Tuesday, March 31, 2015

An indecent proposal?

Hi there, Everyone. So nice of you to stop by today. As I mentioned last week, this weeks excerpt contains a collar, and a butt-plug. This scene takes place after a lovely dinner of grilled salmon. Jake has a big surprise for Ivy and she's been going crazy trying to guess what it is. 

Crystal wanted her to elaborate, but D poked his head through the swinging doors and asked them to join everyone in the living room. When they got there, she noticed a tray on the coffee table with a few remaining fluted glasses filled with champagne. Ivy helped herself to one of them and sat down next to Jake on the sofa, her eyes beaming with excitement as she looked at the red foil wrapped box in his lap.
D offered her a glass of bubbly, but she declined looking around shyly for where she might sit. Jeff and Shelia were together in one of the recliners, Sam and Capi took up the small loveseat and D was making himself comfortable in only other recliner.

“Come mer’, bright eyes.” D said, patting his lap. “Those two are going to need some space.” He nodded to Jake and Ivy while holding out a hand to her. Surprisingly, she didn’t go ten shades of red as she accepted, sitting with her back against his spaciously broad chest, feeling the hard mass of muscles in his thighs as she settled in his lap.  Nor did she protest when he wrapped his arms around her, letting his hands rest atop her own in her lap. Somehow what had transpired between them earlier, in this same recliner made her feel at ease being so close to him.

Jake took a swallow of champagne and set his glass down, clearing his throat. Picking up the box, he turned to Ivy. “Ivy Durst, I’d like you to be my exclusive.” He lifted the lid from the rectangular box, but Crystal couldn’t quite see what was inside.

“JAKE! Oh my god, yes.” Ivy vibrated with excitement as she slipped from the sofa and knelt before him on the floor, tears springing to life in her eyes. “Thank you, sir,” her words soft and demure. “It is my honor and pleasure to be yours exclusively.”
Jake put his hands on her shoulders, turning her until she was kneeling between his thighs. From the box he pulled what at first glance, Crystal thought was a necklace, but as he fastened it around her neck, clearly it was a collar. Not like a dog collar but similar, more slender and decorative, a thin black satin band with a gold heart shaped lock that lay against the hollow of her throat. Words were inscribed on the lock, but she couldn’t make them out.

“Everyone,” Jake said proudly, putting his large hands on Ivy’s shoulders. “This little lady is now taken.” He turned her back around and pulled her into his arms, kissing her passionately, undeterred by the cheers and claps around them. Crystal started clapping too, noticing Capi had tears forming in her eyes and Shelia’s had misted over too. This must be like a marriage proposal, BDSM style.
As the claps died down and the couple broke from their kiss. Jake picked up the box next to him. “Show them what else I got you, cupcake.”

Ivy turned, her cheeks flushing as she held up a shiny sliver butt plug, the base of which appeared to be a decorative blue jewel. Crystal blushed too. She’d seen a good array of sex toys before and knew what a butt plug was, but would never dream of ever using one. She’d tried anal sex, once, and decided never again.

“That's a real sapphire, sweetness and this.” He reached into his front pocket. “Is a real diamond.” Ivy screamed, slapping a hand over her mouth as she looked at the ring he held between his fingers. “You’re my everything, Ivy,” he said tenderly, stroking a wisp of honey blonde hair away from her face. “I want you to be mine every way possible. Will you marry me, Miss Durst, and do me the honor of being my wife, my submissive, my brat, my pet, and most of all my best friend and companion until death do us part?”

Tears sprang to life in her eye’s, watching her friend melt into a puddle as she gazed at the ring and then up at Jake’s beaming face, the love between them speaking volumes. It seemed she was too choked up to answer, keeping one hand clasped over her mouth, nodding while she offered her other to Jake so he could slide the ring on. As happy as she was for her friend, she also felt a little conflicted remembering Kevin, Antello’s and little black box he wanted to give her.

“You have to say it, baby,” he said, putting a gentle, but large hand around her slender wrist, pulling her hand away from her mouth. “It’s not official if you don’t actually say yes.”

“Yes,” she squeaked, her voice tight. “Yes, sir,” she added, mascara filled tears streaming down her cheeks as he slipped the ring on her finger.

“I love you, baby,” he said, looking into her eyes. She started to say it back, but got cut short as Jake devoured her mouth, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her up into his lap. Everyone started clapping and offering congratulations. Shelia got up and refilled everyone’s glass, suggesting a toast to the happy couple. She held out a glass to Crystal and she thought why not, after all, it would be rude to be the only one not toasting her best friends happy moment.

A few paragraphs later... 

“I think we’re going to head out too,” Jake said. “If no one has plans for the Beck-n-Call tonight, I’d like to reserve the next two hours for private use. My new bride to be has a debt to pay, don’t you, snookums?” He asked, giving her a playful grin.

“But, Jake!” Ivy pulled herself away from his chest, looking at him with wide eyes. “You already blistered my behind at home.”

“No, darlin’. Not that debt. Remember what you said if I ever presented you with a collar?”
 Ivy looked puzzled for a moment until Jake picked up the jeweled plug, teetering it between his fingers and then she blushed, deeply.
“Come on, baby. What were your exact words; do you remember?”

“That the day a man like you ever presented me with a collar, I’d give up my anal virginity.” Her neck and shoulders were flushing along with her face. “But that was over two years ago, and it was a figure of speech, I didn’t—”

Jake put a finger to her lips, hushing her. “I’ve been thinking about this night ever since you said those words, sugar plum. I promise you’ll like what I have planned.”

“But you know anal has always been a hard limit for me.” Her eyes were pleading with him.
“Really? You didn’t object to my—”

Ivy pressed her lips to his in a frantic kiss. “Alright,” she mumbled, their mouths still joined. “Just don’t finish that sentence.”

You did it again, Mel. 
What'd I do again, Yellow?
You left out the goods. Y'know, the actual sex! 
Well, then maybe you should pick out next weeks excerpt. 

I get the feeling I might regret having said that. Come back next week to find out what kind of naughtiness Yellow has in store for you all. Until then, thank you for stopping and please hop along to all of the other great authors playing this week.


  1. What a great scene! The collar is so important, but the ring and proposal too? She sounds like a lucky lady.

  2. Fabulous scene - so full of love and....a hint of what's to come :-)

  3. Wonderful snippet, romantic and sexy!

    1. Thanks Keith. Nice to have you here. I liked your post today and also like one about giving the devil his due.

  4. Loved the scene, Melody! I especially enjoyed the idea of a silver butt plug with a sapphire! What a great proposal! :)

    1. Thanks, Shelly. Glad you liked the plug ~giggles~ Loved your scene today.

  5. Even though you are the nastiest tease around... that was a thoroughly amazing excerpt!! Loved Ivy's collaring scene and the beautiful silver butt plug ~gribble~ Diamonds, sapphires... oh yes, I can picture it now in it's beautiful little box! Now I need to know what yellow has planned for next week. MAKE IT REALLY NAUGHTY yellow. OK? Pleeeeease?

    1. Really naughty? I'll try Christina, but you do naughty better than anyone I know. I'm still thinking about the wobbling black dildos. ~giggles~

  6. Naughtiness indeed, both you and Yellow, but then I'm still holding out on the actual sex in what I'm sharing lmao. Very sweet scene. I'm loving it :D

    1. Thanks so much Joelle. As a result of your transgender posts I've started doing some research in order to better understand it all. ☺