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The Right Treatment, rectal thermometers, and Tara Finnegan

Hi Everyone! As you can probably guess, I have Tara Finnegan guesting on my blog today with her fabulous new medical play 'The Right Treatment'. I took a sneak peak into her excerpt and had a knuckle biting response. Here's a hint... 'rectal thermometer'. I don't know about you, but those words just make me all squirmy on the inside. 
Before we get to the hot excerpt, I thought it would be fun to chat a bit with Tara. I mean it would be pretty rude of me to just let her sit over there in my Lazy-Boy, thumbing through last years copies of Vogue. 

Last years copies, Mel? Boy, you're kinda cheap, aren't you?

Oh for crying out loud Yellow, get a grip. I only said last years copies because in a few days, they will be last years copies. Behave now, or I'll give Tara your journal and let her start reading that. Oh, or better yet, maybe next week I'll post your entry from November. You know the one I'm talking about don't you? 

I'll be good. 

I thought so. Now hush up while I talk to my friend. 
Sorry about the interruption, Tara. Sometimes Yellow can be quite rude. Would you like something to drink while we chat? I made some holiday eggnog. 

Tara: Will it make me tipsy? 

Melody: Probably, but one won't hurt, right? 

Tara: Now I know why you're on the naughty list this year.

Melody: Ha-ha... and here I thought it was because the nice list was overcrowded. Okay enough about that, I'm eager to find out more about you, Tara. What made you decide to become an author? 

Tara:  I have absolutely no idea – it was never on my bucket list. Then one day I just started on what became 'My Naughty Little Secret'. I think I really only wrote it to see if I actually could write a full book. I didn’t really expect it would ever be published.

Melody: I bet you were overjoyed when you opened that first acceptance letter. I remember mine. It felt like Christmas day as my nearly popped out of my head. Speaking of Christmas, what are your hopes and dreams this year? 

Tara: What I really want for Christmas this year is to look back this day next year, and for everyone I love to be still here, healthy and able to enjoy it. This was a pretty traumatic year, and I will be ringing in 2015 with great gusto.

Melody: That's really the best part of Christmas, being surrounded by those you love, enjoying a nice meal, good conversation with those we've not seen for a while, and hoping one of the youngsters doesn't take a picture of your mother-in-law sleeping in the recliner with drool running down the side of her mouth, bragging about having just shared it to facebook. (Yes, that happened. No one told her. But she found the post the next day. It had over 100 shares. I giggled!) 
What's the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you about your writing career? 

Tara: This will probably come as no big surprise, but I had this really great advisor who kept telling me not to quit. There were times I wanted to cut him, but of course he was invariably right! I blab.

Melody: I've been there too, Tara. Sometimes things can get overwhelming and down right frustrating. But quitting is never the answer. I mean if we do, then we have this nagging annoying yellow inner-voice that keeps saying "Where would you be now if you hadn't?" I commend the man who pushed you not to quit and hope there is no need of stitches in the future... lol. 

Did someone say yellow? Is it time for my question now, Mel? 
Yes, Yellow, take it away... 
Oh goodie! Tara, you're going to love this one. You wake up with a hangover after last nights Christmas party at your husband’s boss's house. You can’t remember a thing you did last night, what do you do?
A) Remain quiet until someone asks or says something
B) Ask your husband if you did anything embarrassing
C) Book yourself on the next plane to Madagascar

Tara: Ha-ha... I like your annoying yellow inner-voice. It’s so naughty and asks great questions!  Definitely A, remain quiet – after all, this is Ireland, and if I’m lucky, nobody else remembers either. ☺

Melody: I wasn't so lucky, and that's all I have to say about that, lol. Do you do anything special for yourself after you finish a book? 

Tara: Usually, go straight into the next – but actually after The Right Treatment, I took a few months off writing. I was busy with my other job til mid November, and after that I decided to just stop and do nothing! It’s been great, but it will be full steam ahead again in January.

Melody: Those last two months of the year are hard for me too, but I'm with you in January. Full steam ahead ☺ Have you ever not finished a story? If so, please explain. 

Tara: Yes, a few. I start something, then decide no, not now and throw it aside because it doesn’t suit my current mood. Some I will come back to. Some are in another genre, and I have to decide whether I want to go down another road, as someone else, starting all over again. Tough call.

Melody: Oh no! Shame on you for talking about 'other genres'. Just kidding, I think it's wonderful that your thinking of branching out and I wish you the best should you decide to. What's been the biggest challenge so far in your writing career? 

Tara: Definitely the blogging, marketing and pimping of books. I could happily sit behind a computer all day, writing stories, but the marketing is very difficult to me. Mostly, I spend my real life in hiding, and by nature I am pretty shy. Marketing forces me to push myself into the foreground and I don’t like it.

Melody: Mmmm... marketing ♥... NOT! I am so with you on marketing and pimping. I mean I do enjoy the social markets, I've made some wonderful friends while pimping out books for both myself and others, but lets be honest. It takes a lot of time and like you, I like writing the stories a whole lot more. Speaking of stories, we'd better start talking about your new medical play, 'The Right Treatment'. What kind of scrumptious goodies did you bring for us today? 

Tara: I have an excerpt that I picked just for you, Mel. 

“I can’t, I don’t feel well,” Aoife whined as he told her to go tog out for their run.

“There was nothing wrong with you two hours ago when you ate a full packet of chocolate chip cookies after your lunch,” he admonished. He had warned her to go easy on the sweet stuff, that it gave her a false high, but she had defiantly scoffed the lot, almost begging him to spank her. His hand had been itching all day since then.

“So, you were right and now I feel sick. Does that make you feel better, Dr. McDaid?” 

The obvious derision in her voice, and how she chose to twist her first crime to try to vindicate her second sealed her fate. Matt steeled himself: this was shit or get off the pot time. Was he man, or the mouse she took him for? Matt chose man.
“Go to your room, strip off, and lie on the bed ready for an examination until I get there. If you’re not ready when I get there, I promise you, the exam will start with your first taste of a proper spanking. If I find you are lying, the examination will finish with a spanking. Before the night is out, you will write out I must show courtesy and respect to those who are good enough to help me one hundred times. You had better pray you won’t be writing on a hard kitchen chair with a bare, spanked bottom.” The look of horror on her face said it all. Before she scampered from the room, she lifted her mug of tea; he saw her hold it in her mouth and her face redden from the scalding liquid. Inwardly he chuckled. She thought she was being clever. Where he intended sticking the thermometer, a full mug of tea wouldn’t make much difference. (Oh, Tara! You naughty girl... I love that you picked this snippet for me)

As soon as Aoife went to her bedroom, he grabbed his emergency bag from the hall, then went to his bathroom cabinet and pulled out the Vaseline and thermometer. He’d placed them there the minute Aoife had signed her agreement, knowing she would pull any stunt to have the upper hand. He would make sure she would never fake sick again.

“No! No way,” Aoife had protested when he placed the thermometer and Vaseline on the locker. The shock on her face said it all. She definitely had not seen this coming. He relished in the victory. She was lying on the bed, but of course she hadn’t undressed; in fact, she had already pulled on her running clothes.

“Clothes off, now,” Matt ordered, swatting her firmly on the rump.

“Ouch,” she protested. She quickly jumped to attention.

“Lie in the foetal position and relax, it will only take a few minutes.” Her fingers trembled as she slipped off her shorts and he got a lovely view of her cute white cotton panties. No, he would not allow himself to be distracted. Aoife needed to be taught a lesson and his job was to teach it.

Oh yes, Matt. It is your job to teach it! And Tara is being a tease by leaving us hanging just on the cusp of all the action. I guess if we want to know what happens to Aoife we're going to need some buy links. Look for them right after Tara teases us with...

The blurb: Things have changed quite a bit in the years since Aoife Devine last saw Matt McDaid, her childhood crush. Working as a doctor on the emergency ward has hardened him, and parties, alcohol, and one-night-stands have taken their toll on her. But when a bad batch of ecstasy sends Aoife to the hospital, she finds herself with no choice but to accept Matt’s help, even if that means obeying his rules.

Matt proves fully prepared to back up his orders with a sound spanking, and Aoife soon learns that cooperating with his treatments is not optional, no matter how humiliating they may be for her. But will Aoife always be no more than a foolish girl to him, or can Matt come to see her as more than just a troublesome patient in need of the right treatment?

Publisher’s Note: The Right Treatment is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. This book is also available as part of a five-book collection entitled What the Doctor Ordered.

Aoife sounds like she's gotten herself into a real mess with drugs and alcohol. Something that happens far to much these days. I can't wait to find out what kind of treatment Doctor Matt McDaid has in store for this naughty little party girl. Where can we get our copies, Tara?

Amazon  Barns and Noble  Kobo
For the complete box set on Amazon.

Melody: Before we go, tell us what's on the horizon for future books.

Tara: I had a book started that I had to put on hold to get onto The Right Treatment for the box set. I intend to finish that in January and get it to Stormy Night as soon as possible. I’m also considering ghost writing a real life story for someone. I think that would be an interesting thing to do.

Melody: Oh ghost writing. That sounds interesting indeed. We must talk more about that. But for now, where else can readers and fans find you online?

Facebook   Twitter   blog    Amazon author page

Thanks for stopping by today Folks. I'd like to wish you all a happy and festive holiday as we count down to the New Year. Remember to stay safe this year and find designated drivers. I hear Matt is off duty on New Years Eve.


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