Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Hiya Folks. Are you wondering what's behind the name of this weeks post? I bet your saying to yourself, 'that's not even a word'. 

It's not a word, Mel. I tried looking it up on google and came back with zero results

What are you the word police or something? Sheesh! 

In this scene Crystal is currently draped over the spanking bench. Donaven has introduced her to 3 different spanking toys, giving her one spank with each. Now she has to choose which of them she would like to have him finish the spanking with. 

“What do you think, Miss Harman?” he asked, his lips inching towards the essence he could no longer deprive himself of. “Which of the 3 will you choose?” Pushing a thumb into the center of each of her pussy lips, he spread them just enough that the glistening pearl beneath, peeked out at him. He blew against it softly and felt her clench, releasing a weak groan that sounded like ‘paddle’.  He couldn’t contain the growl her choice had produced as he went in for a slow lick of her sweet poison. She had surprised him yet again and he could only hope she had some idea of what she was in for because his resolve was running short. The taste of her melted like a snowflake on his tongue, driving his urge to devour her until she sang his name at the top of her lungs. “Did you say paddle?” He inhaled slowly, one last time, before pulling away from the delightfully addicting essence.

“Yes,” she replied, a mild stutter in her voice as he brought the paddle back up to her cheek, caressing each of her soft springy globes.

“You beg my curiosity, Miss Harman.” He exchanged the paddle for his hand, flitting his fingertips delicately over the pink mark on her cheek. "What makes you choose the one with the most bite?” As he said the word bite he drug a fingernail along the crease where the paddle had landed, grinning as she pulled in a seething breath, her muscles stiffening.

“The sting is worse,” she muttered quickly as if almost out of breath. “But what follows is amazing.”

“I think your desires run deeper than you imagine. You like the bite!” As he emphasized the word bite, he brought the paddle down square in the middle of one cheek, taking her breath away for a moment. “Don’t you?” With a quick snap of his wrist, he landed another on her other cheek.

She spluttered something between a yelp and yes as he brought his hand to her warm skin, feeling her wriggle beneath his palm as the color spread, her breathing erratic.

“Sorry, I didn’t catch that. Was that a yes?” he asked, raking his nails over the sassy red bloom in the center of her cheek.

“Yes,” she hissed through what sounded like gritted teeth and oddly, he felt her push back into his fingers, wanting more. He took a moment to run his fingers softly up and down her back. Her skin flushed so beautifully as she became aroused. Her hair had made its way back over her shoulder, shrouding her pretty face.

“How many more do you think? Ten? Maybe twenty?” he asked, guiding the hair away from her face, tiny droplets of sweat forming on her brow.

She turned her head in his direction, panting. “I… it’s…” She paused, closing her eyes. “You decide.”

She was flustered. He liked that. “As you wish,” he muttered in a low silky voice, placing a wet kiss on the back of her neck, feeling the exhilarating shudder that went through her. His lips and tongue chased it all the way down her spine, the sweet scent of her pussy growing stronger with every inch of her he kissed, calling to him like a beacon. 

He stepped away, hearing her whimper of protest as he went to retrieve the glass dildo, wanting it handy for when he needed it. 
She craned her head, hearing the crinkling of the package. “What—”

“Never mind, you’ll find out shortly.” Tossing the plastic wrapper on the floor, he hurried back to her, careful not to let her see the toy. “I’ll need your legs spread a bit wider now, my dear.” He slipped a hand to the inside of her thigh, guiding and holding her so she wouldn’t lose her balance. “Good girl, just like that.” He picked up the paddle, with one hand, caressing the inside of her thighs with the other. “Remember your colors, Miss Harman. When you start reaching yellow I want to know. Got it?”

“Yes,” she rasped.

He placed the dildo on the bench between her knees, admiring the view he now had of her pussy. Her lips parted, just barely, revealing a shimmering thread of wetness in the seam. He bit his lip to keep from bending down and collecting her sweet alluring nectar. He brought the paddle up to her rear, contemplating, studying her ass like a chess board, compiling his strategy.
Putting a hand on her lower back, he delivered 3 sharp, fast blows from the top of one cheek to the bottom, making the last one to the crease of her thigh smart the most. A blur of sounds poured from her mouth, her hips bucking up in rebellion. He gave a short pause, giving her an opportunity to use her colors and then landed 3 of the same to her twin. The sound volleying from her mouth sent a stirring chill down his back. He stroked her heated cheeks, listening to her ragged breath and whimpering sighs. Her former wetness had seeped from between her lips, collecting as tiny clear beads in the nest of coppery curls.
He couldn’t resist and worked his fingers into her dew, evoking a most appreciative moan. The liquid heat that met his fingers sent a fiery response to his groin, making his cock beg frantically for freedom.

“oh, yes… yes,” she murmured softly, arching her back, rocking her hips and doing everything she could to persuade his fingers to where she needed them. Inside her hot pussy. She wasn’t going to get his fingers this time though. She was getting the glass dildo because he knew feeling those heavenly tight walls of hers clamp around them again tonight would send what little resolve he had left plummeting. “Please?” she drawled, the pitch of her voice rising steadily as she gyrated her hips, indicating her insufferable need for penetration.

Not yet, precious. You’ll scream to the top of your lungs before I relieve that building ache in your pussy.

Using both hands he spread her open, ass cheeks and pussy lips alike, enjoying her surprised grunt as he latched onto her crowning clit, letting out a low rumble of satisfaction at the renewed taste of her on his eagerly prodding tongue. She tasted like warm cookies coming out of the oven, the first bite of a succulent piece of lobster, the drink of salvation to a dying man. He could spend the rest of the night feasting on her juices and driving her mad. Trapping her clit between his lips, he feathered the beating nub ever so gently, hearing what sounded like a growl of frustration.
Changing tactics, he gave her sweet clity a pert kiss and delicately licked every fold she had before deviously skirting around her wet entrance, snaking his tongue all the way to her puckered rear hole. The moment he sought entry, a mortified screech filled his ears and he had to hold her hips to keep her from bucking off the bench.

“Refelloooow,” she bellowed.

It took all he had not to laugh. Apparently no one had ever put their tongue in her ass before. “Easy, little one,” he soothed, rubbing a hand up the tense muscles of her back.

“Don’t do that again,” she ground out somewhat angrily.

“Goodness. I think we’ve hit a soft limit here.” He worked his fingers into the back of her hair. “Do you want me to stop, sunshine?” he asked, countering her aggressive tone with an overtly cheery one of his own.

“No, but please don’t put your tongue there again.” Her tone a bit less hostile.

“What about fingers?” he asked, recalling she didn’t object to it last night.

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  1. I love it, although I'm not sure I would have chosen the hardest implement and then let him decide how many too. Shows trust. Well done.

    1. Thank you Livia. Earlier in this chapter Donaven spoke with her about the importance of trust. So glad you mentioned that in your comment. ☺

  2. The essence he could no longer deprive himself of... ooh love that. And I know what Refellow means... it's a cross between red and yellow - am I right, or what? Poor girl, she's been given a little bit of a shock, but I suspect she'll get over it reasonably quickly. Hopefully with his fingers... :D

    1. Thanks so much, Christina. I knew you'd know what Refellow means. ;-)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear there was a death in your family, Mel. :( Sad news.

    If Christina knows the meaning of Refellow, I'm good with it!

    I LOVE that she tasted like warm cookies out of the oven! Well done! :)

    1. Thank you so much for your condolences, Shelly. And yes, Christina nailed the meaning of Refellooow. Nothing gets past that women. LOL

  4. wonderfully hot! you didn't even hardly tease us this week :D

  5. Awesome, hot snippet! And I'm fascinated by that picture of the spanking bench, I've never seen one of them before. I agree with Christina's definition of "refellow" - excellent post!

    1. Thank you, Kelly. I'm glad you enjoyed the picture and the post. ☺

  6. I'll have to remember refellooow the next time my husband tries that same move. :) :) :)

    1. Thanks Jen, you've got me giggling over here. LOL ☺☺☺