Tuesday, June 3, 2014

There's a Vampire in the dungeon.

Hi Folks. Welcome to the RTK- Dungeon Crawl. You're Humpday happiness of erotic pleasures and kinky fun. 
I have a new release coming out soon. Possibly as early as this Friday ☺ and I wanted to share the first steamy sex scene with all you kink lovers.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and shrieked, jerking away. “Gregorie?” she stammered, hoping it was him as she turned, uncovering her eyes.
“Shh,” he whispered as he moved in close to her.
Before she had time to object he had one hand around her waist and the other was moving smoothly up her back. His dark eyes glistened as he pulled her body to his. She felt her lip trembling as his face moved closer to hers. Oh God! He was going to kiss her and damn if she didn’t want him to. Their lips met and her insides twisted. She moaned into his mouth, and felt his cock throb against her belly.
He must have taken that as a sign to ravish her mouth, because their lips never broke contact as he guided her up against the wall, near the window. Pressing his body into hers, he slid his hands down her arms and took hold of her wrists, gently pulling them above her head.

“Cassandra?” His voice was low and husky.  

“Hmm?” was all she could manage, as her eyes slowly fluttered open. He definitely had perfect lips.

“Do you want to be taken?” he whispered as he bent close to her ear and then softly ran his tongue around its edge.

She knew exactly what part of her journal he was referring to and he was playing the part perfectly. Just hearing him say those words stirred her arousal. She wanted to say yes, but it came out as more of a deep groan than a word. He moved his lips to her neck and she tensed instantly. 

“Wait!” she cried, trying to pull her wrists from his hands, but his grip held firm.

“I’m not going to bite you.”Almost as quickly as she had tensed, she felt herself relax.

“I won’t turn you into a vampire.” He drew her wrists closer together and held them in one hand while his free hand delicately wandered to the hem of her nightshirt. “I only want to make you feel good, show you that it's safe to let a man touch you again.” His fingers crept under her nightshirt, touching her belly. “You are a beautiful young woman who deserves to be cherished.”
Her nipples throbbed beneath his gaze as he exposed her trembling body.“Let me make you come.” His voice dropped to a harsh whisper as he leaned in teasing her nipples through her lace bra.

“Oh, God,” she panted.

He slipped his hand down, cupping her sex through her panties. “Is that a yes, Miss Dare?” he asked playfully, moving his lips to hers.

“Yes… please, it’s a yes,” she mumbled into his mouth. She couldn’t resist squirming and pressing her pussy into his hand.

“Say it. I want to hear you say you want to be taken.” He worked one of his long fingers into the side of her panties, slid it between her wet curls and into her silky soft wetness.

“Take me,” she said, gasping as his finger touched her throbbing clit. “Please, Gregorie. Take me!” What he was doing with his finger was driving her insane. He added his thumb and squeezed her clit, while he pressed her head back against the wall in a firm and determined kiss. She could feel his fangs nudging her upper lip while their tongues danced lustfully with one another.
He pulled his head back and looked her in the eyes. “I’m going to let go of your wrists, but I want you to keep them right where they are, understand?”

She nodded.

“Say it, baby. I like that soft, husky tone in your voice when you’re aroused.” He skillfully worked her panties off with one hand.

“I understand,” she rasped. “Keep my hands where they are.”

He put his nose against hers and released her wrists. “Good girl,” he whispered and then slowly devoured her lower lip. He Sucked and teased it as he guided her good leg out of her panties and then lifted her thigh to his hip as he pressed himself against her. “I’m going to lift the other one too. Don’t be scared, I’ve got you.” Before he had even finished speaking, both her feet were off the floor and Gregorie had her body suspended with his hips, his hands holding just below her ass cheeks.
She could feel how rock hard he was for her and wished fervently that he would take their clothes off and put her out of her misery. 
She knew she must be making a terrible wet spot on his pants, but she couldn’t resist rolling and wiggling her hips, searching for friction to her swollen bud.
The way he had her hoisted up, she could only look down at him. Unless he looked up, all she could see was the top of his head. She didn’t know how he was holding her up so easily with only one hand, but what he was doing with his other was going to make her come apart any moment if he didn’t stop. 
“Oh, God. Gregorie, stop! I’m going to --”

“Come for me, Cassandra,” he growled, looking up into her eyes.What she saw shocked her, but couldn’t prevent the orgasm that tore through her. Just as the first blissful wave of orgasm gripped her, he put two fingers into her pussy and frantically worked her g-spot.

“Oh, fuck!” she cried out, repeatedly as her body shuddered. Forgetting about her arms, she brought them down and wrapped them around the back of his neck, pulling his head into her breasts as her pussy erupted fitfully around his fingers and she rode out her orgasm.

“Good girl,” he groaned into her breasts as he slowly pulled his fingers from her slick, throbbing heat. “Keep those arms around my neck.” He slipped his hand around the small of her back and pulled her away from the wall. He then carried her that way to her bedroom, laying her down on her bed, sitting on the edge of it next to her.
The living room gave off just enough light to allow her to see the tender look in his eyes while he brushed the damp stray hairs from her forehead. 

“What happened to your eyes out there?” she asked, reaching out to touch his leg.

He closed his eyes briefly as her hand caressed his thigh. “I didn’t mean for you to see that, but I wanted to watch your face when you came undone.” Putting a hand next to her head, he bent down, brushing his lips against hers. “You were a gorgeous sight to behold,” he whispered.

Thank you all for visiting today. I hope you all enjoyed this hot little excerpt. I'll be back next week to pester you with the links where you can find and read more about this sexy couple. 
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  1. Ahh yes, I enjoyed this sexy little scene with my morning coffee - thank you very much! Pester? Nahhh - need.the.links.soon!!! Congrats on this new title - it should fly off the e-shelves as fast as it goes on!! (From my mouth to God's ear?) :)

    1. Hi Shelly, Thank you for the lovely compliment. Glad you enjoyed the excerpt. I hope your right about it flying off the shelves. I'm really excited to have a new release out there.

  2. Congratulations on the upcoming release. This was a not snippet, looking forward to the rest. Nothing quite like a wet spot on the pants to show someone's been having a good time.

  3. Thanks so much for visiting, Ashe ☺

  4. That was super hot! I think it would be hard to trust a vampire but I see why she does.

    1. Thank you Normandie. Daddy's game is down right HOT as well. Really love your cover!