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Submission on Vaadhoo Island

Hey, dungeon lovers, how's your week going? Mine's going great, I'm out somewhere in the middle of the Colorado mountains. I scheduled this post for while I was gone because I know how much you all love the weekly crawl. 
I've really been looking forward to sharing the Vaadhoo Island scene from 'The Immortal's Bite' 
Ceissandra finally decides to submit and let Gregorie bite her.

She turned to look at him. God, he looked good standing there without a shirt and his hands in the pockets of those sleek black pants. The soft blue glow of the water reflected in his eyes. “I think I killed some of them.” She looked back to where she’d just stood. The glowing outline was fading. The laughter behind her got louder, as if he’d found that even more hilarious. She turned back to see him coming toward her, his hand partially covering his mouth, trying to quite his laughter. As soon as he got close enough, she slugged his arm. “Stop laughing at me,” she scowled.

“Don’t worry about stepping on them. The tourists do it all the time.” He reached for the shirt he’d wrapped around her, unbuttoning it. “You are warm enough now, aren’t you?” he asked, slipping it from her shoulders.
She nodded, watching as he tossed it to the sand.
“As cute as you are when you let that temper of yours get the best of you,” he said, tracing the contour of her neck down to her shoulder. “If you hit me again, I’ll consider it your way of begging for a spanking.”

What? He did not just say that! Why did her tummy flutter at the thought of his hand slapping her ass? The other night by the fire had been no picnic—it had hurt! But what followed had been incredibly hot. “But you were laughing at me!” she said defensively.

“I know and I’m sorry. But that isn’t any reason to hit me.” He gave her a warm smile and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, turning them so that they were facing the water. “Come on. You have to see what they look like in the water.” He slipped the sandals from his feet, encouraging her to do the same.

“It still feels like I’m killing them,” she muttered, looking back at the glowing footprints they were leaving behind. When they reached the water, Gregorie swept his foot through it. A swirl of bright blue lit up, dancing around his foot. She couldn’t be more amazed by what she was seeing. “I can’t believe those are little life forms giving off this beautiful glow.” She bent down, trying to see them better.

“How about a swim?”

“What?” She turned her head, looking up at him.

“It’s not dangerous and they won’t hurt you. It’s beautiful to watch them come alive all round you in the water. Natures little magic show.”

“But, we don’t have…” She watched his hands move to the button on his pants and shyly looked away. “What if someone sees us?”
It wasn’t someone seeing them that worried her. She worried about not being able to control herself around his naked body. She had pictured him inside of her so many times already just the thought of him opening his pants was enough to make her bite her lip and clench her pussy. How much longer could she be around him and not give in?

“The resort is on the other side of the island, people rarely venture to this side. Come on, it’ll be fun,” he said.
She heard his pants hit the sand and caught just a glimpse of his manhood as he stepped past her, walking out into the water. Neon blue swirled around his pale calves and legs as he walked. She lifted her eyes just enough to see his tight, firm ass before it dipped below the surface. What would it feel like in her hands, her nails digging into those sexy cheeks while he thrust into her over and over? She stood up, watching as he submerged himself up to his chest in the water and then turned around to face her.
“Aren’t you going to come in?” he called, running his hand through the water as a streak of blue lit up in its wake. “Watch this,” he said, splashing. Little blue stars danced above his head and then fell like rain.

This was the most beautiful place on earth, and here she was standing on the shore, clutching her sarong because she didn’t trust herself.

“I’ll be a perfect gentleman. I promise.” But there was deviousness in his voice that said otherwise.

She untied her sarong, letting the soft material fall away from her naked body. Sexy, naked vampire or not, she couldn’t resist the urge to swim in this amazing phenomenon. Tossing her wrap behind her, she walked into the water. It was so warm. With every step she took, the dancing blue plankton came alive around her.
A devilish smile spread across Gregorie’s face as he moved toward her, closing the gap between them. She was a little more than waist deep in the sparkling sea of stars when his arms wrapped around her waist.

“You are so beautiful.” His words were like dark, smooth chocolate. His eyes danced over her breasts as she brought her hands up, placing them on his shoulders.

“And you’re—” She felt his cock brush against her, sending a streak of lightning straight to her clit. “Hey!” she said, slapping his shoulder. She took a couple of steps back, putting some distance between them. “You promised to be a gentleman.” Without waiting for his reaction, she dove under the water and started to swim away from him. She knew he was going to follow her, but she hadn’t anticipated the speed at which he caught up with her. Before she came to the surface, she felt his hand on the back of her leg, then over the plump globes of her ass before snagging her around the waist and pulling her into him. She wiped the water and hair from her face as they surfaced, her toes barely able to touch the soft sandy bottom while his long arms encircled her waist.

“What did I say about hitting?” His hair stuck to the sides of his face as little droplets of water fell from the thick strands and ran down to the edge of his smooth firm jaw. How could she think about anything when those gorgeous wet lips were only inches away from her, not to mention the feel of his growing arousal pressed between them? He hadn’t felt that large through his pants. She stifled a groan as images of him inside her flickered to life. He was already so close, just a little lower and… it was inevitable the moment she got in the water—she needed him to make love to her. 

“Kiss me,” she whispered, putting her arms around his neck.
Her toes lifted from the sand as his hands cupped her bottom. Instinctively, she wrapped her slender legs around his waist as their lips touched. He groaned as she opened her mouth for him. The irresistible taste of his darting tongue filled the inside of her mouth and she moaned, feeling his cock pulse against her in response.
“Gregorie.” She pulled from the kiss, putting her hands on his biceps and leaned back so she could look into his dark dazzling eyes. It was time to trust her heart again, even though a tiny part of her mind was still saying no. “Take me—For real this time.” Her voice was breathy and her heart felt like it was beating out of her chest. “I need you… inside me.”

His hand slid farther up her back, cradling the back of her head as he pulled her back to his mouth. “You don’t know what you’re saying,” he mumbled into her mouth, his voice husky. 

She felt his firm hands squeezing her cheeks, which compelled her to rock her hips forward. His long shaft pressed firmly into her folds and throbbed against her swollen clit. “Yes, I do,” she whined. To prove it, she wiggled her hips, trying to readjust herself, positioning his cock at the entrance of what made her a woman.

“No!” he growled next to her ear. Both of his large, strong hands clamped around her hips, restricting her movements.

“Please?” she begged as he started walking closer to the shore with her wrapped tightly around him. Neon stars danced around his legs the closer to shore he took them. When he didn’t answer, she began to plant soft kisses along his neck, feeling his shaft throb between her thighs. “Fuck me,” she said low and soft next to his ear, and then ran her tongue down his neck.

He groaned, sinking to his knees. “You won’t like the consequences,” he whispered, encouraging her to unwrap her legs from his torso.

“I trust you,” she whispered back. Her knees settled into the warm wet sand as she put her hands on his shoulders. She looked down between them, seeing his erection for the first time. She swallowed hard—he was big. Her pussy clenched as she thought about being impaled by something so large, especially since it had been so long. The thought of it being slightly painful caused her clit to throb.

That wasn’t going to be the only thing he would impale her with. It both thrilled and scared her to think about his fangs sinking into her flesh. That part didn’t bother her as much as knowing he would always carry a part of her with him, knowing where she was anytime he liked, but she couldn’t dwell on that right now.

All she wanted to think about was their bodies entwined, his cock seated deep inside her, watching his enjoyment while they pleasured each other. And seeing him finally lose control and give way to the vampire inside of him. His vampire blood would boil in his body until he could no longer will it back, and then he would claim her… savagely! Only his initial bite would sting, and only for a moment until his secretions entered her blood. Once they did, her body would willingly belong to him until the effects wore off.

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