your thoughts?” he asked.

She couldn’t look up at him. He’d know her thoughts instantly by the guilt and mortification currently washing through her. She prayed the sofa would somehow open up and swallow her. No way in hell could she tell him what she had just been thinking.

“Hey,” he said, squatting down in front her her at the corner of the sofa, putting a hand on the armrest, where her elbow rested, her chin in her hand. She knew he was trying to make eye contact, but she refused. “It’s okay,” he said softly, reaching for her wrist, pulling it forward so that she would have to lift her head. “You don’t have to tell me, but whatever it is, it must be good. It made your nipples hard and I noticed the way you scissored your thighs together before you noticed me.”

Christ! Did the man have arousal radar or something? “Sorry,” she said, hesitantly, her voice feeling stuck in her throat. She looked up, the heat on her face matching that of her bottom as she met his cool gray eyes. “I guess I got lost in thought.”

“I hope I was part of them,” he said, winking as he placed a hand on her thigh. “Now scoot that sexy little pink ass to the edge of the cushion and open those sensuous thighs so we can get you cleaned up.”

“If you don’t mind, I’d feel better about cleaning myself up in the bathroom.”

“Nonsense,” he said, a playful grin on his lips as he took hold of her thighs, pulling her forward. “I helped make the mess, and I’ll help clean it up. It’s only right, isn’t it? I mean, the gentlemanly thing to do?” His soft playful tone made her smile as he positioned her to his liking. “Here,” he said, reaching for the bottle of water he brought back. “Drink some of this.” He offered her the water. “I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Thank you,” she said, accepting the bottle, twisting the cap off. The cold water felt refreshing as it flowed down her dry throat. After a few long swallows she pulled it from her lips.

“Good girl,” now lean back and relax so I can clean you up.

“But I feel funny about this. Embarrassed. No one’s ever cleaned me up before.”

“No one’s ever spanked you before either and you liked it.” He put his hands on her thighs, caressing the length of them softly. “Trust me, you're going to like this too. Now lean back, close your eyes and just relax.”

She leaned back, but she wasn’t at all relaxed as he splayed her legs wide, observing the wet mess. Bringing a warm cloth between her thighs, he began to wipe away the stickiness coating her inner thighs. His movements were slow and sensual, his eyes focused on her sex. After cleaning her other thigh he let the cloth drop from his hand and placed his thumbs on her pussy lips, opening them. “Mmmm,” he hummed, leaning forward. She knew his intentions. He was going to…

“Uhhh…” she cried, as his mouth met her pussy, his warm wet tongue licking her from bottom to top, nipping at her clit with his lips, which responded by pulsating and swelling under the skillful ministrations of his tongue.

“Nectar of the gods,” he murmured, planting his hands on her inner thighs, prying her open more, teasing her entrance with slow circular licks. Rolling his tongue, he eagerly probed into her, groaning his pleasure as did she.

Wrapping her legs around the back of his neck, she put her hands in his hair, running her fingers through the thick black maze before closing her fists, gripping firmly.
Moving his tongue back to her clit, flicking it lightly, he worked two fingers into her anxiously waiting pussy. She clenched immediately, a long moan pouring from her lips as she pulled him in tighter with her legs. He spread his fingers open, stretching and exploring her as previous images of him fucking her came flooding back. She looked down at her hands in his hair, how tightly coiled her legs were. She thought for a moment she might be suffocating him and let go of his head. “Donaven,” she rasped. “Fuck me.”

He growled, sending deep bassy vibrations through her clit and pussy. Nipping her swollen bud ever so gently with his teeth, she gasped, and he lifted his head, his eyes dark, filled with unsatisfied hunger, his lips and chin thick with her juices. He straightened, causing her legs to fall away from his shoulders, but kept the two fingers inside her where they were.

“As much as I want to. I will not be fucking you this evening,” he said, his voice deep and full of gravel as he took hold of her wrist, guiding her to a sitting position, her bottom just barely on the edge of the cushion. “Tonight is all about you,” he said, wrapping an arm around her, slipping his hand under her shirt, his warm fingers sliding up her back as he pulled her closer. “A night for you to embrace your submission and satisfy your long awaited desires.”

Putting her hands on his shoulders, she looked up into his eyes, the scent of her arousal on his lips, mixing with his natural essence sent a pulse to her clit, making her clench his fingers. “But what about you?” she whispered, rocking her hips forward, seeking movement from his fingers.

“Watching you lose control in my arms is all the reward I need,” he said, lowering his lips to hers. Damn this man knew how to kiss. The taste of herself on his tongue was nothing like when she’d tasted herself using the glass dildo. This had a more of a sweet and spicy essence that had her tongue chasing eagerly for more. She felt the pad of his thumb on her clit and moaned approvingly as he began rubbing tiny circles over the sensitive nub, rekindling every nerve ending as it swelled rapidly, throbbing in time with her racing heart.
“Hold on, baby,” he murmured, pulling from her mouth. “And enjoy the ride.” His husky voice next to her ear sent a delicious wave of tingles down her spine as he began working his fingers in long deep strokes. “Come for me, girl,” he husked, his mouth moving to her neck, nibbling and sucking while he increased the tempo with this thumb, driving her clit into overdrive.

Her thighs trembled against his hips as he pushed her higher, his fingers and thumb creating a steady cadence of pulsating pleasure rippling through her. Holding her breath, she threw her head back, her eyes shut tight as she strained to prolong the inevitable. “Oh god,” she panted. “I’m going to come.”

“Good girl,” he praised, nipping at a pebbled nipple through her tank top.  “Come hard for me, baby,” he growled, moving to the other taut nub pressing for freedom from the restrictive fabric.

The newly added stimulation pushed her over, making her call out his name as her body began to quake, her pussy convulsing wildly around his thick digits.

“That’s it my beautiful girl, give into it and show me what you're made of.” His words were choppy as he continued to pummel her spasming pussy using his mini jackhammer technique on her g-spot, which served to make the blissful orgasm peak all over again.

“Fuck!” she cried through gritted teeth, her body shuddering, her nails digging into the flesh beneath them as she fought to hold on. The intensity of the pleasure was almost overwhelming, every muscle and nerve ending in her body pulsed with electricity. She’d never had an orgasm last so long before. Her voice sounded hoarse as she cried out her pleasure, shaking her head from side to side as the warm gush of fluid he’d obviously been after, spilled from her. She heard him groan, or maybe he said something, she couldn’t be sure. Her mind felt trapped in a downward spiral and everything around her except for the blissful waves of ecstasy coursing through her mattered little.

His fingers slowed gradually as she fought to catch her breath, her muscles tweaking involuntarily with each aftershock. The hand formerly supporting her back as she rocketed out of control like a roman candle had found its way to the back of her head, cradling it softly as he held her cheek against his chest, his breathing nearly as heavy as her own. “Beautiful,” he rasped, pulling his fingers from her soaked pussy sending yet another tremor through her. “I love that your multi-orgasmic.” 

“I am?” she questioned, not really meaning to say the words out loud. Her mind still felt a bit dizzy, reminiscing in the afterglow of such an immense orgasm.

“Yes, sweetness, you are. Is this your first time ever having a multiple?”

“Uh-huh,” she said, nodding, enjoying his big hand stroking the back of her hair.

“Mmmm,” he groaned, kissing the top of her head. “You’re just full of surprises, aren’t you?”

“Is that bad?” she asked, pulling back to look at him.

Greeting her worry with a warm smile, he shook his head. “Oh no, bright eyes. Quite the contrary.” He leaned in, giving her a brief sensual kiss, lips only. “It’s a privilege as well as a pleasure to be the man who introduces you to such things. I’m so proud of you for letting go, for trusting me to see and feel what your body not only wanted, but needed, and from what I can tell, has needed for a long time.”

Proud? Did he just say he was proud of her? She hadn’t heard that word in quite some time, and never right after sex. She wasn’t sure how to feel about that or what to say in response. As if sensing her discomfort, he wrapped both arms around her lower back, his fingers dipping under her asscheeks.

“Let’s get you cleaned up for real this time,” he said, taking her with him as he stood, her wet sensitive pussy pressing into his hard abs just above his shorts as she wrapped her jellylike legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. 
As he carried her to the spare bedroom, she could feel the wet head of his cock protruding from the top of his shorts, rubbing against her cheek with each long step he took. Obviously still very aroused, it baffled her that he wouldn’t seek his own release.
Once in the bathroom, he set her on the vanity, the cool porcelain soothing to her warm bottom as he prepared a warm washcloth. It felt a little awkward to have him kneeling before her, wiping away the sticky mess, treading the cloth delicately between her folds, treating her pussy like a fragile piece of glass. But she had to admit, it did feel wonderful to be cared for so thoroughly.

Thank you all for stopping by today, and if your looking for more sexy snippets and excerpts I invite you to get click happy and visit all the wonderful authors playing this week. Until next week, may you all have a happy horny humpday. 

Heh- you said horny, Mel. 


  1. Lovely and sexy. Nothing's more sexy and touching than good aftercare. Great extract, Yellow!

  2. lol - hairy legs and bare feet - great visual. Another fabulous excerpt - full of compassion and heat!

  3. I am loving this softly, softly approach to submission and what a lucky lady! This Donovan is quite a catch. He doesn't mind when you make a mess on the upholstery and he also delivers 'aftercare' with delightful expertise & a thorough bed bath. GRIN!

    1. Thanks, Christina. I'm glad you enjoyed it. ☺

  4. Yellow, you are awesome. You should pick out all future scenes. This was beautiful and erotic.

  5. Very erotic, lovely scene. I loved the way Donovan took care of her afterwards, being so sweet and kind :)

  6. Very well put together. Sextremely erotic, sensual and thought-producing. Made me put myself in the story also. I'll go get another cool drink, some pretzels and read it again. :-)

    1. Hi there CT!
      Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the scene ☺