Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Surrender on Pleasure Bay

Hi folks. Wow, it's been a week already and here we are, back for another tantalizing array of hot sexy excerpts for this weeks Wip It Up. 

Today's excerpt comes from my new release, Pleasure Bay, with sexy Maddie Taylor--who is featuring me on her blog today with Wicked Wonton Wednesday with part 2 of the excerpt that you'll see below. 

As you may or may not already know, Jennifer Reed has an abduction fantasy and Pleasure Bay is about to make her dreams come true. In the scene below Jen is faced with her captor, sinfully sexy Adam Dorant. 

Jen took a moment to study him better. He was entirely too calm-cool-and-collected to be some weirdo just looking for a game of keep away. Suddenly, she remembered Vance, the big charming security guard who was going to be keeping an eye on her. Trying to be discreet, she looked around, focusing on areas where someone his size might be hiding.
Several trails opened along the rugged slopes surrounding the waterfall. This allowed excellent views of the falls and vantage points from nearly every angle. She’d never be able to pick him out with all the thick trees, not to mention the sun had set and the light was fading. Surely, he’d been watching when she deviated from her schedule—walking right past her trail. She felt confident that with as much fuss as Dimitri had made about keeping her safe, Vance was definitely out there somewhere.

“What are you looking for?” he asked.

Doing her best to hide a smirk, she turned her full attention to the sexy man who stood nearby, almost close enough to reach out and touch. “My boyfriend, the late one.” Jen stood up, watching the man’s eyes carefully, as she cupped her sex with both hands—leaving her breasts exposed. She thought he was going to zone in on her tits, but he followed the movements of her hands as she clasped them over her pussy.

“Aren’t you worried what he might think when he finds you naked—with another man?” He stopped dangling her top, and drew his hand to his chin. His slow deliberate movements and the look in his eyes was one she knew well. He was setting her up for something.
This had to be her guy; if he wasn’t, security would have been here by now. Boldly, she took a step forward, watching his reactions.

“I’m not worried at all. I think he can hold you off until security gets here.” She continued toward him with slow steps as she spoke. An arm’s length away, she turned her head quickly, looking down the path as if she’d heard or seen something. When he angled his head to see what she was looking at, she made a grab for her top.
She gasped when he countered her snappy grab as if expecting it. Faster than she could blink an eye, he grabbed her wrist and whisked her arm up behind her back. While capturing her other hand, he pulled her close against his chest.
“Hey!” Knowing it was useless, Jennifer struggled with him nonetheless, twisting her shoulders and kicking ineffectually at his legs. “Let. Me. Go!”

“Oh no, my little siren,” he said, pinning her hands behind her back with one hand. “Only one thing could make me do that.”

She paused for a moment. Did he mean her safeword? It had to be him. Or was it? Before she could reason it all out, she felt what could only be her swimsuit top being wrapped around her wrists.
“You’re feisty. I like that. But you’re also mouthy and entirely too brazen and sassy for your own good.”

She struggled to pry her wrists apart while he was tying her, only to feel the strings tighten more—a lot more. “Ow… that hurts!”

“Then stop struggling,” he said, the tone of his voice deepening.

“What do you want with me?” she sputtered, trying to turn enough to see him. He wouldn’t let her, now that her wrists were bound—tightly—his large hands clamped onto her arms with a firm grip. She felt every one of his fingertips as they pressed into her soft skin.

“To teach you some manners, little miss grab happy.” He spoke his words softly next to her ear. “And maybe wash your mouth out with soap for lying.” She felt his face against her hair, inhaling with a slow draw of breath. “I’m going to use the pretty wrap you use to cover your sexy hips to tie your ankles together. The more you struggle and kick, the more force I will have to use. Which do you want? The easy way, where you stand still like a good girl? Or the hard way, where I sit on you while you struggle and I complete my task regardless? Before you answer, you should know that choosing the latter will come at a price in the very near future.”

Part 2 of this excerpt picks up right where this one leaves off over at Maddie Taylor's blog for those of you who want more. 
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Friday, July 25, 2014

No Swimming

Hi Everyone and welcome to Saturday Spankings. Where you will always find something to scratch that 'spanko' itch. 
I am SO excited. The wait for Pleasure Bay is now over.  

This book was so much fun to co-author with Maddie Taylor, who I am sure also has a snippet for you on SatSpanks today as well. So if you like mine, don't forget to click her link below and check hers out too. 
This book has so much to offer in the way of spicy romance and erotica I had a really hard time choosing my snippet. 
After much deliberation I found something I am sure you are going to love. 

Jennifer has clearly noticed the 'No Swimming' sign near the waterfall, but she simply cannot resist taking a dip to stand beneath it... naked of course. 
Little does she know, she's being watched by a sexy man who's taken the liberty of picking up her clothes.

“Can I have my clothes now, please?”

He noticed a bit of sarcasm in her tone, and tried not to smirk. “No, I don’t think so, I’m enjoying the view.”

“There aren’t really any piranhas in there, are there?” she asked flatly, the look on her face telling him she knew she’d been tricked.

“Nope,” he said smugly, “but you did disobey the sign.” He gestured to the posted warning, not breaking the eye contact between them.

“So what, tell on me then.” Her eyes narrowed a fraction and her lips tensed. “I’d like my clothes now, please.”

“I thought maybe we’d have some fun first.” He noticed her expressive eyes, quickly change from surprise to confusion before she looked away.

“You weren’t on the plane, or at the party,” she said quietly, focusing on the grass in front of her for a moment. “Are you my fantasy man?” she asked, her eyes crawling up his body until their eyes met again.

“Would you like me to be?”

Anyone thinks she's going to get a spanking for disobey the 'no swimming' sign? Find out next week on #SatSpanks.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cassandra's been a bad girl!

Greetings Everyone and welcome to Wip It Up. This week we started to extend the invitation for authors to share published works. So many people asked that I felt I should extend the hop to both WIP's and published works. 
So, with that said, I decided to share an excerpt from my last publication. The Immortal's Bite. 

“Bad girl.” He nipped the inside of her thigh just enough to make her yelp and quickly put her hands back where they were. “Move those hands again, little girl, and I’m going to spank you,” he growled.

Although she had never been spanked before, the thought of it sent a sizzling jolt of arousal through her belly and made her clit throb wildly. “Sorry,” she panted, feeling his fingers wrap around the inside of her thighs as he pulled her down, positioning her for his mouth. A deep groan rumbled from his chest as he nestled his nose into her dark curls, making her whimper in response. He teased her furiously with light, delicate licks all over between her plump, soft pussy lips making her moan and squirm. “Yes,” she breathed, arching her back as he latched onto her throbbing clit and sucked softly, while teasing it with his tongue. “You’re driving me crazy,” she rasped. “Please,” she gasped and began to rock her hips. “Make love to me,” she cried.

“Shhh.” His breath rushed over her clit. One of his hands slipped from her thigh and she felt his fingers press teasingly at her entrance. She squirmed, trying to push herself down onto them. “Patience, little one.”
He looked up at her and she noticed the soft red glow of his eyes. Slowly, he gave her what she needed. Two fingers slid into her tight wet channel. She closed her eyes, clenching her muscles around them while she lifted her hips asking for more.

“Open your eyes, baby.” His fingers pulled out of her and she watched as he put them into his mouth. “Sweeter than honey,” he whispered, working them back inside of her, building up a slow steady rhythm.

“Gregorie, please!” she cried out, fighting the urge to grab his head again.

“You need to come don’t you, baby?” His lips curled into a devious smile.

“Yes!” she hissed, reaching for the edge of the headboard. “Please,” she begged, thrusting and twisting her hips, urging him to move his fingers faster.
A shriek of pleasure filled the room as he placed his talented tongue back on her swollen clit with renewed enthusiasm, licking, sucking, and nibbling. She fought desperately to keep her hands clamped around the edge of the wood as he drove his fingers deeper. As much as she wanted his cock inside of her, she knew she couldn’t hold out much longer. She felt his firm determined hand on her breast, pinching her nipple while the fingers inside of her curled to stimulate her g-spot.
“Oh… fuck,” she cried. He’d moved one of those talented fingers to her bottom hole, slipping a little more than a fingertip inside, wiggling it. That was a first.

He let out a low rumble against her clit that reverberated right through her as she came apart. She’d never had an orgasm of this magnitude before and forgot about her hands as she cried out blissfully, clutching the sides of his head, pulling him into her as she panted, crying out his name over and over until she was too weak to do anything more than focus on catching her breath.
With his head resting in the crease of her thigh, he slowly pulled his fingers from her. She could hear him sucking her juices from them before he righted himself and lay next to her. The smell of her own arousal on him was a heady mix as he pulled her closer and kissed her softly on the lips.

“You moved your hands again, my dear.” The soft light from the living room reflected in his black eyes as he reached over, swiping her damp hair away from her eyes, putting some of it behind her ear. “What did I say would happen if you moved those lovely little hands of yours again?”

“Sorry,” she said, reaching over to run her fingers through the light patches of hair on his chest. “I couldn’t help myself.” He captured her hand just as she was about to trace his nipple, bringing it to his lips, kissing it softly. “Why don’t you want me to touch you?” she asked.

“You didn’t answer my question, Cassandra.” He nibbled softly on the tips of her fingers. “What did I say would happen?”

He couldn’t really have been serious about spanking her just because she couldn’t keep her hands to herself, could he? “Umm…” she stalled, feeling bashful about even saying the word.

“Say it,” he coaxed.

“You weren’t serious about that, were you? I mean, I thought you said it just to get me more turned on.”

A rakish smile played on his lips, accentuating his fangs. “Say it, Cassandra. Now!” He squeezed her hand as if to emphasize the significance of his words.

“That you’d spank me,” she whispered, trying not to smirk.

“That’s right, my lovely, and before I leave here tonight you’re going to get a spanking.”

“What?” she shrieked, pulling back from their cozy embrace. “No! No way. Not happening.”

I think it's cute that she refuses, but I doubt it's going to do her any good. 
I have some great news to those of you who are curiously awaiting the release of Pleasure Bay. It's coming out This Weekend. *Squeals* I'm so excited. Come see me and Maddie Taylor on #SatSpanks this Saturday for some sexy snippets. 
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Shane Moore wants a Domme!

Hi Everyone, and welcome to Wip It Up. This excerpt is taken from Pleasure Bay, which is currently with the publisher and should be out soon...very soon.
To the left over there is Shane Moore. Owner of his own construction buiness from Illinois. Shane has a desire to be dominated by a strong, confident and sexy woman. 
He's a tad on the timid side so he turns to Pleasure Bay to help him find what he's looking for.

Taking one planned and determined step at a time—swaying her lush ass and hips provocatively—she crossed the distance between them. As if sensing he was about to say something, she put a finger to her lips while shaking her head slowly, and then transferred that same finger to his lips once she was close enough to stand face-to-face. “Quiet,” she whispered. Her slender hands smoothed over his chest, his shoulders, and down his back as she walked around him, looking him over. His stomach tightened, as did the fit of his jeans.
His eyes were fixated on her red nails, vibrant against the blue denim as she skillfully popped the button and worked open his pants. He wore nothing but his tight jeans. She didn’t let on if this surprised her as her warm fingers weaved between denim and skin peeling his jeans from his hips. He felt his jaw clench when she took hold of his erection, softly caressing the taut velvety skin of his shaft. A scorching jolt ran down his back as she teased the swollen head of his cock. Finding a bead of moisture, she collected it, carrying it to her parted lips. He groaned.

“Do you want to come?” she asked.

 “Yes, Mistress,” he whispered.

“Fine, but you will have to earn your reward, first.” Although soft spoken, her voice was dripping with authority—God, how it made him ache. “On your knees, boy.” She pointed to her feet and he instantly obeyed, looking up at her with eager, willing eyes. He felt her smooth hands slipping into his short sandy brown hair. Her grip tightening as she guided his face to the source of her pleasure, the smell of her arousal mixing with vinyl as she rubbed her pussy gently against his nose, driving his need to please her even higher. “Think you can make me come, boy?”

“Oh yes, Mistress. Please… let me worship your pussy,” he breathed.

She took a couple of steps back and he moaned at the loss of her nearness. Biting his lip, he watched her ease down her sleek black panties revealing the smooth shaven lips of her pussy. His eyes hungrily fixated on her satiny skin, licking his lips in hungry anticipation. After stepping out of her panties, his eyes were drawn to the wet circle that marked her arousal.

“Taste,” she ordered, scooting the discarded garment before him with the tip of her shoe. Eagerly he bent to the task, lapping at her mouth-watering essence while looking up into her eyes.

She seated herself in a comfortable chair, spreading her legs wide as she motioned him to her with the crook of her finger. He crawled to her, watching her stroke her smooth pussy. “Look, but don’t touch,” she said, parting her lips. The sight of her swollen, pink clit, glistening with moisture caused his cock to throb. His heart nearly stopped when she stroked through her wetness encircling her clit. “Lick. Slowly.” Her rich voice now husky with need.

His heart hammered hard in his chest as he licked his lips, his face inching towards the center of her arousal. With the tip of his tongue, he made one slow and determined lick, looking up into her eyes for approval.

“Yes, like that,” she breathed, moving her hands to the side of his head, pulling his face closer to her beautiful pussy.

His tongue found every crease and nerve ending, making her squirm in her seat. Her breathing became labored, as his tongue dipped lower gathering her wetness. The smell of her arousal had him near to exploding as his tongue worked tirelessly, making her moan. Her fingers curled into his hair, her grip tightening.

“Faster,” she cried.

Her milky thighs trembled against his cheeks as he pushed her higher. He felt her pussy clench as he reached deeply into her with his tongue. The need to make this woman come-apart drove him mad as he sucked, licked and nibbled. Her clit throbbed wildly as he pulled it between his lips, flicking his tongue over it rapidly, making her moan.

Her legs encircled his shoulders, pulling him in more as her hips began bucking softly against him. He could barely breathe as she smothered his face, her pussy undulating beneath his lips until her body went rigid and her raspy breathing became a shrill cry of passion. Her nails pressed into his scalp as she bucked fitfully during her powerful orgasm.

The image of her coming undone sent Shane over the edge. A deep growl filled his ears as his hot seed erupted forcefully, surging repeatedly against his belly. Opening his eyes, he looked down at the mess. When had his hand reached into his pants? Relaxing back against the couch, he let his body recover from the immense orgasm.

Looking at the array of papers scattered around him, he smiled. Eighteen thousand might seem a tad steep, but if just thinking about his fantasy woman could make him spend that hard, he could only imagine what it would be like for real at Pleasure Bay. 

Thank you all for visiting today. More on Pleasure Bay, coming soon...very soon. In the meantime don't forget to check out the other hard-working, sexy authors in this weeks Wip-Wednesday. Have something romantic or erotic of your own to share? 
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Abduction at Pleasure Bay

Greetings everyone and welcome to the first Wip It Up blog hop. Today I'm introducing Jennifer Reed. A sassy, yet sophisticated dental hygienist with a taste for an abduction fantasy. This excerpt is taken from Pleasure Bay, co-authored with Maddie Taylor.

Jennifer Reed is an experienced submissive looking for something spicy after having taken a long break from the BDSM lifestyle. She has an abduction fantasy, but fulfilling it is proving to be difficult, if not impossible until she finds out about Pleasure Bay, an island resort off the coast of Jamaica that offers to make all your fantasies come true. She can hardly believe it, when sexy Dimitri De Luca (owner of Pleasure Bay) calls to explain he is willing to help her with her fantasy needs. 

Before Dimitri could say more, Jennifer interrupted. “I don’t have a second choice. If I can’t have the fantasy I requested, please disregard my application. I’m sorry to have wasted your time. Have a good day, Mr. De—“

“Please don’t hang up, Ms Reed. As I said, we don’t normally allow this type of fantasy. I’m sure you can understand our concerns. We have done so in the past for regular clients, but never a first timer. If we were to make an exception, we would need you to complete some additional legal documentation. A full disclaimer that states your unequivocal consent and a release of liability for both the resort as well as the partner we have arranged for you.”

Jennifer felt a stirring in her belly when the man told her they had found her a partner. Could it be that her topmost secret fantasy might actually come true for her after all?  She had inquired at a few BDSM clubs and applied to a couple of other fantasy-based resorts, but until now, all of them had flat out rejected her request for the same reason Dimitri had stated. She realized it was risky, but that’s the kind of girl Jennifer was, overly passionate about everything in her life—her job, her friends, her car, and especially her sex life.
“I’ll sign anything you need me to, sir,” she said excitedly, doing a happy dance right there in her kitchen almost losing her towel in the process. “I can’t believe it. Thank you so much.”

“Don’t thank me just yet, Ms Reed. In addition to the disclaimer, we need to go over a few things before we can give you an actual decision. Your application and fantasy summary are quite extensive, and I must say, we really appreciate that. However, unless we can reach a compromise on some of the details of your fantasy, I’m afraid we won’t be able to accommodate your request.”

“Oh, don’t say that,” she whined. “I was so happy just a second ago.”

“We understand that you want everything to be as real to life as we can make it, but we insist that you have a safeword before arriving. And that you allow us to assign a member of our security team to keep an eye on you at all times.”

“What?” she asked, shocked. “I don’t want some security dude watching me while I’m... um, getting busy.”

“He won’t be watching you in the act, Ms Reed. He will be assigned outside of your room to make sure we can act promptly if anything should arise. Allow me to continue with our contingencies. You will not be permitted to request or use any gags while you are here. Due to the nature of your request, we don’t feel comfortable inhibiting the use of your safeword. Lastly, both you and your partner will be required to visit the main house at least once a day to check in with me.”

“Check in for what? Isn’t the security guard enough?” Jennifer’s hopes began to dwindle. She wasn’t about to fork over 25K for a fantasy and not be allowed to have it the way she wanted.

“Because sometimes appearances alone do not tell us that you are indeed safe and secure, Ms Reed. The type of fantasy you are requesting can have consequences that we are not sure you are fully aware of. We will need to monitor your psychological well-being as well as your physical state. If you agree to these stipulations, we will take care of the additional paperwork upon your arrival. We will also require that you met with our psychologist for evaluation before final approval. If she doesn’t feel you are fit to handle the fantasy your deposit will be fully refunded, and you can enjoy one of our complimentary guest huts until your departure on Sunday.”

Jennifer chewed at the inside of her lower lip. She wanted her fantasy to come true, but she wanted it to be uninhibited. She didn’t mind the safeword, or the restriction on the use of gags, or even the preliminary psych test, but having to report once a day would kill the realism that she was looking to experience.

“Ms. Reed?”

“Sorry, I was just thinking that having to report for a mini mental-health check every day was going to distract from the enjoyment of my fantasy.”

“I can assure that you will enjoy your fantasy. Like our website promises, satisfaction guaranteed. So what do you say, yes or no, Ms. Reed?”

Thank you all for stopping by my blog today. I hope you've enjoyed the little sneak-peek into Pleasure Bay... coming soon.
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