Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Abduction at Pleasure Bay

Greetings everyone and welcome to the first Wip It Up blog hop. Today I'm introducing Jennifer Reed. A sassy, yet sophisticated dental hygienist with a taste for an abduction fantasy. This excerpt is taken from Pleasure Bay, co-authored with Maddie Taylor.

Jennifer Reed is an experienced submissive looking for something spicy after having taken a long break from the BDSM lifestyle. She has an abduction fantasy, but fulfilling it is proving to be difficult, if not impossible until she finds out about Pleasure Bay, an island resort off the coast of Jamaica that offers to make all your fantasies come true. She can hardly believe it, when sexy Dimitri De Luca (owner of Pleasure Bay) calls to explain he is willing to help her with her fantasy needs. 

Before Dimitri could say more, Jennifer interrupted. “I don’t have a second choice. If I can’t have the fantasy I requested, please disregard my application. I’m sorry to have wasted your time. Have a good day, Mr. De—“

“Please don’t hang up, Ms Reed. As I said, we don’t normally allow this type of fantasy. I’m sure you can understand our concerns. We have done so in the past for regular clients, but never a first timer. If we were to make an exception, we would need you to complete some additional legal documentation. A full disclaimer that states your unequivocal consent and a release of liability for both the resort as well as the partner we have arranged for you.”

Jennifer felt a stirring in her belly when the man told her they had found her a partner. Could it be that her topmost secret fantasy might actually come true for her after all?  She had inquired at a few BDSM clubs and applied to a couple of other fantasy-based resorts, but until now, all of them had flat out rejected her request for the same reason Dimitri had stated. She realized it was risky, but that’s the kind of girl Jennifer was, overly passionate about everything in her life—her job, her friends, her car, and especially her sex life.
“I’ll sign anything you need me to, sir,” she said excitedly, doing a happy dance right there in her kitchen almost losing her towel in the process. “I can’t believe it. Thank you so much.”

“Don’t thank me just yet, Ms Reed. In addition to the disclaimer, we need to go over a few things before we can give you an actual decision. Your application and fantasy summary are quite extensive, and I must say, we really appreciate that. However, unless we can reach a compromise on some of the details of your fantasy, I’m afraid we won’t be able to accommodate your request.”

“Oh, don’t say that,” she whined. “I was so happy just a second ago.”

“We understand that you want everything to be as real to life as we can make it, but we insist that you have a safeword before arriving. And that you allow us to assign a member of our security team to keep an eye on you at all times.”

“What?” she asked, shocked. “I don’t want some security dude watching me while I’m... um, getting busy.”

“He won’t be watching you in the act, Ms Reed. He will be assigned outside of your room to make sure we can act promptly if anything should arise. Allow me to continue with our contingencies. You will not be permitted to request or use any gags while you are here. Due to the nature of your request, we don’t feel comfortable inhibiting the use of your safeword. Lastly, both you and your partner will be required to visit the main house at least once a day to check in with me.”

“Check in for what? Isn’t the security guard enough?” Jennifer’s hopes began to dwindle. She wasn’t about to fork over 25K for a fantasy and not be allowed to have it the way she wanted.

“Because sometimes appearances alone do not tell us that you are indeed safe and secure, Ms Reed. The type of fantasy you are requesting can have consequences that we are not sure you are fully aware of. We will need to monitor your psychological well-being as well as your physical state. If you agree to these stipulations, we will take care of the additional paperwork upon your arrival. We will also require that you met with our psychologist for evaluation before final approval. If she doesn’t feel you are fit to handle the fantasy your deposit will be fully refunded, and you can enjoy one of our complimentary guest huts until your departure on Sunday.”

Jennifer chewed at the inside of her lower lip. She wanted her fantasy to come true, but she wanted it to be uninhibited. She didn’t mind the safeword, or the restriction on the use of gags, or even the preliminary psych test, but having to report once a day would kill the realism that she was looking to experience.

“Ms. Reed?”

“Sorry, I was just thinking that having to report for a mini mental-health check every day was going to distract from the enjoyment of my fantasy.”

“I can assure that you will enjoy your fantasy. Like our website promises, satisfaction guaranteed. So what do you say, yes or no, Ms. Reed?”

Thank you all for stopping by my blog today. I hope you've enjoyed the little sneak-peek into Pleasure Bay... coming soon.
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  1. Intriguing! I admire the way Dimitri is trying to balance the fantasy's rewards and its risks. It's tough in both writing and real life to handle edgeplay, especially consensual non-con--trying to keep it both exciting and safe. Good job and I look forward to seeing more. And BTW, thanks for organizing WIP It Up!

    1. Thanks, Teresa. And thank you for participating. I hope to read more about Deck, Kyle and Meaghan. The plot sounds dramatically thrilling.

  2. Pleasure Bay looks like a fun resort and I can't wait to see what Jennifer's fantasy is! Thanks for setting this hop up!!

    1. Thanks Shelly. I really enjoyed Danna and Richard today in the shower. I love reading about a girls first time with anal. ヅ

  3. Pleasure Bay looks delicious. I wonder if someone could set that up in real life? ~Grin~ I'm liking her mini psyche tests every day - should be entertaining :D Brilliant idea by the way, the whole story line and plot have really captured my interest and I shall be adding it to my reading list. ABDUCTION - give it to me ~WEG~

    1. If they build it I would come... I mean go.. lol. Providing I could talk someone into loaning me the money.
      Loved your statically charged post today as well.

  4. wow, this is a wonderful excerpt, Melody. Pleasure Bay does seem quite intriguing

    1. Thank you, Joelle. I hope to share a little more from Pleasure Bay next week.