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Tis the season to be spooky and naughty.

#Wipitup Wednesday Special Halloween Edition.

Hi Folks, welcome to #Wipitup. I'm taking a break from sharing Emilia for a little while. I need to do something mischievous, Halloweenish and naughty. 
I've got a hot little short-story just for Halloween that your sure to love. 
So for the next 3 weeks leading up the week of Hallows Eve I give you Sanguineous.

Hey Mel? ... Don't you think you should tell em how long these excerpts are going to be? Y'know, in case they don't want to read a chapter size excerpt? 

No, actually I wasn't, weird yellow inner-voice. I wanted them to start reading and get hooked on the story. Pffttt... so much for that now! 
Seriously though, to my fellow Wipians... these are long excerpts, I get it if you don't have time.  

 Sanguineous... part one.

Somewhere in Arizona: 1997, something like what your about to read below really happened... to me. Or maybe it didn't ;)

“Gats, you actually have to draw blood,” Mary said. “Gimme the damn needle.” Her words were hasty as she grabbed for the darning needle Gats held in his hand. She squeezed the tip of her thumb until it turned purple, and then quickly jabbed at it with the pointy object. A large drop of thick red blood rose from the tip and then began to slowly run down the side of her bleeding digit. “Well get the jar before I start making a mess,” she demanded.

Gats reached back, grabbing the empty baby-food jar from the edge of the picnic table and held it under Mary’s bleeding thumb while everyone watched, counting aloud, exactly twelve drops.

“Okay ‘ya bunch of pussies, now it’s your turn.” Mary stuck her thumb into her mouth and looked at Gesela.
Caleb offered Gesela the needle that he took from Mary and held it out to her while the other three looked at her.
Gesela looked at each of them, then at the roaring campfire they were all gathered around. “I don’t know about this you guys, we’re out in the middle of the woods and the car is nearly five miles away. We can’t even get service for the cell phones out here.”

Mary let out a hasty sigh, rolling her eyes at her friend. “Gesela, you promised. Come on you guys, the book says this only works on Halloween.”
A couple of years ago Mary had come across an ancient book of spells that she’d found while rummaging through a box at a garage sale.  Bound in leather, the cover of the book had a raised symbol of a twelve pointed star and a leather band with a brass buckle that held it closed. There were twelve spells in the volume, written in some ancient words that Mary still couldn’t identify with the exception of one. The Last spell in the volume was titled Sanguineous Ascension, meaning, the ascent of blood. Some previous owner of the book had translated the script into English under the original script.

“Hand over the needle, chicken-shit,” Caleb said, holding out his hand in Gesela’s direction. “We all know nothing is going to happen, but it’s something fun to do on Halloween, right?” he said, jabbing the sharp tip into his thumb.
Gats picked up the little glass jar and held it for Caleb while Mary counted aloud the twelve drops of  blood.
“Your turn Gats. If I can do it, you can too.” Caleb looked over at Mary, giving her a wink.

Gats looked at the needle, then up at Mary. “I don’t think I can poke myself. I’ll squeeze my thumb and you jab it, okay?”

“I can’t. The spell says you have to give freely. You have to do it, Gats.” She took the jar, waiting for him to poke his thumb. “Come on, honey bunch, do it for me?” Mary gave her boyfriend a pout that she knew he couldn’t refuse.

Gats right hand shook as he held the needle a few inches from his thumb. Mary could see he was still hesitant, so she leaned over and whispered in his ear. “I’ll let you fuck me in the ass later tonight.”  She grinned, watching as Gats immediately rammed the needle into his thumb.

“It’s up to you, Gesela,” Mary said with a smile, offering her best-friend the needle.

“Come on’ Ge, be a sport.” Caleb took the needle from Mary and held it out for Gesela. “You know Mary’s going to keep hounding until you do it. Just get it over with and in a couple hours when nothing happens you and I can…” Caleb left his sentence hang while his lips broadened into a wide sexy grin.

Gesela still didn’t look persuaded, so Mary used the one tactic she knew wouldn’t fail. “Don’t push her Caleb, it’s clear she’s made up her mind. No biggie, we can just sit here and drink our beer and wine and tell stories for a while before we crawl into our tents. I have a great one to share about when Ge and I were 13 years old. She—“

“Give me the fucking needle,” Gesela snarled, snatching it from her boyfriend's hand. “I can’t believe you’d stoop that low for something as silly as this.” She glared at her friend for a moment and then pricked her thumb. Mary held out the jar, but Gesela pulled her hand back. “I’ll only do this if Caleb promises never to ask about the story you were just about to tell.”

“Deal,” Caleb said.

Mary held the jar, her face full of excitement while her friends counted the droplets as they fell. “Step one –complete.” She swirled the thick, dark red contents of the jar. “The blood of friends we do unite. Sanguineous, arise for us tonight,” Mary chanted and then tossed the jar into the fire.
The flames roared and rose for a moment and then settled back down as though nothing had happened.

“Well, that was worth it, wasn’t it?” Gats said.

Gesela let out the breath she had obviously been holding, and leaned against her boyfriend’s shoulder, a look of relief washing across her pale pudgy cheeks.

“What was supposed to have happened, Mary?” Caleb asked, putting an arm around Gesela, drawing her closer to him on the log they shared.

“I’m not sure. There’s more written after the spell, but that part wasn’t translated.” Mary picked up the leather bound book, opening it to the page she spoke of and offered it to Caleb.
Caleb took the book and just as his eyes landed on the open text, he gasped and threw the book down.
“What the fuck?” Mary said, grabbing it before it got singed by the fire. “Holy shit!” she exclaimed.

“What?” Gats and Gesela both said at the same time.

“L-look,” she said, her eyes widening with fear.
The words that had once been scrawled in black ink, were turning red –blood red. The red ink looked wet and fresh. Mary ran a finger across one of the words and it smeared, confirming her suspicion.

“Stop touching it!” Gesela squealed. “It’s blood. Our blood, Mary!” Her lips started to tremble. “How could you do this without knowing what the fuck was going to happen?” she screeched. “Caleb,” she turned to her boyfriend, taking fistfuls of his flannel shirt into her hands. “We need to get the hell out of here. Right now!” The sound of her voice was one click away from panic mode.

“You never asked,” Mary defended, her pitch shrill.

“Because your text said not too.” Caleb barked.

“The text said not to ask about why we were going camping. It didn’t say anything about not asking what happened after we finished the spell.” Mary looked over at Gats wondering why he was being so quiet.

Gats was holding the book, examining the page containing the spell. “Maybe your freaking out for nothing,” he said calmly, showing them all that the words had turned back into black ink.
Mary took the book, wanting to examine it more closely.

“I thought that was part of the surprise,” Caleb said, his voice still clearly irritated. “I mean it is Halloween, right?” He pulled his girl’s balled fists from his shirt and put his strong arms around her shaking body. “Bring your friends five miles into the woods, show ‘em some weird looking book... naturally I wanted to know what the scary surprise was going to be. Asking would have ruined it.”

“Let’s not fight, you guys.” Gats said, sitting forward to warm his hands by the fire. “It doesn’t matter. What’s done is done. If this is a scary joke, I would say we’ve been had.” He paused, looking at Mary, who didn’t bother to look up from the book at any of them. “And if it’s not, I’d say the spell fizzled out.”

“What makes you say that?” Gesela asked while Caleb took his flannel off, wrapping it around her shivering body, leaving him in the T-shirt he wore beneath it.

“Whether it’s real or fake my theory is, that it’s a witch’s book, or was at one time. I think the 12 point star represents how many of the coven must participate in order for the spells inside to work. Only four of us added our blood to the jar, something started to happen with the book, but then the blood just slowly faded from the page while you guys were freaking out.”

“Or maybe it’s just a novelty after all.” Mary looked up at her friends, forcing a sardonic smile. “Squeeze the bottom corner of the back cover and you make the words run red with disappearing ink.”

“Really?” Gesela asked.

“Show us again.” Caleb said.

“No!” she said defiantly. “I said maybe it was a novelty. It wouldn’t be right to spoil Halloween, now would it?” she asked rhetorically while buckling the book shut. “It’s starting to get chilly, I’m getting my hoodie, and another wine cooler, anyone want anything?”  She stood up, heading in the direction of her and Gats tent, taking the book with her.

“Grab me a Budwiser,” Caleb called after her.

Mary couldn’t bring herself to tell the rest of them what she had seen happen after Gats had handed her back the book. While she listened to them talk, she watched the English translation below the odd script slowly disappear, one word at a time as if someone were gently erasing them from the other side of the page.
Not wanting them all to freak out again, she decided to keep that bit of information to herself and let them think maybe this was just a joke after all. Gats presented a logical theory about the star on the book’s cover, and she hoped he was right. But if he wasn’t, and those words disappeared for a reason, she wanted to know what it was.
Mary handed Caleb his beer and offered Gesela one of the two wine coolers she’d brought back with her.

“I guess I’ll have another one, since we’re all apparently staying.” Gesela took the bottle from her friend. “It’s a long hike back to the car in the dark and we’d have to leave our stuff and come back tomorrow anyway. Gats thinks if anything else was going to happen, it would have happened by now… you know, just in case you're not pulling our leg.”

“You’ll just have to wait until morning to find out, I guess.” Mary smirked, turning to sit down next to Gats, who pulled her down next to him and kissed her.

“You haven’t forgotten what you promised me have you?” Gats whispered, before pulling from their kiss.

“Of course not, studmuffin.” Mary batted her pretty sky blue eyes at her sexy boyfriend. “Let a girl have a drink before you hall her off to the nearest tree, would ya?”

“TMI… don’t need to know that,” Caleb said, before taking a long swallow from his beer.

“I’m turning in after I finish this,” Gesela said. “I’m tired after hauling the tents and coolers.”

“Awe, does my sweetie need a nice soothing back rub before she crawls into her sleeping bag?” Caleb asked, looking at his girlfriend.

“Maybe,” she said, a lazy smile forming on her lips before she tipped her bottle back,  nearly emptying it.

“I’m going to grab a flashlight from the tent, while you finish yours up,” Gats said to Mary as he stood up. “You’ve got a debt to pay, Missy.” He winked, flashing her a rakish smile. “When I get back, you and I are going for a walk.”

“Dude!” Caleb said. “You have no decency whatsoever do you?”

“What?” Gats shrugged, trying to keep from grinning. “Like we all don’t know what a back rub before bed means?” 

“Shut up!” Caleb spouted. “You’ll embarrass, Ge and I’ll have to go to sleep with a stiffy.”

“Caleb!” Gesela punched him in the arm, her cheeks flushing.

Gats and Mary started laughing. “Oh stop acting so innocent, Gesela. It’s not like you haven’t told me all about—“

“Mary! Shut the fuck up.” Gesela snarled.

“Touchy!” Mary forced herself to stop giggling. If looks could kill, Gesela might have been on trial for murder. “Let's get that flashlight, baby.” She looked at Gats. “I think these two need a little alone time.”
Tune in next week for all the really naughty, kinky and scary stuff that's about to happen. And until then I invite you to visit our other talented writers on #wipitup this week. 

Hey Melody... you should ask people if they like that annoying string of halloween text following their cursor around. I mean I know you like to deck your blog out for the season, but come on! 
Tell her people... plz! The cursor trick is lame!  


  1. Good Morning Melody. Just wanted to stop by and say Hello. I need to get ready for work. Loved the snippet and even the Happy Halloween going round and round. Have a great day and I will pop by later.

    1. Hi, Jule ☺
      Yay- you liked the cursor... I was hoping it wasn't going to be a distraction for people as they read. But you and a few others seem to like it. I really shouldn't be spending hours looking for a code to make the cursor do that when I am so close to finishing Emilia. But I got stuck for a bit and figured being a computer geek for a while might help. LOL
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  2. Great snippet Melody! Though I will admit that I'm sorry that we didn't get to hear from Em and Corbet. I was really looking forward to hearing more about them. Please don't get rid of the cursor trick! It's so entertaining!!

    1. Yay- two votes to keep the cursor.
      Em and Corbet will be back soon... I am inching towards completion... so close I can almost taste it. Thank you for stopping Meredith ☺

  3. I like where this is going, Melody!! And I did enjoy the Halloween text, but then again, I like the Hot Dog Dance, too ... so my animated tastes are not exactly a secret! :) Looking forward to more next week! ;)

    1. 3 votes for the cursor trick Mu-ah-ha-ha-ha! (think 'the count' from Sesame Street.. lol) Thank you ☺ (It took me forever to find a code blogger would accept)
      Glad your liking the story so far, I know this week wasn't very kinked up or sexy... but next week should make up for it. ;-)

  4. Cool snippet and HALLOWEEN thingies! I love Halloween. LOVE IT. Thank you for sharing and again, for having this hop!

    1. I have to have a little fun with Halloween... for me it's better than Christmas. Glad you like my quirky gadgets ☺. I wanted a better Halloweenishy background but for some reason the CSS trick that worked for the Wip blog wouldn't work here on this one for a full untiled background.

  5. I'm still playing with the cursor trick... looks really pretty if you swish it all over the page :) Sanguineous? Did I spell that right? Is shaping up to be deliciously paranormal, witchy, spells galore type of story that I adore... so I'm waiting here, patiently for the naughtiness and kinkiness that is about to appear and I'm not leaving until I get it!!! ~Grin~ Marvellous page btw... Muhahahaa

    1. Oh god yes... you must swish the cursor. You have no idea how long I spent playing with the thing myself. (errr... that kind of sounded bad, didn't it?)
      Glad you liked the excerpt... Gribbling naughtiness next week ☺ Love that word now, you know. Gribbling... I say it out loud 5 times a day and have yet to be able to say it without smirking or smiling.
      Ty for the nice compliment to my page also.

  6. I really want to read more of this - what comes next?? You're a big tease.
    I love the suspense though.
    And how did you get the swirling Happy Halloween? It looks great.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Tara. I was hoping the suspense build up was good enough to intrigue. Thank you for mentioning it ☺. Next week... naughiness, and of course more teasing, just because it's Halloweeny and all. ;-)

      I have a code for the cursor if you'd like it. It took me hours to find one that would work with Blogger. If you know how to use widgets, it's pretty easy. just copy n paste and poof there it is. ☺.

  7. Love he story and had a blast trying to get away from the Happy halloween. Kept me amused for a bit.

    1. Thanks Daryl, glad you enjoyed the cursor trick for a bit.Did I ever tell you I feed your fish every time I'm on your blog. Oh and I bounce cats over at Sheri Savill's blog. I'm such a geek, thanks so much for stopping. ☺

  8. After doing some serious surgery on Vala's 3rd book today, the Happy Halloween swirling text has given me great joy :D and your yellow inner text. Looking forward to the next piece of this short story; great fun in this piece. The character names are lovely and the teasing among the scary stuff great. hehe poor Ge :D

  9. Serious surgery... that sounds like editing process ;-)
    Glad everyone liked the cursor. I think I'll change what it says for next week.
    Glad your liking the story and the names. I do actually know a girl named Gisela. I met her once on a field trip. While we were on the bus ride back she kept turning her eyelids inside out. It looked freaky. LOL I think that's how she made it into this story.

  10. How many days until the next installment again? I can't wait! I will admit I love the cursor in and of itself even if it was a little distracting as I read. :)

  11. Thanks for stopping, Corinee. Gald you like the story and the cursor trick ;-). Btw... that Round Table discussion about anal... Whew! I'm off to read a few more of those. Love this weeks topic. ☺

  12. I know I'm late but I enjoyed this.