Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lies will add more strokes


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Last week Emilia admitted to her new owner that she had taken on of his books. Today we'll find out how he deals with that. 

“I didn’t mean to. Please.” She looked back at him. “I told you myself before you found out, doesn’t that count for something? It’s not like I was stealing.”

“You are well educated, Emilia. I think it’s safe to say you knew without a doubt while you were in my study that you should not have been there, much less helped yourself to my bookshelves without permission. Saying you didn’t mean to, is a lie. And lie’s will add more strokes with my belt, so I suggest you either bend or lay down on that bed before you earn yourself even more. ”

His words took on an authoritative edge and his face hardened with a look of displeasure. “No, wait. I have a better idea.” A smug smile enveloped his lips as he approached her, taking hold of her arm.

“Let’s go to my study. You might feel less intimidated over my desk than over my bed.” He took up a lantern, escorting her out the door and down the hall.

Once in his study, he closed the door and lit another lamp. Em had tears in her eyes and her stomach was twisted in knots. She’d gotten the belt before from her father, but this was different. She prayed he would not lift her dress for fear he may notice the wetness between her thighs.

“Master Corbet, please,” she cried as he took her arm again, escorting her to his desk. “Tell my father when I get home and let him punish me. Please don’t spank me.”

To her surprise, he started laughing. “Not a chance, my dear. But you are creative, I’ll give you that. Now over the desk.” His hand was firm in the middle of her back as he prompted her to take the desired position.

Her body trembled as she stiffly put her hands on the desk, sliding them to the edge as her torso came into contact with the wood. What would she say if he asked why she was damp between her thighs? She would rather die than try to explain what had caused her reaction. In fact, she couldn’t really explain it to herself. This was the first time she had ever found herself aroused while in the presence of a man. When she weighed in the circumstance that brought them together, it made even less sense that she would be attracted to him. So why was she?

“Oh dear god, please… no… don’t let him,” she whispered, her lower lip starting to quiver. Her body tensed the moment she felt his hand on the hem of her dress.

“You’re shaking like a leaf.” He dropped the material, and stood where she could see him. “Have you never endured a spanking before that you are this frightened?”

“I have, sir, but only from my father,” she said, her nerves reflecting in her shaky voice.

“And why do you think this spanking is going to be any different?” He crossed his arms, cocking his head while he looked at her with an expression of amused annoyance.

“I don’t know.” She looked away from him, focusing on the floor. She wasn’t going to escape his knowing. He would either make her explain it, or her body would betray her the moment he lifted the dress.

“When you misbehave in your father's house, it is his right to chastise you.” She felt his hand in the back of her hair and flinched. His fingers started to fan out as he tenderly pulled them through her curls. “When you misbehave in mine, it is my right. Would you not agree?” He moved her thick red locks all to one side of her head as he spoke, his tone as soft as his touch. 

“Yes, sir,” she answered softly. The delicate touch of his fingertips on the back of her neck sent tingles down her spine that blossomed in her sex, causing her to whimper.

“Do you agree that was you did was wrong?”


“Then you must agree that a punishment is well deserved.” He stroked the side of her cheek with the back of his fingers.

“Yes, sir,” she said meekly, closing her eyes. Dear god, what would he think of her when he saw her shameful arousal?

“Are you going to behave now, and take your spanking like a good girl?” 

She was just about to answer him when the back of the dress whooshed up, causing cool air to rush in around the warmth of her bare skin. She gasped, heat instantly rushing to her face. Oh god, now he can see it. What is he thinking? She could hear the scuffle of his feet and then felt his hand on her bottom. She tensed, squeezing her eyes shut. He started to smooth his hand over her exposed globes. She clenched her muscles and gripped the edge of the desk. “Are you ready, Emilia?”

“Yes, sir,” she squeaked. Thank god. Maybe he hadn’t noticed after all.

 She yelped as his hand collided crisp and firm on one bottom cheek. “This is a warm-up.” Another slap of his broad palm landed on her other cheek. “Ten with my hand,” he said, his voice low and determined. Four more blows landed, each creating more heat than the last and not just on her bottom. “And then ten with my belt.” He delivered the last four with more force, rocking her pelvis into the desk. The heat spreading through her bottom was making the achy feeling in her cunny worse. She had never been more embarrassed. The wetness of her arousal was starting to trickle down the inside of her thigh. Why was she reacting like this, especially with him spanking her? Her breath was choppy and short as she listened to him remove his belt.

He pushed her dress up further onto the small of her back, resting his hand there. “I see you rather enjoyed the touch of my hand,” he said with a hint of laughter in his voice. “I am honored, Emilia.” He ran a hand over her tingling buttocks, lightly grazing her moist curls.

Em jerked in response, letting out an alarming shriek as she pulled her pelvis forward. “Nooo… please,” she squealed. “I’m sorry, sir.” She looked back over her shoulder, straining to see him, but all she could see was his back.

“Hush now.” His hand was back on her buttocks, smoothing and rubbing the heated areas he had previously spanked. “I am an honorable man, dove. I assure you will be returned  to your family with your innocence intact.” 

The caressing hand left her, swiftly replaced by the loud clap of his belt on her bottom. “Ahhh,” she cried out, reaching back to cover her cheeks.

“If your hands are in my way, I will be forced to tie them.” Em quickly pulled her hand away, putting it back around the edge of the desk, squeezing tightly in anticipation of the next blow from his belt, which soon landed on her other cheek. She clenched her teeth, sucking in her breath while the burning sensation seeded itself deeper into her soft tissues. “Not quite as pleasant as my hand, is it?” The belt struck again, catching her just under the crease of her thigh.

“No, sir.” Her words slurred together as they unraveled shrilly into her ears. Tiny droplets of sweat were starting to form on her brow and her knees felt weak and trembly. Definitely not as pleasant. What was strange though, was that her body was still enjoying it. The pain felt like lightening each time the belt struck, driving a screaming jolt of electricity straight to the swollen nub of flesh in her nether regions. Mercy, why was she reacting this way? She should be in tears with the force he was using, but instead she found her body craving the next lash. The leather hit its mark again and she moaned, twisting her hips. With the next she heard a low grunt behind her. What in gods name was wrong with her? Her body was reacting like a shameless whore when she should be showing remorse and sorrow for what she had done.

The image of his cock impaling her accompanied the last of his ten blows. A guttural sound of need poured from her mouth as she panted. Heavens, what had made her think of that? And what must he think of her now? She couldn’t be more ashamed of herself, or more confused.

“Stay! Just as  you are,” he growled. His voice was deep and his words were clipped. She heard the sound of his boots walking away and then the sound of the door being opened. Still at a loss of breath, she looked back just as he left the room.

He was upset with her, disappointed that she had reacted like a harlot while he punished her. The throbbing fire searing through her bottom did little to calm the pulsing, wet flesh between her thighs. She had never felt such strong desire before –not even when she had touched herself down there. And certainly never while getting a spanking. How was she going to explain herself when he came back?

Tears came to her eyes as she lay with her head and arms hung over the edge of his desk. She felt bad that she had disappointed him. So far the man had been nothing but good to her. All the fear she had gone through while being captured and brought to auction were gone. All the wicked thoughts of being forced into sexual slavery while she sat in that tent were now dispelled, yet the yearning in her core made her wish that were not entirely so anymore. Her body wanted his and she would cry out in ecstasy if he were to come back and… No! She shook her head, not allowing her naughty thoughts to complete themselves.

She didn’t know why she reacted to him the way she had, but she needed to get herself under control. He was a gentleman and expected her to act like the well mannered young lady she had been brought up as. She would apologize and beg his forgiveness, promising to be on her best behavior, doing anything he asked from now on.

Her breathing and wild pulse had started to calm, but the slow stream of tears leaking from her eyes had not. A quiet sob rolled up into her chest just as she heard him coming back into the room.
“Stand up, Emilia. Do not turn around. Just stand up.”

Her pulse quickened as she obeyed his command. His tone was tender and even again, for that she was thankful. “I’m so sorry, sir.” Her words were soft, remorseful. “I don’t know what came over me. I’ve never—”

“Don’t explain,” he said, untying the laces he had previously pulled so tightly. She felt her ribs expand back to their normal position and sighed with relief. “You are not allowed to touch or pleasure yourself after I send you to bed. Is that clear?” His fingers were loosening the buttons as he spoke. She tried to ignore the warmth of his fingers on her flushed skin, but it was impossible.

“Yes, sir.” He began pulling the material from her shoulders, pulling it down her body until the dress pooled at her feet. Even though he didn’t sound upset with her anymore, she could tell he was still disappointed in her. The haste in which he removed the dress had confirmed it.

She reached up to wipe at the tears on her face as he put a soft white garment over her head. She put her arms through the holes, realizing it to be a smock, an undergarment ladies sometimes wore beneath their dresses, soft as cotton, but also cool and silky against her heated skin.

“This will be better than the flannel, allowing the heat to dissipate more quickly. You’re going to bed now,” he said, adjusting the material so that it hung evenly just below her flaming cheeks. “We will discuss your behavior further in the morning. If you have pleasured yourself in my absence, I will know. ”

“Yes, sir,” she said slowly just above a whisper.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and guided her from the dress still pooled at her feet, making sure to keep her back to him as he walked her to the doorway. An emptiness tore at the pit of her stomach that he refused to let her turn around and see him.

“The moonlight will be sufficient enough to guide your way back to your room. Goodnight, Emilia.”

With that he put her out into the hallway and closed the door to his study before she could even look over her shoulder. He wasn’t just disappointed with her, he was disgusted and couldn’t bare to so much as look at her anymore. Big hot tears ran down her cheeks as she hurried to get to her room. She had never felt so awful in all her life.

Young, beautiful and obviously highly aroused by his touch and Corbet turns her away giving her the cold shoulder? Is he crazy or is there reasoning behind it? Please join me next week where we get a better look at how Em's reaction to that spanking affected him. 
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  1. Great excerpt. Can't wait until this book is out.

    1. Thank you, Jule. I am getting impatient with myself for not having it finished by now. My goal was to have it done two weeks ago, but life has a way of changing our plans sometimes. My current goal is to say... soon...very soon.
      May life treat you well, Jule ☺

  2. Loved that she both fears and lusts after her punishment... creates some delightful tension. Her reaction is quite something, isn't it? Also like the thoughtful Master Corbet who pops her in a smock, rather than the 'flannel' to help her bottom cool off more quickly. Feeling rather hot here myself... excellent snippet as always Melody ;)

    1. Thank you, Christina ☺
      It does seem that she knows what she wants, yet is scared the moment she thinks she might actually get it.
      So happy to see you on Wip it Up today, I'll be heading over to see your blog soon... very soon.

  3. Love the excerpt. Cant wait to see how it moves forward.

    1. Thank you for stopping, Leigh. I'm happy you enjoyed the read. ☺

  4. Great excerpt Melody! Corbet seems to be a lot nicer than I first imagined him. I can't wait to hear about their morning talk!

    1. Thanks, Meredith ☺
      I'm sure it was Lancore's reputation that put him in a bad light. But a good guy can live among the bad guys can't he? I get the feeling that in this story maybe it's the good girl who is instigating things... just a little?

  5. So he gives her 10 with his hand, 10 with the belt, and then he's worried about the heat gathering in the flannel .. so he puts her in a smock that's soft as cotton?? And to think - I didn't trust Considerate Corbet last week. Shame on Shelly! :) Wonderful scene as always, Melody!

    1. Thanks so much, Shelly. I'm glad to have changed your mind about Corbet. I think all the build up about Lancore's bad reputation is what left people with the impression Corbet must be a bad guy as well. But in this case, maybe it's the good girl from Melbourne turning a new leaf?

  6. oh that was perfect, Melody. I imagine Corbet is about to masturbate- and that's why he didn't want her to turn around :D lovely detail going over how she's feeling, I loved the lightening of the belt strikes :)

    1. Thank you, Joelle. You are partly right about why he didn't want her to turn around. He didn't want her to see what he had no way of hiding. I think you'll be surprised next week when I reveal a bit more of Corbet's character along with a bit of his history in Lancore.

  7. Great extract and wonderful description of her mental turbulence.

    1. Thank you, Jaye. I don't think Em was the only one left in anguish. I bet Corbet's left feeling a little frustrated too.