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An indecent proposal?

Hi there, Everyone. So nice of you to stop by today. As I mentioned last week, this weeks excerpt contains a collar, and a butt-plug. This scene takes place after a lovely dinner of grilled salmon. Jake has a big surprise for Ivy and she's been going crazy trying to guess what it is. 

Crystal wanted her to elaborate, but D poked his head through the swinging doors and asked them to join everyone in the living room. When they got there, she noticed a tray on the coffee table with a few remaining fluted glasses filled with champagne. Ivy helped herself to one of them and sat down next to Jake on the sofa, her eyes beaming with excitement as she looked at the red foil wrapped box in his lap.
D offered her a glass of bubbly, but she declined looking around shyly for where she might sit. Jeff and Shelia were together in one of the recliners, Sam and Capi took up the small loveseat and D was making himself comfortable in only other recliner.

“Come mer’, bright eyes.” D said, patting his lap. “Those two are going to need some space.” He nodded to Jake and Ivy while holding out a hand to her. Surprisingly, she didn’t go ten shades of red as she accepted, sitting with her back against his spaciously broad chest, feeling the hard mass of muscles in his thighs as she settled in his lap.  Nor did she protest when he wrapped his arms around her, letting his hands rest atop her own in her lap. Somehow what had transpired between them earlier, in this same recliner made her feel at ease being so close to him.

Jake took a swallow of champagne and set his glass down, clearing his throat. Picking up the box, he turned to Ivy. “Ivy Durst, I’d like you to be my exclusive.” He lifted the lid from the rectangular box, but Crystal couldn’t quite see what was inside.

“JAKE! Oh my god, yes.” Ivy vibrated with excitement as she slipped from the sofa and knelt before him on the floor, tears springing to life in her eyes. “Thank you, sir,” her words soft and demure. “It is my honor and pleasure to be yours exclusively.”
Jake put his hands on her shoulders, turning her until she was kneeling between his thighs. From the box he pulled what at first glance, Crystal thought was a necklace, but as he fastened it around her neck, clearly it was a collar. Not like a dog collar but similar, more slender and decorative, a thin black satin band with a gold heart shaped lock that lay against the hollow of her throat. Words were inscribed on the lock, but she couldn’t make them out.

“Everyone,” Jake said proudly, putting his large hands on Ivy’s shoulders. “This little lady is now taken.” He turned her back around and pulled her into his arms, kissing her passionately, undeterred by the cheers and claps around them. Crystal started clapping too, noticing Capi had tears forming in her eyes and Shelia’s had misted over too. This must be like a marriage proposal, BDSM style.
As the claps died down and the couple broke from their kiss. Jake picked up the box next to him. “Show them what else I got you, cupcake.”

Ivy turned, her cheeks flushing as she held up a shiny sliver butt plug, the base of which appeared to be a decorative blue jewel. Crystal blushed too. She’d seen a good array of sex toys before and knew what a butt plug was, but would never dream of ever using one. She’d tried anal sex, once, and decided never again.

“That's a real sapphire, sweetness and this.” He reached into his front pocket. “Is a real diamond.” Ivy screamed, slapping a hand over her mouth as she looked at the ring he held between his fingers. “You’re my everything, Ivy,” he said tenderly, stroking a wisp of honey blonde hair away from her face. “I want you to be mine every way possible. Will you marry me, Miss Durst, and do me the honor of being my wife, my submissive, my brat, my pet, and most of all my best friend and companion until death do us part?”

Tears sprang to life in her eye’s, watching her friend melt into a puddle as she gazed at the ring and then up at Jake’s beaming face, the love between them speaking volumes. It seemed she was too choked up to answer, keeping one hand clasped over her mouth, nodding while she offered her other to Jake so he could slide the ring on. As happy as she was for her friend, she also felt a little conflicted remembering Kevin, Antello’s and little black box he wanted to give her.

“You have to say it, baby,” he said, putting a gentle, but large hand around her slender wrist, pulling her hand away from her mouth. “It’s not official if you don’t actually say yes.”

“Yes,” she squeaked, her voice tight. “Yes, sir,” she added, mascara filled tears streaming down her cheeks as he slipped the ring on her finger.

“I love you, baby,” he said, looking into her eyes. She started to say it back, but got cut short as Jake devoured her mouth, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her up into his lap. Everyone started clapping and offering congratulations. Shelia got up and refilled everyone’s glass, suggesting a toast to the happy couple. She held out a glass to Crystal and she thought why not, after all, it would be rude to be the only one not toasting her best friends happy moment.

A few paragraphs later... 

“I think we’re going to head out too,” Jake said. “If no one has plans for the Beck-n-Call tonight, I’d like to reserve the next two hours for private use. My new bride to be has a debt to pay, don’t you, snookums?” He asked, giving her a playful grin.

“But, Jake!” Ivy pulled herself away from his chest, looking at him with wide eyes. “You already blistered my behind at home.”

“No, darlin’. Not that debt. Remember what you said if I ever presented you with a collar?”
 Ivy looked puzzled for a moment until Jake picked up the jeweled plug, teetering it between his fingers and then she blushed, deeply.
“Come on, baby. What were your exact words; do you remember?”

“That the day a man like you ever presented me with a collar, I’d give up my anal virginity.” Her neck and shoulders were flushing along with her face. “But that was over two years ago, and it was a figure of speech, I didn’t—”

Jake put a finger to her lips, hushing her. “I’ve been thinking about this night ever since you said those words, sugar plum. I promise you’ll like what I have planned.”

“But you know anal has always been a hard limit for me.” Her eyes were pleading with him.
“Really? You didn’t object to my—”

Ivy pressed her lips to his in a frantic kiss. “Alright,” she mumbled, their mouths still joined. “Just don’t finish that sentence.”

You did it again, Mel. 
What'd I do again, Yellow?
You left out the goods. Y'know, the actual sex! 
Well, then maybe you should pick out next weeks excerpt. 

I get the feeling I might regret having said that. Come back next week to find out what kind of naughtiness Yellow has in store for you all. Until then, thank you for stopping and please hop along to all of the other great authors playing this week.

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Out Cold

Greetings Everyone. Welcome to another edition of #Wipitup Wednesday where you're always sure to find something that wets your whistle. 
Last week we ended with Crystal and Ivy at the airport in Spokane Washington. Their plane had just landed and Crystal was a ball of nerves about meeting Donaven Sharp. To her relief, he wasn't there. He stayed behind and let Jake pick the girls up from the airport. 
After a long 2 hour drive, they finally arrived at the tramway that would take them down to the cabins where they'd be staying. The view from the cable car was breathtakingly beautiful, but Crystals nerves were on high alert listening to Jake talk about wolves, bears and cougars. 
When they reach the bottom Donaven is there waiting for them. Ivy gives them a brief introduction and then vanishes with Jake eager for some alone time with her man. 
Crystal, who's already a ball of nerves, gets overwhelmed at being left alone with Donaven, who, as it turned out, was much bigger and a whole lot sexier in person. I'll let the excerpt explain the rest.

“Come on Ivy, pick up your fucking phone!”
Donaven had caught her just in time, but had no idea why she fainted. He carried her to the ATV and put her in the passenger’s seat, buckling her up. He dialed Ivy on his cell as he headed up the trail to the cabins.
“This better be good, D. You’re interrupting… ow!” D heard the slap and knew exactly what he was interrupting.

“Your friend passed out on me.”
“Oh shit! Baby, stop. Crystal’s out cold. That only happens when she’s really freaked out. D, Take her to tiny piny and get her pills out of her carry-on bag, they’re in the zipper compartment. Have one ready for her when she wakes up.”
“What? I don’t think so. You can meet me at tiny piny and have one ready for her yourself. I’m obviously the reason she freaked out.”
“D, listen to me. If I come over there, she’s going to insist upon finding some way to go home or demand to stay holed up in the cabin all weekend and be left alone until it’s time to leave. If you're there she has no choice but to confront her fears. She needs to do this D. She’ll be fine once she gets past the embarrassment.”
“Damn it, Ivy!”
“Please, D? I’m not being selfish here, I’m asking you to do this for her. If she cops out now she’ll never accept this side of herself or agree to explore it again. And she’ll never be happy until she does.”
“You owe me!” he growled and hung up.
He looked down at the comatose woman next to him in her puffy blue jacket, zipped only half way, revealing a snug green sweater and two full round breasts rising and falling, her breathing slow and even. As he came up to the cabins he thought about taking her to his place rather than tiny piny. If the look on her face when she took his hand was any indication of what intimidated her first he figured it was probably his size and he’d look even more intimidating in the tiny guest house. He’d have a hard time trying to put her in bed, the loft only had a 4 foot clearance. He also had dinner to worry about. He needed to get the grill ready for the salmon and hadn’t expected to be gone more than about 30 minutes. The plan was to pick her up, get acquainted while he showed her around and then drop her off at the guest house so she could have some time to herself before dinner. So much for that, he was taking her to his place and she could rest in his spare bedroom.
Limp as a rag-doll he picked her up, her weight next to nothing as he hooked a large finger around her carry-on and took her inside his beautiful two story log home. Dropping her bag on the couch, he couldn’t help but admire the light freckles dotting her nose and cheeks as the late afternoon sun danced on her face. Her plump silky lips were parted just a fraction. He loved women with full lips, they looked so good wrapped around his… 

He shook off the mental image reminding himself of the fact the girl in his arms was passed out because he scared the shit out of her. The odds of anything happening between them was as good as, never going to happen. 
Just as he started off for the bedroom, he saw her eyes moving back and forth under her lids. Crap she was waking up before he could put her down. Rather than make a mad dash to the bedroom, he sat down with her in the recliner closest to him. He felt her legs stir, and then her arms as she woke. She stiffened the moment she realized she was on his lap, his arms encasing her.
“Heyyyyyy,” she said groggily.
“Shhh,” he soothed, holding her close, her head just below his chin. “You’re okay,” he whispered, stroking the soft red waves of her hair. “I want you to just sit here with me for a minute. I’m sorry I scared you. I forget sometimes how intimidating my size can be.”
“It’s not that,” she muttered, her voice tiny and girlish.
“Then what is it?” he asked, keeping his voice scarcely above a whisper as he continued to run his fingers through her silky strands, waiting for her answer.
“It’s what Ivy told you.” She turned into his chest as she spoke, muffling her already too soft words. “I know she told you that I’m a kink freak.” She paused, taking a choppy, almost hiccup like breath, her fingers curling into his chest. “But I’m not.” Her voice grew a bit louder, pouty sounding, like she might be trying to keep from crying. “Just because I have a few kinky fantasies doesn’t mean I want them to actually happen.”
“Shhh, Ivy didn’t call you a kink freak. She told me you were a redhead, sexy as hell and a lot of fun once you got to know someone.”
“Oh?” Her voice suddenly perked up as she pulled her head back, looking up at him. “Then what was the whole, ‘Ivy’s told me much about you… I promised to be on my best behavior.’” The ice in her pretty blue eyes matched the lash of her accusing tongue.
“Okay, you got me,” he said, pretending to hang his head in defeat. “She told me you were curious about certain aspects of BDSM. She thought it might be nice if you met a few of her close friends and hopefully you’d see were not the freaks society labels us as. That you might even come to a better understanding of your own desires and stop feeling guilty for wanting what you want.”
The ice in her eyes melted and a soft blush seeped over her cheeks. She looked down, turning her head back into his chest mumbling something he couldn’t understand.
“It’s okay,” he said, his hand returning to the back of her head, stroking her hair, the light scent of her rosemary and mint shampoo drifting under his nose. “There’s no pressure here this weekend. Just think of me as a big brother.”
“Ew. I’d rather not,” she mumbled.
He couldn’t stop the chuckle that rolled up out of him, realizing she found him attractive after all. “Okay, how about your guide to a great weekend in the wilderness.” He felt her nod, nuzzling against him, silently cursing the puffy jacket that kept her bountiful breasts from making contact with his chest. “Oh shit. Ivy said you’d need one of your pills. I brought your bag in.” He started to move her, but she protested, clinging to him.
“No. I don’t need it anymore. This is better.”
“What’s better?” he asked, settling back into the chair with her.
“Just having you hold me like this, not having to make eye contact. I’m sorry I lost it in the cable car. I have a slight anxiety issue.”
“Crystal,” he said, not withholding his usual authoritative ring as he put his hands on her shoulders, giving her a gentle push back so he could see her face. “If you have a prescribed medication and you’re not taking it—”
“It’s as needed.” She interrupted, rolling her eyes. An offense that normally set his palm twitching, he forced himself not to think of his hand anywhere near her plush well rounded ass. “I needed it back in the cable car, I don’t need it now. If I took it, I’d likely sleep well past dinner and then be wide awake somewhere around 4:00 AM. I really don’t need it anymore, honestly.”
“Okay, but maybe you should keep them a little closer from now on.” He eased his hold on her shoulders, sliding his hands down the sleeves of her coat. “Aren’t you getting a little warm with this on?” 
 “Actually, I am,” she said, leaning back as she worked the zipper down. “And I did have my pills close until you took them out to the ATV.” She pulled her jacket off, looking around, unsure of where to put it.
“I guess I’m guilty again,” he said, shaking his head. “How about we make a fresh go of this and I offer you something to drink. You can take a short rest and recoup in my spare bedroom if you like or you can accompany me while I start the grill. I hope you like fresh grilled salmon.”
“Do you have a cold bottle of water and a hot shower? I’d like to freshen up a bit before dinner.”
“That can be arranged,” he said, giving her a smile as he sat forward, scooting her off his lap. “I’ll show you to the spare room, it has its own shower.” He stepped past her getting her bag. Putting and arm around her shoulder, he guided her down the hallway to the back bedroom. “I’ll get you some water and bring in your other bag. Take as much time as you need.” He opened the door and set her bag down on the bed. “Will this do for now?” he asked, turning back to her.
“It’s beautiful. Yes, thank you.” 
He watched her for a moment as she took in the room. Her eyes taking in the water lily print curtains adorning the two long windows on the back wall. The spacious queen bed and crisp white duvet, the small round table in the corner with the elk horn lamp and finally the door that led to the bathroom. “I’ll give you the full tour after you’ve had some time to refresh. You can find me in the kitchen when you’re ready.”
“Okay,” she nodded, stepping towards the bed. “Thank you,” she called over her shoulder as he made his way to leave.
“You’re welcome,” he said, closing the door behind him.

Well that was a hell of a first impression wasn't it, Mel? Girl meets boy and faints. Where's the hot sex? The bondage? The BDSM? Hell, even a sexy spanking would do. 

You're such a pain in the ass, Yellow. I think they should at least have dinner before jumping straight into all the hot sex.

Oh great. So next week we're going to hear all about the grilled salmon. How lovely!

Actually, I was planning on sharing the scene that comes after dinner between Ivy and Jake. I hear it involves a collar and a butt plug. 

Thanks for stopping folks. May your humpday happiness continue as you hop along to some of this weeks other talented authors.

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Where did I go wrong?

Greetings Everyone and welcome to another #Wipitup Wednesday where you'll always find something to tickle your fancy. 
Last week Crystal was invited to a long weekend getaway in the mountains of Washington, she wasn't really planning on going until...

Crystal chewed at the inside of her lip, taking in the view of Spokane as the plane dipped lower and lower towards the runway. She should have never let Ivy talk her into this and had it not been for Kevin waiting outside her door 3 nights in a row, wearing her down about working things out, she never would have acted so presumptuously. She called Ivy right in front of Kevin, asking if her mountain retreat invite was still open. Ivy’s exhilarating squeal burst forth loud enough for Kevin to hear, even before she put the phone on speaker.
“Of course it is,” her friend continued excitedly. “Donaven will be thrilled that you’ve changed your mind.”
She knew it wouldn’t take more than a sentence or two before Ivy mentioned Donaven—whom she’d been mentioning avidly all week— which is precisely why she called. Kevin apparently needed to hear it from someone else before he would believe she was moving on.
“Two and a half weeks and you can just move on to someone new?” Kevin bellowed as she closed the phone. “I really don’t know you at all, do I? You’ve probably been plotting this break up for 6 months while you searched out your new boyfriend, haven’t you?”
His eyes shot daggers at her as he spoke. She didn’t really want to send him away with the impression she had a new boyfriend because she didn’t. And she wasn’t interested in Donaven as a replacement either—even though he’d become the new face in her fantasies—but she did want to learn more about herself and her desires.

“Tell me one thing and I’ll leave you alone. Where did I go wrong? I think you owe me at least that much.”

“Kevin. You have to stop this and just accept that we're done. You didn’t go wrong. I did. I think I’ve been on the wrong path for a long time. I didn’t plot our breakup or start hunting for a new man. I’m going with Ivy to learn more about that missing element in my life.”

“There you go with that missing shit again. If Ivy knows what’s missing, why in the fuck won’t you tell me? I mean it’s obviously where I fucked up, right? Two years, Crystal. Two fucking years! I deserve to know.” A tidal wave of emotions stirred in his eyes, rage, mostly, but also a deep hurt that made her feel like she had just punched him in the gut.

She knew he wouldn’t like it, and she didn’t really want to make the confession, but it was better than leaving him with the impression he fucked things up. “You’re not dominant enough! There, are you happy? I’m a kink freak who enjoys being controlled, manhandled, fucked roughly, called a slut, having my hair pulled, my ass spanked, and being told what to do by someone who refuses to take my shit when I don’t cooperate.”

He stood there a long moment with his mouth agape, blinking absentmindedly while he absorbed her words. “So, you want someone who pushes you around and uses you like their little fuck toy? You’re right, this isn’t my fault. You’re fucking sick.” He shook his head as if he still couldn’t believe it. “Hypocritical too. You work with abused women for crying out loud. You’re right, I could never be that man for you. And when you find the one who can, I hope you live through it. Goodbye Crystal. And don’t worry, you won’t be hearing from me anymore. And this time it’s a promise!” His hand went to his brow as he walked away, she heard him mutter, “Sick bitch.”

She knew beforehand how he was going to react, but his words still stung nonetheless, especially at being called sick. Reactions like that were what kept her from every sharing her true desires with anyone she’d ever dated. She called Ivy back immediately and told her she wasn’t going, apologizing yet again for changing her mind. After a 2 hour cry on the phone to her friend and much reassurance and encouragement, Ivy had talked her back into going, telling her the only way she was going to understand the difference was by experiencing it.

Her stomach clenched into knots as the passengers seated in front of them started to exit the plane.
“You okay?” Ivy asked, taking her by the wrist as they made their exit.
“Hell no,” she replied nervously. In a few minutes she was going to meet Donaven Sharp and she knew the moment she saw him in person, her face would go crimson. In fact, it would probably become her new color before their 3 day weekend came to an end.

That's it for this week folks, I invite you back next week when Crystal meets Donaven Sharp for the first time. Until then, please check out some of the other hot Wipsters playing this week. You'll not be disappointed.

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Stop calling me that!

Greetings Everyone and welcome to another edition of Wipitup Wednesday. 
Last week Ivy called Crystal out about her desire for dominance and submission. A desire she's denied herself of for years and never shared with anyone until Ivy presses the issue. 
Wanting to help and encourage her friend, Ivy tries to convince Crystal to go with her to Cobalt Canyon for a long weekend and meet some some of her friends who share in the BDSM lifestyle.

“You’re seriously into all the kinky leather stuff? With other women? In sex clubs?” Crystal wasn’t looking at the screen anymore. She was more interested in all the things she never knew and never would have guessed about her friend.

“I’m a kinky girl, what can I say?” Ivy gave her an impish smile. “But I didn’t start out that way. It took a while for me to find all of my likes, dislikes and limits. I didn’t get into the Bi scene until a couple of years ago, with Jake.”

“Wait. Who’s Jake?” Crystal asked.

Ivy clicked open a picture and showed her. The man was quite stunning. Dressed in a business suite and tie, with short sandy brown hair, a devious smile on his lips and a hand extended toward the camera, as if he were gesturing someones attention.
“I met him at Donaven’s house warming party in Coblat Cayon,” Ivy said, her eyes gleaming with admiration as she looked at the pic. “We spent some time together in the dungeon over the weekend and hit it off so well that I’ve been going back faithfully one a month since for a three day weekend.”

“Dungeon?” Crystal’s voice cracked. She wasn’t sure she really wanted to know.

“It’s not really a dungeon. It’s more of a playhouse designed for kink of all kinds. Kind of like the clubs in LA but private, secluded to only residents and their guests. I’d like to take you with me the next time I visit Jake. It would be a wonderful way to introduce you to some people who are in the lifestyle.”

“No… no, no, no, no!” she said, shaking her head. “I’ve never heard of Cobalt Canyon and I’m not interested in this lifestyle stuff.”

“Cobalt Canyon isn’t on the map, it’s just a nickname Donaven came up with. He got tired of living in the city and being ostracized by his neighbors because of his sexual preferences. So he and a few like-minded friends bought some land up in the mountains of Washington State about 50 miles from Kettle Falls near the Canadian border and decided it would be a nice place to live without the worry and stress of nosy neighbors or those unfriendly to their lifestyle.”

“Wait. You’re losing me here. How would his neighbors know about his sexual preferences unless he told them? And for that matter, why would he?”
Ivy giggled before answering her. “He used to live in a condo in Spokane and had the cops called on him a few times for mistaken abuse. Once, while giving a girl a spanking. Another time a girl screamed too loud during orgasm. Can you imagine being that girl and having to explain to the police that it was all consensual despite what neighbors said they heard?”

Crystal took a moment, picturing what Ivy described, remembering a case she’d been given a couple years ago involving a married couple in a similar situation. Their neighbors kept calling the police claiming they could hear the woman in 4B being beaten and crying. Every time the cops showed up, she told them her husband did not beat her, he spanked her, that it was consensual and part of their lifestyle. After Social Services got involved, Crystal had to make a home visit and determine if the woman really was being abused, but too scared to tell the police the truth.

After talking to each of them both together and separately Crystal could see how much they loved each other and believed the wife told the truth.
Unfortunately, it was also her job to make a physical assessment and ask to see any marks or bruises left from her husband’s spankings. The poor woman had tears in her eyes when Crystal said they would need pictures of her bottom. She could either consent to having the officer outside come in and take them, or she could go to the police station and have them taken there. The wife tried every way possible to explain that she was fair skinned and bruised easily, begging Crystal to turn a blind eye to the mild bruising and scant red marks left behind from her last spanking. The wife was worried that if things went to court over this, she could lose her husband. And for three months, she did.

Robert Shwalls got arrested a few days after Crystal submitted her findings. The court ruled that until the case was closed the couple could not live together or see each other.
The wife made an appointment to see Crystal at her office. She wanted Crystal to know that because of her and her position with Social Servies it was going to cost her and her husband not only a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering, but also a good chunk of their bank account to hire a lawyer. After giving her a good piece of her mind the woman gave her a brief educational run down of what the domestic discipline lifestyle was like. She explained how her husband was the rock in her life that kept her grounded and under control. That she needed a good hard spanking sometimes to free herself from all the pent up stress in her life and who gave a fuck if it left a few red lines or bruises on her ass. She told her she would never understand the depth of the relationship she and her husband shared and felt sorry for her that she would likely never experience anything like it herself.

Eventually the couple won the case and were reunited, but after all was said and done Crystal felt bad for all the couple had to go through to restore peace in their lives. It was after that case that she started wondering what it would be like to be spanked herself. To allow a man to correct her and decide what was best for her.
She remembered the time she had enticed Kevin purposely, doing everything imaginable to upset him one weekend until he lost his temper and yelled at her.
She made a suggestion that maybe he should spank her for being such a brat, but he laughed at her. When he realized she was serious he told her she was crazy, there was no way he was putting her over his lap like a child and spanking her bare bottom. It embarrassed her deeply and she never brought it up again.

“Earth to Crystal,” Ivy said, waving her hand in front of her face.

“Sorry, I was just thinking about an old case. Depending on the amount of complaints I’m surprised the police didn’t contact Social Services asking for an investigation.”

“Why do you think he moved?” she said pointedly.

“Why the nickname Cobalt Canyon,” Crystal asked, wanting to change the subject.

“D got this really great shot from up on the bluffs one evening just as the sunset, the whole valley looks cobalt blue and the mountains in the background really give it depth. Oh, but wait until you see the view from the tramway, that will take your breath away.”

“A tramway? As in one of those suspended cable car type things?” Crystal inquired, crinkling her nose.

Ivy nodded. “There’s only one road and it’s rough as hell. It was only used to haul the building supplies and heavy equipment down the mountain so they could build. They have a parking area at the top and use ATVs to get around in the valley.”

“You’re really blowing my mind here. In fact, you're starting to freak me out a little. We’ve been friends for 20 years and suddenly I feel like I have no idea who you really are. I know you mean well, but I’m not into all this kinky stuff like you. I mean, sure, I have a few kinky fantasies about being controlled, but I think it’s best to leave them as such. I could never get into the type of stuff your talking about with clubs and playhouses where people have sex openly in front of others.”

 “How do you know unless you at least look into what you're missing? Come with me when I visit Jake this month. I know Donaven would happy to be your guide for a weekend and show you a few things. You might find that you’re more interested in this stuff than you want to let yourself believe. And if you're not, that’s okay too. You’ll still have a nice relaxing weekend up in the mountains, taking in the sights and fresh air will do you wonders.” Ivy opened another pic, this time of a man in a pair of faded jeans and a tight white muscle shirt, his bulky arms crossed over his chest, dark wavy black hair and light gray eyes.

“Who’s that?” Crystal asked, captivated by the man’s good looks, and killer physique. Looking a bit closer, she’d have sworn the man had a semi-hard on going on.

“That’s Donaven Sharp.” Ivy had a cheeky grin on her lips. “Sexy, isn’t he?”

Crystal nodded, unable to stop looking at the pic. “How old is he?”

“Forty-two, but in that pic, forty.”

“No way. I was thinking late twenties at best,” she said, moving closer to the screen, looking for any signs of gray in his hair or the sexy five-o-clock shadow along his jawline. Ivy giggled, making her blush and pull away from the screen.

“He’s big into fitness and taking care of his body. It’s another reason he chose to move to the mountains. Fresh air, cleaner water and he loves growing his own food. OMG, Crystal, wait until you taste this man’s cooking.” She put her hands to her chest, closing her eyes while licking her lips.

Crystal rolled her eyes. “I’ll admit, the man is downright gorgeous, but I’m not going with you to meet him. I can’t end one relationship and jump straight into a new one. I need some time to adjust and let my life settle before I starting thinking about dating again.”

“Who said anything about a relationship? I’m not trying to set you up with him. I’m just trying to get you away for a weekend and introduce you to some very nice people. People who at one time or another had been curious beginners just like you.”

“Stop referring to me like that. I’m not a beginner,” she said firmly, slightly annoyed. “I’m not interested and I’m not going.” No way was she going to get herself stuck up in the mountains for three days with a bunch of kink freaks who would undoubtedly try and persuade her to participate in something sexual.

What do you think folks? Should Crystal go with Ivy or not? 
We'll find out next week. Until then, please do hop on over to a few of the other hot authors participating in this weeks Wipitup. 

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Not in a million years

Hi there Folks and welcome back to another edition of Wipitup Wednesday where you will always find something to wet your whistle.
Today I'm bringing you more from Cobalt Canyon. Crystal and her best friend Ivy are have a bit of a discussion.

Crystal shook her head as she unlocked the car door on her red Chevy Caviler. “Ivy, really?” she asked, rolling her eyes as her friend found her way to the passenger side door, obviously inviting herself along to wherever Crystal was about to go. “For your information, I’m going over to Arroyo Grande. I have to find a new gym. I don’t want to chance running into Kevin. I was told Fitness 19 is really affordable and has a lot to offer.” Tossing her things in the back seat, she got in the car, watching Ivy do the same. “You’re really going to tag along with me to the gym?” she asked, somewhat sarcastically before starting the car.

“I’m afraid you're stuck with me until you agree to face the fact you have a problem. I care about you, Crystal.” She put a hand on her shoulder and Crystal could see in her eyes that she wasn’t going to give up until she got what she wanted, or heard what she needed to hear. “I want to see you happy. Genuinely happy. No more going through the motions, telling yourself this is how it’s supposed to be.”

Crystal put the car in reverse, pressing her lips into an irritated, flat thin line. “Iv, you know I love you. And I care about you just as much as you care about me. But if you were in my shoes right now, I wouldn’t be pressing you to talk about something you didn’t need or want to share with anyone.”

“Well,” Ivy said, a playful smirk on her face. “I guess that makes me a better friend. And as such,” her smirk vanished, her features somber. “I know you need to talk about it, because if you don’t, you’ll never get what you want.”

Her friend had a point, and although she knew it was true, Ivy was the last person on earth she wanted to know about her sexual obsessions. “If you had a clue what my—problem—as you call it is, you wouldn’t be doing this.”

“I have a pretty good hunch, I know what it is.”

Crystal burst out laughing so hard she nearly ran a red light. “Not in a million years.”

“Really?” Ivy’s brow went up as it always did whenever she felt challenged. “Let’s make a little bet then.” Her lips curled mischievously. “I get one guess. If I’m right, you agree to talk about. With me. If I’m wrong, you can take me home and I won’t pressure about it again for at least a month.”

“No deal. If you're wrong, you won’t pressure me about it ever again.” She could see Ivy’s gears turning as she contemplated the proposal.

“Deal,” she said resolutely. “And you can’t lie either. I’ll know if you do.”

“Fine,” Crystal said, hanging a left.

“I thought you were going to Arroyo?” Ivy asked, confused.

“It’s quicker to turn here. I mean, after you guess I’ll be taking you home anyway, right?”

“Yes, I do believe you’re right.” Her words rang out with an undertone that worried her. 

The wicked grin on Ivy’s lips and the impish look in her eyes sent a chill down the back of Crystal’s neck. No. There’s no way she’ll guess correctly. Yet, the sudden onslaught of quivers in her belly made her more than a bit nervous. “So guess already!” she spat, wanting to get this over with.

Ivy’s features softened as she drew in a slow, deep breath, exhaling before she spoke. “You bail out of every potentially long term relationship is because the man you're with isn’t dominant enough for you and doesn’t know how to take control. There’s no real sparks in the bedroom because for whatever reason, he’s not giving you what you need and desire.”

Crystal felt her stomach hit the floor. Her foot smashed down the break as she swerved to the side of the road, stopping in front of a blue house. A cold sweat broke out on her face, her hands trembling on the steering wheel. How in the fuck could she have guessed something like that? For as long as they’d been friends, they’d never discussed each others sex lives or even compared boyfriends. Fuck. If Ivy knew, how many other people knew? Her nerves were pressing her straight for a panic attack and she needed to get out of the car. She wanted to run, to leave Ivy right there and just run away. She pulled the door latched but it was locked. Oh shit, put the car in park dummy. She was starting to hyperventilate by the time she got out of the car.

“Crystal,” Ivy said, following her out. “Calm down.” She hurried over to her. “It’s going to be okay. Those feelings you have are normal.” She put a hand on her shoulder, guiding her to the passenger door. “Take some really slow, deep breaths. Count up as you inhale and down as you exhale. Focus on counting.”
Crystal did as she was told, feeling more grounded and less flighty with each slow even breath. After she had regained her composure, her friend opened the car door and helped her in, even buckling her up like she was a child. “I’ll drive back to my place. You don’t have to say anything until we get there.”
Crystal just nodded, her nerves skyrocketing again. There was no way she’d be able to say anything to Ivy Durst ever again. When they got to her place, she’d just have to tell her. No way in hell was she going to talk to anyone about her sexual fantasies.

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