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I believe I promised you a kiss

Hey, hey, hey... it's Wip It Up Wednesday. A blog hop that allows authors to share a Wip (work in progress) or a recently released title for your hump day enjoyment.
Last week I believe I promised you a kiss... so let's get on with it.

 He couldn’t let something like that happen to sweet little Sara. There had to be a way to stop Lord Ervin from wanting her he just didn’t know what it was until a couple of months later. He stopped at the Boren farm to find out that Philip had taken ill. His wife, Morian instructed that Jed and Toran their young sons, twins, 10 years old should help him wrap the meat and fill the wagon. She didn’t object when Sara also offered to help, but warned her not to get blood on her dress while handling the meat.

It was the first time he and Sara had an opportunity to talk to each other… or be in such close proximity. While they were all wrapping meat Jed blurted out that Sara liked Corbet and had told him she wanted to marry him someday.

For a second time Corbet got to watch Sara’s cheeks flush with embarrassment. “Nah—she wants a handsome prince or a valiant knight to be her husband,” Corbet teased back to Jed. “I’m just a merchant. I travel too much to keep a wife anyway.” Corbet thought that by teasing the boy back it would help Sara to feel a little more comfortable and for the most part it had, but he also saw a hint of hurt in her eyes that she thought he didn’t want her and she remained quiet while they finished wrapping the meat.

If only she knew why he had said that. He needed to deter her fascination with him because of her father’s plans to hand her over to Lord Ervin in a few months. As hard as he had tried to come up with some sort of plan to keep  Ervin from getting her, he just couldn’t.

He had given thought to asking her to run off with him. He knew she’d say yes, but the truth was he didn’t want it to be like that. He didn’t want to run or leave the home his parents had built, he was doing relatively well for himself and didn’t want to ruin that. Besides, what good would it do him to run off with without the proper means to take care of her the way he wanted.

When almost all the meat had been put into the wagon, Sara told her brothers to go wash up for supper, that she’d be along shortly.

After the boys were a short distance away, Jed looked back at Sara and yelled, “You just want to kiss Corbet.” Both boys started laughing and took off running for their lives.

Sara turned a deep shade of red and had tears in her eyes when Corbet turned his attention away from the boys and looked at her. “Hey! Don’t cry.” It just seemed natural to him to pull her into his arms as he said that. “Sara,” he said tenderly, stroking her hair. “I like you too.”

“You do?” she mumbled into his leather vest as she nuzzled into him, letting him comfort her. Dear god if she didn’t feel like heaven in his arms. He would never forget the smell of her hair or how she trembled just slightly, while waiting for him to reply.

“I do,” he whispered. “But my life is complicated right now. I travel a lot and –”

“I don’t care. I’ll go with you.”

Her soft, sweet voice made his heart melt and he didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t tell her the real reason they couldn’t be together, yet he wasn’t going to lie to her either. He put his hands on her delicate little shoulders and pulled her back so he could look at her. Her hazel eyes were wet and shiny with tears. He wanted so badly to kiss them away and tell her everything was going to be okay, but he couldn’t.

“We can’t be together, Sara. As much as I want you and would love to marry you one day, it’s just not going to be possible.” The despair in her eyes cut him like a knife. “I wish I could tell you why, but I can’t do that either. In a few months you’ll understand though, I promise.”

Her mouth dropped open and hung there for a moment while she processed what he’d said. She put a hand up to her face to wipe away a tear that had strayed to the bridge of her cute freckled nose. “What are you not telling me, Corbet?” She turned from him as she spoke. “If you know something about me and your hiding it, it’s the same as lying.”

He fought to control his emotions. It hurt to feel her pull away from him like that. The one and only time he would ever have her in his arms and it was going to end badly. “Sara please don’t do this. It is your father’s orders I don’t tell you. And withholding knowledge is not the same as lying.”
“So you will please my father at my expense? You will make me worry and fret for how long?” she turned to look at him. “A few months? Whatever it is your keeping to yourself is obviously the reason we can’t be together. Please Corbet, don’t make me suffer. Just tell me and I’ll promise not to say anything.”Fresh tears came to her eyes and her lower lip started to tremble.

How could he sleep at night knowing she would be sick with worry.  Yet would it not be worse for her to know and be sick with a worry far worse?
“Sara,” he said softly, approaching her. “I don’t want to ever see you fret or suffer. If I tell you, it’s only going to make you feel worse.” He put a hand on her shoulder.

“Kiss me,” she whispered. “Just once.” She stepped in closer to him. “I have to know. I’ve seen and felt you kiss me so many times in my mind Corbet, please. Allow my first kiss to be with the man I love and I will stop asking about what my father’s secret is.”

Her eyes were so desperate… imploring. He knew the right thing to do would be to refuse her, but he didn’t. He gave in to the sweet temptation of her ripe little lips and devoured them with every ounce of passion he’d been saving since having first laid eyes on her.

Her hands made their way up around his neck and she held onto him like she never wanted to let him go. Her mouth tasted like sugar and sunshine as their tongues entwined, exploring each other. She whimpered into his mouth and pressed herself tighter against his chest. The softness of her breasts pushing against him was more than he could take and he pulled away before he lost control and laid her down right there and took her.

“Oh, Corbet,” she gasped. “That was even better than in my dreams. Please, please don’t stop.” She tried to pull his head back to her but he pushed her away.

“No,” he growled, taking a step back. “I shouldn’t have done that, Sara. Now it’s just going to be worse.”

“I know what you're hiding,” she said, while catching her breath. “What my father is hiding. He’s arranged for me to marry someone hasn’t he?”

“You promised not to ask if I granted you your kiss, which I have.” He noticed that her eyes were looking directly at his groin. Although somewhat embarrassed, he couldn’t help that he was as hard as a rock and there was little he could do to hide it. “I need to go… this shouldn’t have happened.” He turned from her and started to walk towards the wagon.

“Wait!” she called after him. He could hear her bare feet scurrying to catch up with him. Just as he neared the wagon he felt her small hand on his arm. “Corbet!” her voice trembled. “Please,” she begged.

“Sara. Stop!” he turned, taking a hold of her wrists. “We cannot be together. It is not your fault or mine. It is just the way things are.” He used a firm and authoritative voice, hoping to make her understand things were never going to happen for them no matter how much they wanted it.

“Deflower me, Corbet.” Her words were rushed and frantic. “Take my maidenhead. If I am not pure it will ruin my father's plans.”

Corbet pushed her up against the thick canvas wall of the wagon, pinning her hands to each side of her head and pressed his body into hers. He could feel her heart beating as fast as it could, right along with his. “You want it right here?” he growled. “Your first time, up against a dirty, dusty wagon?” He let go of her hands and lifted her, hiking her dress up in the process while he keeping her pinned.

“Yessss,” she cried. “As long as it’s with you. Please, Corbet, I’ll do anything.” She wiggled, wrapping her legs around his hips, her arms slipping back around his neck. He had hoped treating her roughly might scare her and make her realize this wasn’t really what she wanted.

Corbet’s jaw clenched tight and he closed his eyes. The swell of her heaving breasts in his face was more than he could endure at the moment and the scent of her arousal wasn’t making his efforts to control himself any easier. “This is wrong, Sara. I can’t do this to you.” He opened his eyes, looking straight into hers. “Or myself.” He let his head rest against her breasts and just held her, fighting back his frustration. “Your father could easily have my head for defiling you.”

“He wouldn’t do that. He would be very mad at both of us, but he wouldn’t do that to you, Corbet, I know he wouldn’t.”

“I won’t Sara!” He dropped his hold on her, letting her feet back down to the ground. “I won’t put either of us through the turmoil this would cause.”

“I’m going to tell my father you deflowered me anyway. I don’t care who he has planned for me to marry. They won’t want me if I’m not pure.”

“Oh no?” he asked angrily, cupping her chin in his hand. “How about Lord Ervin? Do you think he’s going to care if you’re pure? All he wants is another sex slave to add to his collection.” He let go of her chin hastily.

A hand instantly came up to Sara’s mouth as she gasped in shock. “Lord Ervin? He… he wants me to be his…”

“His mistress, yes. But what that really means, is once your inside those castle walls you will be treated like his property and nothing more. He will use you sexually or otherwise, for any purpose he see’s fit. He might even offer to have you trained as a pony. I am sure you’ve heard rumors of those.” He watched as she nodded her head, her eyes wide with panic.

“Corbet! How could he?” Before he could stop her, she tore away from him and started running for the house.

For visiting today everyone. For next week I thought about changing things up a bit and sharing a short story I wrote a few months back for Halloween. What do you think, readers? More of Emilia? Or, would you like something spooky and spicy? 
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What's a man to do?

Okay who set the clock so far forward? It can't be September 24th already. 
Sorry Melody, but I think it is and you're suppose to have a post ready for #wipitup Wednesday. 

Holy crap on a cracker, I think your right...

So are you guys ready for a little insight from the mind of Corbet Mills? 
I wanted to share this post because there seems to be some skepticism about his motives with Emilia. 
I get it though. I mean, the guy buys her at a slave auction, right? Then makes promises to return her to her parents? And he's from Lancore, a kingdom known for it's debauchery and lose morals? 
It's absurd to think he could be a nice guy... but he is, really! 
Here's what happened after he abruptly sent Emilia to bed after her spanking last week.

Corbet picked up the dress from the floor and waited, giving Emilia enough time to get upstairs before he went back to his room. Never had he expected such a reaction from her and he couldn’t bare to let her see what it had done to him. His cock was still hard and aching for her.
Although beautiful and alluring with those big soft blue eyes, intimacy was never his intent when he decided to make her purchase. She had been frightened when she thought he meant to use her for sexual pleasures, yet when he bared her bottom for punishment she was slick with arousal. He thought certainly once he began to pelt her plush mounds with his belt her arousal would diminish and she would succumb to tears and remorse for her actions. But instead it seemed only to increase her lust and he thought he would go mad listening to her husky moans while she writhed and wiggled her curvy hips after each lash as if begging him to impale her. If it were not for her virginity, he might have been tempted to do just that.

(See folks? Nice guy... right?) 

Images of his entering her slick heat flashed in his mind as he closed his eyes. His cock, swollen and hard began to throb despite telling himself to will his impure thoughts away. Not once in six years had he envisioned himself being with anyone but his wife. To Corbet Mills love was forever and he suddenly felt ashamed. As if somehow he was betraying Sara and the bond they had once shared. A bond he still honored and cherished.
“NO!” he said aloud into the darkness. “You are a good and respectable man Corbet Mills. You will not cave to the temptation of spilling your seed while thinking of another woman.” He turned, forcing himself to lay on his stomach to keep from taking himself in hand.
(Joelle this part is for you ;) ) 

Even though Corbet had refrained from giving in to the pleasurable release his body so desperately sought, he still could not help feeling guilty that he had betrayed his beloved Sara. He visualized the memory of how they had met, how they had fallen in love and the trauma of how he had been forced to fight for her. He despised Lancore for their stupid, outrageous and often times, barbaric ways.

So you see? The guy has morals and integrity. 
I wanted to share some of Corbet's memories of Sara with you but then I'd have nothing for next week when I plan to share Corbet and Sara's first kiss. 

But Melody... A kiss. Just a kiss?  
That's what I thought too, until I read it.

So, until next month- yes that's a week from now- I wish you all well and invite you to stop by the some of the other hot topic authors sharing this week.    

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Lies will add more strokes


Welcome to Wip It Up. I hope your having a wonderful Hump day and if not maybe some of this weeks participants can help cheer you up ;)

Last week Emilia admitted to her new owner that she had taken on of his books. Today we'll find out how he deals with that. 

“I didn’t mean to. Please.” She looked back at him. “I told you myself before you found out, doesn’t that count for something? It’s not like I was stealing.”

“You are well educated, Emilia. I think it’s safe to say you knew without a doubt while you were in my study that you should not have been there, much less helped yourself to my bookshelves without permission. Saying you didn’t mean to, is a lie. And lie’s will add more strokes with my belt, so I suggest you either bend or lay down on that bed before you earn yourself even more. ”

His words took on an authoritative edge and his face hardened with a look of displeasure. “No, wait. I have a better idea.” A smug smile enveloped his lips as he approached her, taking hold of her arm.

“Let’s go to my study. You might feel less intimidated over my desk than over my bed.” He took up a lantern, escorting her out the door and down the hall.

Once in his study, he closed the door and lit another lamp. Em had tears in her eyes and her stomach was twisted in knots. She’d gotten the belt before from her father, but this was different. She prayed he would not lift her dress for fear he may notice the wetness between her thighs.

“Master Corbet, please,” she cried as he took her arm again, escorting her to his desk. “Tell my father when I get home and let him punish me. Please don’t spank me.”

To her surprise, he started laughing. “Not a chance, my dear. But you are creative, I’ll give you that. Now over the desk.” His hand was firm in the middle of her back as he prompted her to take the desired position.

Her body trembled as she stiffly put her hands on the desk, sliding them to the edge as her torso came into contact with the wood. What would she say if he asked why she was damp between her thighs? She would rather die than try to explain what had caused her reaction. In fact, she couldn’t really explain it to herself. This was the first time she had ever found herself aroused while in the presence of a man. When she weighed in the circumstance that brought them together, it made even less sense that she would be attracted to him. So why was she?

“Oh dear god, please… no… don’t let him,” she whispered, her lower lip starting to quiver. Her body tensed the moment she felt his hand on the hem of her dress.

“You’re shaking like a leaf.” He dropped the material, and stood where she could see him. “Have you never endured a spanking before that you are this frightened?”

“I have, sir, but only from my father,” she said, her nerves reflecting in her shaky voice.

“And why do you think this spanking is going to be any different?” He crossed his arms, cocking his head while he looked at her with an expression of amused annoyance.

“I don’t know.” She looked away from him, focusing on the floor. She wasn’t going to escape his knowing. He would either make her explain it, or her body would betray her the moment he lifted the dress.

“When you misbehave in your father's house, it is his right to chastise you.” She felt his hand in the back of her hair and flinched. His fingers started to fan out as he tenderly pulled them through her curls. “When you misbehave in mine, it is my right. Would you not agree?” He moved her thick red locks all to one side of her head as he spoke, his tone as soft as his touch. 

“Yes, sir,” she answered softly. The delicate touch of his fingertips on the back of her neck sent tingles down her spine that blossomed in her sex, causing her to whimper.

“Do you agree that was you did was wrong?”


“Then you must agree that a punishment is well deserved.” He stroked the side of her cheek with the back of his fingers.

“Yes, sir,” she said meekly, closing her eyes. Dear god, what would he think of her when he saw her shameful arousal?

“Are you going to behave now, and take your spanking like a good girl?” 

She was just about to answer him when the back of the dress whooshed up, causing cool air to rush in around the warmth of her bare skin. She gasped, heat instantly rushing to her face. Oh god, now he can see it. What is he thinking? She could hear the scuffle of his feet and then felt his hand on her bottom. She tensed, squeezing her eyes shut. He started to smooth his hand over her exposed globes. She clenched her muscles and gripped the edge of the desk. “Are you ready, Emilia?”

“Yes, sir,” she squeaked. Thank god. Maybe he hadn’t noticed after all.

 She yelped as his hand collided crisp and firm on one bottom cheek. “This is a warm-up.” Another slap of his broad palm landed on her other cheek. “Ten with my hand,” he said, his voice low and determined. Four more blows landed, each creating more heat than the last and not just on her bottom. “And then ten with my belt.” He delivered the last four with more force, rocking her pelvis into the desk. The heat spreading through her bottom was making the achy feeling in her cunny worse. She had never been more embarrassed. The wetness of her arousal was starting to trickle down the inside of her thigh. Why was she reacting like this, especially with him spanking her? Her breath was choppy and short as she listened to him remove his belt.

He pushed her dress up further onto the small of her back, resting his hand there. “I see you rather enjoyed the touch of my hand,” he said with a hint of laughter in his voice. “I am honored, Emilia.” He ran a hand over her tingling buttocks, lightly grazing her moist curls.

Em jerked in response, letting out an alarming shriek as she pulled her pelvis forward. “Nooo… please,” she squealed. “I’m sorry, sir.” She looked back over her shoulder, straining to see him, but all she could see was his back.

“Hush now.” His hand was back on her buttocks, smoothing and rubbing the heated areas he had previously spanked. “I am an honorable man, dove. I assure you will be returned  to your family with your innocence intact.” 

The caressing hand left her, swiftly replaced by the loud clap of his belt on her bottom. “Ahhh,” she cried out, reaching back to cover her cheeks.

“If your hands are in my way, I will be forced to tie them.” Em quickly pulled her hand away, putting it back around the edge of the desk, squeezing tightly in anticipation of the next blow from his belt, which soon landed on her other cheek. She clenched her teeth, sucking in her breath while the burning sensation seeded itself deeper into her soft tissues. “Not quite as pleasant as my hand, is it?” The belt struck again, catching her just under the crease of her thigh.

“No, sir.” Her words slurred together as they unraveled shrilly into her ears. Tiny droplets of sweat were starting to form on her brow and her knees felt weak and trembly. Definitely not as pleasant. What was strange though, was that her body was still enjoying it. The pain felt like lightening each time the belt struck, driving a screaming jolt of electricity straight to the swollen nub of flesh in her nether regions. Mercy, why was she reacting this way? She should be in tears with the force he was using, but instead she found her body craving the next lash. The leather hit its mark again and she moaned, twisting her hips. With the next she heard a low grunt behind her. What in gods name was wrong with her? Her body was reacting like a shameless whore when she should be showing remorse and sorrow for what she had done.

The image of his cock impaling her accompanied the last of his ten blows. A guttural sound of need poured from her mouth as she panted. Heavens, what had made her think of that? And what must he think of her now? She couldn’t be more ashamed of herself, or more confused.

“Stay! Just as  you are,” he growled. His voice was deep and his words were clipped. She heard the sound of his boots walking away and then the sound of the door being opened. Still at a loss of breath, she looked back just as he left the room.

He was upset with her, disappointed that she had reacted like a harlot while he punished her. The throbbing fire searing through her bottom did little to calm the pulsing, wet flesh between her thighs. She had never felt such strong desire before –not even when she had touched herself down there. And certainly never while getting a spanking. How was she going to explain herself when he came back?

Tears came to her eyes as she lay with her head and arms hung over the edge of his desk. She felt bad that she had disappointed him. So far the man had been nothing but good to her. All the fear she had gone through while being captured and brought to auction were gone. All the wicked thoughts of being forced into sexual slavery while she sat in that tent were now dispelled, yet the yearning in her core made her wish that were not entirely so anymore. Her body wanted his and she would cry out in ecstasy if he were to come back and… No! She shook her head, not allowing her naughty thoughts to complete themselves.

She didn’t know why she reacted to him the way she had, but she needed to get herself under control. He was a gentleman and expected her to act like the well mannered young lady she had been brought up as. She would apologize and beg his forgiveness, promising to be on her best behavior, doing anything he asked from now on.

Her breathing and wild pulse had started to calm, but the slow stream of tears leaking from her eyes had not. A quiet sob rolled up into her chest just as she heard him coming back into the room.
“Stand up, Emilia. Do not turn around. Just stand up.”

Her pulse quickened as she obeyed his command. His tone was tender and even again, for that she was thankful. “I’m so sorry, sir.” Her words were soft, remorseful. “I don’t know what came over me. I’ve never—”

“Don’t explain,” he said, untying the laces he had previously pulled so tightly. She felt her ribs expand back to their normal position and sighed with relief. “You are not allowed to touch or pleasure yourself after I send you to bed. Is that clear?” His fingers were loosening the buttons as he spoke. She tried to ignore the warmth of his fingers on her flushed skin, but it was impossible.

“Yes, sir.” He began pulling the material from her shoulders, pulling it down her body until the dress pooled at her feet. Even though he didn’t sound upset with her anymore, she could tell he was still disappointed in her. The haste in which he removed the dress had confirmed it.

She reached up to wipe at the tears on her face as he put a soft white garment over her head. She put her arms through the holes, realizing it to be a smock, an undergarment ladies sometimes wore beneath their dresses, soft as cotton, but also cool and silky against her heated skin.

“This will be better than the flannel, allowing the heat to dissipate more quickly. You’re going to bed now,” he said, adjusting the material so that it hung evenly just below her flaming cheeks. “We will discuss your behavior further in the morning. If you have pleasured yourself in my absence, I will know. ”

“Yes, sir,” she said slowly just above a whisper.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and guided her from the dress still pooled at her feet, making sure to keep her back to him as he walked her to the doorway. An emptiness tore at the pit of her stomach that he refused to let her turn around and see him.

“The moonlight will be sufficient enough to guide your way back to your room. Goodnight, Emilia.”

With that he put her out into the hallway and closed the door to his study before she could even look over her shoulder. He wasn’t just disappointed with her, he was disgusted and couldn’t bare to so much as look at her anymore. Big hot tears ran down her cheeks as she hurried to get to her room. She had never felt so awful in all her life.

Young, beautiful and obviously highly aroused by his touch and Corbet turns her away giving her the cold shoulder? Is he crazy or is there reasoning behind it? Please join me next week where we get a better look at how Em's reaction to that spanking affected him. 
 for stopping by today and don't forget to read some of the other wonderful authors in this weeks Wip It Up. You can find their links below for your convenience. Have a happy Hump Day!

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That's not what I want

Greetings Everyone and welcome to #wipitup Wednesday my favorite day of the week for a variety of reasons, but mostly because of this blog hop. 
As most of you know I've been sharing from a current medieval story that I've tentatively titled 'Emilia' for now. 
She's been captured by the tyrants of a neighboring kingdom and sold as a pleasure slave at one of their auctions. 
Today we'll find out who this 'kind man' is who has made her purchase and what he means to do with her. 

“Come in, Emilia.”
Em swallowed hard and put her hand on the latch. His voice didn’t seem to reflect anger, but maybe that was because he didn’t know she had taken his property yet. He was sitting in a cushioned, high back chair when she entered the room. She stood just inside the door with her hands behind her back, holding the contraband while trying not to look guilty.

“Sit,” he said, pointing to a round cushion on the floor not far from the chair he sat in.
Em kept her eyes down as she walked past his bed and then knelt on the pillow. She noticed a flask of wine on the small table next to his chair and a glass in his hand. 

Before allowing herself to meet his eyes, she held the book out with both hands. “I’m sorry, master,” she said softly. “I was going crazy in that room with nothing to do.” She looked at his flowing white tunic, cinched at the waist with a brown leather belt. The V at the neck opened just so, exposing a light covering of hair. The same light brown as his eyes. Her fingers trembled as her eyes rose, pausing to see if his handsome jaw was clenched before meeting his eyes, which to her surprise did not look angry.

Corbet leaned forward and took the book, never looking away from Em’s eyes. “It pleases me that you can read, Emilia, but upsets me that you took it upon yourself to snoop through my study. If you needed something to keep you busy, why did you not ask Alice to give you something to do?”  

“I don’t think the other girls like me. I tried offering to help and they ignored me. I didn’t even know their names until a short while ago.” Em noticed a brief flash of anger in his eyes as he sipped his wine. “Alice told me I should stay in the bedroom and wait until you called for me. That pleasure slaves do not perform duties other than that which their master wishes.”

He let out a sigh, rubbing his chin. “I’m sorry that Alice was so cold with you. It was my instruction that she keep you comfortable in my absence. It is clear that she misunderstood. I will speak with her later.” He put his empty glass next to the flask on the table and settled himself back in his chair, crossing a leg. “Do you know why I asked you to my chamber?”

Em had been so worried about him being angry at her for the book she hadn’t considered the purpose for which he had probably called her for. Suddenly her stomach clenched and she looked away not wanting her eyes to give away her fear. “No, master.”

“I would rather you call me sir.”

“Yes, sir.” Her lower lip started to quiver and she was thankful of her long red hair as it helped to hide her face. After a short pause, she saw him uncross his leg and sit forward. Since he hadn’t known about her taking the book, she could think of only one reason he would require her presence. It was time for him to make use of his purchase.

“Why do I suddenly frighten you?” he asked, putting a warm finger under her chin coaxing her to look at him.

She didn’t want to look up, but feared his reaction if she disobeyed. A tear brimmed at her lower lid as she fought to pull herself together. In her boredom, she had wished for his presence, even entertaining the thoughts of what he might do to her and she would be lying to say it had not excited her. But now that she was here, the thoughts about what he would want from her scared her. “I… I don’t know how, and I’m scared.” Even through watery eyes, she could see him struggling not to laugh. With embarrassment added to her tilt of emotions, she pulled away from his gentle grip and let her tears fall.

“That isn’t what I want.” His words were tender, followed by his hand on her shoulder. “Look at me, dove.”

Wiping her eyes with the back of her hand, she turned to face him. “Why do you call me that? The auctioneer called me the same.”

“Sit back and relax, Emilia. I have no intentions of defiling you. Around here referring to a young lady as a ‘dove’ means that she is pure, a virgin.” He gave her a soft smile and sat back in his chair. As strange as it was, she missed the warmth of his hand. “I want to talk with you. I want to know where you are from, and more importantly, who might be looking for you.”

She stiffened. She couldn’t and wouldn’t sell her father out to the likes of Lancore, so she remained silent.

“It is for your benefit, my dear,” he said, pouring himself another glass of wine. “If you tell me where you’re from, I can send word that you are safe, and that you will be returned safe at my earliest convenience. I’m sure that you have family who are concerned about you.”

Emilia’s mouth simply fell open in shock. Had she heard him right? He was going to send her home? He cocked his head, giving her a puzzled look.

“You do want to go home, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir. I just don’t understand. Why did you purchase me if you didn’t want  me?” Although his words had made her feel happy and renewed her hope, she also felt the pain of his rejection.

“Lancore has a bad reputation. I’m sorry you have experienced it. Not all in Lancore are known for their loose morality and barbaric actions. I’ll admit, my motive for attending the auction was to buy a pleasure slave, but not because I wanted a woman for sexual pleasures.”
It was Em’s turn to cock her head and give him a confused look.
“I lost my wife six years ago, and I’m sick of the townspeople and other merchants trying to push their daughters on me for marriage. If they think I have someone, they’ll stop. Which is why tomorrow you are going to accompany me into town. I need to see some fellow merchants and I’m sure word has spread about you by now. It will be a good opportunity to show you off, and a pleasure to see the look on Cedney’s face. She’s the shoemaker’s wife and has tried everything to interest me in Thea, their daughter.”

“So you’re going to use me to give the impression you're taken? I can hardly see where parading me around as your pleasure slave is going to leave people with that understanding.”

“You’re in Lancore, dove. Those that know me will consider me such and the rest won’t care one way or another. When I travel to Melbourne at the end of the month I will take you with me and from there take you home.”

Em couldn’t believe what he’d just said. “Why are you going to Melbourne?” she asked, trying not to appear anxious.

He tipped back his glass, emptying it and set it down as before. “To sell saddles mostly, and some other leather goods.”

She couldn’t believe he’d been to Melbourne before, selling his goods in their merchant shops. “Can you really get word to my family?”

“Depending on where you live. A friend of mine is passing through town tomorrow. Spice merchant, Drake Renard. He’ll be traveling to Isendorf, Doclumur, and Melbourne.”

“Melbourne,” she said quietly. “Brom Elkseer is my father and I’m sure he is out looking for me with a few of his men. I’m worried for him. I’m sure he will check for me in Lancore.”

“The guards will not permit him to pass without valid  cause. If he starts asking questions about you, he will be escorted out of Lancore. If he becomes violent, he will be escorted with such.”

“My father does not give up so easily. If he thinks I am here, he will find a way to get around the guards and seek out every village and town in Lancore has before he stops.” 

“I’m sure your father and his men will take care of themselves. Your mother will have received my letter by week's end. Hopefully she will find a way to get word to him and ease his mind.”
That didn’t sound very reassuring to Em, who looked down at her lap worrying her hands, while trying to fight back tears again.
“Emilia, I’m sorry for all of this, really. Can you not appreciate that you are being spared? Think of what might have happened if Glom had won your bid?”

Her stomach trembled thinking of the gigantic man who, if not for Corbet, would have torn her apart by now. “Yes, sir. I am most grateful.”

“So we have a deal then? And you will behave while we are in public and not try to run when my back is turned?”

“Yes, sir.” She nodded. 

Hmm... he doesn't want her for his pleasure and it seems he is not all that worried about her snooping through his study and taking one of his books. Is this guy a softy or what? Maybe not. I invite you back next week to find out Corbet addresses the matter of Emilia taking what does not belong to her.
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How much is a virgin worth in Lancore?

Hi folks. Before I jump into this weeks excerpt. I'd like to take a moment to thank all of you who made last week a bit more bearable for me while I was sick. Although I'm not 100% back to normal, I am mostly recovered and feeling a whole lot better. We are also slowly but surely making a recovery from the lightening strike to our home as well. Thank you all for your get well wishes, gifts and concern.

Last week we saw Emilia on Lancore's auction block and this week we will find out who exactly stakes claim to this lovely young beauty. 

Putting a hand on her shoulder, he guided her to turn around. Once she had completed the task she felt his hand in the middle of her back, pushing her so that she bent over. Whistles came from the crowd and voices rose and fell in appreciation.

Em thought she was going to faint as his hands worked between the furrow of her buttocks and spread them open, revealing her dark bottom hole in all its shame. 

“Look how the frightened little bird trembles. Won’t this be a delicious treat.” His finger grazed over the tense puckered skin of her anus and she pulled forward, mortified that anyone would ever touch her there. 
Hooking a hand on the ropes around her wrists, he guided her to stand back up, and turn to the crowd.
“On your knees, dove,” he instructed.

Feeling deflated and utterly shamed, she dropped to the wooden planks of the platform while glimpsing a look at the auctioneer before hanging her head. He was a big man, although not as tall as she expected. The leather mask covering his face looked worn and faded, she could only wonder how many times he stood in the hot midday sun and sold captives to the tyrants of Lancore.

“What is she worth, gentleman?  And might I remind you before you insult her worth, she is our last slave of the day.” An outburst of boo’s and jeers came from the bidders. When the voices died down, he continued. “But as usual, after the completion of our last bid, you are all invited to Bart’s for a round of his finest brew while he gives a public inspection of his newly acquired purchase.” The air practically rumbled as the men gave voice to their appreciation.

“Five-hundred,” a deep voice rose from the cheers and claps.

Em felt her heart suddenly stop, the bidding had started. It wouldn’t be long before some strange masked man took possession of her, probably with the intent to deflower her as quickly and as much as possible.

“Not bad, my good man, but not nearly what this dove is worth. Who will give me a respectable bid for one such as this?”
Em felt his hand on the top of her head and he began stroking her hair. She prayed to be back in Melbourne, crying in her mother's arms as she explained her horrible ordeal. Her father would figure out the vagrants had not captured her and she knew his next move would be to search Lancore for his missing daughter. He may not be able to persuade the help of many, but he would gather enough strong men to aid him.

“Six-hundred,” came the calm, familiar voice of the kind man.
Em lifted her eyes, searching in the direction of this mans voice. She wasn’t sure why, but she wanted to see this man. His voice was tender, having a distinguished quality that she couldn’t help but admire.

“Ha! I will give a thousand for her myself,” the auctioneer boasted and Emilia stiffened.
She held tight to her hope that her father would indeed come looking for her soon, and prayed to be put in the hands of someone who might give her a couple of days to adjust before taking her virginity. She would promise to be obedient and willing if he would spare her some time to adjust to the idea. 

“Fifteen-hundred!” came a deep commanding voice. A voice Em had not yet heard bid or in the murmuring voices.

“Finally a respectable sum for a virgin… Do I hear more?”

“Eighteen-hundred.” It was the kind man. Em felt her hopes rise and her head turn toward his gentle voice. He would be patient with her, she could sense it.

“Two-thousand!” the authoritative voice boomed, clearly trying to intimidate his opponent.

“Twenty-five hundred,” came the smooth, unwavering voice of the man she hoped would keep bidding on her.

A deep growl came from the other man. Em’s head turned and spotted the large, impatient man as he yelled. “Twenty-seven!” He was a Goliath of a man, and a cold shiver coiled up her spine. He would rip her apart. She prayed as the silent tension hung in the air.

“What is one more bid, my friend. Surely you do not wish to go home empty handed.”

“You keep out of it, rattle-tongue,” the mammoth man growled.

“Three-thousand!” the kind man said. Em noticed just a hint of worry in his voice and hoped that his opponent had not. If that monster got his hands on her he would likely end up killing her. Angels in heaven have mercy.

Whispers tore through the crowd while Em held her breath, looking at the big man who others were now moving away from. She saw his giant fists clenched at his side, the cords in his neck bulging. He was breathing like a heated bull, and finally his voice thundered. “Take her!” he said, shaking his fists at the auctioneer before turning to make his way out of the crowd… defeated.
Em’s heart lifted and she took a deep breath thanking God.

“Congratulations, sir. You can pay the attendant near the tents, and then collect your prize at the bottom of the steps.” 

With that concludes my edition to this weeks #wipitup. 
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