Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dinner in the dungeon-vampire style.

Welcome kinky ones. I'm having dinner in the dungeon tonight with my all time favorite sexy vampire, Gregorie Darnsworth. 
Unable to bite or feed from Cassandra, Gregorie can only go so long without food, and for a vampire sex and feeding go hand in hand. Below is an excerpt of Gregoire having dinner.

 “She is well trained,” Gail said, just before they reached Joelyn’s bedroom door. “You can play with her for a while before you feed if you like. She enjoys being taken right to the very edge of her pain threshold and then bitten,” she whispered, reaching out to give her friend a hug. She winked at him and then turned, going back the way they’d come. “Good luck.” She called over her shoulder before rounding the corner to the stairs.

Gregorie opened the door to find Joelyn naked and kneeling in front of her bed. Her soft auburn hair draped the sides of her face, ending just below her chin. Her breasts hung firm and even, presenting themselves proudly. The upturned hands on her widely spread thighs, revealing the soft, smooth lips of her pussy told him exactly how well she had been trained. During the short period that Gregorie had stayed with Elijah and his tribe at the castle, he had learned how Elijah liked to use and train his feeders. He wanted them submissive to the core; he always told Gregorie that most of the fun was in training them.

“My master has told me to prepare for you, sir.” Her voice was smooth, like a fine wine. She spoke only loud enough for Gregorie’s ears as he closed the door and the distance between them. “Please order me to your pleasure, sir.”

Gregorie groaned inwardly at the sweet seduction in her voice. He wanted it to be Cassandra in Joelyn’s place. It had been a long time since he’d had the privilege of playing with his dinner. His usual menu consisted of catching some unsuspecting victim off guard. Someone he always hoped wasn’t going to be missed when the person was never found again. He looked down at the top of Joelyn’s head as he positioned himself directly in front of her. His cock was half hard and begging for freedom as he remembered the taste of Cassandra’s lips the first time he kissed her.

He needed to do this. He need to release the pent up sexual frustration that came from denying himself while he had pleased Cassandra. He wouldn’t fuck Joelyn like she was probably expecting and he certainly wasn’t going to bring her to the brink of her pain threshold like he knew Elijah could do for her. But he was going to use that sweet, delectable, mouth of hers until he could no longer stand it, giving way to that irresistible urge to bite and drink. He’d bring her off with his fingers while pumping his seed into her mouth and his fangs into her milky white thighs.

“You are beautiful, little slave,” he whispered unzipping his pants. “Open your lips to me.” He took out his cock, presenting it to the girl’s lips. One hand instantly clasped the back of her head as she began to suck. He wanted more than a blowjob, but he wanted it to be Cassandra’s warm tight little body that he sunk his cock into before biting her. Not something he could do with his victims, it was bite first and then a quick—wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am with the hot and horny creature in his arms until she went limp. Most of the time feeding didn’t even bring him off anymore.

“That’s enough, sweetlips,” he said huskily, pulling his throbbing cock from her mouth. “Get on the bed,” he growled, pointing as he instructed her to lay with her head hanging off one edge. He unbuttoned his pants, fully removing them as she prostrated herself to his commands, spreading her thighs and opening her mouth for him.

He groaned as he plunged his cock back into her mouth. Within moments, his face was buried in her smooth, soft lips. His fingers wasted no time as he coaxed her to orgasm. Her moans sent a reverberating fire through his loins and he felt the urge to bite. Elijah was right, there was no way to stop the compulsion that took over in his mind as he sunk his fangs into her thigh and pulled her sweet warm blood into his mouth. A deep growl came from his chest as she squealed in delight when his secretions entered her bloodstream. Her efforts to suck him dry doubled as she squirmed under him, begging with her body for more.

He brought her off once more with his skilled fingers and mouth and still had not found his own release. He could pretend this writhing little nymph was Cassandra all he wanted, even justifying with the need to feed, but his body betrayed him. He wouldn’t find climax until it was with her. He licked the tiny droplets of blood from Joelyn’s thighs and watched as the puncture wounds left from his fangs closed before pulling himself from her sweet, talented lips.

“Please, I can do better,” she begged in a husky whisper as he slipped his pants back on.
“Sorry, kitten. I have other obligations.” He took one of the injections Gail had given him and was about to administer it when Joelyn stopped him.

“Please sir, my master has asked that you don’t give me the shot. He will be using me himself after you leave, he said he would do it.” Gregorie watched her eyes sparkle at the thought. He kissed the top of her head and slowly disappeared.

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Don't forget to grab some knee pads on your way out and crawl on over to some of the other dungeon doors.


  1. Hey, congrats on making one of Amazon's Top 100 lists!! Very cool!! Great scene today, I've always enjoyed a good vamp story, so I need to get a hold of this! I loved that he missed playing with his dinner ... too funny! I look forward to reading more! :)

    1. Thank you, Shelly. As a child I recall being told not to play with my food. LOL

  2. So kinky! And I love your writing style, so sensual. Yay!

    1. Thank you, Normandie. I love your kinkiness too. The Daddy's girl series is HOT!

  3. Kinky! I love vamps and I can't wait to see what happens next.