Sunday, May 18, 2014

It's not Avon calling

Hello Everyone. The is my first blog post and someone told me the first time is always terrible. We'll, if that's the case, bare with me... this will probably be over with pretty quickly.

As you can see... up there... that photo... is the reason for this post. I'm today's new blog on the block and I wanted to welcome as many people as possible to this little coming out party of mine.
Yes, that's what I'm calling it... because I can and it is... um- sorta!

To simplify things a little --just in case you missed the header-- I'm an erotic author. The thing is... I don't have anything to offer you just this very second to prove that. But I will. Soon. Very Soon. Promise.

My first book will be coming out within a month or less and as you can see I'm completely stoked about it. I said stoked... not stroked, get your mind out of the gutter ya' perv.
Wait a minute... that was counterproductive now wasn't it? I'm an erotic author... duh! 
Please feel free to wallow in the gutter. In fact, I encourage it! Better yet... I'll join you☺... soon. Very soon. When my first book comes out.

Are you wondering what the books about... you know, besides the erotic parts of it?
It's a bittersweet love story about a girl down on her luck and a lonely somewhat depressed Vampire.
Oh HOW exciting Melody... *cough cough.. hack hack*

Okay, how about if I say it's about a  bratty girl who can't believe she's falling for a vampire.. a real vampire.. you know, not the kind you read about in... books! and there's some hot graphical sex in it too.

Yay! hot graphical sex.... *Cheers and claps*

Yes, yes. There is plenty of hot graphical sex in my new release 'The Immortal's Bite' ... coming soon to an e-book retailer near you.
I suppose I really should have waited until I at least had a cover-reveal to show off here or something... but I guess I'm just a little over excited about this... because 'y-know, it's my first book and all that.

I'll be back... with a cover-reveal. Soon. Very soon. I promise.
But until I make good on that, warn people... err... I mean... please tell people about the new blog on the block.


  1. Love the blog post! Very quirky! Super excited for the cover reveal! <3

    1. Thank you Felicity, I'm so excited for the release.

  2. Welcome to the land of sexual depravity... it's great fun ;)

    1. Thanks much, Christina. Bring on the sex... I mean the depravity. Oh hell just bring on all the kink. :-)

  3. Welcome to the neighborhood (you know Mr. Rogers never lived here) :)
    Looking forward to your cover-reveal and new release!!!

    1. LOL... I remember Mr. Rogers. No yellow sweaters over here! Did you know the reason he always wore those sweaters was because the tattoos on his arms? Yup, it's true. Mr Rogers had a naughty side.

      The cover reveal is up there, Shelly. Here's the link if you like.
      Thanks for visiting, Shelly. I hope to see you on SatSpanks soon with a few of the spanking excerpts.