Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Out Cold

Greetings Everyone. Welcome to another edition of #Wipitup Wednesday where you're always sure to find something that wets your whistle. 
Last week we ended with Crystal and Ivy at the airport in Spokane Washington. Their plane had just landed and Crystal was a ball of nerves about meeting Donaven Sharp. To her relief, he wasn't there. He stayed behind and let Jake pick the girls up from the airport. 
After a long 2 hour drive, they finally arrived at the tramway that would take them down to the cabins where they'd be staying. The view from the cable car was breathtakingly beautiful, but Crystals nerves were on high alert listening to Jake talk about wolves, bears and cougars. 
When they reach the bottom Donaven is there waiting for them. Ivy gives them a brief introduction and then vanishes with Jake eager for some alone time with her man. 
Crystal, who's already a ball of nerves, gets overwhelmed at being left alone with Donaven, who, as it turned out, was much bigger and a whole lot sexier in person. I'll let the excerpt explain the rest.

“Come on Ivy, pick up your fucking phone!”
Donaven had caught her just in time, but had no idea why she fainted. He carried her to the ATV and put her in the passenger’s seat, buckling her up. He dialed Ivy on his cell as he headed up the trail to the cabins.
“This better be good, D. You’re interrupting… ow!” D heard the slap and knew exactly what he was interrupting.

“Your friend passed out on me.”
“Oh shit! Baby, stop. Crystal’s out cold. That only happens when she’s really freaked out. D, Take her to tiny piny and get her pills out of her carry-on bag, they’re in the zipper compartment. Have one ready for her when she wakes up.”
“What? I don’t think so. You can meet me at tiny piny and have one ready for her yourself. I’m obviously the reason she freaked out.”
“D, listen to me. If I come over there, she’s going to insist upon finding some way to go home or demand to stay holed up in the cabin all weekend and be left alone until it’s time to leave. If you're there she has no choice but to confront her fears. She needs to do this D. She’ll be fine once she gets past the embarrassment.”
“Damn it, Ivy!”
“Please, D? I’m not being selfish here, I’m asking you to do this for her. If she cops out now she’ll never accept this side of herself or agree to explore it again. And she’ll never be happy until she does.”
“You owe me!” he growled and hung up.
He looked down at the comatose woman next to him in her puffy blue jacket, zipped only half way, revealing a snug green sweater and two full round breasts rising and falling, her breathing slow and even. As he came up to the cabins he thought about taking her to his place rather than tiny piny. If the look on her face when she took his hand was any indication of what intimidated her first he figured it was probably his size and he’d look even more intimidating in the tiny guest house. He’d have a hard time trying to put her in bed, the loft only had a 4 foot clearance. He also had dinner to worry about. He needed to get the grill ready for the salmon and hadn’t expected to be gone more than about 30 minutes. The plan was to pick her up, get acquainted while he showed her around and then drop her off at the guest house so she could have some time to herself before dinner. So much for that, he was taking her to his place and she could rest in his spare bedroom.
Limp as a rag-doll he picked her up, her weight next to nothing as he hooked a large finger around her carry-on and took her inside his beautiful two story log home. Dropping her bag on the couch, he couldn’t help but admire the light freckles dotting her nose and cheeks as the late afternoon sun danced on her face. Her plump silky lips were parted just a fraction. He loved women with full lips, they looked so good wrapped around his… 

He shook off the mental image reminding himself of the fact the girl in his arms was passed out because he scared the shit out of her. The odds of anything happening between them was as good as, never going to happen. 
Just as he started off for the bedroom, he saw her eyes moving back and forth under her lids. Crap she was waking up before he could put her down. Rather than make a mad dash to the bedroom, he sat down with her in the recliner closest to him. He felt her legs stir, and then her arms as she woke. She stiffened the moment she realized she was on his lap, his arms encasing her.
“Heyyyyyy,” she said groggily.
“Shhh,” he soothed, holding her close, her head just below his chin. “You’re okay,” he whispered, stroking the soft red waves of her hair. “I want you to just sit here with me for a minute. I’m sorry I scared you. I forget sometimes how intimidating my size can be.”
“It’s not that,” she muttered, her voice tiny and girlish.
“Then what is it?” he asked, keeping his voice scarcely above a whisper as he continued to run his fingers through her silky strands, waiting for her answer.
“It’s what Ivy told you.” She turned into his chest as she spoke, muffling her already too soft words. “I know she told you that I’m a kink freak.” She paused, taking a choppy, almost hiccup like breath, her fingers curling into his chest. “But I’m not.” Her voice grew a bit louder, pouty sounding, like she might be trying to keep from crying. “Just because I have a few kinky fantasies doesn’t mean I want them to actually happen.”
“Shhh, Ivy didn’t call you a kink freak. She told me you were a redhead, sexy as hell and a lot of fun once you got to know someone.”
“Oh?” Her voice suddenly perked up as she pulled her head back, looking up at him. “Then what was the whole, ‘Ivy’s told me much about you… I promised to be on my best behavior.’” The ice in her pretty blue eyes matched the lash of her accusing tongue.
“Okay, you got me,” he said, pretending to hang his head in defeat. “She told me you were curious about certain aspects of BDSM. She thought it might be nice if you met a few of her close friends and hopefully you’d see were not the freaks society labels us as. That you might even come to a better understanding of your own desires and stop feeling guilty for wanting what you want.”
The ice in her eyes melted and a soft blush seeped over her cheeks. She looked down, turning her head back into his chest mumbling something he couldn’t understand.
“It’s okay,” he said, his hand returning to the back of her head, stroking her hair, the light scent of her rosemary and mint shampoo drifting under his nose. “There’s no pressure here this weekend. Just think of me as a big brother.”
“Ew. I’d rather not,” she mumbled.
He couldn’t stop the chuckle that rolled up out of him, realizing she found him attractive after all. “Okay, how about your guide to a great weekend in the wilderness.” He felt her nod, nuzzling against him, silently cursing the puffy jacket that kept her bountiful breasts from making contact with his chest. “Oh shit. Ivy said you’d need one of your pills. I brought your bag in.” He started to move her, but she protested, clinging to him.
“No. I don’t need it anymore. This is better.”
“What’s better?” he asked, settling back into the chair with her.
“Just having you hold me like this, not having to make eye contact. I’m sorry I lost it in the cable car. I have a slight anxiety issue.”
“Crystal,” he said, not withholding his usual authoritative ring as he put his hands on her shoulders, giving her a gentle push back so he could see her face. “If you have a prescribed medication and you’re not taking it—”
“It’s as needed.” She interrupted, rolling her eyes. An offense that normally set his palm twitching, he forced himself not to think of his hand anywhere near her plush well rounded ass. “I needed it back in the cable car, I don’t need it now. If I took it, I’d likely sleep well past dinner and then be wide awake somewhere around 4:00 AM. I really don’t need it anymore, honestly.”
“Okay, but maybe you should keep them a little closer from now on.” He eased his hold on her shoulders, sliding his hands down the sleeves of her coat. “Aren’t you getting a little warm with this on?” 
 “Actually, I am,” she said, leaning back as she worked the zipper down. “And I did have my pills close until you took them out to the ATV.” She pulled her jacket off, looking around, unsure of where to put it.
“I guess I’m guilty again,” he said, shaking his head. “How about we make a fresh go of this and I offer you something to drink. You can take a short rest and recoup in my spare bedroom if you like or you can accompany me while I start the grill. I hope you like fresh grilled salmon.”
“Do you have a cold bottle of water and a hot shower? I’d like to freshen up a bit before dinner.”
“That can be arranged,” he said, giving her a smile as he sat forward, scooting her off his lap. “I’ll show you to the spare room, it has its own shower.” He stepped past her getting her bag. Putting and arm around her shoulder, he guided her down the hallway to the back bedroom. “I’ll get you some water and bring in your other bag. Take as much time as you need.” He opened the door and set her bag down on the bed. “Will this do for now?” he asked, turning back to her.
“It’s beautiful. Yes, thank you.” 
He watched her for a moment as she took in the room. Her eyes taking in the water lily print curtains adorning the two long windows on the back wall. The spacious queen bed and crisp white duvet, the small round table in the corner with the elk horn lamp and finally the door that led to the bathroom. “I’ll give you the full tour after you’ve had some time to refresh. You can find me in the kitchen when you’re ready.”
“Okay,” she nodded, stepping towards the bed. “Thank you,” she called over her shoulder as he made his way to leave.
“You’re welcome,” he said, closing the door behind him.

Well that was a hell of a first impression wasn't it, Mel? Girl meets boy and faints. Where's the hot sex? The bondage? The BDSM? Hell, even a sexy spanking would do. 

You're such a pain in the ass, Yellow. I think they should at least have dinner before jumping straight into all the hot sex.

Oh great. So next week we're going to hear all about the grilled salmon. How lovely!

Actually, I was planning on sharing the scene that comes after dinner between Ivy and Jake. I hear it involves a collar and a butt plug. 

Thanks for stopping folks. May your humpday happiness continue as you hop along to some of this weeks other talented authors.


  1. You and yellow have the most hilarious conversations.
    Great excerpt. Love the little details like - the freckles o her nose. It draws you into the scene. I have a feeling there is going to be some exciting fun coming up in the week to cum - I mean come. :-)

    1. Thanks Daryl, I think I've picked up prolonging the good sexy parts from you. ~winks~ LOL. By the way, Yellow says thanks too.

  2. A COLLAR and a BUTT PLUG? I want that scene now!!! Bwaah. More teasing. Seriously, though, Crystal fainted at first sight of her dashingly glorious male? Quite entertaining. It's not often you get a greeting like that :)

    1. I don't think it was just Donaven that caused her to faint. I think a lot had to do with Jake and Ivy talking about the wild animals. Love your comments. Thanks so much ☺

  3. You wave a collar AND a butt plug under our nose and call me a tease? Yellow and I seem to be on the same page this week ... is lunch an option? :) I loved how gentle Donaven was with Crystal when she woke up! Great scene, as always! ;)

    1. Thanks, Shelly. You know your always welcome for lunch.☺

  4. hehe that rotten inner yellow.. this is such a wonderful scene though. I love the care he takes with her, although telling Ivy that she owes him was pretty funny too.

    1. I agree, Joelle. Yellow has been being a snot lately. Glad you enjoyed the excerpt. ☺

  5. What a nice, long excerpt. Very good dynamics going on here. ~Livia

  6. Yep, I'm in love. Can't wait for next week. :)

    1. Thanks so much Jen. I'm rather in love with Daniel too. ☺ If only Sharha could see it. ~sighs~