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Carnal Kink Mary must submit

#Wipitup Wednesday Special Halloween Edition 

Hi there everyone and welcome to... or back to Wip it Up Wednesday where you will always find something to spice up your hump-day enjoyment.

Today I'll be sharing part 3 of my special, just for Halloween story called Sanguineous. This is by far the kinkiest scene yet and I'll warn you now, it's not for the faint of heart. Although the guy up there looks mysteriously sexy, he comes with a bit of extra... um, well, you'll see, but if kinky carnality is a hard limit for you, don't read this story. 
If you'd like to catch this one from the beginning here's parts One and Two. 

Last week we left off with poor Mary tied naked to the tree not knowing what to expect next. Let's find out what happens.

A twig snapped somewhere behind her, and she jumped biting her lip to keep from screaming. She squeezed her eyes shut, praying  to God for help. Why had she ever messed with that damn book? Another crunching noise came from, what sounded like only a few yards behind her. She inhaled very slowly, holding her breath for as long as she could, listening. When she couldn’t hold her breath anymore, she took tiny little breaths through her nose, trying not to make a sound.

“Hello, Mary.” A deep, gravelly male voice came from only a few feet behind her.

She screamed hysterically, pulling and jerking anew at the cuffs on her wrists. “Leave me alone,” she screamed, trying to look behind her.

“Mary, don’t you find it odd that I know  your name?” The voice boomed over her shrill cries.

“Don’t. Care.” She yelled. Her wrists were burning from where she was making them raw in her struggles to get out of the cuffs.

“I’ll wait until you do,” he said, less loudly. “You’ll wear yourself out eventually.”

“Who are you?” she cried, gritting her teeth as pain shot through her arms from pulling on her restrains so harshly.

“Not who. What!”

She froze, only her head turning, slowly, mechanically as if it were attached to a gear being cranked by some invisible force. She caught only a slight glimpse of a large, muscular bare arm, before he moved completely out of her view.
“Do you want to see what I am, Mary? Or would you rather I tell you before I show you?”

Mary remained quiet for a long moment. Sweat dripped from her face running down the side of her neck. How long would he wait if she didn’t answer? She turned her head back, letting it slump forward, hoping to catch another glimpse of him, but he moved too quickly. What if Caleb and Gesela planned this to get even with her? After all, she had let them believe that the spell might just be a prank. Gats wouldn’t go along with something like that while leaving her tied up naked… would he?“I want to see you,” Mary murmured, leaving her head hung, chin to chest. Her peripheral vision was better like this, she would get to watch him walk around in front of her.

The large naked body of a muscular male stepped into her view. Her head rose as he rounded the tree to see his chiseled face, stout jaw, and thick, rich raven black hair. Not long hair, but not short like Gats. His chest was broad and hairless. Well formed muscles rippled down his abdomen  and she gasped, looking at his cocks. Far bigger than Gats and there were two of them, full, hard and ready.

“What do you think, Mary?” Mary couldn’t say anything. She couldn’t stop staring at his two large stiff rods.“You’ve never seen a Blood Demon before?” he asked, his voice amused. This was definitely not a joke. She looked up into the deep wells of  his dark eyes. Her lower lip trembled with fear. She tried to form words, but nothing came out of her mouth. “Too bad I can’t thank your boyfriend for splaying  you out like this for me. You’re a beautiful creature.”

“W-what did you do with my friends?” she asked.

“What do you think I did with them?” he countered.

“Please, please don’t kill me. I… I’m sorry. I didn’t know what I was doing.” The beautiful, statuesque beast with two cocks stepped closer to her, reaching up with his mammoth hand to touch her face.“NO! Don’t touch me.” She shook her head violently from side to side.

“Mary. My dear, sweet girl. I’m not going to kill you, now please, relax.”

Her body shuddered, trembling with fear as his hand pressed against her cheek. She could see his eyes better now, a dark, grayish blue. His lips were thick and full as they approached her and she screamed.

“NO… Stop! What did you do with my friends you demonic bastard?”

“Now, Mary,” he said softly, his voice low and full of gravel. “Is that any way to treat the father of your child?”

Mary froze, her gaze locked to his. Father of his child? Had she heard him correctly? She instantly started praying again, silently, asking God to help her get free while she apologized repeatedly for ever messing with that evil book.

“I think you know what happened to your friends, Mary. But the good news is, you can help them. If you behave and do what you’re told, I can make sure you all wake up safe and sound in your own beds come morning.” He put both hands on her face and inclined her head to his. “They won’t remember a thing. They won’t even remember going camping. Only you, my beautiful little Mary, will remember what has taken place here tonight.”

“W-what do you mean?” Her voice trembled.

“You must submit to me, Mary. You must be willing to accept me. Just as it is explained in the spell. You must give freely. If you do not agree to let me put a child inside of you, then you too must die and I go home empty handed and wait for the next young lass who finds and figures out the book.”
Tears ran down her cheeks and short sobs erupted from her lips. “This can’t be happening. This isn’t real,” she whispered.

“Oh, but it is, my precious. You and you alone spoke the words. You fed the fire the blood of those willing and called my name.” His large finger stroked one of her cheeks. “You’ll enjoy it, Mary. I promise.”

Mary jerked her head from his hands and shook her head. “Go back to hell you demon bastard!”
He frowned, dropping his hands from her face. “If that is what you wish.” He held his hand up in front of her face.

“Oh, Fuck!” she muttered as she watched his fingernails grow into sharp razor like claws. He inched them toward her breasts. “NO!” she screamed.
“Have you changed your mine, my sweetest one?” His lips curled.

“I… No… why are you doing this to me? Please let me go. I promise never—“

“Mary, you need to calm down. I will only explain this once more. If your answer is still no, then I will be forced to disembowel you as I have your friends.”
She stopped thrashing, but her body still trembled, inside and out.

“That’s a good girl. Now listen up. You cast the spell that has allowed me into your world. As the spell clearly states, the caster is to bear a son to Sanguineous. In six months a witch will come for you, that she may help you bear my spawn.” His claws retracted, looking like normal fingernails again. He brought a large palm up to one of her full, round breasts and lifted it.

“NO!” she cried. “Please don’t. I’m on the pill. Just let me go.” She wanted to pull away from him, but she also knew resistance was futile, where was she going to go? “I didn’t mean to cast that spell. I didn’t know what I was doing.”

“It’s too late for that. I’m here with an obligation to fulfill, and you need to make a decision, pretty girl.” His voice didn’t sound as rough as it had before. His thumb gently massaged her nipple while looking into her eyes.

Mary’s lower lip trembled uncontrollably. How was she supposed to make such a decision? Let the demon have his way with her and carry the demon child, or die like her friends. Slowly she shook her head. “This is too much,” she squeaked softly, her voice tight from choking back a sob. “It’s wrong no matter which way I choose.”

She felt his hand creeping from her breast down her torso and had a feeling it was going to keep going. She crossed her legs quickly, locking her ankles together. “I want to know what was on the page I couldn’t read and why after I said the spell the English words disappeared.” She spoke quickly hoping to distract his determined fingers.

He sighed “I’ve explained what the words on the opposite page meant. The word under the original text vanished after the spell because the book had served its intended purpose. It will be translated again and left for another pretty girl to find and figure out.”  He put his finger at the apex of  her clenched thighs. “Are you ready to open up for me now?”

His soft voice and warm finger lazing over her pubis was a distraction, but not enough to coax her into having sex with him. She didn’t want to be responsible for bringing a demon into the world. She didn’t want the responsibility of her friends’ deaths either. “No,” she said, looking away from him.
He forced a single finger between her clenched thighs and found her pussy lips, wiggling the tip of his finger between them. 

“You’re already wet.” A broad grin, spread his lips almost from ear to ear.

Mary gasped, pulling her hips back. “Don’t touch me,” she barked. “I haven’t made up my mind.” She glared into his patient gray-blue eyes. “Why do you need me to have your child? What are you and what’s going to happen when this demon is born?”

“Mary…” He stepped closer, as she inched away, but there was only so far she could go with her wrists locked to the tree. He put and arm around her waist and pulled her to him. “Mary…” he whispered. “Your scent is intoxicating me.”

She bucked her hips, trying to thrash herself from his grip. “Let. Me. Go.” She felt his cocks jabbing into her stomach and sides while she struggled, they were as hard as steel.

“Not until you make a decision.” He brought his other hand to her hips and held her with only enough force to quite her erratic movements.

“I can’t until you tell me what’s going to happen after.”

“Our kind will live again.”  He stepped back, forcing her along with him. “You’ve heard of Vampires?”She nodded, her movements stiff as he pulled her forward, more and more until her arms were extended just slightly behind her. “Consider my kind the first of the vampires. We were never allowed to roam the Earth as vampires do. Our kind fed from the blood of angels and that was only allowed for so long until we collected enough of them. Without food we were left to simply starve and die out. Satan’s a cruel but effective Master.”  He put his arms around her waist and looked down at her breasts. “Mary, you need to decide. We only have until dawn.”
One of his large hands supported her back, while the other her ass and suddenly her feet left the ground. Again she tried to struggle, but he was too much for her. Her arms were pulled tight as he held her hips, wedging his body between her thighs whether she liked it or not. “Please,” her voice trembled. “Tell me the rest and I promise I’ll decide.” Her insides were having a fitful panic attack. There wasn’t going to be any way to avoid this.

Slipping his hands down her thighs, he held her so that he could look up at her stretched body. “Before we died off  we found a Witch. She killed one of us, as a sacrifice, and took the blood. Said she would create a spell that would allow the one sacrificed passage between worlds for one night. If successful, my kind will see the glory of the Earth and enjoy the bountiful harvest of human blood. I am that one, Mary. I am Sanguineous”

The way he finished his words sent a cold tingle up her spine. He had her right where he needed her, waiting for her to say yes. She could feel the heat of his cocks pressing against her. One of them throbbed as he tried to encourage her to wrap her legs around him.

“That doesn’t explain the child,” she said, refusing to keep her legs where he tried placing them. 

“He will be a half blood demon and half human. Once raised to maturity he will copulate with as many females as possible and spread the seed of our kind far and wide.” He put his hand in the creases of her knees, so that he could effectively hold her in a position that would allow him to stroke her pussy lips with his lower cock. He let out a low gruff moan as he parted her lips and stroked her clit ever so slowly with his shaft. “Your body wants me Mary. It’s time to consent now.” His voice was raspy and his eyes laden with lust.
Her clit grew large, almost immediately from having been denied earlier. “G-Gats will live? Caleb and Ge, too?”

“Yesss,” he whispered, using more pressure as he continued to stimulate her. “Your wet flesh is absolutely heavenly.”

Mary forced herself to look down at his cocks. The top one larger and thicker. She found herself drawn to watching the movements of them as he rocked his hips. This is wrong. “How am I going to hide the pregnancy?”

“You don’t. Tell people it was an accident.” His slow rhythm increased just enough that she started to give way to the pleasure he was giving her. “It won’t matter after six months. The Witch will come for you, and she will make you go with her even if it is against your will. Unlike us, free will isn’t an obstacle for Witches.”

Mary started to feel slightly light-headed. Trying desperately to think of anything but orgasm. The sheen of her wetness on his lower cock glistened, her pussy ached for attention, badly, even though her mind willed it not to. Her body was going to win out soon and betray her. She forced her head to the side and closed her eyes. How could she possibly be enjoying this? Did this count as being unfaithful to Gats? Probably not, because if she didn’t, he would remain dead.

“Mary.” His voice was firm. “It’s time. Yes, or No? If you keep playing games, I’m going to slash you to pieces and enjoy doing it for having let me get this close to that agonizingly sweet little cunt and ass of yours and then denying me of it. You must give freely.” He pushed up hard against her, holding the base of his cock against her pulsating clit and her eyes flew open at the unexpected thrust.“Submit, precious, and I’ll make you feel better than you ever knew possible.”

His eyes smoldered with need while he held his cock's still and looked into her eyes. Her heart started to race, and the pulsating in her clit turned into a strong, steady cadence. She had to choose, now, or he was going to kill her. Looking down again at the size of his cocks she muttered “yes” so softly it was barely audible.

“Say it again,” he urged, moving them forward slightly.

Without any encouragement she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him to her as best she could, while a breathy “yes” floated from her mouth.

“Once more.” He held her, one hand under her cheeks while he extended the claws from beneath his fingernails on this other hand, and sliced through the tether attached to the tree faster than she knew what was happening.

Her arm fell swiftly, feeling like dead weight from being stretched taut for so long. She put it around his neck while he swung her body against the tree that was still holding her other wrist.
“Say it,” He growled, his face close to hers.

“Yes,” she said, feeling one of his cock’s throb as he pressed his body into hers.

“Mmm. Good girl.” He reached up and sliced through the other tether. He kept his claws extended and moved a fingertip to her nipple.
She gasped, her body tightening.
“Shh. I won’t draw blood!”

Those words scared her, but the seductiveness of his voice, made her pussy weep all the more, begging to be given mercy of any kind. Her breaths came in little pants as he circled each nipple with the sharp pointy tip of his claw.

“So responsive. I like that.” He moved in toward her lips, while retracting his claws. He put his hand on her ass to match the other.

His lips brushed hers lightly as if asking permission to kiss her. “Yes,” she panted, parting her lips for him. Their mouths met firmly, and his tongue darted into her eagerly. She met his passion with a hunger of her own. The consequences of what she was doing were far out of sight. All she could think about now was those two big cocks both pounding into her aching pussy and ass at the same time. His tongue swept every corner of the inside of her mouth, as he worked a finger into the furrow of her cheeks. She clenched instinctively, but he continued to pry while groaning into her mouth.

“Relax, and let me in.” he mumbled and then quickly went back to sucking and nibbling at her lips and tongue. The tip of his finger pressed against the still moist ring of her rear hole and she wiggled, trying to work her way onto it. “Yes, Mary, that’s it, accept me. Take me fully.” His hot, hungry lips took residence along the curve of her neck as he forced his finger past the first tight ring in her rear. Using a finger from his other hand he gathered a good deal of her slick juices, using them as a lubricant for her ass.

Soon she felt two fingers probing into her, the cadence in her clit continued to drum. He fingered her ass, jutting his cock into her clit just enough to keep her on edge. “Please let me come,” she begged gripping the back of his neck tighter while he widened his fingers, stretching her in preparation for the large cock that would soon replace his fingers.
“Begging so soon?” he muttered, laving a nipple while driving his fingers deeper.

“Yes… please,” she rasped while nodding her head.

He straightened to look at her while a slow smile came over his face. He placed his bottom cock at the entrance of her swollen cunny. “Come for me. Lube my cock so I can fuck your ass.” He pushed into her slowly with one cock while the other rode the top of her clit.

She moaned loudly as he filled her inch by slow inch until he was buried deep before pulling back only to impale her again and again. Each thrust slightly faster and harder than the last until every nerve ending in her body was singing with pleasure.  The orgasm hit her like a freight train, loud and hard as she clung desperately to his large muscular frame. Cries of ecstasy burst from her chest and mouth as she dug her heels into the backs of his legs with each shuddering wave of molten hot release.

“Good, girl.” He pulled his thickly coated, slick cock from her pussy and instantly moved it to her ass, while her chest rose and fell rapidly, trying to catch her breath. His larger, longer cock was positioned at the opening of her creamy wet pussy and he pushed steadily into her, both cocks simultaneously invading her at the same time.

“Tight,” she said, sucking in a sharp breath. “Please, it’s too tight.”  She tensed, instinctively trying to pull away from the painful stretch.

“Easy,” he said, putting his spacious hand around her waist, holding her in place. “Relax, it won’t sting once I work you open.” Putting his head into the crook of her neck, he slid back slowly and gave her a moment to relax before he made the slow plunge back into the depths of her tight wet flesh. “Your quivering body feels so good around me,” he whispered, as he claimed another inch of her glove tight sheath.

“Uhhhh…” she cried, pressing her hands against his shoulders in an attempt to push him away from her.

“You’re beautiful like this, Mary. The small, painful expressions you make drive me wild.”
He slid back into her, and she held her breath, feeling the hilt of both cocks against her openings, she was sure the expression on her face reflected more than the pitiful whimper that escaped her lips.
“Hold on, precious. It’s time to create life.” Holding her hips securely, he made slow, long strides to and from her yielding, wet sex.

Each time he sunk back into her the pain lessened and the pleasure increased until she found herself trying to match his thrusts. She had never felt so full, or so vulnerable before. She looked down between them, trying to see herself taking both of his cocks. As if reading her mind, he moved his shoulders back and tilted her pelvis so she could see the show.
“I’m glad you like to watch. It excites me more.”

As if to show her what he meant, he started fucking her hot and heavy. Grunts and growls rumbling low in his chest, mixed with her moans and whimpers creating and erotic symphony around them. He brought a thumb into play and ground it against her clit making her squeal. The bark of the tree was getting abrasive, the harder he pounded into her, but she didn’t care, she was climbing steadily back toward orgasm. The way those two big cocks looked ramming into her, thrilled and amazed her at the same time. Her cry was shrill, almost eerie as she spiraled out of control for a second time.

“Yes, come for me,” he growled, holding himself deep while she rode out her orgasm.
Suddenly she felt something odd near her cervix as the blinding waves of pleasure ebbed away. It felt like something was pushing its way into her womb.

“It’s my seed pod,” he huffed. “It needs to be in your womb when I come. It will guarantee a life is made.” He held her still while he completed the strange connection to her uterus. Adjusting her hips a little he took back to fucking her quickly, using her body savagely. His cocks thrusting into her hard and determined. “Get ready, precious.” He growled in his gravely voice. “I’m going to fill you up now.”

His arms wrapped tightly around her waist, he pulled her away from the tree holding her to him tightly and thrust up hard and deep. She cried out in a lustful wail as she felt the explosion of both cocks erupt in her at the same time. She felt a tingle at her cervix, he was pumping his come directly into her uterus. 
He let out a long groan as his body stiffened, his grip on her tightened as he took his pleasure, depositing it deep in her swollen tissues until the last of his seed was spent. His tight grip on her ass-cheeks relaxed and he held her tenderly while they caught their breath.

She flinched feeling the same thing that had wiggled into her cervix wiggle itself out.
“You are with my child,” he said, his head resting on her shoulder. “You will tell no one of the child you carry. Let your boyfriend think it’s his.”

“What happens now?” she asked, her body limp.

“Now I put you to sleep and take you all home. I’m sorry for this.”

She felt him nuzzle her neck softly. “Sorry for… Ahhhh.” A burning pain ran down the side of her neck. He was biting her. She immediately started to struggle, but it was useless. Her arms felt like wet, heavy logs and everything was happening in slow motion until everything around her went black.

Wow, what a night to remember. I wonder what she's going to tell Gats in the morning? You can find out next week when this tantalizing little tale comes to an end just in time for Halloween. 
Until then please take a moment to visit the rest of this weeks tastefully talented authors. 

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  1. wow! Crazy, intense bit this week. Love it, Melody :) until next week :D

  2. Holy crap Melody! That was hot!! I boy. I wonder if Mary is going to regret her decision come morning.

    1. Thanks Meredith. I think she might be a bit sore come morning. ;-)

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  4. Yay- thank you for enjoying my little cursor trick, Maggie. I must say though I enjoyed the pic you had on your blog much more. I swear there must be a vault somewhere with hidden panty melting hot pics that I just never seem to stumble upon.
    Glad you enjoyed the scene, I keep seeing flashes of a certain oil painting. Loved that in your scene today. ☺

  5. Do you remember the old Doublemint Gum jingle? Yep, that's what I thought of when I read he had two cocks! :) This was so much fun ... I LOVED it! She's on the pill? LOL! There were so many good lines here - you outdid yourself, Melody! Can't wait til next week!! :)

    1. Ha-ha! Of course I remember the Doublemint twins, Shelly. I swear those girls created 'short-shorts'. LOL.
      I don't think the pill is going to do her any justice...um considering his specially talented seed pod. Where, when or how I ever came up with that is still beyond me... lol.
      Thanks for stopping, Shelly. I so love your comments ☺

  6. ~Puts Hand UP~ Can I have your child Mr Demon Spawn? Seriously... the man has two cocks. Who wouldn't want to carry his child. Me thinketh she protesteth far too much. I mean... sex would be immense... not only would you want his child, but I think I'd have him stick around for a few days... or years. Excited about TWO COCKS? Me? Never. -- Looooved it. I have a thing about girlies being coerced into sex (and the seed pod thing was awesome by the way) and I'm pretty excited by the thought of next week's installment. Witches now? Hmm... whatever next ;) Y.U.M.M.Y Halloween Tale - sharing xxx

    1. Christina... what? Are you crazy woman? Do you know what a pain it is to carry a male child? I did it once. It's pure hell. Not to mention, like most demons... he has NO intentions of sticking around to see the poor girl through any of this.
      I must admit I'm with you when it comes to his double appendage. ☺

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      It was wonderful to have you Wip it up today Helen. I am hoping to see the spanking in the interrogation room next week ☺

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    1. Thank you, Tara, I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you have an address for Casanova? I want it please.

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    1. Trent Evans? Did you say that name, Megan? I LOVE when he's on Wip. He has a sequel in the works that I am almost dying to get my hands on. His style of writing sucks me right in.
      Megan I swear if you have any influence over Trent, tell him to hurry up with (The chronicles of Murrland) or at least share a bit more of it on Wip next week. LOL
      I am really glad you liked this excerpt. I'll try to make it into a full length book, providing the publisher is looking for paranormal at some point after it's finished. Thank you for such an inspiring comment, Megan. ☺

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