Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Was he rough with you? #Wipitup

Hi Folks and welcome to #Wipitup Wednesday where I am returning with Emilia. 
Tame in comparison to the special Halloween story, but what can I say. '
So, where did  we leave off with Em and Corbet last time?

Hey, Melody. I know, I know. It was the scene where Corbet sent Em away for her wonton actions during her first spanking. He went back to his room and consoled himself with memories of his late wife to prevent himself from 'taking himself in hand'. You should tell readers what happened with Em after Corbet sent her away so rudely. 

Sounds like a good idea. Thanks yellow annoying inner-voice. And away we go! 

Emilia sobbed heavily into her pillow. She had disgraced herself with her wanton actions and she couldn’t make any sense of why she had allowed herself to act the way she had around Corbet. What in God’s name was wrong with her? What was he going to think of her now and how would she ever face him in the morning?

A soft hand touched Em’s shoulder and she flinched, letting out a yelp of surprise as she turned to see Muriel crouched next to her bed.

“Was he rough with you? Are you in pain?” the girl asked in a soft whisper.

“What? No. He didn’t hurt me.” The girl then sat on the edge of Em’s bed and put a hand to her brow trying to soothe her.

“Then why do you cry?”

Em studied the girl for a moment. Her mousy brown shoulder length hair, messy from sleep. Her hazel eyes sparkling from the light of the moon and her sleeping gown smelled faintly of sweat.

“Why are you talking to me now? For three days, neither of you would speak to me, so why now?” She swiped at her tears with the back of her hand.

“Because mother said I should not.” Muriel looked over at the softly snoring woman sleeping in the other bed. “That I should not be friendly with you until we learned more about you.”

“It is hard to learn anything about a person by ignoring them.” Em shifted so that she was lying more on her back. She winced at the still warm welts on her bottom left behind from Corbet’s belt and her sex throbbed.

“What did he do that has you so upset? You have cried every night since your arrival, but tonight you cry harder.” Muriel’s tender eyes looked at Em with both sympathy and curiosity.

“He…” Em looked away from the girl's eyes and out the window. “He spanked me for taking the book.”

“As he should have. You had no right in his study.”

“There’s more,” Em said flatly. “I got excited while he spanked me. I wanted him to…” she couldn’t bring herself to complete her words.

“To what?” Muriel asked, trying to meet Em’s eyes.

“To deflower me,” she whispered while covering the shame she felt her face was showing.

“You’re a dove?” Murieal asked with a gasp, putting a hand to her mouth.

Em nodded and a sob rolled up from her chest. “I acted like a harlot raising my hips… moaning even as he struck me. I was burning with need for him and I don’t understand why. He was angry with me, all but tearing the beautiful dress he gave me from my body and then he turned me out, telling me to go to bed.” 

Silence hung in the air for a long moment as Em looked at the confusion in the other girl’s eyes. 

“He’s not keeping me,” Em said. “He wants to use me to make the women in town think he’s taken so they stop pushing their daughters at him for marriage. At month’s end he will take me home.”

“That should make you happy.”

“It does, but it also hurts that he doesn’t want me.” 

“You like him.”

“Why do I like him, Muriel? Why, when I have no reason to like him do I find myself wishing for his touch, for his kiss. What is wrong with me?”

“Because he is handsome and because he is a good man, a fair man.” Muriel took Em’s hand in hers. “That is why so many girls in town seek to be his wife.”

“Why does he not want another wife?”

“I don’t know. But mother says he will never take another. That is why she was so cross when master Corbet brought you here and told her to make you comfortable while he was away getting supplies. She was furious when he told her to give you one of Sara’s dresses. I should not have been listening, but I couldn’t help it.”

“Sara. She was his wife? The one who died?” Muriel nodded, checking over her shoulder to make sure Alice, her mother, was still sleeping. “How did she die?”

Muriel’s head turned back to Em’s. “Mother says I am too young to know, a girl my age does not need to hear horror stories. I’m over eighteen and she still won’t tell me, it must have been very bad.”

Em’s mind raced, wondering just how horrid Sara’s death had been. It pained her to think of Corbet having witnessed the event. Then it dawned on her. What if it had been his fault, even if unintentionally? That would explain why he would never wish to wed again. Terrible things started to drift through Em’s mind. She thought about Lancore’s reputation of loose morals. What if his wife had been… raped? 
Em closed her eyes in an effort to hold back her tears. Now she felt even worse for how she had acted. She felt a pain in her stomach. What if the poor man had witnessed his wife being brutalized and had been unable to stop it? A cold shiver ran down her spine as the tears leaked from the corner of her eyes, making a slow, wet trickle into her hair. No wonder she had disgusted him. If such were true, it would make perfect sense why he was angry with her. Her actions had probably brought back horrible memories for him.

 Poor girl couldn't be more confused could she? I invite you to tune in next week for what happens the following day when Corbet asks for an explanation about her wonton actions. 
Thank you all for stopping by today, I wish you a very happy rest of your hump-day while you enjoy a few more of our delectably talented Wipsters


  1. I love your little conversations with yourself up there... ;)

    This WAS sweet and tender especially compared to all the naughty you've had but I liked it and am intrigued - which is the point, right?


    1. Thank you, Natasha I'm glad you enjoyed it despite it being so tame compared to the hot demon ;-)

  2. lovely scene, Melody. The girl being friendly to Emilia is a nice touch. Oh but the confusion you've left her in. sighs

    1. Thank you for stopping, Joelle. Glad you like Muriel. Em is a bit confused at this point, as is Corbet, although, both for different reasons.

  3. I just read this part! I'm so happy that you decided to post more on your Emilia story. It's a 5 star book!

    1. Meredith, I'm really happy your enjoying the read so far. Thank you again for reading it through for me. ☺

  4. Love the expression 'You're a dove?' So sweet for virgin - I'm assuming that's what it means LOL. Loved the beautiful tension, her all upset that she got horribly excited as he gave her a good spanking for taking his book - quite right too, the girl should not have been in his study. And now I am intrigued about reputations and loose morals... tell me more, Melody - and sooner, rather than later PRETTY PLEASE???

    1. Thank you, Christina. You're correct about her virginity. It's explained in earlier chapters about virgins being called 'doves'.
      Love the way you say, PRETTY PLEASE. Let me just say the same where Violetta is concerned. MORE PLEASE...now?

  5. It was so much fun to run from your INSANE Halloween story back to this sweet, romantic tale. I'm with Christina on loving the "dove" reference. You've left so many questions unanswered, Ms. Melody. I wonder if I might get answers from your "annoying yellow inner-voice" so I don't have to wait until next week. Everyone has a price, you know. ;)

    1. LOL @ trying to bribe my 'annoying yellow inner-voice'. I'm glad you want to know more. I'm still thinking about your elephants and mouse holes. That was greally great today, Shelly. *high-five*

  6. I am dying for more of this now Melody. I absolutely love Emilia's innocent confusion and really want to watch the story between these two unfold. Any idea of when it will be for publication?

    1. Thanks so much, Tara. The story is with beta readers at the moment. After some grueling and painstaking edits thereafter I'll be submitting it. I'm getting worried though. I'm going to have to start posting shorter snippets or I'm going to run out of content to share.

  7. I missed Emilia - I want to know what happens next with her and Corbet!

    1. Aww, Jaye. How sweet of you to say I am glad she's staying with you and that you like the story. Thank you for visiting. ☺