Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Looks like I made it ☺

As some of you may or may not know, I shared a post yesterday that I was not going to be able to participate this week because I am sick and in a whole lotta' pain. But you see, I saw my Doctor who gave me some really good  med's and although I feel loopy as all get out right now, I do not have the chronic pain.  So I decided to go ahead with the post I had picked out for this week. 
If you notice any typo's... I cannot be held responsible and will blame the med's. 
So lets get to this, shall we? 

Last week I shared a bit of a new story I'm working on. Tentatively titled 'Emilia'. The little dear finds herself captured by the tyrants of Lancore and put on the auction block as a pleasure slave. Let's see how she handles it. 

“And what have we here,” the voice of the auctioneer bellowed, making Em jump and cry out behind the gag. He was so much louder now that she was the one on the block. She could smell the stench of ale as he approached. Feeling his hands on her shoulders, she flinched.
“I’m going to remove the blindfold,” he whispered. “Be still, and keep your eyes closed for a moment or two before you open them. Helps them adjust to the sun after being in the dark for so long.” By the time he was done with his instructions she felt the blindfold fall away, and did as she was told, keeping her eyes closed. “Good girl,” he said softly.
The bright, warm rays of the sun met her face, the moment he stepped away from her. She focused on the pink hue behind her eyelids as the man offered her up to the hungry murmuring crowd. A crowd she never wanted to open her eyes and look at. She never wanted to see the face of the man they called Bart, and she prayed with all her might that he would not bid on her, and if he did he would not win.
“A stunning young dove. So scared and shy. So innocent. She is pure for sure.” She could hear him walking around her like a vulture, examining her while hushed voices and whispers about virgins slithered through the crowd like a snake.
“See how striking her red tresses look in the sun.” She felt him pick up a long curly lock of her hair from her chest and move it behind her shoulder. “And these,” he said, stepping in front of her. She knew any moment he was going to put his hands on her again. She stiffened, preparing for it.
“Open your eye’s.” His voice was low, and gentle. She shook her head, pleading with garbled grunts. “Fine, have it your way, we will see how long that lasts."
The warmth of the sun was again on her face as she listened to the scuffle of his boots moving behind her. She froze, her breath, turning to ice in her nostrils as his hands simultaneously cupped her breasts. “Such ripe young beauties.” He began to massage and lift them while tears formed beneath her lids. “They quiver in my very hands, yet to know the touch of a lustful, laving tongue.” As he spoke, he moved his fingers and thumb to her nipples pinching them causing her to cry out behind her gag.
“So responsive,” he said, letting go and sweeping the remaining locks of her hair from her chest so the crowd could get a good look at her wares.
Her knees nearly buckled when his thick hands pressed into her hips. “Look at her blossoming womanly curves,” he called, smoothing his hands over the swell of her hips. His fingers didn’t stop at the top of her thigh as she anticipated they would. No, instead they slowly inched their way to the crease of her thighs.
“NO!” she garbled frantically, shaking her head. A finger brushed the tight red curls that covered her mound, and her eyes sprang open as she wailed uselessly. She suddenly felt weak and her knees started to give way.
“No, no… little dove. I need you to stand. You either pull yourself together and allow me to show off your wares or I’ll deflower you right here on the platform in front of all the good men of Lancore.”

 for visiting my blog today. I invite you back next week for more of what's going on with Emilia.