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Learning To Be Little Again with Meredith O'Reilly

Greetings Everyone. I have Meredith O'Reilly here with me today featuring her newest release, Learning To Be Little Again. 
Author Bio: Meredith O’Reilly is a rather new author. She still can’t believe that she has had two stories published. As of right now, she is currently only writing age play stories, however, she is trying to branch out and find another genre of stories to write for.
In her spare time, Meredith goes to school, watches a little too much Netflix, and experiments with learning how to cook new things in the kitchen. Mostly, she tries to balance her life between school work and author work. That’s a task that is easier said than done, most times.

Melody-- Did you have a favorite book growing up? If so, what was it and why? 

Meredith-- I was a big series girl. I loved reading the American Girl Doll series, the Bailey School Kids series, the Junie B. Jones Series, The Series of Unfortunate Events, etc. My favorite stand alone book was called Small Steps: The Year I got Polio by Peg Kehret. That was the first book that I read in a day back when I was in 5th grade. I loved that book because it was an autobiography that told a 12 year old girl's journey with having three different types of polio. The odds were against her, she was away from home, her family, and yet she still beat her disease. For me, it was always a book that showed that miracles do exist.

Melody-- Small Steps sounds like a real tear-jerker. I'm glad it had a happy ending and also that it still seems to affect you yet to this day. I love stories that touch the heart too. Where's your favorite place to write? 

Meredith-- My bed. I have a process. I write my first draft on my iPad, while lying in bed. My bed is comfortable and my characters love to talk to me when I’m lying in bed. Once I finish my first draft, I email it to my desktop computer to edit and then send off to my editors.

Melody-- Oh, that sounds comfy. I have a hard time typing on anything but a computer. Just trying to send a text from a cell phone is a challenge for me. I tried to leave a review from my kindle once. It had so many typo's I had to jump on my computer and go fix them. Those auto correct features seem to have an imagination all of their own. So, do you outline your stories, or are you more of a panster?

Meredith-- Kind of both. Before I write my story, I have a general thought process about what's going to happen in my story. But, I don't write an outline. As I begin writing my story, some things pop out that I’d never planned.

Melody-- Oh yeah, that happens to me all the time, normally after the first chapter is written, the characters are like 'Hey, we're free... let's take this story in a direction Melody never saw coming.' Then there are times I have to argue with them a bit to get them to conform to where I need the story to go. 

Annoying yellow Inner-voice-- Hi, Meredith. I just wanted to say, the cover of your new book is so cute. I love the colors, and the teddy bear is just adorable. I have a question I've been dying to ask someone. Have you ever eaten Okra? If so, did you like it? 

Meredith-- I've never eaten it. I tried snails once though... they were crunchy!

Melody-- Wait a minute. Crunchy? I'm not 100 % positive on this, but the only crunchy part of a snail is the shell. I don't think your suppose to eat that part... LOL. 
Okay, enough of the food oddities. Do you do anything special for yourself after you finish a book?

Meredith-- I go to my Amazon wish list and buy myself either a couple of kindle books or something that I've wanted. I also go to the store and get a Prairie Farms regular chocolate milk. It is the best, sweetest, chocolatiest (made up a new word there) milk out there.

Melody-- Me too, Meredith. I enjoying treating myself to a new book after I finish writing one. You have me curious about this Prairie Farms, sweetest and most chocolatiest milk. I'll be looking around for this when I go shopping. 
Let's talk about your writing schedule. How many hours a day to you spend typing away on your iPod? 

Meredith-- Sadly, I only really write during the winter and summer breaks. During the school year, I'm very busy with school, so I try to write on breaks so I can then work on edits during the school year. I do get a little writing done during the school year, but not near as much as I do on my breaks.

Melody-- I think it's wonderful that your going to school full time and still find the time to work on such wonderfully touching stories as 'Learning To Be Little Again'. What has been the biggest challenge in your writing career so far? 

Meredith-- Writing spanking scenes. I read other author’s spanking scenes and I’m always like, “Man, that’s hot!” Then I write mine and I’m like, “Meh.” I want to work on writing such hot spanking scenes that even I’m like, “Holy crap that was SMOKIN’ hot!”

Melody-- Are you kidding me? I think your spanking scenes are quite the work of art. I enjoy your creativity when it comes to making them meaningful and different. Now you've got me curious about your blurb and your excerpt. What tempting yumminess do you have for us today? 

Twenty four year old Juliana once loved being a little, until the cruelty of the man she had called daddy broke her heart and she decided to never be little again. But when she fails to take care of herself and becomes ill, a worried friend brings her to Dr. Robert O’Connor, claiming that he will understand what she needs. Juliana is embarrassed and nervous, but to her surprise, Robert gives her a teddy bear and tells her a fairy tale to help her relax. Though the exam is intimate and thorough, Juliana feels safe the whole time and hopes afterwards that she’ll see more of the handsome doctor.

From the moment Robert heard about Juliana’s past, he wanted nothing more than to take away her pain and make sure she never has to worry about anyone hurting her again. He is thrilled when he asks her out and she shyly agrees. Though Juliana claims she doesn’t want to be a little anymore, he longs to prove to her that age play with him is nothing to fear. Robert is a patient man, and before long Juliana is calling him “daddy”, playing with her dolls, and coloring. He delights in taking care of her every need, dressing her in footie pajamas, and brushing her hair. Even when Juliana is disobedient and Robert has to put his baby girl over his knee and spank her bare bottom, it is always followed by plenty of loving hugs and cuddles.

Soon Juliana is eating more and sleeping better, and feels healthier than she has in a long time. But when the man who once abused her skips bail and threatens to hurt her if she continues to see her new daddy, she becomes terrified. Will she ever be free to relax in her daddy’s arms, knowing he will keep his little girl safe from everything and love her no matter what?

Publisher’s Note: Learning to be Little Again is a stand-alone sequel to Little Samantha’s Choice. It is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, age play, medical play, anal play, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Melody-- It sounds like Robert is going to be a comforting and refreshing change for Juliana. Do you have a snippet for us?

Meredith-- Of course and it's one I think you'll really like, Melody. As a part of Juliana’s punishment for not listening, Robert makes her wear a butt plug during her nap and for the rest of the time that their friends are over.

“There is one last part to your punishment. I’m going to make you wear a butt plug for your nap and for the rest of the time our guests are here. I’m hoping that it teaches you to always listen to your daddy. If you take it out, you’ll be over my knee again. Understand?”
“Yes, sir.”
Another wave of embarrassment rolled over me as his lubed finger entered my bottom hole. He added a couple more before pulling them out and the unmistakable feel of the rubber butt plug was at my bottom hole.
I couldn’t help the whine that escaped my lips as he gently pushed it in me.
“Relax, baby girl. You’re okay. This is the widest part,” he said as I whined again, my bottom hole stretching to accommodate the plug.
“There you go. Now let’s get you dressed. Then it’s nap time,” he said, as my bottom clenched around the invader. I didn’t like having the plug in me, but I knew my daddy wouldn’t take it out, no matter what I said.
I nodded. After all the crying and squirming, I was exhausted. He helped me get my clothes on. It was uncomfortable because every time that I moved, the plug shifted in my bottom, making me very aware of it.
After a few more attempts, I was dressed and was tucked into bed.
“Sweet dreams, baby girl.” He left the room and I was soon sound asleep.

Melody-- Oh what a tease you are Meredith. I think you know me to well. I love anything to do with anal scenes and using a plug as a punishment is HOT! You must tell us where we can find this hot new release? 

Blushing Books  Amazon  Kobo  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

Melody-- I'm sure readers are curious what you have in store for future books. What have you in the works following Learning To Be Little Again? 

Meredith-- I actually just emailed James about this. I’m most likely going to work on an age play book that will go along with the first two books that I have written. You’ll have to keep your eyes open for it to come out in a few months.

Melody-- Oh, I am sure that's going to make your age-play fans very happy. 
Finish this sentence. I'll stop writing when... 

... No new stories pop into my head. But, stories have been popping into my head since I was seven years old in first grade, I doubt that they’ll stop anytime soon.

Melody-- It's been a real treat having you here today Meredith. Where can folks stalk... err, I mean find out more about you online? 

Meredith-- Thank you for having me on your blog today, Melody. I agree it's been a lot of fun. For those curious about learning more about me I can be found on. 
Facebook  Twitter  Amazon  My Blog  and Goodreads

Thanks for visiting folks. I'm sure you're as intrigued as I am by this hot new release. Don't forget to check out the free teaser on Amazon's 'Look inside' feature for more about 'Learning To Be Little'.

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Melody Parks M.I.A ?

Hi Everyone and welcome to #wipitup. Some of you may have noticed I was absent last week, and I thought I should explain why. I feel so guilty missing my first week since starting this hop.

As you should Melody. What kind of host doesn't participate in their own blog hop?

Oh, stuff it Annoying yellow inner-voice! You're just jealous that I've been spending more time talking to Pretty purple inner-voice lately. And I happen to have a very good reason for not being here last week. Well, mostly. It's called Melody was having a melt-down. 

I finished writing Emilia a couple weeks ago and sent it off to beta readers. Reports came back and although, I can't say why-- okay, I could say why, but I won't-- My beta readers and I agree this story needs a major plot change.
So basically what that means is, I have to put sharing this story on hold for a while. And unfortunately, I don't have another WIP started yet. So although I will still be reading all of my fellow authors each week, I'm going to refrain from sharing for a little while.

Wait! hold up! So not only did you miss last week, but you are going be absent for a while? How long is a while, Melody? I think people need a time frame here. 

Wow, Mel was right about you. You really are annoying. Stop being so hard on her. With the holidays right around the corner she's probably trying frantically just to find time to write. She can't share what isn't written yet.

Thanks for your support purple inner-voice. Remember that chat we had about selling yellow inner-voice on e-bay? Well, I think we should put a listing on Craig's list too. Under 'Free'

Hang on a minute here! You two have chats about me? You've never said anything about a purple inner-voice. I don't think that's fair. Purple isn't even a primary color for crying out loud. At least I'm a primary color. 

So what! Purple is prettier than yellow, Mel even said so. Didn't you Mel?

I knew it was going to be a bad idea to let these two meet. For those of you who celebrate, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow and hope you enjoy all the sexy and talented authors on Wip this week. I plan to be back with Emilia as soon as I can.   

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Stormy Night Publications: A look behind the naughtiness! Part 1

Greetings Everyone. You're not going to believe this, but I have James Johnson here with me today from Stormy Night Publications. That's right, I'm interviewing a publisher.
We're going behind the scenes with some commonly asked questions new authors often have when looking for a publisher.

Melody: Thank you so much for visiting today, James. One of the biggest questions authors have is, 'how long will it take for my book to be published?' Can you tell us, on average, from start to finish, how long it takes to publish a book?

James: The time it takes to go from initial submission to release of a book depends on a number of factors (length, number of submissions we’ve received recently, level of editing required, etc.), but on average we aim to have our part done in a month or less. Of course, the total length of time from submission to publication also depends on how long the author takes to make revisions during the editing process.

Melody: In your opinion, what is one of the biggest mistakes new authors make?

James: One of the biggest and most common mistakes new authors make is not knowing their audience well enough.  It is very difficult to get readers to buy something if the theme doesn’t interested them, regardless of how well-written it may be. Writing a book that will sell requires an understanding of what it is that customers want to buy.

Melody: Very good point James. It doesn't make much sense to write a book no one is in the market for, unless we are only writing it for ourselves or a close group of friends. 
What about grammar. What is one grammar mistake that you would pay to never see again?

James: There are some areas of grammar where there is some ambiguity and wiggle room, and there are other areas where the language has moved on (languages evolve over time, it is a fact of life) and grammarians need to come to grips with reality. Punctuation for dialogue really isn’t one of those areas. The rules make sense, and there isn’t another obviously better way to do things that grammarians are just ignoring because they have their heads up their asses. We should respect that by following the rules in this area, which you can find here, for example.

Melody: Well, I can see you are very passionate about punctuation. Thanks for the link, James. Authors bookmark that link  and keep your publishers happy. The less time they spend fixing simple mistakes the quicker your production line moves. Let's move on to genres.
What is your favorite sub-genre to read from the books that are submitted?

James: Hmmm… probably I would have to say contemporary medical play, but medieval (of both a historical and a more fantasy-oriented variety) is a close second.

Melody: The authors I know who have published with SNP --Stormy Night Publications-- have nothing but good things to say about their experience. How does that make you feel?

James: We strive to be an author-centric company, so it makes me very happy when authors are pleased with their decision to publish with us.

Melody: It's clear you think highly of your authors and take pride in presenting their work. Could an author ask for more? Not in my book.
When you aren't hard at work publishing books, what do you enjoy doing with your free time?

James: I enjoy traveling and seeing new places, especially with Korey. I also enjoy movies quite a bit, especially seeing them in a theater.

Melody: I'm a sucker for movie theater popcorn. Oh, oh, oh... I have to ask you about the new Stormy Night Newsletter. I've read the first edition and really like the Serialized Novel section.  Who's idea was it to start it and what do you hope to accomplish now that it's in place?

James: Newsletters are a pretty common form of marketing, and I think we had always planned to start one eventually, so I couldn’t really say whose idea it was originally. What we hope will set our newsletter apart is the amount of high-quality, exclusive content it will provide for readers. Everyone at Stormy Night contributed ideas for potential future newsletter content, and a number of our authors provided invaluable feedback as well.

Melody: I think the Newsletter is a wonderful tool for both readers and authors alike. Thanks for starting it.
It's been really fun talking with you today, James. Let's wrap up with some fun, random facts.
If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

James: I didn’t know I had a favorite color growing up, but apparently I do have one and Korey tells me it is blue, at least based on the color I always want to paint things when we do remodeling at our house. So blue, I think.

Melody: Remodeling can be a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Why am I suddenly picturing you and Korey flinging paint at each other? LOL. What about a favorite food growing up?

James: Lasagna

Melody: Is it strange that I picture Garfield the cat every time I hear Lasagna? What about music? What are your tastes?

James: I like songs that tell a story, like most of the stuff by Johnny Cash for example.

Melody: I think I know Folsom Prison Blues and The Burning Ring of Fire by heart. I swear that was the only cassette tape my mom ever kept in the car. What's your favorite season and why? 

James: Spring. Texas (where I grew up and have lived most of my life) doesn’t have great fall color, but the wildflowers in spring are amazing.

Melody: Spring is pretty muddy where I'm at but I can't tell you how relived I am to see budding trees and flowers after a long winter. Give me the blistering heat of summer any day. Well if we actually had any blistering days of summer in Wisconsin.
You recently had a birthday. What was your favorite /least favorite gift you received?

James: Favorite: Maddie Taylor went along with the blurb I wanted to use for Lanie’s Lessons after I told her it was my birthday and I wanted to use my blurb.
Least Favorite: The water puddle our leaking shower floor left for me underneath the carpet in the bathroom closet.

Melody: Leaky shower woe's. I feel for you on that one James, sounds like it was a wet mess. I have to giggle at your favorite gift, but that's because I know and also work with Maddie. LOL. Which reminds me. Maddie Taylor has Korey Mae Johnson visiting and Meredith O'Reilly has Jamie Miles from Stormy Night Publications on their blogs today. Please visit them to learn more about these wonderful, top notch publishers and editors. 

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I want to inspect your bottom #Wipitup

Greetings Everyone and welcome to #Wipitup Wednesday. We have more cream than any other Wednesday hop.

Last week we left Emilia in tears as she fell sleep thinking about her wonton actions, wondering what Corbet must be thinking about her. Today we'll find out.
Corbet has taken Em to the stream he mentioned and has told her to strip and bathe while they discuss her reactions to her belt the night before.

But Melody... You mean he's watching her bathe? Naked? I thought he was a gentleman? And I thought he was upset with her wonton behavior, why does he watch her bathe? I think you have a plot hole or something going on. You'd better get back to your edits.

Oh for crying out loud annoying yellow inner-voice. No, he's not watching her bathe. He's standing on the bank with his back to her and his arms crossed. And he is still upset with her behavior. I guess it's a good think you asked, annoying yellow inner-voice. I didn't include that part in the snippet and can see where it might be confusing

“What did I do that aroused you last night, Emilia?”

 His words were cold and clipped. His stern tone made her feel like she was in trouble all over again. “I don’t know, sir. I’m sorry. I promise it won’t happen again.”

“You’re the only one that know’s, Emilia. I know it may be hard for you to explain, but I want you to try. I want to avoid any such confusion in the future.”

 His words felt as icy as the water on her skin. “I was so scared at the auction, scared of Lancore’s rumors.” She started to wash her body while she spoke. “I know that if anyone else had made my purchase I would have lost my virginity days ago. Probably in a lewd and ruthless manner. But you are a kind man, like the auctioneer called you. I didn’t feel as scared about picturing you being the one to do it. And then while you were gone, I daydreamed about what it might be like when you did.” His shoulders shifted and she paused, thinking he was about to turn around, but he didn’t.

 “Did it arouse you to think about it?” Some of the chill left his voice and Em could hear the gentle undertones again.

“Yes, sir,” she said softly before dipping her head back to wet her hair.

 “Then why did you act so scared when you thought those were my intentions after telling me about the book?”

She saw him turn his head, just slightly, she was sure of it. “Because I’ve been told it hurts, and that scared me. I worried that I wouldn’t know how to please you.”

“You seemed relieved when I assured you I did not want your virginity.”

 “I was. I mean, I am.” She leaned back into the water, rinsing her hair.

“Yet your arousal grew to lust during the spanking.”

 Squeezing the water from her hair, she wasn't sure of how to respond. This perplexed her as much as it did him and she didn’t know how to explain. She certainly didn’t want to tell him about the images that flashed through her mind when he spanked her with the belt or that the more she tried to will them away the more vivid they became.

 “I’m sorry, sir. I got confused. I tried to make my body stop, but that only seemed to make it worse. I’m very ashamed. I’ve never acted like that before and don’t understand why I did. I promise you, it won’t happen again.” Em said, as she made her way back to the boulder and began drying herself.

 “If you couldn’t control your actions despite your efforts, how can you promise me that it won’t happen again?” Corbet turned around, staring straight at her.

 She wrapped the drying cloth around herself, covering her breasts and cunny. Her face flushed, but she didn’t turn away from his gaze. “I promise to try harder to control myself, sir.” 

Corbet cleared the few steps between them and stood before her. Em’s heart started racing. As much as she wanted to look away, she couldn’t and the heat on her face flamed all the more.

  “Turn around, and lift the cloth. I want to inspect your bottom for any bruising or welts.”

Em didn’t want him to look at her bottom, but she turned nonetheless, lifting the cloth. 

Squatting behind her he made careful observation, but refrained from touching her. With her heartbeat thumping wildly in her ears, a secret part of her wished he would. Even just a soft caress over the warm area, reminding her of his belt. Her sex clenched as an image of his hand on her bare bottom floated through her mind. ‘No, no, no!’ Why did she react this way around him? She was thankful when he stood up, telling her she could cover her bottom.

 “Sit up here on the rock,” he said, patting the boulder. “I’ll brush out your hair.”

As she climbed on the rock, he took the small brush from his pocket. She sat cross legged, her back to him while he pulled the soft bristles through her tangled locks. When he hit a snarl he worked through it gently. His hands felt so nice in her hair that she closed her eyes, inhaling his scent slowly, trying to calm her heart as she clutched the material close to her breasts.

 “I expect you to be on your best behavior today. Other than being cordial and polite, you need not speak. The less people know about you, the better.” His voice was tender again, it seemed  his former anger had calmed. “After breakfast, Alice will help you into the dress I gave you and put your hair up.”

 “Yes, sir,” she said, barely above a whisper. The back of his hand brushed her shoulder and she felt a tingle crawl down her spine. She wanted him to brush her hair out of the way and kiss the back of her neck.

 Why couldn’t she control this? She remembered what Muriel told her last night. Something horrible had happened and he didn’t want another wife… ever! So why now, for the first time in her life, did she have to find herself attracted to a man? This man. A man who would never want her.

Melody... I thought this was a story about Em and Corbet falling in love? It's sure not looking that way so far. She wants him but it doesn't seem the he wants her.

Maybe he does, but just doesn't want to admit it yet. Geez, your annoying!

Sorry Mel, I was just saying is all. 

Oh whatever, annoying yellow inner-voice.

Thanks for stopping by folks. I hope you enjoy the rest of this weeks treats as you hop along to some of the other hot authors playing this week.

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Was he rough with you? #Wipitup

Hi Folks and welcome to #Wipitup Wednesday where I am returning with Emilia. 
Tame in comparison to the special Halloween story, but what can I say. '
So, where did  we leave off with Em and Corbet last time?

Hey, Melody. I know, I know. It was the scene where Corbet sent Em away for her wonton actions during her first spanking. He went back to his room and consoled himself with memories of his late wife to prevent himself from 'taking himself in hand'. You should tell readers what happened with Em after Corbet sent her away so rudely. 

Sounds like a good idea. Thanks yellow annoying inner-voice. And away we go! 

Emilia sobbed heavily into her pillow. She had disgraced herself with her wanton actions and she couldn’t make any sense of why she had allowed herself to act the way she had around Corbet. What in God’s name was wrong with her? What was he going to think of her now and how would she ever face him in the morning?

A soft hand touched Em’s shoulder and she flinched, letting out a yelp of surprise as she turned to see Muriel crouched next to her bed.

“Was he rough with you? Are you in pain?” the girl asked in a soft whisper.

“What? No. He didn’t hurt me.” The girl then sat on the edge of Em’s bed and put a hand to her brow trying to soothe her.

“Then why do you cry?”

Em studied the girl for a moment. Her mousy brown shoulder length hair, messy from sleep. Her hazel eyes sparkling from the light of the moon and her sleeping gown smelled faintly of sweat.

“Why are you talking to me now? For three days, neither of you would speak to me, so why now?” She swiped at her tears with the back of her hand.

“Because mother said I should not.” Muriel looked over at the softly snoring woman sleeping in the other bed. “That I should not be friendly with you until we learned more about you.”

“It is hard to learn anything about a person by ignoring them.” Em shifted so that she was lying more on her back. She winced at the still warm welts on her bottom left behind from Corbet’s belt and her sex throbbed.

“What did he do that has you so upset? You have cried every night since your arrival, but tonight you cry harder.” Muriel’s tender eyes looked at Em with both sympathy and curiosity.

“He…” Em looked away from the girl's eyes and out the window. “He spanked me for taking the book.”

“As he should have. You had no right in his study.”

“There’s more,” Em said flatly. “I got excited while he spanked me. I wanted him to…” she couldn’t bring herself to complete her words.

“To what?” Muriel asked, trying to meet Em’s eyes.

“To deflower me,” she whispered while covering the shame she felt her face was showing.

“You’re a dove?” Murieal asked with a gasp, putting a hand to her mouth.

Em nodded and a sob rolled up from her chest. “I acted like a harlot raising my hips… moaning even as he struck me. I was burning with need for him and I don’t understand why. He was angry with me, all but tearing the beautiful dress he gave me from my body and then he turned me out, telling me to go to bed.” 

Silence hung in the air for a long moment as Em looked at the confusion in the other girl’s eyes. 

“He’s not keeping me,” Em said. “He wants to use me to make the women in town think he’s taken so they stop pushing their daughters at him for marriage. At month’s end he will take me home.”

“That should make you happy.”

“It does, but it also hurts that he doesn’t want me.” 

“You like him.”

“Why do I like him, Muriel? Why, when I have no reason to like him do I find myself wishing for his touch, for his kiss. What is wrong with me?”

“Because he is handsome and because he is a good man, a fair man.” Muriel took Em’s hand in hers. “That is why so many girls in town seek to be his wife.”

“Why does he not want another wife?”

“I don’t know. But mother says he will never take another. That is why she was so cross when master Corbet brought you here and told her to make you comfortable while he was away getting supplies. She was furious when he told her to give you one of Sara’s dresses. I should not have been listening, but I couldn’t help it.”

“Sara. She was his wife? The one who died?” Muriel nodded, checking over her shoulder to make sure Alice, her mother, was still sleeping. “How did she die?”

Muriel’s head turned back to Em’s. “Mother says I am too young to know, a girl my age does not need to hear horror stories. I’m over eighteen and she still won’t tell me, it must have been very bad.”

Em’s mind raced, wondering just how horrid Sara’s death had been. It pained her to think of Corbet having witnessed the event. Then it dawned on her. What if it had been his fault, even if unintentionally? That would explain why he would never wish to wed again. Terrible things started to drift through Em’s mind. She thought about Lancore’s reputation of loose morals. What if his wife had been… raped? 
Em closed her eyes in an effort to hold back her tears. Now she felt even worse for how she had acted. She felt a pain in her stomach. What if the poor man had witnessed his wife being brutalized and had been unable to stop it? A cold shiver ran down her spine as the tears leaked from the corner of her eyes, making a slow, wet trickle into her hair. No wonder she had disgusted him. If such were true, it would make perfect sense why he was angry with her. Her actions had probably brought back horrible memories for him.

 Poor girl couldn't be more confused could she? I invite you to tune in next week for what happens the following day when Corbet asks for an explanation about her wonton actions. 
Thank you all for stopping by today, I wish you a very happy rest of your hump-day while you enjoy a few more of our delectably talented Wipsters

Be quite. I'm not done!

Hi Everyone. Guess what? Maddie Taylor's here with me today to introduce her newest steamy release, Lanie's Lessons.
This is one hot book folks. I think Maddie's outdone herself with this one, really! I'm still having hot flashes. 
But before we get to the blurb and excerpt, I thought it might be fun to crawl deeply into Maddie's head and find out just where all these saucy and salacious characters come from. 

Melody—Did you have a favorite book growing up, if so what was it and why?

Maddie—I’d have to say a favorite series.  I really enjoyed Harriet the Spy and Encyclopedia Brown books.  I like the mystery in both, but I felt sorry for poor Harriet when her notebook was read by all.  Kind of a pre-cursor to Mean Girls and the slam book, but Harriet had to go it alone.

Melody— My favorite at that age was Beverly Cleary books. Couldn't get enough of Ramona. 
Where is your favorite place to write? 

Maddie—some place quiet. I like to write early in the morning when the house is quiet. I try in the evening when DH is at home, but the drone of the TV is distracting. If I try to sneak away I hear his voice yell up the stairs. “What happened to my wife!  Come sit with me.”  Even though he’s only watching TV, he wants to be able to look at me and know I’m there.  Sweet?  Yes.  Conducive for writing.  Uh… No! 

Melody— Distractions? Oh can I ever relate, but I won't. This is a public blog after all.
What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you about being a writer? 

Maddie—Find a beta reader.  I didn’t even know what that was.  But I researched then went out and found one Melody Parks, beta reader extraordinaire. 

Melody— Awe... Thank you Maddie. I feel the same about you, bestest beta reader ever! 

Lemme ask a question, Melody. Please? 
Ask away Annoying yellow inner-voice.  
When having lunch  at Olive Garden with Melody you can expect her to…
A-   Strike up a long winded and meaningless conversation with the server
B-   Constantly keep telling you she thinks her shoe is untied even though she’s wearing sandals
C-   Keep asking for more soup, salad and bread-sticks.

Maddie— None of the above.  I have to add D-  call over the manager and talk to him about the added efficiencies of upgrading their computer system.  LOL

Melody—Ha-ha-ha. Maddie I do declare, you know me all to well. It's true folks, I'm a moonlighting computer geek/ erotic romance writer who loves soup, salad and bread-sticks. Okay, so now a deeply personal question for you Maddie.
Have you ever left the house wearing socks that didn't match?

Maddie—OMG, yes, usually one navy and one black. Follow up for you, have you ever left the house wearing two different shoes.  That’s me. Many times, one black pump and one blue. Once two very different black shoes with two different height heels. I have no idea why I didn’t notice my pronounced limp.  LOL  I finally realized during a staff meeting.

Melody— Hee-hee-hee... Oh my, I have just come to a striking revelation that spanking authors seem to have in common. 1 Navy and 1 Blue shoe. LOL. You are not alone Maddie. Tara Finnegan confessed nearly the same when she was visiting. 
I'm more like 1 Nike and 1 Sketcher ... Yup, I've done it. 
Well, let's move along and get to your super hot-n-spicy new book. What kind of excerpt did you bring for us today? 

Maddie— I brought along a scene added after your beta read, Melody. Thanks for that by the way.

Lanie was in a wreck on the Mass. Turnpike, her nemesis.  It was raining and traffic came to a sudden stop, but she was ticketed for faulty equipment.  If she’d had her tires changed as she told Ethan she would, it could have been avoided.  Bald tires,  wet pavement and sudden braking don’t mix, after all.  After Ethan arrives on the scene, ensures she is all right, and sees to the tow of her vehicle, this is what follows…

They drove along in silence for the thirty minutes it took to get home. When he pulled into the garage and the door came down, Lanie didn’t wait for him, but slipped out on her own. As she was rounding the hood of his car, moving toward the door that led to the kitchen, Ethan met her head on.

“So, you loved your little blue sports car, hmm?”

“Um…” If in court, she would have objected that he was leading the witness. Down the path to perdition, most likely. Unwilling to condemn herself further, she waited to see if he would give more of a hint of where he was going with his question.

Her patience soon paid off.

“Know what I love? You, Lanie. I don’t give a damn about your car, although the sight of it scared the hell out of me. Thank God for the airbags and that you were wearing a seatbelt. But this could have been avoided if you’d done what you promised me you would. Preventative maintenance is called that for a reason, Lanie.”

“Ethan, I’m—”

“Save it,” he interrupted coolly. “I don’t want to hear how sorry you are. ‘I’m sorry’ doesn’t help if your head smashes through the windshield or if you’re comatose in a hospital bed, breathing through a tube. And it damn sure doesn’t help if you’re dead in the morgue. Does it?”

“No, but Ethan—”

“Be quiet. I’m not done. I don’t want to hear excuses, because there are none in this instance.” He lowered his face until there was only a fraction of an inch separating their noses. All she could see was his beautiful brown eyes as they snapped with anger. “From now on, I will schedule your routine maintenance appointments. I will tell you where and when, and you will be there, without fail. Do you understand me, Lanie?”

“Yes, sir.” She didn’t dare answer any other way. She wanted to apologize, pour out her regret, but she realized that would make her feel better, assuage her guilt, but not necessarily do anything for Ethan.

“Bend over the hood, palms flat, feet shoulder width apart.”

Melody— Oh Come On! You're leaving us all hanging there? It's fine he has anger snapping in his eyes, but I want the goods woman! I wanna see the fire snappin' on her rear! I'm sure everyone else does too. Hand over the blurb and the links woman... we can't keep these people waiting! 

Attorney Lanie Fischer is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom, but the stress of her caseload has been mounting relentlessly. She puts on a brave face at work, but behind closed doors Lanie has become an emotional wreck, and her husband, law professor Ethan Fischer, is tired of watching her self-destruct. She’s not sleeping, she’s lost weight, and their sex life is starting to suffer.

Something has to give, and as far as he is concerned, it is time for a radical new approach. From now on, Ethan decides, his wife will be spending quite a bit of quality time over his knee with her bottom bare, learning some lessons she has needed for a long time.

Some of Lanie’s spankings turn out to be purely erotic, ending with the hottest sex she and Ethan have ever had, but others are meant to teach her what happens when naughty wives disobey their husbands and fail to take care of themselves. Unconventional though it may be, to her surprise Lanie soon begins to crave both her husband’s sexier spankings and his discipline as well. But can she live happily as a loving wife and obedient submissive at home even as she battles in court at work every day, or will the conflicting demands tear her apart. 

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Melody— Do you do anything special for yourself after you finish a new book? 

Maddie—Start another one?  So, the answer is no.

MelodyHow about telling us what you've got cooking up for your next release.

Maddie  In order…  Western Justice (working title) which is a sequel to Marshal’s Law. Due out by the end of the year, I hope.

Club Decadence, Book 5.  Mara and Sean’s story.

Sweet Surrender (working title again)  Follow up to Sweet Salvation, this is Marc and Jessie’s story.

And, drum roll please….  Pleasure Bay, book 2  (better title to come)  with co-author Melody Parks. Woo hoo

Melody— Wow, I'd say you've got a quite a smorgasbord going on. I can't wait to get 'Back to Pleasure Bay' with you Maddie. It was so much fun. I can't wait to see what's cookin' with yummy Chef Byron. 
It's be a blast having you here today, Maddie. One more question before you go. Finish this sentence. 
I'll stop writing when... 

Maddie— …I’m too decrepit from bilateral carpal tunnel or arthritis to type any more.  But there is always talk to text, isn’t there?

Spoken from the heart of not only a true romantic, but a truly dedicated writer. The world is glad to have you Maddie Taylor. ☺
Thank you for visiting my blog today folks I hope you enjoyed learning more about Maddie and Lanie's Lessons.