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"You don't have the Balls!" Sweet Surrender with Maddie Taylor.

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Hi Folks! I'm here today with a really hot author who's been heating up the charts over on Amazon since the day I met her. Her new book, Sweet Surrender is really a must have for anyone who enjoys a good erotic romance with lots of snarky humor and wit weaved in. This story has as much action in the bedroom -which of course is ubber HOT-  as it has outside of it. 

Please welcome Maddie Taylor as we chat a bit about her newest chart-buster. You're going to love the expert she brought with her.

Melody: What is your favorite published work of yours so far and why? 

Maddie: Oh, jeez!  That’s hard. I fall in love with all of my characters and stories. I’d have to say that I’m rather partial to my western series, the Silverbend Series, Marshal’s Law and Jackson’s Justice. The three Joe Manganiello lookalike brothers might have something to do with it.  One of the things I liked was the time travel twist, Marshal’s Law, book 1 combined contemporary with old west, which I love.  I also like a good historical.  It was fun to research, fun to write and great fun to carry on with in book 2, Jackson’s Justice.   

Melody: My favorite scene in Sweet Surrender is when Jess takes off in Marc’s big Ford truck. What is yours?

Maddie: I do like that scene.  Jessie is hysterical, as in funny, letting fly one zinger after another at what she thinks is a pig headed, unsympathetic fiancé.  How about a little snippet of Melody’s favorite part…

Her foot was on the first tread when the loud banging on the front door began. She stopped without turning back, knowing exactly who it was. Dammit! How had he gotten here so quickly? Well, she wasn’t going to make it easy on good ol’ Dr. Don Juan, the womanizer.

“Who’s there?” she called, all sweetness and light.

“You know who it is, Jess. Open the door.” As orders go, it was stern and commanding; however, at this point, she was beyond caring. She was tired of being his family’s punching bag.

Much louder knocking, more like pounding came next, more insistent this time. “You took my house keys. Open up.”


There was a long pause, then, “Did you just tell me no?” He sounded shocked.

“Nothing wrong with your hearing; maybe it’s a comprehension problem. I’ll talk slower. No,” she said in an exaggerated drawl. “Do you need me to spell it out for you? Maybe use it in a sentence?”

“Jessica, I’m going to count to three and if you don’t open the door, I’m breaking it in.”

“Ha! You don’t have the balls. Oh, wait, you do, but I think you left them in your mother’s Gucci purse.”

Silence reigned for a moment. “I’m not playing here, Jessica Lynn. Open this door right now!”

His voice rose steadily, the last word coming out like the roar of an angry grizzly, which gave her momentary pause. Seriously ticked off, however, and having one too many surprises tonight, including several about her man, she couldn’t resist poking the already agitated bear.


“Go ahead and bust it in, Don. You’ll only have to fix it.”

“Who the hell is Don?”

“Figure it out, Dr. Juan. Maybe you could call the other five nurses you dated before me to help you. I’m sure with that brain trust, you’ll have it solved in a jiff. I’m curious though, were they all big-boobed blond bimbos or were there a few trampy redheads like me, for variety?”

“Dammit, Jessie, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I do know I’m not going to argue with you through our front door when it’s below freezing, sleeting, and I’m soaked through. Open up. Now!”

“Forget you.” She wanted to say something else, but even in her current emotional state wasn’t stupid enough to launch the f-bomb at Marc. “I’m not over my mad and probably won’t be for a good long while. You’re always sticking up for your family, especially your mother. Go sleep at her house tonight.”


“Tell you what, I’ll call and tell her to make up the spare room for you.” That was a lie. She wouldn’t and he likely knew it. “While I’m at it, I’ll put in a request for mommy to tuck you in?”

“Three…” Wood splintered and a size fourteen boot came through the door with such force that the knob imbedded in the drywall.

Jessie stared in amazement as the hulking form of her fiancé appeared in the broken doorway. She literally shook herself to break the trance and like a fool poked again. Crossing her arms, she looked down her nose at the man she’d foolishly fallen in love with.

“Now you’ve done it. I guess you’ll need to stop by Home Depot for spackling. Better yet, borrow mommy’s makeup. That shit’s got to be industrial strength.”

Melody: The comment about Marc's balls being in his mothers purse had me rolling and dying of laughter. I still giggle every time I think of it.
Do you have any unusual writing rituals?

Maddie: Nope.  I’m a pantser.  I fly by the seat of my pants.  I usually start out with a rough outline, but by chapter 4 or 5, I’ve veered from it so much that the two have no correlation.

Melody: Do people in your family know that you write erotic romance? If so, have any of them read your work?

Maddie: My husband knows. It freaks me out when he calls me Maddie sometimes.  <giggle>  One of the authors I chat with regularly calls him Mr. Taylor  <snort>  He says he’d like to brag about my success to friends, but I’m not ready to come out of the closet quite yet. What would the PTA say?  LOL

Melody: He probably brags about it anyway and just doesn't tell you. ;)
When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Maddie: A lawyer, like Lanie in Lanie’s Lessons. I wanted to be the ice queen who was a ballbuster in court. I think I watched too much Boston Legal.  Maybe I really wanted to be James Spader aka Alan Shore in drag.

Melody: If you could bring one of your story characters to life who would it be and why?

Maddie: Lanie Fischer from Lanie’s Lessons.  I like the ballbusting at work, but the D/s role-play fun she has with her husband in private.  Yum!

Melody: I remember their role-plays. The one where he plays Dr. Whew that was hot.
You lead a very busy life with a full time job, a family, and a really hot writing career. How do you fit it all in?

Maddie: Um… insomnia helps. I think I’ve mentioned that before. I suppose I’m fortunate that I can operate on only 3-4 hours of sleep at night, I have a kitty-cat alarm clock that wakes me up at 6:50 am sharp, and that I can still function. I also don’t do caffeine, no coffee, tea and I drink caffeine free diet Mountain Dew. I am an anomaly.

Annoying yellow inner-voice: Speaking of anomalies I have a question for Maddie.
You and Melody visit an old vintage bookstore together and you both spot a very old copy of Gone With The Wind. You look at each other, both wanting it and dash for the book. Melody gets it first.. BUT… when she runs her card at the register it comes back declined and she doesn’t have cash. What do you do?
A.    Smile greedily and purchase the book for yourself when she runs out of options
B.    Loan Mel the money
C.    Look the book over and decide it’s not worth the price and both of you leave without it.

Maddie: Definitely B, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be secretly coveting it. I would, in all fairness, claim dibs on the next great find for myself! 

Melody: Awww... You're a true friend Maddie ♥
Okay, getting back to Sweet Surrender. I found the medical play in this story quite titillating. What inspired the scene with the TENS unit?

Maddie: Um…  My husband has a TENS and that’s all I’m saying.  <wink>

Melody: Tease... lol. 
Giada is quite a malicious tart in this story, did you plan her to be that way originally and will there be a future story with her? I know, I for one would love to see her get her just rewards. LOL

Maddie: Of course! There has to be a villain, someone you love to hate, an antagonist if you will.  Otherwise, what fun would the story be?

Melody: So going back to that snippet you shared. You kind of left us hanging. What happens after Marc busts down the door?

Maddie: Yeah, I can’t leave you hanging. Marc’s mother and his sisters, especially oldest sister Giada have been quite ugly toward Jess, so these comments are justified, at least I think so.  Marc, not so much…

“You’ve been acting like a five-year-old. When I catch you, I’m blistering your ass like one.”

Scampering up the stairs, she was two shy of the top when strong fingers circled her ankle, halting her ascent. She screeched when in the next moment, she was across his lap. Hoisting her skirt up, he laid into her without hesitation right there on the steps. He landed a good dozen stunning smacks before her brain reconnected with her mouth.

“Marc! I’m sorry.”

He paused for a brief second. “You’re apologizing so soon?” His surprise was evident.

“Yeah, because I feel really sad for you…” The insincerity rang through her words, loud and clear. “It must be tough knowing you’ll never be the man your mother is.”

The spanking resumed, but not until her ass cheeks were bared, her panties having been whisked down to her ankles in the blink of an eye. The stretchy boy shorts she favored effectively pinned her feet together as he lit into her again.

“And it’s not your fault that Giada’s got a bigger dick than you.” Although her ass was ablaze, Jessie snickered. She was on a roll. “I’m sure she gets that from your mother.”

Short of outright laughter, she snorted. Was she nuts? He was whaling away on her backside while she was cracking jokes. It was crazy, yet she couldn’t resist; that one was a twofer, insulting both her nemeses in one fell swoop. She felt a small glimmer of satisfaction despite the burning heat he was inflicting on her anything but contrite ass.

He stilled, as did she, and silence filled the stairwell other than the sound of her accelerated breathing. Was he done already? He’d gone relatively easy for her admittedly outrageous behavior. She was at once wary, her suspicion of what lay ahead mounting quickly.

He shifted behind her. An ominous zipping noise sounded as his leather belt cleared its loops. Oh, crap! She squirmed as panic set in.

Melody: Uh-oh, I have a feeling her snarky remarks are about to end if he lays into her with his belt. Before we close… just a couple more questions.Favorite board game and why? 

Maddie: Sorry.  I always think of Mama’s Family where Eunice rings the bell and says in that awful southern accent.  Sooooo-reeeee!

Melody: Have you ever been to any of the places you’ve written about in your books? 

Maddie: I have been to San Antonio, Boston, and Detroit, in fact I born and raised in the Detroit area where Sweet Salvation and Sweet Surrender take place. Here’s an irony. I got a review about Sweet Salvation and the references to the location, which made me laugh.  Let me find it real quick…
Here it is…
Per Amazon Customer:  “The author tries to insert references of areas of Michigan as if she knows the geography, but speaking as one who was born and raised here, she needed to get a map as she gets it wrong a couple of times.”
I had to laugh, I lived there for 18 years and much of my family is there so I return frequently.  I also think I have a pretty good sense of direction, so maybe it was my descriptions.  In general, unless its glaringly obvious, like having the Alamo in Boston, and the North Church in San Antone, in a fiction novel, does it matter all that much?  I do try to be accurate though and use current maps (for you AC), pictures, cities’ websites for references, etc...

It's been a pleasure having you here today Maddie. Sweet Surrender is my favorite book by you so far. I know, I'll probably say that again when I read your next one too, but you just keep getting better and better.
Oh crap! I almost forgot the blurb and the buy links. 
Abandoned by her father at a young age, Jessie Swanson swore she’d never again depend on any man, let alone someone with Dr. Marc Trent’s reputation as a player. Upon being assigned to work a shift as Marc’s nurse, she vows to keep things entirely professional, but when the darkly handsome surgeon asks Jessie to dinner her promises prove no match for his golden-brown eyes.

One date turns into another, and then another, and the better Jessie gets to know Marc, the more his take-charge personality appeals to her. She soon finds herself craving his dominance in the bedroom as well, and when he takes her over his knee, bares her bottom, and spanks her long and hard, she is left blushing and begging for more. But after Jessie learns that Marc’s mother and sisters are unhappy about their match, she retreats into her work, sure that a girl who used to call a trailer park home can’t possibly have a future with someone like him.

When Marc puts his foot down about Jessie’s excessive overtime hours and her failure to take care of herself properly, things come to a head. Jessie decides to move on rather than risk losing her independence to a man she fears will one day cast her aside, but Marc doesn’t give up easily. Will the wounds of Jessie’s past keep them apart forever, or can Marc prove to her that he is not only a man she can depend on, but one worthy of her surrender?

Publisher’s Note: Sweet Surrender is a stand-alone sequel to Sweet Salvation. It is a full-length erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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  1. You always ask great questions, Melody. Thanks for having me on!

    1. Thanks Maddie. You know I ♥ having you here.

  2. Great interview, ladies! Loved the snippet ... you know how I LOVE the snark! :)