Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stop it, or I'll use your mouth!

#Wiptitup special Halloween edition.

Hello Everyone ☺ I hope you are all having a wonderful Hallows Eve.
As most of you know, in celebration of Halloween and all things spooky and strangely erotic, I've been sharing a short Halloween story this month. Is it spooky- yes. Is it interesting- yes. Will it scare you- Hm, maybe ;) Will it excite you- Oh yes! Is it kinky- very much!  Does it have a happy conclusion- yes. well, sort of. 
Part one- spooky/interesting
Part two- scary and exciting
Part three- KINKY!

And now, Part four- The happy conclusion. Well, sorta' 
 At 10 ‘o'clock the next morning, Mary awoke to find herself wrapped around Gats warm body. She kissed the back of his head, thankful that he was here, warm, breathing and alive. She shuddered at the thought of what had happened last night. The demon had told her to tell no one, but she knew she’d never be able to hide something like this from Gats.

The problem was, how far fetched it was going to sound when she told him what really happened. Would he believe her? That a Blood demon had killed them and she had to do what she did in order to save them all? Would she believe him if he was in her place? Especially if she couldn’t even remember going camping or seeing that wretched book.  If she was lucky, maybe her birth control worked better magic than the demon and she wasn’t really pregnant after all. And if she wasn’t pregnant, there would be no need to explain things. She decided it was best not to say anything until she had to at some point.

Gats started to stir, rolling onto his back, yawning as he opened his eyes. “Morning, babe,” he said groggily, turning to put an arm around his girlfriend.

“Hey, sugar,” she said, giving him a quick peck on the lips. Before she could completely pull away, he put his hand on the back of her neck, pulling her back in for more. “I’ve got something for you, sweetcakes,” he murmured against her lips, while pulling her on top of him. 

“Gats… we can’t.” She pulled away from his lips and looked down into his brilliant green eyes. She loved how they looked in the morning light.

“Why not?” he asked, his hands sliding down her back, over the swell of her cheeks causing her to yelp when he squeezed them.

“Because I’m really sore from last night.” She saw the puzzled look in his eyes, she knew he was trying to remember.

“What did we do? For the life of me,” he rubbed his forehead, “I can’t remember.”

“I think that happened the last time we all played that drinking game too.” She slid herself from him and lay next to him, propping herself up on an elbow. “You woke up pretty sick too, I’m surprised you don’t have one hell of a hangover.” 

“What did we do… I mean, sexually?” he asked, reaching over to caress her breasts through her nighty.

“More like what didn’t we do. You were quite the hot and ravaging animal last night Gats. My bums gonna’ remember your cock well for the next day or so.”

“Oh, sweetie. I didn’t get carried away did I? I mean I didn’t...”

“No, Snookums.” She traced the edge of his jaw, enjoying the feel of light stubble. “It’s the good kind of sore,” she said softly, running a finger down his nearly hairless chest. “The kind that’s going to constantly remind me of your hands in my hair, pulling back hard while you pounded me with your thick… stiff,” she let her fingers trail lower, just past his belly button before she finished her sentence, “cock!”

“Mary, you better stop it, or I’ll use your mouth. It doesn’t seem to be too sore to tease me with.”

“I’ll stop. I need a shower anyway.” She turned away from him and started to get out of bed.

“Did I say you could leave yet?” His voice was stern and low, it made Mary stop with one foot on the floor. A few months ago, they had decided to incorporate some BDSM elements into their relationship. Mainly dominance and submission. At first it had been a little awkward for both of them, but lately they had hit a point where things seemed to be going in the direction they had first talked about when they decided to do it. She knew when he dropped his voice and used that tone that she better stop and give him her undivided attention.

“No, Sir,” she said, turning back to face him, with one knee on the bed and one foot on the floor.

“Do you think you can tease me, and then just run off to the shower?”

Mary watched him pull his cock free of his boxers and start stroking it slowly from root to tip. She knew what was going to happen and smiled inwardly. At least he would forget about asking any more questions.

“Answer me, Mary, and look at me, not my cock.”

“No, Sir.” She casually averted her eyes to his.

“What made you tease me?” He reached out, gesturing her back on the bed with him.

“I don’t know,” she whispered as he guided her to sit next to him.

“Did thinking about and telling me what we did last night turn you on a little, honey?” he reached up, moving her hair away from her face.

“Yes,” she said softly and nodded.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Sir,” she corrected.

“I’m happy that you enjoyed it that much, but that is no reason to entice me when you can’t finish what you started is it?” His thumb was stroking her lower lip while he spoke.

“No, Sir,” she whispered as he slipped his thumb into her mouth. A low moan passed from his lips when she swirled her tongue seductively over the tip of his thumb.

“On your knees, I want your ass facing me and your mouth on my cock.” He helped position her so that he could have one hand playing with her pussy through her panties and the other in her hair controlling her head. Mary whimpered when he made her spread her legs wider, and pulled her panties up snugly so that the fabric pressed tightly against every piece of flesh they covered.  He sucked in a sharp breath and stiffened momentarily when she put her mouth on the head of his cock, swirling her tongue over the tip. “Fuck, I love that first moment when your tongue touches my cock.” He reached over with his other hand, and sunk his fingers into her thick spiraled hair, moving back the curtain that blocked the beautiful sight of her plump lips sucking his cock.

She moaned when his finger rubbed her clit through her panties. She was swollen and sore, but her clit throbbed in response to his touch nonetheless. She curiously wondered what it would feel like if he fucked her sore aching pussy. She could seriously use this to her advantage if he did.

“There’s a wet spot forming on your panties,” he said hoarsely.

She drove her mouth further down his shaft and moaned deeply while pushing back against his strumming fingers.

“You liked my big cock in your ass last night didn’t you?” He fisted his hand in the hair at the nape of her neck, tightening his grip until she squealed.

“Gats.” Mary tried to say, with her mouth full and his hand controlling the movements of her head. When he didn’t seem to hear her, she garbled his name louder working against the push of his hand.

“What, baby?” He let go of her hair.

“Gats,” she gasped, lifting her head. “Fuck me. My pussy is so hot and achy for you right now a panty rub isn’t going to be enough.” She watched his pupils dilate.

“You’re sure?” he asked, reaching to the nightstand.

“Yes,” she panted, pushing her ass back towards him, while subtly wiggling her hips. “Now, Gats. Bareback, I want to feel your silky skin.”

“Mary. You know—“

“Gats…please,” she begged lowering her chest to the bed. She slid her panties over her ass, pulling them down to her thighs. “The rubber will irritate me in this condition. Gats I need to come… please fuck my pussy.”

“You’re a very naughty girl,” he growled, taking a hold of her hips roughly.

“Yes,” she whimpered, pressing her hips into his hands.

“Oh. Fuck,” he said, rubbing the head of his cock against her swollen pussy. “I really used your ass good,” he whispered, sinking into her.

“Oh, Gats… yes,” she pushed back wanting more of him inside her.

“You liked it rough last night, didn’t you?”

She clenched his cock tightly. “Yesss,” she hissed, rocking back against him. “Fuck me hard, Gats.” She felt his hand in the small of her back, pushing. 


The way he said that one word had her hips flat in a second. His hands crept up her arms and wrapped around her wrists, as he settled his cock against her wet nest. “You need it hard?” he asked, driving his cock into her pussy hard and deep.

She yelped from the delicious little bit of pain as he filled her. “Yes, Sir… please,” her words came out low and husky. She needed him to use her, roughly… to hold her down, just like he was… keeping full control of her body.

“I’m gonna’ make you scream, little girl.” He tightened his grip on her wrists and used his knees to spread her thighs wide apart and gave her what she needed. Hard, determined deep thrusts.
She arched her back, causing her ass to rise slightly to meet his thrusts. His big cock felt so good when he fucked her like this. She felt his hand let go of her wrist and move to her throat, gripping firm, but not tight enough to choke her. 

“Fuck yes!” She rasped, as she soared toward orgasm. Gats started grunting with each thrust, pulling her body back against his making sure he bottomed out each time. “That’s a good girl, come for me, sweetheart.” His words were staggered between thrusts. Mary could feel he was close too. She loved feeling his cock swell just a little more right before his release. 

“GATS” she cried out as her pussy convulsed wildly around his cock. She clenched the sheets in her fists, moaning and gasping as the bliss of her orgasmic waves rolled through her spasmodic body.

“FUCK!” Gats spat out, pumping her hard one last time, pressing his full weight into her while he spilled hard into her tight, swollen cunt. He moved his hand from her throat into the back of her hair, squeezing it tight as a low groan erupted next to her ear.
She let out a squeal from his tight grip, panting from her orgasm as the last strong spurts of his come shot deep into her core. They both let out a long satisfied groan when he collapsed on top of her. 

“Was I that rough on your ass last night?” he breathed. 

“Uh huh!” was all she could manage.

“And you enjoyed it?” 

“A lot!” she mumbled.

“I like coming inside of you without a rubber. When your ass feels better, your in trouble little girl,” he growled playfully and then rolled from her. Laying back against the pillows. Mary laid just as she was, she was too spent to even move. “You okay, honey?” he asked, caressing her back.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “I like when you take control like that. I like feeling you come inside me without the condom too,” she gave him a wide smile.

“Don’t make any plans for next weekend, sugar. I’m going to have your ass tied to the bed for most of it.” He leaned down, kissing the top of her head and then got out of bed. “Join me in the shower, when you’re ready,” he called on his way to the bathroom.

Mary let out a contented sigh. She didn’t have to worry about explaining later if her belly started to grow. Gats would think it was his.

Oh my, what a sly little devil she is. I would like to thank all of you for your wonderful comments on this story so far. It seems that many of you have enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed writing it for you. Please join me next week when we return to find out what's going on with Corbet and Em. 
Until then please take a moment to view some of the other amazingly talented  #Wipitup participants this week.


  1. I like 'look at my face, not my cock...' ;) but really, I love the hot parts more... thanks for writing this story for Halloween!!

    1. I agree Natasha... I like the hot parts more too. I had to give it some kind of ending though. ;-)
      Thank you for stopping, I am glad you enjoyed my special Halloween edition this month.

  2. Wow, that was steaming. She may be a little devil, but Gats will get his rewards in the sack, that's for sure. I missed last week so I had to go back to read it first to catch the whole story. Demonically Delicious, Melody.

    1. Thank you so much, Tara.
      Oh yeah, Gats definitely gets his *smirks*
      Thank you for liking it enough that you had to go back and catch last weeks post. ☺

  3. oh you tease! you give us that hot, hot sex! And Mary is amazing! And then you tell us that next week is back to Emilia? :D love it!!!

    1. I sorry, Joelle but there isn't anymore of Mary and Gat's at least not right now. I may have to rectify that in the future considering how well people liked it and want to know what happens. Thank you so much for stopping. I loved the theater bit in on your blog today. Very, very nice!

  4. I LOVED every bit of this, Ms. Melody. I have to confess being a tad worried that after "double her pleasure" last week ..."one" would be a lonely number! LOL! I should have known that this final scene would be HOTTER THAN HELL! Thanks for making our HALLOWEEN ON WIP IT UP - HOT AND HELLACIOUS!! :)

    1. I never really thought of that, Shelly. If I continue with this though... I am going to have to address that issue about 'one' being a lonely number. Maybe Gat's will have to acquire a strap on. ;-)
      Thank you for all of your really wonderful comments on this story, you and so many others have really inspired me to want to make this into a full length book. ☺

  5. Melody, I'm going to say this as nicely as I can. Stop everything that you're doing and get working on this book! I have to know what happens with Mary and the blood demon!!! You can't leave a girl like this! Please! Please!

    1. LOL Meredith. I am thrilled that you like this story so much. There are definitely place it could go from here. Oh I can see the hot little half demon all grown up already. *Grins*

  6. I second Meredith O'Reilly. Gats is lovely, and sexy and rather gorgeous truth be told, and I enjoyed the panty rubbing hotness very much - but LEMME KNOW what happens with the witch, the baby and the BLOOD DEMON. Sheesh. H.A.N.G.I.N.G. O.N. here... and if you tell me we have to wait until next Halloween to find out, well, I'll stomp about, sniffle and generally wail loud enough to be heard across the little pond of the Atlantic ;) -- Delish as always :D

    1. Okay, Christina, but only for you. The witch I am not allowed to explain or the curse she put on me... .er I mean Mary will come back. To put it bluntly the witch is a bitch, that's all I can say about her.
      The blood demon simply goes on hoping that another curious lass finds the book and grants him his 'one night a year' passage to earth.
      Now, as for the baby.... wouldn't it be hot to tell his story after he learns what his objective in life is. To impregnate as many women as possible? Naturally he takes after his father with the duel appendage.

      I'm laughing my rear off over here picturing you stomping about, wailing, in very tall shinny black boots. I have no idea where the boots came in... lol.
      Thank you for all of your really great comments on this story, Christina. It means a lot to me that you liked it. ☺

  7. Loved the story it was a wonderful thing for Halloween.