Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Eve anitcs on #Wipitup

Greetings Everyone and Merry Christmas to all.
As most of you know and for those that don't I've taken a bit of a pause from sharing my current Wip, Emilia, but I really wanted to have something to share with you all for Christmas. So I've decided to create a naughty little holiday poem that I hope you all enjoy.

A poem, Melody. That's it, just a poem?

What's wrong with a poem, annoying yellow inner-voice? I have always enjoyed reading and writing poetry. I mean I don't have any of my poetry published or anything, but... 
Wait a minute... why am I even explaining this to you, your just an annoying yellow inner-voice. I hope you enjoy the poem folks.  

Twas the night before Christmas at Melody's house.
She's invited some friends and said 'bring your spouse'.
With black silky stockings all hung with care,
she stood back and smiled at the warmth in the air.

In the heart of the kitchen came wondrous smells,
sure to make everyone's taste-buds swell.
Red and white candies and cookies galore,
a roast holiday duck soon at the fore.

She pulled out the bubbly and glasses did fill,
hoping that this year no one would spill.
Seated for dinner, everyone ate,
some of them taking an extra plate.

With bellies full and spirits abound,
all moved to the great room for soft holiday sounds.
Jim sat by Sara and Molly by Joe,
while Melody started her naughty Christmas Eve show.

Out of her bedroom came a steaming hot stud,
and secretly Mel's nipples started to bud.
In nothing more than a pair of ripped jeans,
the ladies anticipation started to steam.

"Over my lap, Melody," the hot stud did say.
Cheeks a blushing, Mel made her way.
Her short skirt soon lifted and bare cheeks reveled,
Melody's spanking wish was soon to be sealed. 

"Twelve, I'm thinking," said the stud with a smile,
"I think you'll all find this so very worthwhile."
 He picked up two paddles, one red, one green,
and started to spank her cheeks, so pristine. 

"Ohhh," she blurted when red left it's mark,
"Ahhh," she called, swearing green made a spark. 
A full dozen strokes were laid down with care, 
Melody's hot bottom heating the air. 

"You took that so well, little Melody dear,
your bottom so cute, wearing holiday cheer." 
Melody blushed as she sat on his lap, carefully
adjusting her Santa Clause cap. 

"Thank you all for coming," she said, rubbing a cheek,
trying to stand on legs far to weak. 
"Oh," she cried falling back in his arms. 
"I've got you, baby, no need for alarm."

Melody moaned as he kissed her, blushing head to toe.
Wasn't it time her friends hit the road?
"Thank you all for coming," she said, her voice low,
"But I have other business, you should probably go."

A knowing smile on each of their face's, 
her friends all left going to their own places. 
Each of them stirred by the sights they did see, 
each girl wondering 'could that be me?' 

Sara said prays before going to sleep,
dreaming of spankings on her own little, white cheeks. 
Molly did too, asking Santa for a paddle, 
and spanking horse, complete with a saddle. 

Melody smiled before falling asleep,
to spent to utter so much as a peep. 
A silent pray went through her mind,
that her friends get spankings of the very same kind.

Hmft! That really wasn't to bad, Mel. 

So glad I have your approval annoying yellow inner-voice. ~rolls my eyes~ 

Thanks for stopping Everyone. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good-night!


  1. What a lot of fun! Hope I'm invited :)

    1. But of course you are, Tara. You just have to BYOS.. 'bring your own stud' ;)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. lol, I've been to BYOB parties, Melody, but BYOS is new to me! Hmm, let me see, who shall i choose?

  2. I LOVED your poem! It brought a smile to my face during my one and only break from baking in the kitchen today. (Yes, annoying yellow-inner voice, I'm STILL baking on Christmas Eve!)

    Here's to you, Mel, for all you do to keep this fun hop alive! I'll have a Ketel One on the rocks with the juice of one cranberry and lime in your honor tonight! Merry Christmas, my friend! :)

    1. Tell your hubby you deserve a good foot massage before bed tonight. I'll have a few shots of Rumchata this evening while thinking of all my author friends. I wish we were all close enough to do a real get together. It's be so much fun.
      Merry Christmas hugs, my friend ☺

  3. Melody! My favourite. Rhyming poetry... and sooo good. I'm confident the friends did not spill on your carpet (I've had red wine on mine before :P) and I hope that the red and green paddles will come again and again, and not be saved just for Christmas. If you find a stud that enjoys a good game of hand tennis with a pair of rounded buttocks, I'll happily volunteer my services ~grin~ This was too funny, I'm still giggling now... and it's not the mulled wine. I haven't had any YET... Happy Holidays to You and Yours xxxxxx

    1. Happy to have tickled your fanny, Christina. Glad you enjoyed. I'll trade you my hot steaming stud for Mr. Martinet ☺
      Have a glass of that mulled wine for me later... I've got Rumchata' ~sports a lopsided grin, hold up shot~ This one's for you... Cheers! Merry Christmas, my friend.

  4. Very cute and just naughty enough!! Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you, Natasha. Merry Christmas ☺

  5. Red and green paddles? Nice touch. I'm running late with WIP but I'm getting there. Hope you Christmas was jolly!