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Hiya Folks. Are you wondering what's behind the name of this weeks post? I bet your saying to yourself, 'that's not even a word'. 

It's not a word, Mel. I tried looking it up on google and came back with zero results

What are you the word police or something? Sheesh! 

In this scene Crystal is currently draped over the spanking bench. Donaven has introduced her to 3 different spanking toys, giving her one spank with each. Now she has to choose which of them she would like to have him finish the spanking with. 

“What do you think, Miss Harman?” he asked, his lips inching towards the essence he could no longer deprive himself of. “Which of the 3 will you choose?” Pushing a thumb into the center of each of her pussy lips, he spread them just enough that the glistening pearl beneath, peeked out at him. He blew against it softly and felt her clench, releasing a weak groan that sounded like ‘paddle’.  He couldn’t contain the growl her choice had produced as he went in for a slow lick of her sweet poison. She had surprised him yet again and he could only hope she had some idea of what she was in for because his resolve was running short. The taste of her melted like a snowflake on his tongue, driving his urge to devour her until she sang his name at the top of her lungs. “Did you say paddle?” He inhaled slowly, one last time, before pulling away from the delightfully addicting essence.

“Yes,” she replied, a mild stutter in her voice as he brought the paddle back up to her cheek, caressing each of her soft springy globes.

“You beg my curiosity, Miss Harman.” He exchanged the paddle for his hand, flitting his fingertips delicately over the pink mark on her cheek. "What makes you choose the one with the most bite?” As he said the word bite he drug a fingernail along the crease where the paddle had landed, grinning as she pulled in a seething breath, her muscles stiffening.

“The sting is worse,” she muttered quickly as if almost out of breath. “But what follows is amazing.”

“I think your desires run deeper than you imagine. You like the bite!” As he emphasized the word bite, he brought the paddle down square in the middle of one cheek, taking her breath away for a moment. “Don’t you?” With a quick snap of his wrist, he landed another on her other cheek.

She spluttered something between a yelp and yes as he brought his hand to her warm skin, feeling her wriggle beneath his palm as the color spread, her breathing erratic.

“Sorry, I didn’t catch that. Was that a yes?” he asked, raking his nails over the sassy red bloom in the center of her cheek.

“Yes,” she hissed through what sounded like gritted teeth and oddly, he felt her push back into his fingers, wanting more. He took a moment to run his fingers softly up and down her back. Her skin flushed so beautifully as she became aroused. Her hair had made its way back over her shoulder, shrouding her pretty face.

“How many more do you think? Ten? Maybe twenty?” he asked, guiding the hair away from her face, tiny droplets of sweat forming on her brow.

She turned her head in his direction, panting. “I… it’s…” She paused, closing her eyes. “You decide.”

She was flustered. He liked that. “As you wish,” he muttered in a low silky voice, placing a wet kiss on the back of her neck, feeling the exhilarating shudder that went through her. His lips and tongue chased it all the way down her spine, the sweet scent of her pussy growing stronger with every inch of her he kissed, calling to him like a beacon. 

He stepped away, hearing her whimper of protest as he went to retrieve the glass dildo, wanting it handy for when he needed it. 
She craned her head, hearing the crinkling of the package. “What—”

“Never mind, you’ll find out shortly.” Tossing the plastic wrapper on the floor, he hurried back to her, careful not to let her see the toy. “I’ll need your legs spread a bit wider now, my dear.” He slipped a hand to the inside of her thigh, guiding and holding her so she wouldn’t lose her balance. “Good girl, just like that.” He picked up the paddle, with one hand, caressing the inside of her thighs with the other. “Remember your colors, Miss Harman. When you start reaching yellow I want to know. Got it?”

“Yes,” she rasped.

He placed the dildo on the bench between her knees, admiring the view he now had of her pussy. Her lips parted, just barely, revealing a shimmering thread of wetness in the seam. He bit his lip to keep from bending down and collecting her sweet alluring nectar. He brought the paddle up to her rear, contemplating, studying her ass like a chess board, compiling his strategy.
Putting a hand on her lower back, he delivered 3 sharp, fast blows from the top of one cheek to the bottom, making the last one to the crease of her thigh smart the most. A blur of sounds poured from her mouth, her hips bucking up in rebellion. He gave a short pause, giving her an opportunity to use her colors and then landed 3 of the same to her twin. The sound volleying from her mouth sent a stirring chill down his back. He stroked her heated cheeks, listening to her ragged breath and whimpering sighs. Her former wetness had seeped from between her lips, collecting as tiny clear beads in the nest of coppery curls.
He couldn’t resist and worked his fingers into her dew, evoking a most appreciative moan. The liquid heat that met his fingers sent a fiery response to his groin, making his cock beg frantically for freedom.

“oh, yes… yes,” she murmured softly, arching her back, rocking her hips and doing everything she could to persuade his fingers to where she needed them. Inside her hot pussy. She wasn’t going to get his fingers this time though. She was getting the glass dildo because he knew feeling those heavenly tight walls of hers clamp around them again tonight would send what little resolve he had left plummeting. “Please?” she drawled, the pitch of her voice rising steadily as she gyrated her hips, indicating her insufferable need for penetration.

Not yet, precious. You’ll scream to the top of your lungs before I relieve that building ache in your pussy.

Using both hands he spread her open, ass cheeks and pussy lips alike, enjoying her surprised grunt as he latched onto her crowning clit, letting out a low rumble of satisfaction at the renewed taste of her on his eagerly prodding tongue. She tasted like warm cookies coming out of the oven, the first bite of a succulent piece of lobster, the drink of salvation to a dying man. He could spend the rest of the night feasting on her juices and driving her mad. Trapping her clit between his lips, he feathered the beating nub ever so gently, hearing what sounded like a growl of frustration.
Changing tactics, he gave her sweet clity a pert kiss and delicately licked every fold she had before deviously skirting around her wet entrance, snaking his tongue all the way to her puckered rear hole. The moment he sought entry, a mortified screech filled his ears and he had to hold her hips to keep her from bucking off the bench.

“Refelloooow,” she bellowed.

It took all he had not to laugh. Apparently no one had ever put their tongue in her ass before. “Easy, little one,” he soothed, rubbing a hand up the tense muscles of her back.

“Don’t do that again,” she ground out somewhat angrily.

“Goodness. I think we’ve hit a soft limit here.” He worked his fingers into the back of her hair. “Do you want me to stop, sunshine?” he asked, countering her aggressive tone with an overtly cheery one of his own.

“No, but please don’t put your tongue there again.” Her tone a bit less hostile.

“What about fingers?” he asked, recalling she didn’t object to it last night.

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No Cuffs

Hi Everyone and welcome to Wipitup Wednesday. In this excerpt, Crystal gets her first look inside the Beck-n-Call, Donaven's kinky playhouse.

 “You seem very interested in the spanking bench over there.” He smiled, averting his eyes to the bench and then back to her. “Are you wondering what it will be like to be strapped to it, getting that lovely bottom of yours spanked?”

“No,” she blurted, shaking her head. “I mean, I do like the bench and the thought of being spanked, but no cuffs. I don’t like the idea of being restrained.”

“Did you have a bad experience?” he asked, his features reflecting genuine concern.

“No. I’ve never been restrained. I just don’t like the idea of being tied up, it freaks me out.”

“You mean it would make you feel too vulnerable giving that much control over to someone else.”

She thought about that for a moment. She liked the idea of giving up control and when he made her feel vulnerable and girly. It just scared her to think of being restrained, it made her feel trapped. “I’d feel trapped and that scares me,” she said, taking another swallow of her wine cooler.

“Perhaps that will change as you learn more about your submission and where it can take you,” he put a hand over hers, causing her to look up at his face, “if you let it, Miss Harman,” he said in that delicious tone that made her heart skip a beat and her insides flutter. “Let’s start the tour, shall we?” Slipping his hand from hers, he came out from around the bar. “Bring your drink,” he said as she slid from the stool.

3 stations, as he called them, lined the wall that had previously been to her back while at the bar. The first one held a large St. Andrew’s cross, a padded sitting bench, and various implements hanging from the wall behind it. He explained its many uses, demonstrating how the device tilted and rotated and how the plank sections adjusted to allow for different degrees of how wide the recipients arms and legs could be spread. “Would you like to see how it feels, Miss Harman?” he asked, a smirk on his lips as he gestured to the device.

“No thanks,” she said, looking at the wrist restraints.

“No restraints. Just come see how it feels to lay your body against it.” Mischief played in his eyes, coaxing her. “I can see the curiosity in those sparkling blue eyes.” He smiled. “This is your weekend to explore, Miss Harman.” He took her hand, guiding her closer to the device. “To give in to your desires. Satisfy your curiosities and explore the part of yourself you’ve kept in the dark for so long.” Brushing his fingers down the side of her cheek, he looked warmly into her eyes. “Tell Crystal to go away for a while,” he whispered, putting a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “And let Miss Harman out to play.”

The rich sound of his voice and those sexy gray eyes piercing into hers, beckoning her to put aside her inhibitions and explore her darker desires as Miss Harman, sent a spark of arousal through her. She could feel the blush on her cheeks, but ignored it. “Okay,” she said softly, feeling him slip the wine cooler from her fingers, a naughty smile playing at his lips as he turned for a moment, setting it down on the ledge of the partition. When he turned back to her, she could see the aspiration in his eyes, making her belly stir excitedly.

“Are you ready to learn more about your submission… Miss Harman?” he asked, helping her to the small wooden platform that allowed her to lean back against the padded leather while she structured herself to the X-shaped outline of the device.

“Yes, sir.” Her voice held a nervous tremor as she placed her arms, legs and feet in the appropriate places, settling her head against the padded leather rest.

He stepped up close to the device, its height allowing them to be eye level with each other. “Do you remember your colors?” he asked, gliding his fingers up each of her arms until his hands came to rest, clasping her wrists.

“Yes,” she breathed, looking at the way his hand engulfed her small wrist.
“How do you feel right now, Miss Harman?” His silky tone lingered in her ear as his tongue met with her neck, trailing soft wet kisses all the way to her clavicle.

“Green,” she whimpered.

“We’re not using the restraints, but I want you to keep your hands right where they are.” His lips were millimeters from hers. “I’m going to put the straps in your hands. You will simply hold them, understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered, leaning forward to make contact with his lips, but he pulled back just out of her reach.

“Behave, Missy. This is on my terms now.” A coy smile curled his lips as he released her wrists, putting the soft leather straps in her palms. “I’m going to lower you back now. Don’t be alarmed.” 
Crystal’s heart thumped wildly in her chest as the device tilted back. Flat on her back, staring up at the big log rafters of the high ceiling, she heard it lock into place.

“Let’s remove the sneakers, shall we?” he asked rhetorically, already busying himself with the task.

“Why?” she asked nervously, lifting her head to the best of her abilities while keeping her arms outstretched on the planks. It seemed he wanted her socks off too.

“So I can see your cute little pink toenails.” He gave her a wink as he pulled her other sock off, tossing it to the floor near the other. “How do you feel right now, Miss Harman?” he asked, a semi-grin on his face, standing near her waist, his big hand resting heavily on her hip.

“Um… green… mostly,” she said, her voice a bit unsteady as she watched his lips curl into a devious smile, his eyes clouding, giving them that sexy smoky appearance.

“We’re going to play a little game. It will help you relax and teach you about trust.” His fingers slowly began to move, stroking lazily the exposed skin just above her jeans. He’d told her to wear a tight T so she’d chosen a one-size-too-small baby blue T with a deep V-cut neckline that would accentuate her cleavage and apparently a bit of her belly when she raised her arms. “I’m going to blindfold you. I want you to simply feel what I do to your body. If you keep your hands place, you’ll be rewarded. If you move them or let go of the cuffs, you’ll be reprimanded with a swat from my crop.” Two warm fingers moved gracefully up her belly over her T. “What do you say, Miss Harman, do you trust me?” His fingers now softly caressing the underside of her breast, making her heart race faster as her nipples tightened beneath the stretched cotton.

“Yes, sir,” she rasped as his fingers moved along the edge of her breast with the lightest of touch, sending the most electrifying tingles straight to her clit. Watching him reach into the back pocket of his jeans, he pulled out a silky looking black blindfold, showing it to her as he repositioned himself near her head.

“Have you worn a blindfold before?” he asked, helping to lift her head as he put the elastic band over her head, slipping it down until the mask covered her eyes.

“No,” she whispered as he adjusted it, laying her head back down.
“Are you scared?”

“A little,” she admitted, flinching as she felt his fingers brush along her jaw-line.

“A little is good,” he whispered. She could feel his breath on her lips, the warm masculine scent of his body drifting into her nose. “It tells me that you feel vulnerable.” His lips traced the same path as his fingers had along the edge of her jaw and then he was gone.

The thud of his boot let her know he’d stepped off the platform. She could hear him toying with the instruments along the wall behind her head, mumbling something to himself that she couldn’t make out.
When he came back, he repositioned the arm planks, moving her hands closer together, which in turn made her shirt ride up at least another inch.

“Mmmm, I like this,” he said in a low silky voice, trailing something she couldn’t quite identify over her warm exposed flesh making her belly quiver.
“What is that?” she asked, squirming as he continued to drag it over her skin.

“It’s a flogger, it has very little bite.”

“Bite?” she asked nervously, picturing it. The stringy leather tails slapping down on her breasts.

“Don’t worry, little one. I am only introducing you to some of my tools, I don’t intend to use them to their full potential.” His lips fluttered against her cheek as he spoke, his voice tender. “Relax and enjoy where this takes you. If you’re a good girl, at the end of the tour I’ll spank that gorgeous ass of yours over the spanking bench you had your eye on.”

At the end of the tour? Surely he didn’t intend… “You’re not going to have me trying all out all the stations are you?”

“No,” he whispered, his lips brushing hers, sending a tingle down the back of her neck that slowly triggered its way down her spine as he took her mouth in a soft sensual kiss. A large palm landed on her breast, making her moan into his mouth as he squeezed gently, tracing her pert, straining, nipple.

“That’s one, Miss Harman,” he said, her hand sliding from the back of his neck as he pulled from the kiss.

“One what?” It hit her as soon as she said it. Her hand, she moved it. But she hadn’t meant to or even realized she had. “I didn’t mean to,” she sputtered. “It was an accident. My hand acted purely by instinct, I swear.”

He chuckled. “It doesn’t matter. You disobeyed after agreeing you could keep your hands in place.” She flinched, feeling something small and cool on her exposed cleavage. “This is a crop,” he said, trailing the smooth leathery tip over the swell of one breast, repeating the action on the other, making her breath stutter with anticipation. She felt him move it to her bare midriff, dragging the soft tip, back and forth. It tickled, making her want to brush it away, but she remembered her hands this time and kept them wrapped around the leather straps, tugging on them as she tried not to wriggle around too much. Feeling his mouth on her nipple, she gasped, arching her back as his warm breath seeped through the thin fabric, the crop now dragging lazily down the inside of one of her thighs. He took it between his lips, even through the material, swiping his tongue over the tight tip, leaving a wet-spot on her T-shirt that he blew against after pulling his mouth away, causing her to shudder from the contrast.

The crop, making its way up the inside of her other thigh, stopped and she felt him put it down next to her leg. “This shirt isn't working out,” he mumbled, lifting the hem, tugging the material up until it rested below her chin. “Gorgeous!” She could almost hear the smile in his voice. “You have the most perfect nipples.” He traced the one he’d had in his mouth with his finger while his smooth lips took up purchase with the one he’d neglected, swirling his tongue over it several times before pulling it into his mouth, a delighted moan leaving her lips. Altering back to the first, he consumed it hungrily, while his hand slipped down her torso, straight to the apex of her thighs, cupping her sex possessively, causing them both to groan simultaneously when she bucked her hips up into his hand.

Using a fingernail, he scratched along the seam of her jeans, making her clit yearn for direct contact as his lips moved to her neck, nudging her to turn her head, giving him better access to lick and nip his way to the bottom of her ear. “Do you like this?” he whispered, moving away from her neck.

“Very much,” she said hoarsely, striving to match the beat of the finger strumming her clit through her jeans, but suddenly his fingers left her entirely, making her whimper in protest, still rocking her hips.

“Patience, little one.”

“Why do you keep calling me that?” she asked.

“Because you’re so new to all of this.” The crop touched her belly, making a steady beeline for her breasts where he patted and teased a nipple. “And because in comparison to me, you are rather little.” Oh god, is that where he intended to slap her? “Aside from last nights ice breaker past your inhibitions, this will be your first lesson in submission, Miss Harman.” The crop switched to her other nipple, repeating the pattern of circling her areola twice before tapping the tip. “Have you ever been teased unmercifully and told not to come without permission?”

“No,” she gasped, feeling his fingers on the button of her jeans.

“You will be tonight.” He worked her zipper down with grace. “And if you come before I give permission,” his hand slipped into the front of her jeans, his fingers inching through her curls, “you’ll wear the wrist cuffs while on the spanking bench.”

“Nooo,” she cried, clenching her fists just as his fingers parted her lips and eagerly started to encircle her clit.

“It wasn’t a question.” A pert slap from the crop landed on her left nipple.

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Wet spot

Greetings Wip lovers and curiously innocent peoples who have come to visit my blog today. Last week I asked readers to choose who they wanted to pick out this weeks excerpt. All but one response voted for Yellow to chose the snippet. No Truth or Dare scene this week, sorry Joelle. 

So Yellow, what naughtiness have you chosen for readers this week?

We're going to pick up right where we left off last week and find out what happens next.

“Come here, bright eyes,” he said, offering his hand, helping her sit up, pulling her into his lap. She could feel where she’d gushed all over his shorts and worried about what she may have done to the cushion under him. “How do you feel?” he asked, cradling her in the crook of his arm, brushing the tangled hair away from her face.

“Green. Very green.” She smiled and he chuckled, kissing the tip of her nose.

“How do you feel about the spanking? Did you like it a lot, a little, or never again in a million years?”

The never again in a million years part made her giggle. Of course she liked it. A lot. Well, maybe not the actual spanks themselves, but the effects it had on her pussy were unlike anything she ever felt before, and she definitely wanted more.

“It hurt,” she said, shifting a bit to get more comfortable. Her bottom still burned and the contact with his shorts trapped the heat, making it worse. “But I really liked what came after.” She laid her head on his shoulder, gazing into his sexy silvery eyes, content as a kitten.

 “Enough to do it again?” he asked, a mischievous look in his eyes.

“Huh, now?” she asked, obvious concern in her voice as she thought of what another round to her still flaming cheeks would feel like.

“No, not now, but before you leave?” He brought a finger up, softly tracing her dry lips.
She nodded, kissing his finger.
“You look a little parched, sweetie,” he said, sliding her from his lap. “Stay right here, I’ll get you some water and a towel so we can clean you up.”

When he got up, she gasped, looking at the wet spot on the creamy beige cushion. “Donaven.” She looked up at him apologetically. “I’m so sorry. I’ll pay to have that cleaned for you.” She looked back at the spot. God, where had it all come from?

“Don’t worry about it, sweetness. I have a steam cleaner. I’ll take care of it in the morning. A small price to pay for watching you come undone like that. You really came hard too.” He grinned, looking down at the wet cushion. “Sit tight, pumpkin.” He winked, flashing her a sexy smile. “I’ll be right back.”

Before he turned to leave, she glimpsed the outline of his semi-hard cock, through the wet shorts. As she predicted, big. Very big. Bigger than any of her toys. Her pussy clenched involuntarily as she thought about him fucking her. Would she be able to take all that? Her clit throbbed at the thought of him stretching her open, watching her facial expressions for signs of discomfort. She’d wince and he’d back off a little, whispering in her ear, asking what color she was. ‘Green’, she’d whisper back.

‘Good girl’, he’d say, pushing back in, a bit deeper, hearing her whimper as he spread her open, stretching her, going deeper into her than anyone else or anything else ever had. Her thighs would tremble around his hips, her hands clutching his shoulders while she turned her head, pulling a sharp breath as she accepted the full girth of his cock. He’d let out a husky groan, pulling back, giving her a second or two to gather her breath before sliding back in, this time further, making her cry out as he buried himself in her. Their bodies would tremble together as he paused, letting her get used to the fullness of his cock, his breath hot against her ear. ‘What color are you now?’ he’d ask seductively.

‘Yellow,’ she’d reply, the muscles in her pussy quivering.

‘Try to relax. I’ll go slow. If it’s too much, don’t be afraid to say red.’ He’d say, pulling back slowly, almost out and pause just for a second before…

Oh shit! Suddenly she noticed the large pair of hairy legs and bare feet standing before her. Fuck! How long had be been standing there?

“Penny for your thoughts?” he asked.

She couldn’t look up at him. He’d know her thoughts instantly by the guilt and mortification currently washing through her. She prayed the sofa would somehow open up and swallow her. No way in hell could she tell him what she had just been thinking.

“Hey,” he said, squatting down in front her her at the corner of the sofa, putting a hand on the armrest, where her elbow rested, her chin in her hand. She knew he was trying to make eye contact, but she refused. “It’s okay,” he said softly, reaching for her wrist, pulling it forward so that she would have to lift her head. “You don’t have to tell me, but whatever it is, it must be good. It made your nipples hard and I noticed the way you scissored your thighs together before you noticed me.”

Christ! Did the man have arousal radar or something? “Sorry,” she said, hesitantly, her voice feeling stuck in her throat. She looked up, the heat on her face matching that of her bottom as she met his cool gray eyes. “I guess I got lost in thought.”

“I hope I was part of them,” he said, winking as he placed a hand on her thigh. “Now scoot that sexy little pink ass to the edge of the cushion and open those sensuous thighs so we can get you cleaned up.”

“If you don’t mind, I’d feel better about cleaning myself up in the bathroom.”

“Nonsense,” he said, a playful grin on his lips as he took hold of her thighs, pulling her forward. “I helped make the mess, and I’ll help clean it up. It’s only right, isn’t it? I mean, the gentlemanly thing to do?” His soft playful tone made her smile as he positioned her to his liking. “Here,” he said, reaching for the bottle of water he brought back. “Drink some of this.” He offered her the water. “I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Thank you,” she said, accepting the bottle, twisting the cap off. The cold water felt refreshing as it flowed down her dry throat. After a few long swallows she pulled it from her lips.

“Good girl,” now lean back and relax so I can clean you up.

“But I feel funny about this. Embarrassed. No one’s ever cleaned me up before.”

“No one’s ever spanked you before either and you liked it.” He put his hands on her thighs, caressing the length of them softly. “Trust me, you're going to like this too. Now lean back, close your eyes and just relax.”

She leaned back, but she wasn’t at all relaxed as he splayed her legs wide, observing the wet mess. Bringing a warm cloth between her thighs, he began to wipe away the stickiness coating her inner thighs. His movements were slow and sensual, his eyes focused on her sex. After cleaning her other thigh he let the cloth drop from his hand and placed his thumbs on her pussy lips, opening them. “Mmmm,” he hummed, leaning forward. She knew his intentions. He was going to…

“Uhhh…” she cried, as his mouth met her pussy, his warm wet tongue licking her from bottom to top, nipping at her clit with his lips, which responded by pulsating and swelling under the skillful ministrations of his tongue.

“Nectar of the gods,” he murmured, planting his hands on her inner thighs, prying her open more, teasing her entrance with slow circular licks. Rolling his tongue, he eagerly probed into her, groaning his pleasure as did she.

Wrapping her legs around the back of his neck, she put her hands in his hair, running her fingers through the thick black maze before closing her fists, gripping firmly.
Moving his tongue back to her clit, flicking it lightly, he worked two fingers into her anxiously waiting pussy. She clenched immediately, a long moan pouring from her lips as she pulled him in tighter with her legs. He spread his fingers open, stretching and exploring her as previous images of him fucking her came flooding back. She looked down at her hands in his hair, how tightly coiled her legs were. She thought for a moment she might be suffocating him and let go of his head. “Donaven,” she rasped. “Fuck me.”

He growled, sending deep bassy vibrations through her clit and pussy. Nipping her swollen bud ever so gently with his teeth, she gasped, and he lifted his head, his eyes dark, filled with unsatisfied hunger, his lips and chin thick with her juices. He straightened, causing her legs to fall away from his shoulders, but kept the two fingers inside her where they were.

“As much as I want to. I will not be fucking you this evening,” he said, his voice deep and full of gravel as he took hold of her wrist, guiding her to a sitting position, her bottom just barely on the edge of the cushion. “Tonight is all about you,” he said, wrapping an arm around her, slipping his hand under her shirt, his warm fingers sliding up her back as he pulled her closer. “A night for you to embrace your submission and satisfy your long awaited desires.”

Putting her hands on his shoulders, she looked up into his eyes, the scent of her arousal on his lips, mixing with his natural essence sent a pulse to her clit, making her clench his fingers. “But what about you?” she whispered, rocking her hips forward, seeking movement from his fingers.

“Watching you lose control in my arms is all the reward I need,” he said, lowering his lips to hers. Damn this man knew how to kiss. The taste of herself on his tongue was nothing like when she’d tasted herself using the glass dildo. This had a more of a sweet and spicy essence that had her tongue chasing eagerly for more. She felt the pad of his thumb on her clit and moaned approvingly as he began rubbing tiny circles over the sensitive nub, rekindling every nerve ending as it swelled rapidly, throbbing in time with her racing heart.
“Hold on, baby,” he murmured, pulling from her mouth. “And enjoy the ride.” His husky voice next to her ear sent a delicious wave of tingles down her spine as he began working his fingers in long deep strokes. “Come for me, girl,” he husked, his mouth moving to her neck, nibbling and sucking while he increased the tempo with this thumb, driving her clit into overdrive.

Her thighs trembled against his hips as he pushed her higher, his fingers and thumb creating a steady cadence of pulsating pleasure rippling through her. Holding her breath, she threw her head back, her eyes shut tight as she strained to prolong the inevitable. “Oh god,” she panted. “I’m going to come.”

“Good girl,” he praised, nipping at a pebbled nipple through her tank top.  “Come hard for me, baby,” he growled, moving to the other taut nub pressing for freedom from the restrictive fabric.

The newly added stimulation pushed her over, making her call out his name as her body began to quake, her pussy convulsing wildly around his thick digits.

“That’s it my beautiful girl, give into it and show me what you're made of.” His words were choppy as he continued to pummel her spasming pussy using his mini jackhammer technique on her g-spot, which served to make the blissful orgasm peak all over again.

“Fuck!” she cried through gritted teeth, her body shuddering, her nails digging into the flesh beneath them as she fought to hold on. The intensity of the pleasure was almost overwhelming, every muscle and nerve ending in her body pulsed with electricity. She’d never had an orgasm last so long before. Her voice sounded hoarse as she cried out her pleasure, shaking her head from side to side as the warm gush of fluid he’d obviously been after, spilled from her. She heard him groan, or maybe he said something, she couldn’t be sure. Her mind felt trapped in a downward spiral and everything around her except for the blissful waves of ecstasy coursing through her mattered little.

His fingers slowed gradually as she fought to catch her breath, her muscles tweaking involuntarily with each aftershock. The hand formerly supporting her back as she rocketed out of control like a roman candle had found its way to the back of her head, cradling it softly as he held her cheek against his chest, his breathing nearly as heavy as her own. “Beautiful,” he rasped, pulling his fingers from her soaked pussy sending yet another tremor through her. “I love that your multi-orgasmic.” 

“I am?” she questioned, not really meaning to say the words out loud. Her mind still felt a bit dizzy, reminiscing in the afterglow of such an immense orgasm.

“Yes, sweetness, you are. Is this your first time ever having a multiple?”

“Uh-huh,” she said, nodding, enjoying his big hand stroking the back of her hair.

“Mmmm,” he groaned, kissing the top of her head. “You’re just full of surprises, aren’t you?”

“Is that bad?” she asked, pulling back to look at him.

Greeting her worry with a warm smile, he shook his head. “Oh no, bright eyes. Quite the contrary.” He leaned in, giving her a brief sensual kiss, lips only. “It’s a privilege as well as a pleasure to be the man who introduces you to such things. I’m so proud of you for letting go, for trusting me to see and feel what your body not only wanted, but needed, and from what I can tell, has needed for a long time.”

Proud? Did he just say he was proud of her? She hadn’t heard that word in quite some time, and never right after sex. She wasn’t sure how to feel about that or what to say in response. As if sensing her discomfort, he wrapped both arms around her lower back, his fingers dipping under her asscheeks.

“Let’s get you cleaned up for real this time,” he said, taking her with him as he stood, her wet sensitive pussy pressing into his hard abs just above his shorts as she wrapped her jellylike legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. 
As he carried her to the spare bedroom, she could feel the wet head of his cock protruding from the top of his shorts, rubbing against her cheek with each long step he took. Obviously still very aroused, it baffled her that he wouldn’t seek his own release.
Once in the bathroom, he set her on the vanity, the cool porcelain soothing to her warm bottom as he prepared a warm washcloth. It felt a little awkward to have him kneeling before her, wiping away the sticky mess, treading the cloth delicately between her folds, treating her pussy like a fragile piece of glass. But she had to admit, it did feel wonderful to be cared for so thoroughly.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Getting spanked. Fantasy vs reality

Hi Folks. Welcome to Wipitup Wednesday. As mentioned last week Yellow will be choosing today's excerpt. I suggested the Truth or Dare scene because it's funny and cute. Yellow wouldn't go for that though, oh no, Yellow insists on giving you Crystal's first spanking scene. I hope you enjoy. 

“Hush,” he said, putting a finger to her lips. “Let your desires lead. I promise you’ll like where it takes you.” He began walking with her, securing his grip on her bottom with both hands.

“Wait. Where are you—”

“To the sofa, where you’ll be comfortable across my lap.”

She shook her head. “Please, I really don’t want this to happen.”

“Yes, sweetlips, you do and we both know it. You gave in when you consented to my kiss, your mouth and hands as eager as mine. Not to mention your nipples are rock hard right now, and I can feel the heat of your pussy against my fingers.”

True. She couldn’t be more turned on, but it scared her to cross that line. What if reality didn’t measure up to her fantasies? Or worse yet, what if it did? “I can’t,” she said, squirming as he turned on the lights in the living room, dimming them low.

“Crystal, listen to me.” He held her firm, despite her attempts to wiggle free. “Your body is begging to submit but your mind is scared shitless because once you do, you can’t go back. Am I right?” He put a finger under her chin, refusing her protest and made her look at him.

“Yes,” she whispered, trying to look down.

“Let me explain how this is going to work. I want you to trust me and give me control of your body, just for a little while. There’s only three words I want you to think about. Red, yellow and green.” He sat down on the sofa, keeping her in his lap, one hand wrapped around the small of her back. “Those are the only three words I want to hear from you until we're done. Red means stop. If you say it, everything stops and you go to bed. Yellow means caution and will tell me that what I’m doing is becoming too much for you to handle. Green of course means go and that you're good with what’s going on. Do you understand?”

She liked the way the warm light shone down on the expanse of his chest, making the light smattering of dark chest hair trailing down his sternum look soft and inviting. She put her fingers through it, nodding her head.
He cupped her chin, a half smile on his lips as he cocked his head just slightly. “How do you wish to proceed, Miss Harmon, red or green?”

Good god, his eyes couldn’t be any more penetrating. He’d called her a lot of things this evening, but Miss Harmon had not been one of them and the way he said it, like a college professor to a student, firm and authoritative, sent an odd tingle down her spine.
“Green,” she said, softly, unable to look away from his eyes even though his hand no longer held her chin.

A wolfish smile spanned his lips. “Very good. Now stand up and remove your shorts and panties.”
“What?” she blurted, her eyes widening.

“Uh-uh-uh.” He shook his finger at her. “You agreed to trust me and give me control. Which means, no questions. Red, yellow or green. Got it?” He raised a questioning brow, his hands slipping free of her hips.

“Yes,” she said, sliding from his lap. Her cheeks flushed as she slipped down her shorts and panties together, leaving them pooled around her bare feet, her hands clasped together in front of her coppery curls. Most girls shaved today, but her sensitive skin couldn’t put up with the razor, the only thing that did work was getting waxed. She loved how smooth and silky it left her there, but truth be told, it was one of the most unpleasant things she’d ever paid money for.

“Good girl. Now put your hands at your sides.”

Hesitantly, she put her hands at her sides, looking for the reaction on his face. Funny thing, he didn’t look, at least not directly. His smoky gray eyes stayed locked on hers, his expression unchanging.
“What color do you feel right now, Miss Harman?”

Christ, that new authoritative tone in his voice and the way he addressed her so formally sent tingles straight to her pussy. The continual eye contact was beginning to make her nervous. The lustful look he had earlier was no longer there, instead she saw firmness and determination, looking at her like a parent would a child when they were in trouble.


“Yes, sorry,” she peeped, embarrassed that she took too long to answer. “In between green and yellow.”

“Come,” he said, holding out a large hand to her. “Let’s get you back to green before we begin.”

With a shy smile she took his hand, expecting to sit in his lap, but instead he guided her to lie over it. It felt strange. She was a grown adult, prostrating herself over his lap for a spanking like a child. Doubts started to creep into her mind. Like a child. Does that mean I want to be treated like one? Is this how it starts? Will I be calling him Daddy before the weekend ends? Maybe a year from now, I’ll be the one throwing a tantrum at dinner?
“Donaven?” Her voice was shaky as she craned her head around so she could see him. He looked at her, shaking his head.

“Push them away, Crystal,” he said, softly putting a hand on her bottom, making her flinch. “You’re going through your list of doubts and trying to talk yourself out of doing this.” His warm hand caressing her cheeks sent a fiery response to her sex as she clenched, especially when he trailed a lone finger along the crease of her upper thighs and cheeks. “There is nothing wrong with you for wanting this. In fact, it’s a very normal and natural need in most women. It dates all the way back to biblical times and back then, it was simply customary. All women were submissive to their men.”

“But I keep thinking of myself as childish for wanting to be over your lap like this. I don’t want to end up being the next one to throw a temper tantrum at your dinner table,” she huffed.

He tried to stop it by putting a hand to his mouth, but couldn’t and laughed, heartily, which made her suddenly feel stupid. Say it. Say it now, just do it, say Red and it all stops. She just started to open her mouth when he interrupted her.

“Crystal… honey!” he said, putting a warm hand on her back, rubbing gently. “Wanting to embrace your submissive side does not make you a child. This isn't age play. Getting a spanking is not going to suddenly pull out your inner child, but it will show you how beautiful and satisfying it can be to let out your inner submissive.”

The long lazy strokes he made with his fingers up and down her back were helping her to relax, and what he’d said did seem to make sense. She wasn’t across his strong muscular thighs as some little girl, getting spanked by her daddy, she was a grown sensual woman who wanted his control, his dominance and his hands all over her body. The hand on her ass, stroked and rubbed in soft circles. She mewled softly, expressing her enjoyment of what he was doing.

“Are we back to green, Miss Harman?”

“Green,” she said lazily, resting her head on her hands.

“Very good. We are going to move forward now. You’re getting spanked for three infractions. Two of them are for disobeying when you agreed the only words out of your mouth would be colors. The other is for daring me to put up that silly status message on facebook.”

“But that’s not fair, I didn’t…”


His big hand came down hard and unexpectedly. “Hey!” she cried, feeling the prickly sensation spreading through her cheek.

“I’m sorry, Miss Harman, but we’re done talking now. Unless I hear the word red or yellow, everything else that comes out of your mouth is falling on deaf ears.”

Another stinging swat fell, landing heavy on her other cheek. Oh shit, that really smarts, doesn’t it? Then two more fell quickly, landing in the same spot, making her suck in her breath. Christ, what had ever made her want this? “Ow,” she cried, as another two landed swiftly on the other cheek. “Ow!”
His hand lay still on her prickly mounds and she breathed a sigh of relief, thinking it was over and she’d survived the ordeal.

“Still green, Miss Harman?”

“Yes, sir,” she panted. Oh shit, where’d that come from? It had to be the college professor voice. After all, her professor’s did call her Miss Harman, and she almost always called them sir.

“Mmmm,” he hummed. “I like hearing that from those pretty little lips.” His voice rich and seductive as he trailed a finger lightly down the crack of her ass, sending a jolt of excitement to her clit and suddenly she became aware of how wet she’d become. The air felt cool, drifting past her moist lips. She moaned as his finger kept going, trailing ever so lightly over her damp curls. Shamelessly, she tried to push back into them, seeking penetration and felt his cock lurch against her hip. Oh my… large, very large. How could she not have noticed something that size growing against her hip? She didn’t have time to think about it as another blow landed, creating a sharp sting to an already heated area. “Behave,” he said pointedly,  rubbing the area he’d just slapped.

“Yes, sir,” she said meekly, and this time on purpose, hoping to appease his heavy hand in exchange for more petting from his fingers.

“You took those very well,” he said, his fingers inching along the crease of her asscheek.

Yes, lower. Please go lower. She cooed softly as he did just that. With one finger, he collected the wetness along her slit, slipping his finger between her lips. “Yesss,” she whispered when he found her clit, exploring the swollen tissue, finding her most sensitive spots while she moaned. She wanted so badly to push herself back. But if she did, he would stop and spank her again.

“It appears to me, Miss Harman, that you liked those first swats very much.” He said, his finger sneaking down to her entrance, circling it slowly, teasing her.

“Yes, very much,” she sputtered, her breath heavy. Please put it in… please… now.

“Very good. I think we’ll see what a few more do to you.” And just like that his finger was gone. She braced herself for his hand, but it didn’t come. “Mmmm. I knew that sweet little pussy would taste every bit as good as your luscious pink lips.”

Had he just –she looked over her shoulder—tasted her? Realizing he had by the grin on his face and the sheen of her wetness on his lips, she quickly turned away, putting her head in her hands. He chuckled and her face felt as warm as her bottom, at least for a moment, because a second later, his hand came down on her rear making the former warm prickles turn into a full blown forest fire.

“Ahh… ohhh… Ow!” She thought he was heavy handed before? “Ow… please… OW!” She couldn’t take it anymore and reached back to put out the flames.

A low grumble came from his chest as he pinned her wayward hand to the small of her back. “No kicking, or I’ll pin your legs too,” he said, delivering two more low on one cheek, catching part of her thigh as well. Another two followed to her other cheek in the same spot.

Her body flushed. She felt almost feverish as she held her breath, bit her lip, and clenched her fists as four more landed. Her legs trembled, anticipating the next, but instead, his fingers softly stroked the back of her thighs.
Letting out a sigh of relief, she let her head relax on the cushion, damp locks of hair clinging to her face, her ass throbbing while rippling waves of heat continued to spread. He released her wrist and instantly her hand swept to her blazing globes, trying to ease the burn. Fantasizing about getting spanked, and actually getting spanked were definitely not the same. Not by a long shot. It hurt! Strangely though, her pussy couldn’t be more pleased. The wetness of her arousal had seeped past her lips, tickling her as it wove through her curls, her pussy aching desperately for penetration and her clit pulsed steadily with a needy call to be touched.

“Still green, Miss Harman?” he asked, gently pushing her hand away so that he could soothe the burn himself.

“Yellow,” she panted. “That really hurt. I’m not so sure I like the idea of being spanked anymore.”

“No? Well, let’s see if we can’t change your mind about that.” While one hand remained on her cheeks, smoothing and rubbing softly, the fingers of his other made their way to her aching pussy. Using two fingers, he trapped her clit, smearing the silky wetness up and down in short strokes along each side of it. A loud moan passed her lips as she spread her legs, giving him better access.

“Seems to me, that your pussy likes you getting spanked very much. You’re soaked.” As if wanting further proof, he pulled her cheeks apart, making her gasp and stiffen from both the cool rush of air that met with her inflamed pussy and the fact he had a perfect view of her butthole. “Mmmm, yes. Very wet. Your curls are glistening and your juices are starting to pool, leaving a wet spot on my shorts.” He continued to hold one cheek open while his fingers snaked through her curls, gliding slowly over the top of her clit, eliciting a husky groan from her.

“Please don’t stop,” she breathed, fighting the urge to lunge back against his fingers once again.

“Shhh. We go at my pace. I am the one in control.”

As he said the word control, two fingers entered her, steadily pushing their way into her swollen wet tissues. “Yes,” she hissed softly, clamping down on them, not wanting him to pull them out.  He moaned approvingly and she felt his cock lurch against her hip. An image flashed through her mind of him making her stand with her hands on the back of the sofa, her legs spread wide, holding her hips while he sunk his cock into her the way his fingers were doing now. He built her up slowly, too slowly for her liking as she tried to stay still. The slow push and pull of his thick fingers felt amazing as he explored her, his fingertips probing for her g-spot, but she wanted more, needed more.

Expressing her need with breathy pants and husky moans, she flared her hips, unable to remain still. He responded by increasing the rhythm, adding a finger to her clit so that each thrust he made also stroked her clit. Yes, this was more like it. She purred her pleasure softly as her wonton hips found a mind of their own, pumping steadily in time with his penetration. The noises coming from her throat and mouth grew ever louder as she climbed toward orgasm, calling out an occasional ‘oh fuck’, ‘oh god’ or ‘more, yes more’.

Her lips and mouth went dry from the heavy panting. Her toes curled and her muscles began to tighten. Yes… almost there, just a few more strokes and…

He stopped, withdrawing the finger from her clit while holding the two inside her very still. She let out a forlorn cry of protest, trying to keep the stimulation going by grinding against his thigh. 

“Not yet, Miss Harman,” he said, stilling her hips with a hand on her ass. “I want you to ask nicely for what you want.”

“Please make me come,” she spluttered, craning her neck over her shoulder. “Please Donav… D. I’m going crazy. I need to come.” She’d never been stopped so close to orgasm before and it was hard to think of anything but completing the task and if he didn’t give it to her soon she wasn’t afraid to reach between her thighs and finish herself off, sprawled across his lap or not. Yet she knew if she tried, he would undoubtedly stop her.

“I did not ask you to beg, my dear. A simple, please, sir, may I come, will do just fine.”

“Please, sir, may I come?” she pleaded, clenching his fingers as tight as she could. It seemed every time she did that, his cock responded in like by nudging her hip.

“Yes, good girl. You may come this time.” He smiled at her as his fingers went back into motion, pressing firmly on her g-spot each time his fingertips swept past it and within minutes she was soaring again, reaching into the clouds for that glorious silver lining.

Sudden and unexpected, she screeched. He’d pressed his thumb directly on her tight bottom ring. “Hush now,” he said soothingly, rubbing her wetness all around her tight puckered hole. “You’ll like this. I promise not to go in.”

After accepting the sensation she found she did like it. Very much, but it embarrassed her that he would touch her there.

His fingers began to make shorter, faster,  more determined strokes while his thumb stayed still, applying pressure just shy of penetration. The fingers inside her felt like a mini jackhammer on her g-spot causing it to swell rapidly. Oh fuck, he was going to make her squirt and there was nothing she could do about it. His other hand came into play, pinching and rolling her engorged clit. Within seconds she flew apart into millions of blissful little particles, calling out her pleasure in gasps and moans as each powerful wave of ecstasy washed over her, making her body contort, twist and jerk. The wet suction sounds coming from between her thighs confirmed that her juices were squirting past his fingers, but she didn’t care. This was the best orgasm she’d ever had and she was going to savor every last moment of it. As if she had a choice.

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