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The Author's Friends with Shelly Douglas

Hi Everyone. I'm here today with Shelly Douglas. Yes, you read that right Shelly Douglas, who brought you the heartwarming and erotic tale 'The Author ' earlier this year.  
She and Doug, have been hard at work to bring you the sizzling sequel called 'The Author's Friends'.

But before we get into  this hot new release, I thought it would be fun to pick her brain and learn a little more about Shelly and what her life as an author is like.

Melody—Did you have a favorite book growing up, if so what was it and why? 

Shelly – “Alfred Hitchcock Presents:  12 Stories They Wouldn’t Let Me Do On TV.” I was a huge fan of murder mysteries and loved Hitchcock’s anthologies.

Melody-- Hitchcock? Oh... I knew you were a woman after my own heart. Where is your favorite place to write? 

Shelly-- I write at the kitchen table sitting next to a window that looks out into the woods.

Melody-- Oh that must be so pretty this time of year with the leaves changing. Living out in the country, I can certainly relate. What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you about being a writer?

Shelly-- Keep writing. Each book will be better than the last one.

Melody-- Great advice and so true. Do you use an outline or are you a panster? 

Shelly-- Doug and I always start with an outline just for laughs!  My favorite e-mail subject line from him is, “I went off the reservation – see what you think”. 

Melody-- Working with a partner is a lot of fun. You and Doug do a seamless job of putting your stories into one voice. 
Hey Melody... what about that question I had for Shelly? 
Oh alright, go ahead and ask her yellow-inner voice. 
Shelly, have you ever left the house wearing socks that didn't match? 

Shelly-- Yes and earrings, too.  The mismatched earrings are usually a bad sign.☺

Melody-- LOL, that's too funny. Suddenly I'm picturing you with a gold hoop in one ear and a diamond stud in the other.  
Do you do anything special for yourself after you and Doug finish a book?

Shelly-- No.  By the time we finish with one, I am usually too busy obsessing over the next!

Melody-- Spoken as a true author. There's always a story brewing within. So, what is your writing schedule like. How many hours a day do you spend typing away and what do you do when you get stuck or your flow just stops?

Shelly-- I don’t have the same schedule every day (teaching, babysitting, etc.) so the hours I spend writing are always different, and I never know if it will be during the day or evening.  Doug usually writes during the day, if he isn’t golfing or busy with some other hobby.  The best thing about having a writing partner, is that if one is stuck - the other comes to the rescue!

Melody-- That is a definite advantage to working with a partner. What would you say has been your biggest hurdle as an author? 

Shelly-- To not respond to the book reviews!  I have a few I wouldn’t mind replying to.  LOL!

Melody-- I know just what you mean. 
Um, Melody... Maybe you should get to the part about Shelly's new book? I mean that is what people want to know about, right? 
Right you are, yellow inner-voice. Shelly what kind of tasty little teaser do you have for us from 'The Author's Friends'?

Shelly-- Here’s a quick set up for the scene:  
Carla has agreed to go on an interview for a job in Harrisburg with the governor and asks Dana to meet her for drinks, so she can give her the details.  Naturally, they have nothing to eat and Carla’s brother, the bartender, makes a call to have them picked up.  This is a peek inside Dana and Richard’s window later that evening and a bird’s-eye view inside Carla and Michael’s window will be posted on Wip It Up Wednesday this week.☺

He patted the mattress signaling for her to sit down beside him.  Dana slowly crossed the room and made a last minute decision to go with contrite instead of defensive.
“I’m really sorry.”  Her head and body lowered at the same time.

“I understand Carla needed your friendship tonight, but both of you acted irresponsibly.  How exactly did you expect to get home?  You have low blood sugar, for God’s sake.  Were you ever intending to eat dinner?”

“Are you going to spank me?” she asked quietly, playing with the hem of her short nightgown.

“I have a different punishment in mind for you tonight.”  Richard gently took her by the hand and positioned her over the side of the bed.  “Lift up your nightgown and slide those panties down, please,” he said softly.

The familiar snap of the plastic lube container prepared her for the scene without turning around.  As Richard’s wet finger slowly rubbed and teased her smooth bottom hole, she whimpered and squirmed in a small show of defiance, earning her a sharp swat of disapproval.
“Be still, young lady.”

Richard seductively moved his finger in and out, wiggling and playing more than he usually did to keep her mind occupied.  Finally, he opened the drawer and pulled a surprise that he and Dana never used, but she always suspected he would want to try.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“It’s a little gift to wear in your beautiful bottom while you eat dinner.  Now be a good girl and separate your cheeks for me.”  Richard lubed the stainless steel butt plug and gently began to push it into her slick anus.  “Come on baby doll, if you relax it will make the insertion easier.”

“For me or you?” she snidely asked.

“My God, you would think as a butt plug went into your ass, your mouth would automatically close,” he quipped, slowly edging the foreign object further into her backside. 

“Fine.”  Inhaling and exhaling a dramatic deep breath, she relaxed as the cool, steel invader stretched and burned until her sphincter finally accomodated it.  “I can’t believe you actually bought this.  It isn’t even my birthday.”

“Yep, you are one lucky girl.” His tone was light as he gave a tug on the plug.

“The silicone variety comes in an abundance of colors.  Maybe I could put it on my list for Santa next year.  I hear it’s a great stocking stuffer.”

“That mouth of yours really needs an edit mode, Sugar Pop.  A spankin’ wasn’t my first choice for your punishment, but I hear it is a wonderful supplement to your little steel friend.  By the way, these also make great stocking stuffers,” he drawled, spinning a new flat-backed hairbrush in his hand.

“So what’s for dinner, Richard?” she uttered with a groan, attempting to lift herself off the bed.

He gently put his hand on the small of her back. “Not so fast, Kitten,” he said as he rubbed the flat side of the hairbrush on her bare bottom.  “According to Michael, these also come in a variety of styles and colors.”

“Richard, could I please stand for a minute?” she asked in a very small voice.
He looked up at the ceiling and smiled, tapping the brush on his leg.

“Only you would get away with this.”  He shook his head slowly as his mouth formed a straight line.  Carefully, he helped her off the bed, patiently watched her stretch, and patted his thighs as she willingly placed herself over his lap.

“Comfy?” he asked facetiously as he lifted her nightgown and gently moved the plug in her bottom with one hand, while securing her around the waist with his other.

She peered over her shoulder to make eye contact.  It was a miracle her mouth remained closed.
“So let’s review to make sure you’ve been paying attention.  Three drinks at a bar has never been acceptable, and not having a designated driver on top of that just made it plain dangerous.”  He applied the back of her hairbrush twice to the bottom of each creamy white cheek, watching for the glow of the imprints to quickly appear.  “And you really need to control your attitude, darling’.” She winced and wiggled as he tugged on the plug. 

“Yes, sir.”

He smacked her three times on the right cheek and matched them with three on the left.  Her sphincter muscle contracted with every pop of the brush.  The sensation was more intense than she’d imagined.

“Richard, please.  I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.”

“Your disrespect has gotten way out of hand.  Maybe this would be a good time to double-check our roles.  Am I still the head of this household, or have you taken on that position?” He applied the hairbrush several times to that delicate area under her bottom, hoping to drive his point home.

“Oww.  I’m sorry I was disrespectful.  You’re still in charge.  Ahhh.  Please, that hurts!”

He quickly paddled her under the other cheek with the brush to even out the hue.  “Yes, I’m sure it does hurt, and I don’t like having to remind you this way, Kitten.”  He spanked every inch of her lower bottom with quick strokes while firmly holding her squirming body in place.

“Please!  I promise!”

“And what will happen to my wife’s beautiful bottom if she forgets her promise?” he asked in a soft, low voice as he gave a tug on the plug. Her eyes filled with tears from the embarrassment more than the pain.  “I’m waiting, sugar.”

“It will be spanked.”  For the first time that night, her tone was quiet and sincere.

That's one hot excerpt, Shelly. I loved her surprise, and especially how well she took it. The humor about stocking stuffers still has me giggling.
The blurb: 
Carla Campbell, a successful, dynamic real estate attorney employed by a national firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has always lived a “vanilla” life.  Her boyfriend, Dr. Michael Cohen, is a soft spoken, mild-mannered therapist, who just so happens to be a strikingly handsome Dominant man.  Together, these opposite personalities are in full swing trying to make their new relationship work.
In this second installment of The Author, Michael and Carla recently returned from Richard and Dana McBride’s wedding in Hawaii and quickly moved in together.  Carla’s snappy comebacks and sassy attitude certainly pushed all of Michael’s buttons.  He loved that she was a strong, intelligent, self-sufficient woman, but worried that her enthusiasm for a DD relationship with him might only be a passing phase.  She adored his calm authority, and the passionate gleam in those dark brown eyes turned her on, but wondered what fueled his intense desires.
After a long day of supervising staff at the office, his independent girlfriend was expected to hand over control to him - which was easier said than done.  Was Carla’s disobedience a cry for dominance or a way of controlling those delicious bare-bottom spankings she was receiving on a regular basis?

This novella contains highly charged erotic material, the consensual spanking of an adult woman, anal play, voyeurism and medical play.
Buy links:
Blushing Books
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Melody-- So, what's next for you and Doug? 

Shelly-- Our newest work in progress, 'The Sail of Their Lives'. A DD/Erotic romance/Murder Mystery. We are having so much fun writing our first murder mystery after reading them for so many years! 

Melody-- Oh boy... DD, Erotic romance and Murder? I'm intrigued. 
Where can your fans find you online? 
Shelly Douglas Website

This was so much fun, Shelly. Thank you so much for sharing a bit about yourself and Doug with us today. Before you go, finish this sentence. 
I will stop writing when... 

I'm dead. But don't be surprised if I come back to write a historical romance novel in the next century! 

Wouldn't that give some new meaning to being a Ghost Writer... lol.  

Thank you all for visiting Shelly and I today and don't forget to come back tomorrow when she gives us all another teasing and pleasing excerpt from 'The Author's Friends' on the October 15th episode of #Wipitup Wednesday.    


  1. Thanks so much for having us here today, Melody!! It was fun to visit!! :)

    1. It was a blast doing this post with you Shelly. The Author's Friends is HOT! I LOVE this line. “My God, you would think as a butt plug went into your ass, your mouth would automatically close.”

  2. Enjoyed the interview, and the view of the woods ... sounds SO beautiful.

    1. Hiya Sheri, thanks for stopping. So glad you enjoyed the interview.

  3. Thanks, Sheri. I'm so glad you stopped by! It really is beautiful this time of year with the leaves changing and swirling around. But I think my favorite season to sit at this table is in the winter ... when it's snowing outside. Every once in a while ... a family of deer will walk by! I wonder how much time I spend staring out the damn window instead of writing! :)

    1. It sounds as though we have similar views out our windows. I live in the country and see many a deer in my yard as well. Although winter is certainly beautiful, I'd rather mulch leaves than shovel snow.